My 2017 Year In Review

Added by Nathan Cruz

As an introduction I can’t promise you much in the way of ‘light reading’ here. Sure they may be a few nuggets of gold here and there of positivity; however 2017 for me has been a professional hell. Thusly resulting in my personal life mirroring the same. I’ve not written a year in review in […]

PROGRESS Chapter 59 (Sheffield, 10/12/17) Review

Added by Laura Brooke

So we head off to Sheffield on what can only be described as an utterly freezing cold bastard of a day. It was snowing on and off in Sheffield, but said snow wasn’t really sticking. In the rest of the country it was a different story though. Muchos absences from the show: British Strong Style were stuck […]

The Weekend Of Singh

Added by Alex Cupid

So I’ve been on shows for a year! It’s been a year from sometime in early November! Which means I’m very new and my ears are very much open! So this weekend came off the back of me being pretty damn ill and tired. I put over that flu real strong. The weeks only show […]

An Extraordinary Gentleman, Review

Added by Senor LARIATO

From filmmaker Adam Gill, Figure Four Films and Paragon Pictures present ‘An Extraordinary Gentleman’, a new documentary charting the career of British wrestling star Jack Gallagher. After competing in 2016’s WWE Cruiserweight Classic, Gallagher signed with the world’s largest professional wrestling promotion and appeared on viewer’s screens as a full-time WWE wrestler in November of […]