Rev-Pro ‘High Stakes’ 2020 (14/02) Review

Added by Rob Poulloin

On a day where many were spending the evening with their loved ones, those with a shared interest, single or even going against the mainstream; a potentially sold out (it was close but unconfirmed) crowd descended upon York Hall for ‘High Stakes’ which marked Rev-pro’s first return to York Hall of the decade. With Storm […]

Notes From The Audience 2

Added by Lev Myskin

Until very recently the history of British Wrestling – in the post World of Sport era – was littered with organisations that promised a lot but would end up going broke months later. So many promoters would come along and proclaim a new golden age of British wrestling (thanks to them, obviously) without fully realising […]

The Current State of Ring of Honor

Added by David Wright

Ring of Honor has been changing a lot lately. Many fans will contest that it is far from what it used to be and that the “glory days” of ROH are firmly in the past, but the future can always surprise us. Over the last 4 years in particular, Ring of Honor has lost its […]

Top 10 Must-Watch Indy Stars on The UK Scene

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There have been many concerns over the past year about the state of the UK indy scene. WWE set up NXT UK and for a weekly show of that size, they needed to sign a lot of talent to fill their roster. AEW also opened their doors which needed another roster to be populated. The […]

Dragon Lee: A Luchador In Japan

Added by Leon Noel

None of this was supposed to happen. New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor weren’t supposed to have a show WrestleMania weekend at Madison Square Garden. Dragon Lee getting a shot at the IWGP Jr. Championship seemed almost out of nowhere. To imagine him winning the championship in a venue that used to ban […]

In-Depth Review Of The Rivalry Between Jordan Devlin, David Starr and WALTER

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Ever since WWE made its presence known in the UK by starting NXT UK, there were fears from many that the indies would slowly die in the UK and be consumed by the big corporation. The indies have had to up their game to compete with the bigger companies. Irish based OTT as one of […]