Is An NXT UK Brand Really A Good Thing?

Added by Matt Myers

Last night at The Royal Albert Hall in London, WWE launched their second WWE United Kingdom Championship tournament. On the first night after a speech by new WWE UK General Manager Johnny Saint, Triple H announced that the WWE would finally be launching their WWE UK Brand, NXT UK. The announcement received a positive ovation […]

NJPW Kizuna Road Day 2 & 3 And G1 Climax Preview

Added by Luke Hickey

I usually don’t watch Kizuna Road for whatever reason or another, but upon seeing that the title matches delivered I decided to give it an old look at these two and run through the combatants in this years G1 Climax. NEVER Openweight Championship: Michael Elgin vs Hirooki Goto Goto never got pinned to lose the […]

REVIEW: Revolution Pro Wrestling LIVE in Southampton 3 (03/06/2018)

Added by Luke Hickey

This is my first RevPro show in quite a while, and my first full non-Japanese event in quite a few months but its allegiance with NJPW will hopefully see me in a comfortable setting. Bear with me if anything is incorrect about the current product as I re-establish familiarity with it. Legion of Lords (Lord […]

REVIEW: Fortune Dream #5 (11/06/2018)

Added by Luke Hickey

Fortune Dream is a series of events produced by the legendary, Kenta Kobashi, held at Tokyo’s, Korakuen Hall, some 1,400 were in live audience. The origins of the name come from Kobashi overcoming cancer. This is my first Fortune Dream event, and looking at the card I’m excited to see what happens as some of […]


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Hello and welcome once again to Graps and Claps for another look into the British Wrestling scene and more importantly a trip to Prestwich for Futureshock Wrestling who have got a huge run of shows with 4 in the next 5 weeks taking place in and around the Manchester area. This show was to show […]

REVIEW: Dragon Gate ‘Rainbow Gate’ Day 4 (16/6/18)

Added by Luke Hickey

The first day of Rainbow Gate that was shown live on the Dragon Gate Network was held at KBS Hall, Kyoto. Dragon Gate are gearing up for the main Rainbow Gate show on the 05/07/2018 in the Korakuen Hall and their premiere event Kobe World on 22/07/2018, two matches are known so far for Korakuen, […]