Synergy Wrestling ‘Black Saturday’ (24/11/18) Review

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Get ready for Synergy Pro Wrestling’s 2 year anniversary, “Synergy Turns 2,” LIVE, on Fite TV on September 20th, with a look back at some of their most recent shows. Catch all of the replays on IndependentWrestling.TV

From Manville, New Jersey

 1)  Aaron Bradley vs “Big Scare” Dan O’Hare

Winner: O’Hare after Bradley connected with an impressive Double Jump Moonsault, he was unable to capitalize, allowing Dan to scoot closer to the ropes and when Aaron covered, O’Hare kicked out. Aaron pulled Dan up and called for the end, hitting the ropes, only for Dan to stop him and send him back into the ropes, before using a Tilt o Whirl to set up The Cop Drop (Reverse DDT) and get the pin. (Bradley was impressive and this match was a good start to this show.)

Bradley lays out Dan after the match and continues the assault, while screaming. Bradley welcomed O’Hare to The American Murder Society, before putting him back down.

2)   Steve Scott vs Mike Del

Match ruled a Draw after Scott went for a 450 Splash, only for Del to move out of the way, Scott rolled to his feet and after regaining his balance, approached Del, who countered into a Haymaker to the face and rolled into The Series Finale (YES Lock), only for Del to roll back and pin both men’s shoulders to the mat, resulting in a Double Pin. (Good match. Del and Scott are really good and engaging the crowd and getting them into the match. Good work from both, looking forward to their next match.)

3)   “Overtime” TJ Crawford vs “The Bad Apple” Matt McIntosh

Winner: Mcintosh after TJ stopped McIntosh with a “Timeout” and landed a Head Kick, Crawford hit the ropes and used a Head Scissors into a Russian Leg Sweep to put Matt down and quickly roll into a Vertical Suplex, but Matt overpowered TJ and used a Release Vertical Suplex into a Knee Strike to put TJ down. Matt recovered a little, before using a SICK Headlock Takeover Driver to put TJ down for the 3.  (Crawford’s Synergy debut. Great chemistry between the two and the crowd was really into the match. I really like the flow of this match, both men are super talented with a lot to offer and I am excited to see them in this promotion.)

4)  “Retrosexual” Anthony Green & Ava Everett w/Angel Sinclair vs Matt Orlando & Allie Recks

Winners: Green & Everett after Recks dumped Green with a Samoan Drop, Green rolled out of the ring, as Allie attempted to stop him, only leaving herself open to a O’Connor Roll from Everett, picking up the 3. (Orlando returning from a severe knee injury. Fun match, good laughs and solid action. A lot of butt stuff, which is never a bad thing. Recks is super impressive, she hit a homerun each spot she got. Ava Everett and Angel Sinclair have improved so much, every time I see them they get better, this is from last year and she was showing that foundation that she’s built into a solid performer.)

Respect shown by both sides. Green and The Platinum Hunnies dance in the ring, bringing in a young kid to dance with them. Synergy rules and the vibe inside that venue is pretty special.

As Green and The Hunnies are walking to the back, The Apostles of Chaos (Logan Black, Chris Benny & Jason St. Clair) attack Green and beat him down, in the ring, as The Hunnies freak out. The Apostles turn their attention to The Hunnies, bringing out TJ Crawford & Jake Chambers to make the save.

5)  No Count Outs: Bull James vs KTB

Winner: KTB after stopping Bull’s Backslide attempt and powering him up, into a Fireman’s Carry and slamming him down, before quickly using The Beastsault to pick up the big win!  (Abyss not able to compete, due to a family emergency, bringing in Bull to replace. Good brawl, went all over the venue. James dominated this match, but KTB turned it on at the right time.)

6)   Ladder match: “The Dragon Slayer” Drake Chambers vs “The Specter of Violence” Frightmare

Winner: Frightmare after Frightmare used Kneecolepsy on Chambers, who was lying on a Ladder, he covered, only for Drake to kick out! Frightmare retrieved a Chain from under the ring, the same Chain used in their previous Dog Collar match, and wrapped it around Drake’s throat, choking him down to the mat, where the Referee raised and dropped his hand, only TWICE! Drake fought back, nailed Frightmare in the face with the Chain and beat him down, before setting up a Ladder in the ring and bridging another Ladder, from the middle of the standing Ladder to the ring ropes. Drake and Frightmare fought for position, slamming each other’s heads into the Ladder, until Drake got the advantage and laid Frightmare across the bridged Ladder, before using a Springboard Swonton to crush Frighmare and follow with the cover. (This match is awesome. This match started with a bang, continued to bang and bring the hate at the same time. Nothing hanging above the ring, the Ladders are being used for punishment in this grudge match. Awesome stuff, good story, a feud that I am looking forward to watching more of. Recommended!)

Last word from Colin West to Brandon Kirk.

West and another man, come to the ring and cut a promo about Brandon Kirk causing issues in Synergy and talking with the fans. West says he booked Kirked for a Chairs match against Jimmy Lloyd, tonight, but Kirk did not show up. West goes out of character, channeling Patrick Stevens to Kirk, a “shoot” as the fans say. Stevens says Kirk has violated his trust for the last time, bringing up lawyers and his fiancé, and says Kirk is on another show and questions what his fiancé is doing and how Kirk lied. Stevens fires Kirk!

Fun show, went by in a breeze. Good mix of East Coast talent, a little CHIKARA, some CZW and some folks that I had not seen before. I enjoyed the setting, intimate but fired up crowd, excited throughout the whole show. Good matches, with the Ladder match being pretty damn stellar. There were angles that got started and talent to keep an eye on, I am happy to have watched Synergy Wrestling for the first time. Check it out on IndependentWrestling.Tv