FLASHBACK REVIEW: FCP International Tekkers 2012

Added by Derrie Catton

(Picture Credit: John Searle) There was a buzz around Fight Club: PRO on Friday the 24th of August. The tweeters got to tweeting, and the facebookers did some facebooking, and the general consensus was that International Tekkers had the potential to be the “biggest” event they had ever presented. With a Davey Richards here and […]

Sendai Girls (2/8/20) Review

Added by Frank Burford

So this is my first-time watching Sendai Girls, although I have watched matches by Meiko Satumora in Progress wrestling and in the Mae Young Classic. I really wanted to watch her baby, her promotion, and her legacy. Hopefully, this review of the 02.08.2020 show will help you take that leap as I did in doing […]

BritWres Broken

Added by Adam Timmins

To say that this has been a surreal week for British wrestling is an understatement. At the beginning of the week, it looked like the most newsworthy event was going to be a Twitter spat between Mad Kurt and Nathan Cruz and Mikey Whiplash. As it turned out, Whiplash – along with many others – […]

MATCH REVIEW: Nigel McGuinness vs. KENTA (ROH 7th Anniversary Show 3/21/09)

Added by Joseph Montecillo

The best wrestling inspires empathy. All wrestlers aspire to create a persona or a moment so powerful that it inspires those watching to emotionally invest in their simulated struggles. It motivates every aspect of a professional wrestling performance—from the timing of offense to the expressiveness of one’s selling. The best wrestlers achieve this almost instinctually. […]

Remembering the Golden Days of Michinoku Pro Wrestling

Added by Shaun Nichols

Michinoku Pro Wrestling was formed in 1993 by the Great Sasuke the style of the promotion was a hybrid style which meshed traditional Junior heavyweight style with the lucha libre style from Mexico. The style was known as ‘Jap Lucha’ and as been taken forward by firstly Ultimo Dragon’s Toryumon group and later by Dragon […]

Rev-Pro ‘High Stakes’ 2020 (14/02) Review

Added by Rob Poulloin

On a day where many were spending the evening with their loved ones, those with a shared interest, single or even going against the mainstream; a potentially sold out (it was close but unconfirmed) crowd descended upon York Hall for ‘High Stakes’ which marked Rev-pro’s first return to York Hall of the decade. With Storm […]