New wrestling comic Kickstarter – Global Wrestling Alliance: Premium Edition

Added by Mark Buckeldee

Wrestling has always turned up in various types of media. In the last few years we’ve had Netflix’s GLOW, frequent TV coverage on BBC’s The One Show and even a wrestling themed storyline in British soap Emmadale. Comic books are no exception. While we started this decade with only Mike Kingston & Michel Mulipola’s Headlocked, […]


Added by Andrew Gibney

Hello and welcome everyone to this edition of substitute Graps and Claps, Andrew Gibney here filling in for The Man with the Massive Clap, Andy Ogden, as FutureShock Wrestling moves down from the Guild Hall to Stockport Town Hall for Uproar 105. In true Graps and Claps fashion, and not like the last time when […]

Jushin Thunder Liger

Added by Luke Hickey

I did not know what subtitle to give this, what words could I add beside Liger and the answer is none, cause his name alone speaks volumes in the world of Japanese Puroresu and the wider world wrestling scene. Despite being the current longest tenured wrestler with New Japan, having made his debut in 1984 […]

PROGRESS Chapter 86 Live Review

Added by Dei Owen

Ah, a PROGRESS Sunday. The perfect combination of wrestling, Travelodges and overpriced but delicious Domino’s pizza. Sounds great on paper, and it normally is – but this time Network Rail had decided to inform Transport for Wales that their maintenance work would overrun and all trains would subsequently be cancelled, conveniently five minutes before my […]

This Week In Puro 10.03.2019

Added by Luke Hickey

One major announcement happened in Puroresu this week and a couple of reveals for one of Japan’s legendary puro promotions, card for All Japan’s big Korakuen show on the 19th, this years Dragon Gate ‘Dead Or Alive’ cage match stipulations have been announced, also Takuya Sugawara announced something interesting plus the next list of challengers […]

Hidden Gems

Added by Jony P

The wrestling world is a complicated place right now. There is more product that probably ever before, and with so much of it available at the click of a button, it can be an absolute nightmare to keep up with sometimes. In fact, I currently have a backlog of about 5 shows I need to get […]