Supermen: The Story Of British Wrestlers – Some Thoughts

Added by Stuart Rodgers

Pictured here is one of the many greats interviewed for the film, the awesome Robbie Brookside.

So recently I got the extreme pleasure to watch a preview copy of Supermen: A Story of British Wrestlers film written, directed & produced by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. Now, I don’t want to give a full review of the film because, I want to you to watch it for yourself but what I will tell you is this, it was an amazing piece of work. It includes interviews with wrestlers past & present.

There is an amazing contrast of discussion in this, again, not wanting to spoil anything but just to hear the guys from the past some of who made good money in the professional wrestling business talk about how different it is these days to get into the sport compared to days gone by is really enthralling.

I can’t speak highly enough of this documentary and I’m sorry if I have been evasive in this write up but I’d prefer you to watch & listen for yourself.

OK, so you want to know how you can, well on week commencing March 17th the date will be revealed, believed to be in early April of when you can see it. It will be available for FREE on the website and hosted by Youtube.

Viewers will be able to ‘tip’ donations to the producers via PayPal which will help cover the cost of the production.

Donating £5 offers the viewer a physical copy of the DVD to be released in May. Donating £10 offers the viewer a physical copy of the Collector’s Edition DVD also to be released in May. Adding £2.50 to any of those will upgrade them to Blu-Ray HD versions.

The collector’s Edition DVD/Blu-Ray is a double-disc pack that comes with the standard copy of the film and a bonus second disc with additional full interviews with Rockstar Spud & Dave ‘Fit’ Finlay and additional match material. There is potential for these extras to change depending on viewer feedback.

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