Independent Empire Episode 2 – wXw & Fight Club: PRO

We are back with another episode of the Independent Empire with myself Arnold Furious and Stu from The Indy Corner.

I have seen quite a bit of wrestling since the last epsiode and this saw me travel to Germany for the prestigious wXw 16 Carat Gold Tournament so I talk about that adventure and this past Friday & Saturday I ventured back to the Fixxion Warehouse in Wolverhampton to watch two nights of Fight Club: PRO action which saw the debuts of Wolfang, Candice LeRae and Will Ospreay oh and a cuddly giraffe, yes. So listen in to find out what that was about and all the other happenings from another pair of great offerings for Fight Club: PRO

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It’s almost time for Wrestlemania, the biggest even not only in professional wrestling but sport & entertainment. Wrestlemania is the most anticipated wrestling event of the year that truly takes centre stage of wherever it is located. This years Wrestlemania is on 2nd April and is once again located in Orlando. Not only WWE but […]

IMG_20170324_143024 PROGRESS Chapter 45: Galvanize (19/03/2017) Review

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PROGRESS returned here to Manchester for their first show of 2017 in the region, after an usually lengthy absence. The company, being cautious not to over stretch their product, had reduced it’s dates in the city from a planned 6 in 2016, to 4 in 2017 in part to allow the running of 2 shows in […]

ROH ROH ‘WrestleRave 03’ (28/6/03) Review

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This year Ring of Honor is fifteen years old. The promotion has (for better or worse) come a long way since its juvenile years, when it was at the forefront of an independent wrestling boom and had some of the brightest young stars in wrestling at its disposal. I’ll always have a soft spot for […]