wXw Fan Appreciation Night: Hamburg (Released 4/9/18)

Added by Matt Seese

From Markthalle – Hamburg, Germany

wXw World Tag Team Champions Monster Consulting vs Jay FK 

Jay FK would attack Avalanche and Nero on the entrance ramp prior to the match with Skillet taking his shots at Avalanche despite being deeply afraid of him. Jay FK did an excellent job as the coward weasel heels, taking advantage of Avalanche’s anger by attacking him whenever they could when he was out of the match. This would draw the referee over to keep him on the outside, allowing Jay FK to double team Nero. Eventually Nero would fight back and break loose and make the tag to Avalanche which got a huge pop from the crowd. Avalanche runs wild on both Jay and Francis, even using Jay as a shield to smack down Kaspin out of the air on a dive. But even in all the fun that was his hot tag, Avalanche’s anger led to a change in momentum as Jay FK used his rage to regain control through slick double team moves. However, the dirty deeds finally paid the price for Jay FK, specifically Skillet, as Nero would take out Kaspin and tag in Avalanche, leaving nowhere to go for Jay. He would eat a ripcord clothesline from Avalanche, giving Monster Consulting the win, retaining the titles ***¼

Chris Brookes vs Fred Yehi

This was a very simple but solid back and forth formulaic match which gave wXw fans a chance to see exactly what Fred Yehi is all about as he begins his tour in Europe. It was really interesting, given the size difference between the two, to see just how each wrestler would apply their grappling and submissions, and in certain spots it did look pretty awkward, specifically with the finish as the two exchanged pinfall attempts. It looked like Brookes’ head was being pinned to the mat rather than the shoulders, but he was able to counter Yehi and pin him for the win **¾

wXw Shotgun Champion Marius AL-Ani vs Bobby Gunns 

This was a very good back and forth war between two men who have grown to hate each other over the month of August. Gunns is entering Hamburg without his title for the first time in a long long time, but his undefeated streak in Hamburg is still intact. Just from the response he got from the fans, it appears time heals all wounds between he and this venue as they were entirely behind him from bell to bell against the now hated AL-Ani. The action was very violent and brutal at times with the two exchanging fists and forearms for a lot of the match, but Gunns kept his game plan intact, and that was target the arm. AL-Ani is bigger, stronger, and much faster than Gunns, but if there’s one thing Gunns can do every day of the week, it’s out-wrestle Marius, but AL-Ani, perhaps in an attempt to prove a point, goes after Gunns’ leg to soften him up for the Ankle Lock. The actual wrestling in the match combined with the brawling caused by the animosity between the two combined for a great match despite the count-out finish. AL-Ani retains, but Gunns now has a lot of confidence as well as frustration moving into another rematch, but his unbeaten streak does stay alive in Hamburg ****

Doug Williams vs Veit Müller

This was a very old fashioned, slower paced match between Doug and Veit that got a bit clunky at times but was overall very fun. Müller is someone who can thrive working at Doug’s pace and style, and it was really fun to watch the crowd eat it all up. Doug got in all of his classic catch spots while Veit proved he could do all of that too, and in some cases, do it better. However, what Veit couldn’t avoid more than once was the Chaos Theory, and one small mistake allowed Doug to hit it and win.

Williams proceeds to thank the crowd post-match, continuing to tease retirement. He then puts over Veit Müller, saying that if he is indeed the future of German wrestling, the scene is in good hands.

wXw Women’s Championship Number One Contender’s Match: Killer Kelly vs Melanie Gray vs Kris Wolf

This match is happening because of the injury to Toni Storm. It only went six minutes, but the match felt like it dragged on for twice as long as that. Nothing really clicked between these three which is strange given the talent in the ring. Everything felt rushed prior to Kelly pinning Wolf after a Fisherman Suplex as Gray watched helplessly from the corner. Kelly will now take on the juggernaut champion Alpha Female **

Ringkampf vs David Starr & Ilja Dragunov 

Ilja was stepping in for Jack Sexsmith here who had family matters to attend to back home, but if there’s anyone to step in and fill in for half of Sexy Starr, it’s Ilja, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say this is an upgrade. Every person in this match have some kind of history, mostly David Starr and Ringkampf in general as they continue to be the wall he can’t seem to climb over time and time again. The match started with Thatcher and Starr, but that soon shifted to Thatcher and Ilja and then Ilja and WALTER. Ringkampf controlled Starr and Ilja for the most part with experience and a very apparent size advantage aiding them. However, the heart of both Starr and Ilja began to spark a comeback, a comeback that very nearly got them a win. Despite WALTER coming in off a hot tag and dominating, the unlikely pairing weathered the storm and mounted their own fierce comeback with Ilja and Starr teaming up to take down WALTER. However, the wild card in this match proved to be the decisive factor, and that was Timothy Thatcher. As Starr lined up the Han Stansen on Tim, Thatcher countered with the Fujiwara. Starr fought to get to the ropes while WALTER kept Ilja from breaking it up, and just as his foot was about there, Thatcher rolled the submission into a pin for the sudden win, ending a tremendous tag bout.
​wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship ****½

wXw Unified Champion Absolute Andy vs Zack Sabre Jr. 

Absolute Andy’s title reign nearly ended tonight against wXw’s first Unified Champion Zack Sabre Jr., but by hook or by crook, Andy found a way to win. He’s cheated his way to the top, so naturally he’d only continue that trend against Zack. Sabre Jr. had a counter for everything including a low blow, even toying with Andy when he tried to apply the Sharpshooter, leaving Andy feeling rather helpless and embarrassed as he’d professed to be a technical master himself. Andy’s ego may have been wounded, but he stuck to his game, taking the fight outside where Zack couldn’t submit him no matter how many different shapes he bent him in. However, as the match found its way back into the ring, Andy was no match for Zack as expected. Many times Zack had it won, but Andy would get to the ropes, but the last time Zack had one of his go-to finishers locked in, it being the Jim Breaks Special here, and The Eagle seemed to be done, but as Zack grabbed for the leg to wrench it back Andy swung up his other leg and low blowed the referee. A second referee came sprinting down basically in attempts to call the match via DQ, but Zack, the valiant hero he is (in wXw at least), refused to let him only to turn around into an F5 for the 1-2-3, giving Andy a cheap win to retain the title ****

After the match, Ilja would come out in attempt to confront Andy, but The Veteran wanted no part of Dragunov, fleeing with his title. Ilja cut a fiery promo, sending the fans home happy, capping off a very eventful show in Hamburg.

Show Grade: B- (7.6/10)

wXw continues their trend of just kicking all the asses in 2018, and this show exemplified all that is good in the company. Bobby Gunns’ face turn is off to a smooth, successful start, and I’m still shocked fans in Hamburg cheered him, while AL-Ani seems to have found much needed direction following the title win and heel turn at Shortcut. Ringkampf continue to be the best tag team on earth in 2018, getting a big win in a fantastic match against Starr and Ilja, and Andy? Andy is a weasel (and continues to improve into a great wrestler, but he doesn’t need to know that), but he continues to survive, and with Ilja up next for him in Oberhausen, The Veteran is going to need an ace up his sleeve to escape Dragunov.

– Matt Seese