OTT Wrestling: Contenders 7 (18/3/18) Review

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Warning this obviously contains spoilers.

Club Tropicana vs The Mongrels

The match starts with Aiden and Eddie, and the mongrels quickly get the upper hand. Dempster throws Aiden half way across the ring, which leads to the tag to the Captain. Captain Sexsea being his cheeky self takes off his glove and points to the ceiling, Dempster follows the point and leading to Captain Sexsea smacking him in the face with his glove… Not a good idea. The gauntlet has been thrown down. The Captain continues to be his cheeky self, leading to some miscommunication between Stone and Dempster. The Big Ticket is still at ringside, trying to get his team back on track. He then provides a distraction and enables Stone and Dempster to recover on the outside, which of course leads to the Mongrels getting the upper hand yet again. The match continues with Stone & Dempster showing off their strength as they brutalise Club Tropicana. Taking nothing away from the Club Tropicana, they put up a good fight, hitting some superkicks and the super sexy slip and slide. However, another interference from The Big Ticket leads to the Mongrels picking up the win.

This match was a fantastic start to the show.

Curtis Murray & Michael May (Legit 100) vs Nathan Martin & Darren Kearney (More Than Hype)

The match opens with Michael May and Nathan Martin. The two go back and forth exchanging holds, before a bitch slap from May leads to the two going face to face and toe to toe. Just when it appears things are going to break down into a brawl, the two shake hands and tag in their respective partners. Murray & Kearney also exchange holds before the pace kicks up a notch. Quick tags from Legit 100 means Kearney is isolated before he fights back and Nathan manages to make a blind tag. The tide changes and now May finds himself isolated against More Than Hype.

As the match continues they do what they do best, and hard hitting action and insane flips follow. Each man exceptionally talented and showing it off, there are a few near falls but neither team can put each other away. Then things break down and a brawl breaks out between May and Martin. May locks up Martin in an octopus stretch, and stretches him in a way that can only be described as brutal, until Kearney interferes and gets May in a single leg Boston crab, but Murray breaks it up. MTH then get the upper hand but Legit 100 aren’t going down without a fight. May and Murray his a Belfast destroyer and tiger suplex combo followed by Murray (with an assist from May) hitting a springboard cutter on Nathan to pick up the win.

This match was insane, and the future is definitely bright for everyone in this match, as tag teams and as individuals. Both tag teams are ones to watch this year, and no doubt soon to be tag team champions.

Angel Cruz, Rick & Elektro vs B Cool, IM Cool & Big Daddy Cool

Nanny Cool is in attendance and is ready for some action, of course the lads do not disappoint.

Team Prick try to take down Big Daddy Cool, but a big man like him isn’t going down. Angel gives it a go, but ends up being turned inside out instead. This is followed by stereo bodyslam’s from I.M Cool and B Cool to team prick. Flexing and squats from the Cool family allow some time for Angel and Team Prick to recover, before I.M Cool throws B Cool onto them. I.M Cool looks extremely familiar, but I can’t place him. I guess a lot of wrestlers look alike. Hell the Cool brothers are practically twins. Brotherly fighting within the Cool family leads to B Cool diving through the ropes and taking out Team Prick and Angel. Elektro seems to be tired of the fighting and jumps into the ring, only to face a double beat down from the Cool brothers. Eventually Angel and B Cool find themselves in the ring and ‘your da’ jokes go back and forth between the two. Things break down and Angel goes old school but things don’t go to plan and B Cool pushes him off the top rope and Angel takes out Nanny Cool. Unfortunately there is nothing the medical staff can do. Angel has killed Nanny Cool.

B Cool goes under the ring and pulls out a… drumstick. Not the type of things you’d expect, but he’s threatening Angel with it regardless. Some hurtful things are said and Angel retrieves his axe and this are definitely falling apart now. More shenanigans follow until Big Daddy Cool picks up the win.

The Cool family is a fantastic gimmick and a great shout from OTT. It’s interesting, funny and entertaining. It was interesting to see a feuding Angel and B, as the comedic moments had everyone in stiches. What made it better was the reuniting of the two at the end. Angel and B Cool live on as a tag team.

Dom Tuck vs Paul Tracey (Lord of the Manor).

Before the Kings of the North vs Aussie Open can start out comes Dom Tuck looking for a match. Out comes Lord of the Manor, Paul Tracey to answer his challenge. Dom bitch slaps Paul which proves to be a terrible mistake. Paul destroys Dom in minutes and easily picks up the three count. Although a short lived match, it was highly entertaining.

The Kings of the North (Damien Corvin & Bonesaw) vs Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis)

Corvin and Fletcher start the match by showing each other respect. The match hits 100mph from the get go as the two big lads go back and forth. A backbreaker from Corvin forces Fletcher to make the tag to Davis, and Corvin feels the brutal effects of the deadly high five from Davis. Corvin needs to take a moment after that, who can blame him?

The match continues this time Bonesaw enters the ring and decides to chop Davis, only to hurt his own hand. Bonesaw then unleashes his red right hand, Davis then chops Bonesaw down like a tree with ease. The Aussies then isolate Bonesaw until he makes the tag, and in comes Corvin who takes out both Aussies. The kings then isolate Fletcher, and wear him down. Fletcher finally manages to tag in Davis, and he’s heated and ready to fight. Davis runs straight through a clothesline from Corvin, like a damn superhero, before battering both Kings.

