West Coast Pro Wrestling ‘The World Is Yours’ (6/9/19) Review

Added by Zack Monday

From The State Room in South San Francisco, California

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 1)  Six Way Scramble: RJ “Sick Boy” Santos vs Rik Luxury vs Slice Boogie vs “War Pig” Jody Kristofferson vs Derek Slade vs “All That” Keita Murray

Winner: Slade after nailing Murray with a big Pump Kick and covering for the 3. (Really fun start to the show and great dynamic with bad guys doing bad things and really fun sequences. Slice Boogie is a stud and is getting better every time I see him in the ring. Good win for Slade, everyone got to get some shine and it all worked.)

2)  Titus Alexander vs Steven Tresario

Winner: Titus after countering Tresario and using The European Clutch, barely getting his shoulder off the mat, to pick up the 3. (Good match. This rivalry is going to push both of these guys to be their best and I am all in for that. They picked up and really brought some fight. Tresario attacked Titus after the match and laid him out.)

Jheri Gigolo comes to the ring, followed by a man named Mike in a suit, who tells Jheri that he is a “Man-Whore” and has something for him, bringing out the monster Terex.

3)  Jheri Gigolo vs Terex

Winner: Terex after a standing Moonsault. (Jheri brought the fight, but Terex is a monster and just crushed Gigolo. The Standing Moonsault looked scary.)

4)  ‘The Neon Ninja’ Façade vs ‘The Future’ Dave Dutra

Winner: Façade after nailing Dutra with a Arm Wringer Head Kick, Façade used the ropes to hit The Neon Destroyer (Step Up Springboard Destroyer) to get the win. (Good back and forth. Weird to see Dutra play the heel, against Façade, this close to his hometown. Façade brings a wild array of offense and really got the crowd fired up.)

5)  Viva Van vs Christi Jaynes

Winner: Van after a Code Red (This was a solid contest. I have not seen Jaynes before, so her Lucha influenced and striking got my attention. Van is damn good and only getting better, good presence and an ability to bring the fight.)

6)     ‘Red Death’ Daniel Garcia vs “The God Damn Man” Tyler Bateman

Winner: Garcia after using a Crossface to keep Bateman down, Garcia started unleashing vicious crossface strikes, only for Tyler to start getting up. Garcia lot him get up, before using a divine Leg Scissor to take Tyler down and lock in a DEEP Sharpshooter, forcing the Tap Out, (Fucking awesome fight. Heavy strikes and vicious submission transitions from these two warriors. Garcia has such a unique approach and a legitimate killer instinct, being so fresh in the scene, I cannot wait to see what he can accomplish. Bateman is a super talented, hard-hitting, smart motherfucker and someone I really find joy in every match of his. His use of debilitating, precision striking and an unadulterated violent streak makes every match worth your attention. RECOMMENDED!)

7)   Killer Kross vs “Timeless” Levi Shapiro

Winner: Kross after Kross rocked Levi with a forearm strike and hit the ropes, Levi followed and went for a Bulldog, only for Kross to counter and use The Doomsday Saito Suplex to put Levi down for the 3. (Levi tried to avoid the Killer early, but these two big men had a good fight, with Levi using some shortcuts to get advantages. Levi was in incredible shape and really brought the fight to Kross. Killer looked good, interacted well with the crowd and looked explosive as hell.)

West Coast Pro Wrestling celebrates their 2 Year Anniversary on October 11th, with “Nobody Does It Better!”

8)   Fatal Four Way match: Tony Deppen vs “Starboy” Charlie vs Jake Atlas vs Will Hobbs

Hobbs was WRECKING SHIT, until Killer Kross came out and attacked him, going after Hobb’s knee and causing him to be helped to the back.

Winner: Atlas after Deppe charged at Charlie, only to be countered into a Waist Lock, which Charlie rolled back, popping Deppen to his feet, before hitting the ropes with a Handspring and planting Tony with an Ace Crusher, quickly hooking the leg, only for Tony to kick out. Atlas pulled Charlie up and slapped the shit out of him, before hitting the ropes, only for Charlie to counter with a Rolling Prawn Hold for a CLOSE 2! Charlie nailed Atlas with a Superkick and charged in, but Atlas scooped him up and used The Superstar DVD to put him down. Atlas started making his way to the top, Deppen cut him off and started climbing up, but Atlas nailed him with a Slap to the face. Deppen came back and fought for position, joined by Charlie, Deppen positioned Charlie and nailed him with The Cheeky Nandos Knee! Atlas rocked Deppen and followed with The LGBDDT on Deppen, quickly followed by Charlie using The Cosmic Squirrel (Sky Twister Press off the second rope) on Deppen. Atlas pulled Charlie up, nailed him with a Spin Kick to the head, before using a Double Underhook Brainbuster to drive Charlie’s head into the mat and get the pin. (This FUCKING RULED! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Deppen and Atlas go without saying, two of the best going in the world of wrestling and a god damn treat to any crowd that gets to witness them work. Hobbs was at the absolute best I’ve ever seen of him, the motherfucking force that he is and imposing it on every victim in the ring with him. I cannot wait to see the matches to come from Hobbs. Charlie legitimately had a Spring Break breakout performance, got everyone in that venue on their feet and in his hand. Everything about this match was right and I am thankful that I was in the crowd to witness this. Go out of your way to see this match.)

WCPW Commissioner Lucian D. Light comes to the ring, as Charlie is soaking in the admiration from the crowd. Lucian talks about Charlie impressing him tonight and earning a spot on the WCPW roster, but wanting to see more…. TONIGHT! Out comes JACOB FATU! Fatu stalks around the ring, before KILLING Charlie with a Pop Up Samoan Drop and then laying out Referee Odie Brown with a Superkick! Lucian introduces Fatu as the newest member of the WCPW roster, before Fatu destroys Charlie with a Running Hip Attack in the corner and then using a Top Rope Swonton Bomb, because the chandeliers prevented the Moonsault.

9)  The 1Percent (Jorel Nelson & Royce Isaacs) vs The American Gunz (Ethan HD & Mike Santiago)

Winners: 1Percent after Royce used a Full Nelson popped into a German Suplex to drive Ethan into the mat, Jorel followed with a Diving Ace Crusher off the second turnbuckle, putting HD back down and following with the pin. (Fantastic tag team match! Great work from all 4 men, the Gunz impressed everyone in their WCPW debut and were the perfect opponents to get The 1Percent LOVED by the crowd. Ethan HD busted out some wild stuff, exciting as hell. Great tag team moves from both sides, really great cut-offs from the Gunz and the Isaacs hot tag was everything you’d want it to be. I love the emphasis on Tag Team wrestling by this company and I really look forward to seeing what’s next for 1Percent. Even though the last match absolutely tore this house down, these guys did a great job telling their story, executing great Tag wrestling and being the MAIN EVENT. RECOMMENDED)

This was a fantastic night of wrestling in the Bay Area. You get a buzz inside the State Room that is infectious and we cannot wait to go back. There was incredible action, diverse talent up and down the roster and depth to the matches. The Twich stream looked MILES better than their last presentation and the next show is going to be a BIG DEAL around here. I cannot recommend West Coast Pro Wrestling enough, keep your eyes peeled and your ears glued to their Social Media, look for the match announcements and Ticket Release date and MAKE SURE you have October 10th open, because WCPW is going to put on a show that you will regret missing.