REVIEW: OTT ConTENders: International Invasion

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OTT is back at the National Stadium, in Dublin. This time it’s for Contenders 10: International Invasion. Another stacked card, and let’s face it, it’s going to be awesome. Obviously, spoilers ahead. Triple Threat – “The Import Killer” Jordan Devlin vs Scotty Davis vs Nathan Martin The match starts with all three men locking up, […]


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Hello and welcome everyone to Graps and Claps for the first in a line of many reviews this week taking us across the Pennines for Tidal Wrestling from this past Friday and also a double header of Southside Wrestling which will be reviewed by my understudy Chris in the next couple of days. Anyways lets […]

Joshi Corner #2 – Thunder Rock vs Oedo Tai

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This is billed as Io Shirai’s farewell match at the Korakuen Hall, as it’s rumoured she’s heading to the WWE. She’s teaming up with Mayu Iwatani to reignite Thunder Rock one last time as they face the new World of Stardom Champion, Kagetsu and her stablemate Hazuki. I know last time I focused on Io […]

Deep Cuts from NJPW World, vol.3 – Big Van Vader

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Antonio Inoki vs Big Van Vader – 1987.12.27 While most know Vader from his stints in the WWF and WCW, in Japan one of the biggest foreign stars of the ’90s was the man known as Big Van Vader. A former NFL line backer, young Leon White was forced into retirement due to a knee […]

Puroresu Weekly Recap 13/06/2018 – 20/06/2018

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On the 13/10 Wrestle-1 show at the Korakuen Hall, former members of Dragon Gate and current Oriental Wrestling Entertainment made an appearance and stated the creation of a faction known as STRONGHEARTS; CIMA, T-Hawk, El Lindaman, Takehiro Yamamura, Gao Jingjia & Zackery Wentz, Wentz regular tag team partner Dezmond Xazier will be joining them too. […]