The Rise Of OTT Wrestling

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For many years, until the establishment of Over The Top Wrestling and its subsequent rise to prominence, the Irish Independent wrestling scene lay dormant. That’s not to say that there were no shows at all, but rather many of those that did take place were reliant on past-it WWE stars or legends to draw in […]

The Evolution Of British Wrestling

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Picture Credit: Rob Brazier (@RobBrazierPhoto) Back in May, the pro wrestling world was set alight, the discussion boards and dirt sheets lit up in praise as they do when matches like this come along, the difference this time however, was the two men at the centre of this acclaim was two guys, not even in […]

OTT Wrestling ‘WrestleRama’ (5/8/17) Review

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Jordan Devlin vs Matt Cross Wrestlerama opened with the National Stadium debut of Jordan Devlin. Devlin had been booed out of the Tivoli for months prior to this appearance but due to all he’s done and proved for Irish wrestling, the OTT crowd couldn’t help but praise him with cheers. The match started off quite […]

Standards, Truth & PROGRESS

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Disclaimer: The views given in the following column are that of the author alone and do not represent those of The Indy Corner. Around a year ago I started a piece of writing about PWG (mainly prompted by a match between Brian Cage and Chris Dickinson which must have had William James turning in his grave) but shelved […]

The G1 And Me

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For the last 3 years I have been on holiday in the summer with my family. It also coincides with the G1 Climax presented by New Japan Pro Wrestling. I followed New Japan as best I could through the years – various sites from 2008 on wards providing me with the odd match. If I […]

My Holiday Visit To Wrestling

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So, 2017 I have a challenge – see at least one wrestling event a month for all of 2017. So far so good. I got my July grappling entertainment in early, I went to the Cockpit show AND British J Cup promoted by the good folk at Revolution Pro Wrestling. These shows are so much […]