ROH TV Review (3/6/15)

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June 6th was the Destination America Air Date

1. Kushida vs Will Ferrara

Good opener to the show and nice to see Will Ferrara in front of the camera and not behind getting knocked down by Dean Ambrose on Raw.
Kushida won the match with a rolling arm bar.
While Steve Corino and Kevin Kelly are talking about the Briscoe vs Lethal match the Ring Of Honor World Tag Team Champions “Of The World” The Addiction come down to the commentary table. Kazarian does most of the talking here and says that Redragon are part of the entitled generation and that they don’t have to earn a title shot. He goes on to say that they will give them their only shot at the tag titles next week.
2. Silas Young vs Watanabe
Story behind this match came from Global Wars night 1 when Silas Young turned on Watanabe after they lost tag match. Good match where Watanabe seemed stunned by some of Silas Youngs moves. Silas Young won with an airplane spin into a TKO for the win. Silas didn’t shake hands at start of the match but he did at the end. What a guy right?
3. Moose vs Colby Corino
It was supposed to BJ Whitmer vs Moose but he wanted to give Colby Corino a chance to prove himself to the decade. Moose on hearing this was nearly bent over laughing at the thought of this. The match was a one sided beat down on Colby. Moose slammed into the barricade and power bombed him onto the ring apron. Whitmer and Adam Page roll Colby back into the ring for Moose to pin him for the win.
Now don’t get me wrong I think the ROH commentators are way way better than WWE and TNA but my god the concern for Colby in this match sounded like Brian Griffin in Family guy when he is pretending to be supportive of Meg when she doesn’t have a date for the prom.
Mandy Leon presented a new segment called Inside ROH. She talked about the feud between ACH and Adam Page. They showed the promos and brawls that the two have had and it was announced that Adam Page and BJ Whitmer will face ACH and Matt Sydal in a tag match at The Best In The World PPV. I liked this segment as it reminded me of the special reports from the days of Mean Gene Okerlund and Sean Mooney when I started watching wrestling in 1991.
Outside of the arena Truth Martini told Jay Lethal that he will not have to wrestle Jay Briscoe on free TV.
4. The Briscoes vs House Of Truth: Donovan Dijak & J Diesel
Jay Lethal gets his wish and is not in this match. Lethal joins commentary team. Lethal says that he is not challenging Jay Briscoe and it is Briscoe challenging Lethal for the ROH Championship.
Lethal started posing with Jay Briscoes championship and that distracted Briscoe and he ends up caught in the corner. They beat him up in the corner. Match ended with the doomsday device on Diesel. Ok match but it was basically Jay Lethals promo time during this match.
After the match Mark Briscoe was knocked out by Dijak and goes after Jay Briscoe. Briscoe gets the upper hand and goes for the Jay Driller. However Lethal makes the save but Lethal himself is then hit with the Jay Driller. Show ends with Jay Briscoe standing over a flat out Lethal.
This was a good debut episode to be shown on Destination America. It introduced all the champions of the company and promoted the main event for Best In the world PPV perfectly.

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