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Hello my fellow wrestling fans! Welcome back, or welcome aboard to new readers, to my TV review of Ring of Honor wrestling. Ring of Honor is a great wrestling program that consistently puts on great matches and is arguably the best hour of wrestling on television every week. Now, this TV review is just a few days removed from the latest PPV, 14th Anniversary show, that ROH just had. I did not watch it but I know the results. I will not be telling you all the results or reviewing it since I did not watch it and on The Indy Corner, we had Luis Gonzalez review it and he did a great review so go and check it out. If a match or angle pops up that happened at the PPV then I will talk about it but nothing more. With that out of the way, let’s get to the show!

We are taped from Nashville, TN. The same location as last week of course. And Mr. Wrestling 3 is back! He is not Steve Corino! I told you so. Kevin Kelly announces that we have two Top Prospect tournament semi-finals and that our main event is Matt Sydal vs Adam Cole. Will they talk about him losing at the PPV? Probably not since this is pre taped. I hate that about Ring of Honor. They need to tape one show like the next day or that night after the PPV that they can show the next day. It’s just infuriating but it’s a minor quarrel since we still get such great wrestling. We start off the actual show with the tag team match I’ve been waiting for! We first get out the last real man in professional wrestling Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser. Well, they are already talking about the anniversary show and getting the replay so that’s good to acknowledge it. And out comes one of the best acts in professional wrestling today in Dalton Castle! The Boys are in ring gear and ready to escort him but we are shown that Dalton Castle is in the ring! He attacks Silas and The Bruiser. He knocks Silas and the Bruiser to the outside. Dalton Castle looks great today and he goes back to attack Silas but Security holds him back. Wow this show is already getting to a great start. Oh and Security is taking him to the back. This could end badly for the Boys but they look ready. The fans start chanting Dalton’s Boys. The fans are behind them. Silas starts mouthing the boys saying they have no opportunity even though he gave them multiple opportunities. I wonder if The Boys are twins or brothers. They look like it. He talks about him offering The Boys a chance to become men but that apparently they know how to be men. He says tonight will be a reality check for them. Says that him and the bruiser are better wrestlers and men than them. The Boys start doing the clock thing with their wrists because Silas is taking to long. And now Silas drops a bombshell saying that if The Boys win, then he will quit professional wrestling. Yeah I don’t see that happening. That secured The Boy’s chance of winning as zero to none. They have no chance of winning now. Before, I would say they could in an upset but not now. Stupid idea to whoever told Silas to do that. The promo was ok. A little long.And the match is about to start.

The Boys vs Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser

We start off with one boy and Silas Young. Silas instantly starts with strikes and chops and he tags in Bruiser who throws the boy in a corner then chops him and tries a splash but gets a boot. The boy tries a crossbody but gets caught. Bruiser tries hoisting him on his shoulder but the boy falls behind the Bruiser and kicks him in the leg. He lays some strikes to the Bruiser but Bruiser does a knee to the midsection to break the momentum. The Boy tries an irish whip and he cannot irish whip the Bruiser obviously due to his size. Bruiser hoists the Boy up on his shoulder and tries a slam again but the Boy falls back again behind the Bruiser and backs into his corner to tag in the other Boy. Both Boys try to clothesline the Bruiser multiple times and never take him down. They then do a double move of a wristlock and double foot to the head. The other Boy tags in again and goes to the top rope Silas tries stopping the Boy from the apron but gets knocked down. Bruiser then stops the Boy and does a fall away slam from a top rope that looks vicious. The Boys are selling great and taking bumps great in this match. We go to commercial. The first but not the last.

We are back with Silas and The Bruiser still in control of one of the Boys. Bruiser is in control. He tags in Silas. Silas starts mocking the Boy. He knocks down the other Boy off the apron but while he is distracted the other Boy tries a pinfall but doesn’t get it and then he does a wheelbarrow into a bulldog. The crowd is getting pumped up and the other Boy gets the hot tag and clotheslines Silas. He ducks a clothesline and the Boy hits a dropkick and Silas tags in the Bruiser and the Boy runs to him but gets a shoulder to the midsection for it. AS Bruiser tries coming in he gets a knee to the face. Bruiser puts the Boy on the top turnbuckle and tries something and gets a right hand then an enziguri from the other Boy. The Boy on the top turnbuckle hits a tornado DDT and gets a near fall on the Bruiser and Silas comes in and the Boys team up on him but Silas catches himself on the ropes. He kicks one Boy and throws the other one to the outside. The Boy in the ring hits a hurricanrana to Silas. Silas is in the corner and the Boy runs to him but Silas reverses and puts him on his shoulders. Silas drops him down and does a DDT into the corner on a turnbuckle but the other Boy comes in the ring and backdrops Silas to the outside. Bruiser is on the top rope but one of the Boys tries knocking him down but Bruiser throws him on the ropes. Bruiser goes for his splash but in a botched spot, the Boy tries a cutter and misses. The Boys are inexperienced wrestlers and they are quick but that was an obvious miss and a botched spot that they really shouldn’t have attempted but at least they tried. Both Boys get on top of the Bruiser to try a double pin but the Bruiser kicks out at a two. One of the Boys gets to the top rope and the other holds him up their. Then one Boy is on his shoulder and he does a flip off the other Boys shoulders to Bruiser and Silas on the outside! The other Boy then goes to the top rope and does a moonsault to the outside to Silas and the Bruiser! Two awesome spots in a row. They throw Silas in the ring and try a backslide but Silas reverses to a kick in the head. The Boy then does a running faceplant to Silas. Wow some great action right now. They try another move where one Boy got one top of the others shoulders and did a drop onto Silas that was very sloppy. They get a near fall out of that. Bruiser comes in the ring and clotheslines one Boy and the other tries to choke him but backs both into the corner and Silas and the Bruiser hit their corner finishes on them including Silas’s knee to the ribs then to the head, Bruiser then does a cannonball and Silas covers a Boy for the win.

