ROH TV Review: Week of March 13th 2016

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Hello fellow wrestling lovers! This is another instalment of my weekly Ring of Honor television review. If you have never read this before, and you should have, I watch Ring of Honor and review all the matches and give my opinions. Ring of Honor is arguably the best hour of wrestling television every week and if you are only reading my review then you are really missing out. Go watch it and see for yourself but still read my reviews. Let’s dive right in, shall we.

So before we actually start I must put out a spoiler alert because I already know what is happening and I should warn you to. One of my good friends at work watches Ring of Honor and he already spoiled for me that the tag team gauntlet that took place this week lasts all hour.

This means no other matches except the gauntlet. While I am not surprised by this completely, I was caught off guard since they have only done that one other time since I’ve been watching and that was a title match. But it does make sense since Ring of Honor has some of the best tag teams and with as many teams as they have, the gauntlet could probably go on for longer an hour. So, that’s is what is going on this week in ROH. Now, let’s get to the arena.

We are live from Nashville, TN! Again. We are at ringside with Kevin Kelly and Mr. Wrestling 3 who is not Steve Corino. Kevin Kelly already says that it will be all hour. Thanks for saving the suspense Kevin Kelly. I would not have told the viewers at home that. Also, we find out it’s 7 tag teams. I hope we have one surprise team in there. And who is the first group? ReDRagon. I assumed they would one of the first teams since both guys have been known to put on broadways. This should be great but I don’t expect them to go the distance. Both are in hot feuds right now so they will go for a while but not to the last two teams. The announcer’s put them over as former tag team champions. Next out we have Caprice Coleman and Will Ferrara.

Very interesting team to go second. I would expect them to be hidden in the middle, not in the beginning. Especially if you consider that they have only wrestled together like once or twice. We get a nice visual that reminds us it is match one of six. Nice touch so people at home can remember which team is out and how many true matches there are. Kevin Kelly explains that the winner keeps advancing until they lose. So, ReDRagon would have to win all six matches to win. We get the code of honor and we start with the tag team gauntlet.

Team Gauntlet for #1 Contender to ROH World Tag Team Championships: ReDRagon vs. Caprice Coleman & Will Ferrara

O’Reilly and Ferrara start off with some great mat work with neither getting an advantage. Once they get up, Ferrara pushes O’Reilly and they have a shoving fest until Reilly goes for the arm-bar but Ferrara gets in the ropes. Reilly then hits him with a knee. They exchange strikes until Reilly whips Ferrara into a corner. Reilly goes for a running something but Ferrara gets his feet up and boots him then hits a middle turnbuckle hurracarana. Ferrara whips Reilly off the ropes but Reilly stops short and Ferrara hits the mat, missing a leapfrog. Reilly then hits the knee with a kick. He then just lays a tremendous amount of strikes, mixing in some kicks and knees while Ferrara tries to reverse or fight back but can never gain momentum. Reilly then puts him in the corner and tags in Bobby Fish. Fish comes in and lays some knees to the midsection.

He then jumps to the apron and hits a senton from the apron for a near fall. Fish then kicks Ferrara in the chest. He tags in Reilly. They go to work in the corner on Ferrara with some kicks to the chest then lays a double suplex for a near fall. O’Reilly then lays a running knee to the head on the mat for a near fall. Fish is tagged back in and lays some strikes to Ferrara then hits a back suplex for another near fall. Fish tags in Reilly who knocks Coleman off the apron and goes for a running something which Ferrara reverses and he jumps over Fish to tag in Coleman. I want to note here that the crowd is dead. I hope this is due to Coleman and Ferrara, which I view as a mistake having them go first. They should have been hidden in the middle. I hope the crowd livens up because I think this will be a good gauntlet. Coleman takes down Fish and O’Reilly goes for a kick and Coleman catches it and lays some strikes. He then reverses a kick by Fish and lays a spinning leg drop to the back of the head. Reilly goes for a running move but Coleman ducks and grabs Reilly’s head and pushes it to the floor in an odd move. Coleman then hits a cross-body to Fish on the outside. O’Reilly hits Coleman and whips Coleman to the corner but Coleman runs around it and lays a dropkick through the ropes. Ferrara then hits a suicide dive to Fish. They walk in and Coleman tags in Ferrara. Coleman tries running move but Fish gets the boot up. Ferrara then tries the same thing and gets dumped to the outside. Coleman goes to whip Fish but he reverses and rams Coleman in the corner where O’Reilly hits a running forearm strike and they do there running strikes and the tag team move with the backbreaker and elbow off the top ropes. Fish goes for an arm-bar but Ferrara reverses. Fish reverses that into an ankle lock while Reilly puts Ferrara in a guillotine choke and Ferrara has to tap out.