As the match continues all men go all out, neither one wanting to give up. It’s an all-out war, mixed with intercepts, interferences, shenanigans, impressive kick outs and extremely powerful moves. Each man putting their bodies on the line, in a match that is quite possibly match of the year worthy. I didn’t want the match to end, but unfortunately every match does and this match ends with Close your Eyes and Count to Fuck from Davis on Corvin. Massive respect to all four of these men.

Debbie Keitel and Raven Creed segment. Debbie enters the ring and calls out Raven Creed, but wherever Raven goes Gunther Isaak follows. Debbie low blows Gunther, but the distraction enables Raven to attack her. Debbie fights her off and Raven hot foots it out of the ring. Debbie demands a match at Contenders but Raven says no. She wants to embarrass Debbie on a bigger scale so says to do it at Defiant. Debbie happily agrees.

Although a short segment I’m hyped even more for Defiant to see these two talented women go at it. Neither one will hold anything back and it’s going to be awesome.

OTT Gender Neutral Championship: Martina vs LJ Cleary vs The Fabulous Nicky

The match starts with Martina as her usual drunk self, although St Patrick’s Day seems to have gotten the better of her. Well this is going to be interesting. Martina is so drunk she can’t handle the fans loud chants, the fans really should be respectful and be quiet. Martina then passes out and LJ is about to go for the pin when out comes The Fabulous Nicky. This match was originally supposed to be Martina vs LJ Cleary vs Chris Brookes, unfortunately the snow meant that Chris was unable to attend the event, but The Fabulous Nicky is a great replacement.

Martina is going to be sick so Nicky kicks her out of the ring, literally. So the now re-started match begins with Nicky and LJ facing off. The action is fast paced but Martina’s back in the ring and throws a can at LJ before knocking him out. Now Martina and Nicky face off and Martina isn’t happy with him. LJ’s back and has a vicious chop for Martina that echoes around the room, and Martina responds with a vicious echoing chop of her own. Nicky then takes them both out with a beautiful baseball slide.

All three absolutely batter each other, a drop kick from Nicky, a dork breaker from LJ and an enziguri from Martina, it’s all kicking off. Everyone puts everything on the line and holds nothing back. An insane match until the very end. The fans really get behind LJ and cheer him on, and it’s great to see. It seems that Martina is going to pick up the win, 1…2…3
And NEW gender neutral champion LJ Cleary.

This match was brilliant, and although I love Martina it’s great to see LJ as champ, and it’s great to see so many fans getting behind him. I can’t wait to see what he does next, because, he’s extremely talented and there is so much he can do.

Scotty Davis vs Tucker

The action starts quickly and Scotty quickly breaks out two gator rolls, and honestly there is nothing more beautiful. Scotty and Tucker have a test of strength, something I’m sure Scotty regrets. Tucker hits Scotty with a springboard cutter and goes for the pin, but Scotty kicks out with ease. Scotty uses his strength to overpower Tucker, there is a reason why they call him ‘Supreme Suplex Machine’ for a reason.

Both men go back and forth showing off their strength and agility, another match that I don’t want to end, because, it’s just too incredible. Both men hit each other with everything they have, and sheer determination pushes them both on, and helps them kick out. Scotty’s back is bleeding, yet he still carries on despite the pain, it’s insane. Tucker went for a back senton from the top rope but Scotty got his knees up, it looked brutal and Tucker was clearly in pain. Scotty stacked Tucker on his head twice and finally picked up the win.

Start to finish everything was incredible, Scotty and Tucker shake hands showing signs of respect… But Tucker has other ideas and suckerkicks Scotty into next week, then spits on him. This disrespect deserves another match.

Jonah Rock vs Terry Thatcher

The match starts with Thatcher giving Jonah a chop which has zero effect. Jonah’s chop on the other hand, sends Thatcher halfway across the ring. Thatcher tries to fight back, but Jonah throws him out of the ring, and Thatcher takes an ugly landing. The action then goes to the outside and Jonah knocks Thatcher halfway across the room to the bar, and then picks him up by his hair with ease. Jonah’s strength is scary. He follows this up with a sickening chop to a laid out Thatcher. The sound is still echoing. Thatcher is lit up like a Christmas tree but is resilient and continues with the match. He shows off his agility and tries to build some offence, but Jonah overpowers him yet again. Thatcher isn’t giving up though, and manages to get Jonah in a rear naked choke, but again he is overpowered by the huge specimen of a man that is Jonah Rock. He locks it in again and it appears Jonah is fading, but yet again powers out, using some squat tactics than B Cool would be mad about. Jonah then slams Thatcher down, and it’s brutal. The surprising thing is that the ring didn’t break.

The match continues with Thatcher trying to build offence but still falling foul to the strength of Jonah, but Thatcher is fighter and even a snap DDT and an elevated Samoan drop can’t put him away. Again Thatcher manages to get the upper hand, and when a three count is in sight Jonah kicks out and turns the tide again, and eventually picks up the win.

This is the first time I’ve seen these two men wrestle in general, and it was amazing seeing these two guys go at it. Thatcher put in a valiant effort, but unfortunately it didn’t work out this time. Jonah is a beast, with some incredible moves in his arsenal. I can’t wait to see what these two men do in the future, both in and out of OTT.

Needless to say the whole show was stacked with some incredible and some underrated talent. OTT has been killing it with amazing shows lately, and this is just another to add to the list. If you aren’t familiar with Over The Top Wrestling, or haven’t seen Contenders 7 yet, head on over to their demand service now. You won’t regret it.

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