ROH TV Review (30/8/14)

Added by Justin DiVirgilio

The Briscoes vs. War Machine (Hanson and Ray Rowe)

This was an awesome hard hitting match between 2 teams who don’t like each other for some reason. The Briscoes hit some nice tag team moves on Rowe with one sequence ending with a brutal lariat delivered by Mark. Hanson hit a nasty looming German suplex on Jay. Jay also double stomped Hanson through the time keepers table. The match was called a no contest as both teams were just beating the hell out of each other. After the match was ruled a no contest and the teams were separated Mark and Rowe climbed on the apron Rowe hit an amateur throw through a table on Mark.

RD Evans and Moose w/ Veda Scott and Ramone vs. Adam Page and Tadarius Thomas w/ BJ Whitmer

This was an OK match and this was RD Evans and Moose first match together as a team. Moose hit his great drop kick in this match. Adam Page hit a slingshot clothesline in this match. Moose hit the spear on Thomas and RD got the pin as he blind tagged Moose. After the match Whitmer was slapping around Thomas and Page because of there failure. The crowd was urging both men to beat up Whitmer but nothing happened.

ROH World Champion Michael Elgin vs Cedric Alexander

This was a good match. Elgin and Cedric were hitting some hard forearms on each other throughout the match. Cedric hit a tope con hilo on Elgin. Cedric injured his knee as he avoided Elgin by jumping over him. Elgin won via submission as he has a hold that was wrenching the knee back.

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