ReDRagon win match one of the gauntlet with an ankle lock from Fish.

** ½. A mediocre match, especially from ReDRagon who usually puts on a show. Maybe

ReDRagon know they are in the gauntlet for a while so they didn’t give it their all but it was a very ok match. Nothing special and the crowd was just dead the whole time. Let’s hope the crowd isn’t like this for the whole gauntlet.

And the next team out for the second match in the gauntlet is the House Of Truth. It is Diesel and some new young guy with Truth Martini. He talks about Dijack leaving the group and crushing Martini’s dream of winning this gauntlet. He talks about this young guy that is a lawyer and martial arts expert. He says that he will get the thumbs up or down. I have no idea who this new guy is but I imagine they will lose. I see a very small possibility of them actually winning. We go to commercial break. Commercial breaks should go well tonight with 6 different matches.

Team Gauntlet for #1 Contender to ROH World Tag Team Championships: ReDRagon vs. House of Truth

We are back and we start the second match in the gauntlet with Bobby Fish and the new guy that could be joining the house of truth. The young kid is mouthing early on and hits an arm drag from a tie up. More mouthing. But then Bobby Fish hits an arm drag to him. And the announcer’s have yet to say this kids name. I don’t know who this guy is! Come on Kevin Kelly! He hits another armdrag and catches the kid that we now know is named ,Chris Larusso, in an armlock. He then twists the arm around but Larusso whips him off the ropes and Fish catches him in an arm-bar but Larusso kicks him and reverses it. To bad Fish is good at kicking and keeps on kicking the young guy. Fish goes for an armbar but Larusso reverses it. Fish then puts on an ankle lock but Larusso gets to the ropes. He then gets put in the corner where Fish tags in O’Reilly. Reilly goes to work with a kick to the chest.. Reilly tags back in Fish who lays a the same kick. Fish tags back in Reilly but Larusso gets up and him and Reilly exchange punches until O’Reilly gets the advantage and tags down Larusso and lays strikes. He then puts in the arm-bar but Diego breaks it up and takes Larusso to his corner and tags himself in. Diego then goes to work on Reilly and tags in Larusso while Diego hits a powerslam and Larusso hits a leg drop for a one count. Larusso tags back in Diego. He backs Reilly in the corner and hits some strikes.

Diego knocks Fish down but when he gets back, Reilly lays some strikes and Fights back but Diego hits a slam after catching one of Reilly’s kicks. To bad this is turned into an armbar. Diego reverses into a powerbomb though. The fans are so bored they chant Truth Martini. Crowd is dead. Fish gets the tag and hits some knees then throws Diego in the corners and hits a running knee then a splash. He then hits a running body block. Fish then puts on the leg lock but Larusso breaks it up. Diego then tags in Larusso. Diego holds Fish and Larusso goes for a kick and hits Diego. Him and Fish then exchange kicks but Fish gets the upperhand with a running leg lariat. Larusso goes for the tag but Diego and Truth Martini walk away and get a thumbs down. Reilly then comes in and Larusso pleads with him. He then tries a cheap kick but Reilly catches it and lays some vicious kicks and punches. Reilly lays more strikes and reverses a whip from Larusso and locks in the guillotine choke for the win.

reDRagon win match #2 in the tag team gauntlet with a guillotine choke from O’Reilly.

** ¾. Slightly better but not by much. Crowd was dead again. They even chanted for Truth Martini. The turn was nice but as soon as Larusso missed the kick and hit Diego, you could
have predicted that. Larusso looked great in his first outing and I want to see more from him.

ReDRagon were good, especially working with Larusso who is more their style of wrestling. Crowd needs to come alive though and soon.

Next out are The Young Bucks! Mr. Wrestling 3 says that it’s party time. I cannot disagree and this is the match I am most looking forward to. This should take up a chunk of the show hopefully since this is a PPV calibre match. The Bucks come out to huge ovation. Crowd seems alive now. The Young Bucks kick Larusso as he is walking to the back. Awesome spot there. Kevin Kelly says these two teams had the ROH match of the year in 2014. I did not know that. I’ll have to look that up and find it. And we get a visual saying this is match #3 of 6 and we go to commercial in an awesome spot since these two teams should go for a while.

