The Indy Corner 2016 ‘ Indy Awards’ Results

Added by Stuart Rodgers

A few weeks ago I put the categories out on the facebook page for you to email in your choices, we had a great response, took a while to collate as there were over 300 emails to trawl through so thanks to those who took the time to send in yours.

Personally my choices differed greatly from the choices of you guys but that’s what it’s all about. Anyway, let’s get on with it.

1. UK Wrestler

A. Pete Dunne (48%)
B. Will Ospreay (31%)
C. Mark Haskins (15%)

2. UK Tag Team

A. Moustache Mountain (42%)
B. The London Riots (27%)
C. Polo Promotions/British Strong Style (Tie, 21%)

3. UK Show

A. Rev-Pro Global Wars UK (31%)
B. PROGRESS Chapter 36: We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Room…Again (26%)
C. ICW Fear & Loathing IX (18%)

4. UK Match

A. Will Ospreay vs Marty Scurll, Rev-Pro High Stakes 2016 (41%)
B. Tommy End vs Chris Hero, PROGRESS Chapter 30 (29%)
C. Travis Banks vs Tyler Bate, Fight Club: PRO Project Mayhem V (12%)

5. UK Promotion

B. Rev-Pro (22%)
C. Fight Club: PRO (14%)

6. UK Breakout Wrestler

A. Pete Dunne (54%)
B. Trent Seven (24%)
C. Nixon Newell (15%)

7. US Wrestler

A. Chris Hero (53%)
B. Matt Riddle (28%)
C. Sami Callihan (13%)

8. US Team

A. The Young Bucks (43%)
B. The Briscoe Brothers (39%)
C. The Broken Hardys (8%)

9. US Show

A. ROH Final Battle (36%)
B. AAW Windy City Classic XII (18%)
C. WWNLive Mercury Rising (11%)

10. US Match

A. Ricochet vs Will Ospreay, EVOLVE 59 (28%)
B. Sydal, Ricochet & Ospreay vs Cole & The Young Bucks, PWG BOLA Night 2 (15%)
C. Chris Hero vs Zack Sabre Jr, EVOLVE 60 (12%)

11. US Promotion

A. EVOLVE (58%)
B. PWG (22%)
C. AAW (13%)

12. US Breakout Wrestler

A. Matt Riddle (64%)
B. Lio Rush (21%)
C. Fred Yehi (15%)

13. Overall moment in independent wrestling in 2016

A. PROGRESS Super Strong Style 16
B. ICW Fear & Loathing IX
C. wXw 16 Carat

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