Warhorse (c) vs Orange Cassidy /Beyond Wrestling/ Independent Wrestling TV Championship (12/10/2019)

Added by Frank Burford

First of all, this is the first time that I am watching a Beyond Wrestling match and I have to say I love the feel of the promotion. The ring looks sick but coolest of all was the venue they hired. It looked how I say, “Real Indy”. It was small but also had a level of underground vibes and I dug it. The crowd also felt ready for this main event. This match is free and then link will be below the review.

Now I am aware of both Warhorse and Orange Cassidy in the Indy world and have followed Orange Cassidy around before he was Orange Cassidy from his time as Fire Ant in Chikara (Oops cats out the bag) and have always been a fan of him. Additionally, I have only learnt about Warhorse in the last year after rising to fame for his match against Cody on AEW Dynamite. I like his clear Ultimate Warrior tribute, but I feel that itself has moulded a character and does feel like a plain rip off at all. This match was for Warhorses Independent Wrestling TV championship which I have to say has a very old school look to it and does not scream new but does scream prestige and having wrestlers like Orange Cassidy fight for it can only help its prestige.

From the start the crowd were firmly behind Orange Cassidy which caught my off guard as I thought the Beyond crowd might adore Warhorse. The match started with a show of two opposites, Cassidy being very calm and lethargic and Warhorse being very energetic. Warhorse started with a chop then Cassidy tried a OJ in the eyes spot but failed. Then the story of the match started as Cassidy started to target the arm which hopefully put Warhorse’s lariats out of commission. Then Cassidy hit a jumping top rope DDT and a suplex additionally taking control of the match. Warhorse performed two German suplexes but the third one was thwarted by Cassidy targeting the weakened arm again but then after exchanges and reversals Warhorse then hit the third suplex. They then did an exchange of chops while both on knees (I mean Warhorse chopped and Cassidy tapped him which I dug a lot) but then in a fit of anger because Warhorse dodged his limp kick, Cassidy then went full and chopped, super kicked and superman punch then applied an arm bar, but Warhorse got to the ropes. Then Cassidy stomp and dropkicked Warhorse in the corner but then Warhorse scoop slammed Cassidy followed by a powerbomb for a 2 count. Warhorse then went to the top rope, but Cassidy flung him off and goes to the top rope himself. Warhorse then chopped Cassidy and joined him, then OMG top rope michinoku driver on Warhorse by Cassidy (If the match had finished then I would not have been disappointed) but It only garnered a 2 count. Cassidy then does the OJ in the eyes spot and then Warhorse rolls Cassidy up only getting a two followed by a lariat and double stomp from the tope rope for the win.

I really liked this match and will have to review more of Warhorse’s matches because he has an intensity like no others. As far as I am aware, he is no longer the title holder so I will have to watch that match. The crowd were interesting, very invested in Cassidy were disappointed he did not win but to be honest It is better he did not. Warhorse beating Cassidy only served as point of building prestige in the title and his reign. Due to this match reviews being a regular thing I am going to introduce a personal scale for you guys to decide whether you should watch it or not. 1 to 100. 1 being the worst and 100 being GOAT but remember this is a personal scale and is only based on my opinion its going to be called the Burford-o-meter

Burford-o-meter score: 55/100 à Quick and fun match, easy to watch and if you have a spare 18 minutes it could fill a void.

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