Tag Team Gauntlet for #1 Contender to ROH World Tag Team Championship ReDRagon vs The Young Bucks

We are back and the fans chant this is awesome. They haven’t even started wrestling yet you fucking tools! You have been dead for the last two matches and just now you are chanting this is awesome?! No you don’t deserve that after being dead for two okay matches. I fucking hate that chant. In the ring, the Bucks and reDragon shove each other. The Bucks then do the suck it sign and they both start laying in on each other and The Bucks go for a superkick and ReDRagon catches it and does ankle locks to both members. Bucks reverse it and one pushes the other up and over and hits a dropkick to both members of reDragon. reDragon go to the outside and the Bucks do the too sweet sign. They then hit a suicide dive to ReDRagon on the outside. Nick throws in O’Reilly and tags in Matt. Matt yells something at the crowd and goes for a superkick but they do a spot where he throws the leg and Nick catches it and Reilly does a double dragon screw. Reilly tags in Fish who tackles both Bucks in the corner and he goes for a splash but the Buck moves out of the way and the other one hits an enziguri. O’Reilly then comes in and reverses a superkick into a DDT. He then goes for a suplex to Matt and Reilly gets hit with a jawbreaker. With Fish propped in the corner, they hit a cannonball and enziguri combo.

They set Fish on the ropes for the good combo move but Reilly comes in and chokes one buck. While Reilly has the choke in, the other Buck goes for a swanton and very poorly misses when Fish gets his knees up. So far, you can tell this is a very planned out match and that last spot was missed terrible. ReDRagon goes for a chasing the dragon but Matt goes behind and tries to push O’Reilly but Fish hits a forearm strike. Nick is on the apron and Reilly runs to him but gets dumped on the outside. Fish then tries running to him and gets a shoulder in the gut. Nick then yells suck it Bobby and does a face plant from the outside apron. Nick goes to the apron and tries a backflip but Reilly dodges it. Reilly then lays some kicks and strikes. He goes for a leg sweep but Nick moonsaults and goes for a superkick. Reilly catches it and puts in an ankle lock but Matt goes to the outside and breaks it up. When he gets back in, Matt tries a clothesline to Fish who catches him and hits an exploder suplex in the corner. And we take a commercial break. Very poorly planned commercial break. This match was getting good but at least it was a break from the action. If there isn’t a commercial break during a swapping of teams then I’ll bitch.

We are back and reDragon are in control. O’Reilly tags in Fish and Matt is in the ring for the Bucks. Fish lays some strikes to the arm then a back suplex for a near fall. Fish throws Matt in the corner and tags in O’Reilly. They both lays knees in the midsection to Matt Jackson. O’Reilly then throws him in the corner. He whips Matt to the other corner but Matt gets his feet up and does a weird turning neck breaker off the middle turnbuckle. Nick gets taged in and lays some strikes then a dropkick off the rope to Reilly on the apron. Nick goes for the superkick after whipping Fish in the ropes. Fish cuts it off at the ropes and goes to the outside. Nick jumps onto the apron and hits a big kick after Fish misses a kick to knock Nick off the apron. Nick then goes to the top rope and attempts a swanton but Fish rolls out of the way. Nick then is hit with a samoan drop from Fish. Matt is tagged in and so is Reilly. O’Reilly reverses a punch from Matt and does some underhook suplexes without letting go. Him and Fish then go for a double team but Nick comes in and kick Reilly in the head then Nick helps Matt hit a slice bread number two.

They call for the superkick party but Reilly throws Nick’s kick into Matt. He then gains the upper-hand but goes for his rebound clothesline and we see the first superkick of the night as Nick and Matt both hit a superkick to Reilly. Matt hits a rolling senton with Reilly on his shoulder. Nick then hits a 450 off the top rope and Matt hits a moonsault off the middle turnbuckle for the win.

The Young Bucks eliminate ReDRagon from the Tag Team Gauntlet

*** ½. Pretty good match. The fans were actually alive for this one. Hopefully they will stay alive with The Young Bucks in there. My one big complaint is the beginning of the match looked way too planned out. I like high spots and love both these teams but it was so obviously planned for so long that it tiring. I am happy with it though and it was a good match for the time they were given. Probably the best match in the gauntlet if I had to predict it.

