PROGRESS SSS16 2017 Preview

Welcome guys to a new episode of The Indy Corner, it’s been too long.

This episode will be a preview of the PROGRESS Wrestling Super Strong Style 16 tournament that is upcoming this weekend over 3 days.

Joining me from The British Wrestling Spotlight show which is also here on the Indy Corner Network is JP Houlihan (Find/FOLLOW him on twitter @JPJipeee)

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It’s Just a Show: Don’t Be Cornette

Added by Nathan Major

In the immortal words of a much liked and respected British promoter: “Don’t be a dick”. To many this should be a rule in life, but apparently, we’ve lost sight along the way that people have differing opinions on everything, and wrestling is no exception, there will be stuff you like, stuff you don’t and […]

OTT: Outta Space Odessey III: Stranger Things Have Happened

Added by Jenna MacDougall

Kenny Williams vs Jake McCluskey This was a good start to the show and slightly different to the usual OTT openers. Often the OTT openers are good wrestling matches with a lot of comedy. This was less overtly comedic but still had its funny moments as well as a lot of great wrestling. Kenny Williams […]

Man On The Silver Mountain (16/6/17) Results

Added by Stuart Rodgers

Chuck Taylor defeated Trevor Lee with a crossbody Dezmond Xavier defeated Jason Cade and Jake Crist with a spiral tap on Cade Keith Lee defeated Lio Rush with the Spirit Bomb Unbreakable F’n Machines (Brian Cage & Michael Elgin) defeated War Machine (Hanson & Raymond Rowe) after Cage pins Rowe after a serious of double […]