WhiteWolf Wrestling: Invencibles Show Review/Travelogue

Added by Mark Buckeldee

I chose White Wolf Wrestling for a few reasons. Firstly, I’d never visited Madrid. Secondly, I had seen Carlos Romo & A-Kid wrestle in the UK so at least 2 of the White Wolf guys were known quantities to me. Thirdly, White Wolf had gained a lot of hype after A-Kid’s matches against Ricochet & Zack Sabre Jr. I made this decision back in May so it was only a case of waiting for the next show. This article aims to do 2 things: discuss the show and provide a few travel tips and advice.

Getting to Madrid was a case of getting a Ryanair flight from Birmingham Airport. The flight to Madrid was late, which I think has happened on at least 3 out of my last 4 Ryanair flights. Madrid Airport proved to be quick to get through for customs. I got from the Airport to Madrid using the Metro, which was quite quick and easy to understand. The biggest trouble I had was working out what ticket to buy, so here’s some tips:

– The Madrid Metro only uses a plastic metro card, like an Oyster card.

– These cards are bought using Automatic ticket machines at the Airport Metro Station. The machines have an English language option.

– When buying a ticket to leave the airport select single journey using the arrow keys. Then you can choose your desination by selecting the first letter and choosing from the options.

– When buying a Metro ticket for the first time the price includes a 2.50 fee for the Metro card. Tickets to and from the Airport include a 3 surcharge. When

Invencibles was the first show of this season of White Wolf Wrestling. White Wolf’s venue is Tabacalera, which is a 5 minute walk from the Lavapies or Embajadores Metro stations. Doors were set to open at 5:30pm, with bell time at 6:00pm. I was advised to get in the queue about 4-4:30pm. If future shows are similar to this one then I would recommend queueing up about 4:30-4:45 to be sure that you can get a decent spot. Inside the venue is standing only, with standing around 3 sides of the ring. The décor has a lot of nice street art. Drinks come in the form of cans and the merchandise area sells shirts and posters.

Pre show match – Luis Mira & Joao Santos vs Sarah Leonheart & Mike Murdoch:

Mira & Santos are Portuguese, with the shorter Mira having a manic energy reminiscent of Lucky Kid. This was a fun heel vs face match with everyone having a good showing. Leonheart was a great fiery face and Mira & Santos were a great heel duo. Santos pinned Murdoch with a Penalty Kick, which I assume was a reference to Christiano Ronaldo.

Match 1 – Kaiden & Keibel vs. Bad Boy & Adriano

Kaiden & Keibel are similar sized heels who enter the ring wearing a beak mask and a Scarecrow-esque bag mask. Bad Boy had a great entrance look while Adriano is a big strong lad. Again, we had clear heels and faces, with the crowd being fully behind Bad Boy & Adriano. There was some nice comedy around Adriano being so much stronger than his opponents before they isolated Bad Boy. Unfortunately Bad Boy had a bit of an off night with some of his offence but his simpler moves, like his clotheslines and cross-body, looked great. The hot tag to Adriano was a perfect example of someone cleaning house and Adriano looked like an absolute beast. It wasn’t enough though, as Kaiden & Keibel managed to steal the win.

Match 2 – Pol Badia vs Gravity

Pol Badia reminds me a lot of Nathan Cruz in that he is a polished, cocky heel who wears half tights, half trunks. Gravity was a masked, skinny underdog. While the match wasn’t the most polished both guys put in a lot of effort and the crowd, with a large “Gravity section” was firmly behind the underdog. The highlight was Badia nailing Gravity with a vicious rebound big boot. In the end Gravity’s efforts weren’t enough and Badia won the match.

Match 3 – Campeonato Extremo, Fans bring the weapons: Ruky vs Yunke (c)

Ruky is a rock music loving face who came down to the ring to Queen’s “I want it All” with a metal bucket full of cans of beer that he gave to the fans. The song references the fact that Ruky has held every current White Wolf title except this one. He reminds me of charismatic guys like Sandman & Ken Ohka. Yunke, the Champion, has a look that reminds me of Matanza or Abyss. This was a rough and tumble brawl filled with plunder, featuring a crutch, a metal tray, a bug zapper and a jigsaw puzzle which exploded when it was slammed over someone’s head. After a close call Yunke won with two folding stool shots to the face. This was a fun brawl and Ruky has a lot of charisma while Yunke is a great brawling monster.

Match 4 – A-Kid vs Jason Jupiter

After a short intermission we returned with Top 1 briefcase holder A-Kid and the rest of the Redencion stable bragging in the ring. General Manager Coachim Echevarria took exception to this and put A-Kid in a match against Jason Jupiter for the briefcase. A-Kid is a tremendous heel, but it’s not because he changes his in ring style. Instead he is great at conveying his cockiness, confidence and fear. Jupiter is another very talented Indy style wrestler. This was a great match with 2 wrestlers who work really well together before A-Kid stole the win, thanks in part to his interfering stable-mates.

Match 5 – Campeonatos De Parejas: The Rebel Bikers (Simon Hill & Rob Roy) (c) vs. Utopia (Joey Foxx & Hades)

The Rebel Bikers are exactly what the name suggests: They are 2 leather clad, bearded thugs who beat people up. Utopia are a fast paced tag team. The Rebel Bikers were the heels here. Both teams looked decent but the Rebel Bikers gimmick made them stand out. The Bikers won after their manager threw in a chain and a chair to cause a DQ.

The match itself was good but nothing really memorable as it was overshadowed by other matches on the card.

Match 6 – Campeonato De La Triple W: Carlos Romo (c) vs Jordan Devlin

This was Devlin’s White Wolf début and his first match in Spain for over10 years. Carlos Romo is the newly rechristened Adam Chase. The crowd was pretty split between import Devlin and the home-grown Romo. This was a match that followed a lot of Indy wrestling tropes, including limb work that was forgotten to some extend towards the end. Despite that, both men looked great here. Devlin showed how smart he has become, including an incredibly smooth counter into an ankle lock. Jordan’s use of the head-butt here was a brilliant. Romo looked perfectly at home as a main event singles wrestler and this was a great match that deserved the main event spot. In the end Romo succeeded using a piledriver to retain the title. After the match Yunke challenged Romo to a title vs title match.

I have one last thought about the crowd. They were constantly loud throughout the show, which is especially impressive as the face lost every match except the main event. That’s a big achievement. Having the good guys constantly lose is quite old school booking in many ways so I’m interested to seeing where this season goes from here.

Would I recommend that people travel to Madrid for a White Wolf show? Well, I don’t think that White Wolf are at the level of OTT or WxW at the moment. Both those promotions are arguably the best in Europe, for different reasons and their shows have the edge over White Wolf. So if you just wanted a wrestling show abroad then I would recommend OTT or a big WxW tournament like 16 Karat or tag league. I will say that the charms of Madrid are superior to those of Oberhausen, and I may prefer it to Dublin as a city to visit on my own. So if you want a weekend break in a big city with a lot to do, loads of places to eat and decent weather then I would wholeheartedly recommend going to Madrid for a White Wolf Wrestling event.