Next up is Brutal Bob Evans & Tim Hughes. I hope this is a squash match. I hate this tag team. Hughes is whipping the fans with his towel. And we go to commercial break. We are only like 30 minutes in and have already had 3 commercial breaks, too many Ring Of Honor, too many.

Tag Team Gauntlet for #1 Contender to ROH World Tag Team Championship; The Young Bucks vs Tough Guy Inc.

We are finally back and the match hasn’t even started yet. Brutal Bob and Hughes is till on the outside and The Bucks are just chilling in the ring. Right as they come in, the Bucks hit them with superkicks. Tough Guy Inc. is planning on the outside while the Bucks do the suck it chant in the ring and Hughes mocks them on the outside. Bob tells Hughes to get in the ring and they call to go in the ring and they fake out the Bucks. THey then pull the Bucks to the outside who then hit superkicks again. Nick puts Hughes in the ring and Nick goes for a splash but Hughes moves out of the way and hits his weird sidewalk slam where he yells. He then goes to hit Matt to but gets superkicked for his trouble. Bob kicks Nick in the shin then kicks Matt in the quad and it has no effect. They make fun of him and mock him and he calls for another superkick but gets double superkicked. The Bucks then hit Hughes with the turnbuckle powerbomb and enziguri. After that, they hit him with the hanging leg drop double move they do for the win.

The Young Bucks squash Tough Guy Inc. SQUASH. That is my new ranking for squash matches. It was a good squash but still a squash.

Only person who got a true move in was Hughes. This was funny though and Hughes is a pretty funny character. This was here for the fun and for all the superkicks. My next prediction is the that the Bucks are eliminated soon. Maybe next.

Next out is the Addiction. They are coming in from the crowd! The Young Bucks think they are coming from the ramp so they are distracted and attacked from behind. Nice heel work from these two. We are in the match.

Tag Team Gauntlet for #1 Contender to ROH World Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks vs The Addiction

The Addiction are in control heavily. Laying strikes and punches to both Bucks. I once again like Daniels and Kazarians tights by playing homage to Star Wars. They are heels but I do love those tights. THey whip Nick off the rope and hit a atomic drop into a neckbreaker on Daniels knee, into a STO. They then hit a double team clothesline and foot stomp to the back of Matt. They throw Matt to the outside and they do the Young Bucks pose with the flexing. Nick turns them around and lays some right hands to both of them. He then does the suck it pose and gets a double kick in the gut and a double crucifixion. Daniels then rakes his face with his forearm.

They mock the Bucks again and Kazarian goes for a crossbody to the outside but Matt moves out of the way and lands on his feet but is met with a superkick. Matt goes in the ring and prevents a angels wings and hits Daniels with a superkick. Nick reverses this into a pin attempt and gets it!

The Young Bucks beat The Addiction to move into the finals of the tag team gauntlet

*. I thought this match would be longer. It was two minutes long. Maybe not even that. I like the villain tactics by the Addiction. They are good in the ring and are good at being bad guys. Bucks play good in peril spots. I was surprised by the length but it adds intrigue and it was a surprise which is good in a match like this. Overall, good for the time they got.

Post match, the Addiction beat down the Young Bucks. They are pissed. They keep laying boots and punches and just beating them up like heels do. They lay celebrity rehab to Matt.

Roppongi Vice is last. I thought ANX or MCMG would be next. They come in and exchange strikes with the Addiction with Roppongi getting control but the tides keep on turning. I agree with Mr. Wrestling 3 who says that he would have waited until after the beat down to come out.

That is a good face move by Roppongi. I think there is a Addiction and Young Bucks feud coming. The Addiction is being escorted to the back by referees and security as Nick tries sneaking in a victory with a roll up but Baretta breaks it up and we have the finals.

Finals of Tag Team Gauntlet for #1 Contender to ROH World Tag Team Championship The Young Bucks vs Roppongi Vice

Baretta goes for a back suplex to Nick but he reverses it. Baretta then goes for a tornado DDT and Nick reverses that and plants Baretta on the mat, face first. He then flips over him and hits a leg lariat to Romero. Nick is calling for Matt but Matt is out on the outside. We go to hopefully our last commercial break. This is a good spot after the attack and right as the match is starting and Roppongi will probably take over Nick until Matt is ready. We are back, hopefully for the last time, and Roppongi is still in control of Nick Jackson. Romero goes for a clothesline but Nick slides to the outside and pulls Baretta off the apron. He then kicks Baretta in the ring and goes for his moonsault off the apron but Baretta catches him on his shoulders. They then hit Nick with a flying knee off the apron, off Baretta’s shoulder. Nice spot.

