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Hello and welcome everyone to the first of 5 editions of Graps and Claps this week, taking me this time on a short trip to Manchester for Futureshock Wrestling’s return to the Fairfield Social Club for Tapped 2 with the main event of our boy Ashton Smith taking on the unstoppable force of Pete Dunne […]


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September 16th OTT headed to the Europa Hotel in Belfast. Yet another stacked card, and some seriously great bookings. I imagine this is going to be one hell of a show. Sammy D vs Scotty Davis Kicking off Live in Belfast 2 we have SNAKEY Sammy D vs Scotty Davis. The match starts with the […]

This Week in Puro

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Sadly, no article component this week due to ill health but I will share with you the next topic, due to recent changes to factions/units in New Japan, Dragon Gate and DDT, the piece will be focusing on the importance of these alliances in Puroresu. This week will be mainly results and news, so if […]

WhiteWolf Wrestling: Invencibles Show Review/Travelogue

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I’m lucky enough to be in a situation where I can afford to travel abroad to watch wrestling. It began 10 years ago with a trip to Orlando for WrestleMania 24. This year I decided to combine a weekend break in Europe with a wrestling show in a different country. My choice was was White […]

Matches For The Next PWG Show ‘Smokey And The Bandido’ (19/10) Announced

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After an awesome sounding Battle of Los Angeles, listen to the audio reviews from Brian Da Brain and read all the reviews from Daniel DeMarco right here on the site. So, onto the matches for the next show on October 19th: Three-Way Match: Flamita vs Rey Horus vs Puma King Brody King vs Timothy Thatcher Darby […]

Graps and Claps Reviews – TIDAL Wrestling ‘FLABBERGASTED’!

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Hello and welcome everyone to another edition of Graps and Claps taking me this time on a midweek journey to Leeds for Tidal Wrestling’s Flabbergasted where the premise of the show’s matches were all a bit of a mystery apart from one mixed tag team match where the combatants had been announced. Taking the packed […]