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I remember, when a young Watanabe went away for a while people were wondering what his future may hold. This wrestler was never seen again, however a “gentleman” by the name of EVIL rocked New Japan to its core. I say core, what I really mean is he had a scythe and laser fingers (obviously). […]

The Weekend Of Thanks

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(Picture Credit: ‪@Babyimashambles ‬on twitter) My name is Alex Cupid known as The Prince of Heart if you’re up to date with Progress you may have seen me against the likes of Aussie Open and The Grizzled Young Vets as of late. This is a weekly column about my weekend in wresting…Enjoy! So this weekend started […]

Please Lend Us ISHII

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Dear New Japan Pro Wrestling, As great fans of the Revolution Pro Wrestling (Est 2012) promotion, it is a thrill to see New Japan talent on a regular basis. In turn, it is most excellent that you then book the best of British for Japan tours. Making Ospreay a Best of the Super Juniors winner, […]

NJPW Power Struggle 2017 Thoughts

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The final NJPW big show of the year promised a fitting end that what has been an awesome year for the company. Featuring four title matches and the final of the Junior Tag league, the show also featured a couple of major surprises as the build up to Wrestle Kingdom 12 truly began. The main […]

Dome Is Jericho

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I listened to the New Japan Purocast with the wonderful Collin Miller and “Music” Damon McDonald a few weeks back, they mentioned Chris Jericho might be the “Switch Blade” character. It peeked my interest. Over the course of the week, seeing Jericho bad mouth New Japan as not being the “big leagues” on Twitter (I […]