They put Nick in the ring and Baretta sets Nick on the ropes face first and Romero hits a flying dropkick to Nick off the ropes and then Baretta hits a knee. Romero gets a near fall. Romero tags in Baretta. He knocks Matt, who finally got on the apron, off. Nick is starting to fight back but gets a double jumping knee to stop his momentum. Romero gets a near fall. Romero puts Nick in a abdominal stretch on the mat. Nick gets to the ropes. Romero lays strikes to Nick.

Baretta comes in and they try a double move in the corner but Nick drops Baretta to the outside. Romero then comes running but Nick dumps him on the apron. Right as Romero turned around, he is met with a superkick from Matt on the apron. Both members of RPG are on the outside and Matt is rallying the crowd and calling for a hot tag. Nick tags in Matt who lays a double baseball slide to RPG on the outside then hits a moonsault onto both of them from the top turnbuckle. Matt is pumped up and of course, during a hot spot, we go to commercial. Are you stupid?!? It’s the main event and the hot tag was just made and we go to commercial?!? Fuck you Ring of Honor. Fuck you and your commercial breaks.

Matt is on the outside with RPG when we get back. Him and Romero go in the ring and he lays strikes while doing the suck it chant. He goes off the ropes but Romero hits an uppercut to stop his momentum. Romero attempts a slice bread number 2 but Matt reverses and goes to attempt the Meltzer driver but Nick is pulled down by Baretta on the outside. Nick lands on his feet and lays a superkick though. Matt rolls through in the ring and gets a near fall on Romero. Romero goes for a running hurracarana but is caught and gets the turnbuckle powerbomb and enziguri in the corner. The Young Bucks call the spot that put away ReDRagon earlier but Romero goes behind Matt and attempts to whip him into the other corner but Matt reverses into the position for the Meltzer driver again. Right as they go for it. Romero reverses and crashes Matt into Nick who is standing on the top turnbuckle. Romero rolls through and goes for an enziguri but Matt reverses but gets hit with a kick coming through. Romero then hits Nick on the turnbuckle. He gets on top and mocks them, saying suck it. He goes for a hurracarana but Nick catches him and Matt hits a cannonball. They go for the spot again from earlier but Baretta tags himself in and Matt hits the rolling senton but Romero gets his knees up for the senton. As Matt goes for the moonsault, Baretta catches him and tries a german suplex from the top rope but Matt lands on his feet. Baretta gets up and Matt goes for a superkick but he catches him on his back and they hit the subzero finishing move for the win.

Roppongi Vice win the Tag Team Gauntlet and get a shot at the Tag Team Titles

*** ¾. Very surprised by this match. I have only seen RPG like once but this match was good. It was short but The Young Bucks played the underdog perfectly and you really thought The Young Bucks would win it eventually but RPG pulled it out. Spot fest kind of match but good ring work mixed in. Good match overall.

Post match, the fans seem stunned. They do get up and clap for RPG. I did not realize that the last team that entered won.

Typically it isn’t like that so good for them. Roppongi Vice is hyped and they are celebrating as we go off air. Before that though, we get an advertisement for the Ring of Honor vs New Japan shows coming up, starting next week. They plugged the starts showing up like current ROH TV Champion Ishi and IWGP Heavyweight Champion Okada. We then get closing moments from last year with Okada and Nakamura vs The Briscoes. We get a special treat and I’ve never seen this match. If we get these matches on free TV, that would be awesome.

The tag team gauntlet was very good. Some of the matches, like the earlier matches, could have been shorter and given The Young Bucks and ReDRagon more time but that would also be giving us a great match for another PPV for free. Overall, I was happy with the show. It was entertaining and the hour long format worked for a gauntlet. Roppongi Vice were surprising winners but I’m happy.

Tune in next week as we know one match will be Dalton Castle vs Silas Young in a fight without honor to end their feud. It will be a great show, just like this week, and I will be reviewing it!

Check out all other reviews and columns including my own. I write a column called Motley’s Mic Drop and this week I look at the best feud in wrestling right now: Marty Scurll vs Will Ospreay.

Have a fun wrestling week and I’ll see you next week!

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