Silas and the Bruiser win with a cannonball from Bruiser in the corner to both Boys.

*** ½. Not a bad match at all especially for the Boy’s who are two inexperienced wrestlers who have only been in like 3 matches in ROH. With that being said, I think that for that reason the match went a little too long for them and that they tried to many spots. I love spotty stuff if it’s done correctly but their were at least two to three spots in this match that were not done correctly and were botches. I knew Silas was going to win and at no point in this match did I think that he wasn’t going to but it was still fun to see the Boy’s have a longer match and see what they are capable of doing. This feud is not over and there will be a blow off match between Silas and Castle. I already know what match that is but I won’t spoil it for anybody.

Post match we are shown some of the spots from the Boys and the finish of the match. Good thing they didn’t show any of the botches from the match. Silas and the Bruiser are attacking the Boys post match but Castle comes in to try an make the save but Silas and the Bruiser stop that with Bruiser hitting a flapjack. The fans start a chant of Dalton Castle. We go to the next commercial with the Boys and Castle out in the ring and Silas and the Bruiser leaving. I expected Castle to come out but I thought Silas and Bruiser would run off. This feud is not over like I stated. I hope it ends soon though.

During commercial, Adam Cole does one of his promos to Matt Sydal. This guy is WWE ready but I’m happy he hasn’t gone there yet since WWE tends to ruin ROH talent.

We are shown clips of his last match where, as the announcer’s pointed out, he used underhanded techniques to win and won with the pop up powerbomb which looks way worse than Kevin Owen’s pop up powerbomb. This guy better not advance to the next round. Next, comes out Action Ortiz. He is the guy that is compared to Bam Bam Bigelow. I like this guy. He is bigger but he moves quick and does great selling and can do top ropes move. He is a perfect combination of everything ROH would love in a bigger guy. We get the tale of the tap where it shows that Ortiz just started wrestling two years ago and Fury is a in-ring veteran from 1999. He better not win or I’ll be pissed.

Top Prospect Tournament Semi-Finals: Brian Fury vs Action Ortiz

Code of honor is adhered to. We then get a elbow collar tie up. Fury turns it into a headlock to Ortiz who lays some strikes to Fury’s midsection then does a shoulder block off the ropes. The announcer’s put over Fury as the trainer for all the wrestlers that have one top prospect in the past few years. Well, hopefully he doesn’t win it. Ortiz does a body slam then goes off the ropes and tries a flying elbow and Fury moves out of the way. Fury then lays some forearm strikes and Ortiz blocks one to send Fury off the ropes and does a side shoulder block. Ortiz is calling for the crowd and does a plancha to the outside onto Fury! This big guy is awesome. We get a ROH chant from the crowd. Ortiz goes for the pin and gets a two count. He then goes for something in the corner to Fury but Fury reverses it to a dropkick to Ortiz’s knee who hits the corner with a flip. Fury then lays some strikes to Ortiz. He whips Ortiz into the ropes and hits him with a running elbow for a two count. Fury then goes for a neckbreakr but Ortiz counters with some elbows and a headbut. He then lays some repeat strikes and whips Fury into the ropes and hits an elbow. He then attempts a neckbreaker and misses and Mr. Wrestling 3 labels it a flying clothesline. No, that is called a botched move. That is both the wrestlers fault as Fury shouldn’t have sold it so quickly. Ortiz hits a side splash in the corner then a running clothesline and a backdrop suplex for a near fall. Ortiz looks so gassed. LIke I said, I like Ortiz’s move set but he can’t be getting winded so quickly. It makes him look bad and the wrestling industry look bad especially since we are only 5 minutes in. Ortiz goes for something and Fury tries fighting back. Fury jumps behind and tries to land on his feet but lands on his knees. Ortiz hits a right hand but Fury low blows Ortiz. That spot was very sloppy. Fury then hits a headbutt. Fury lifts Ortiz up for a pop up powerbomb and hits it for the win.

Brian Fury beats Action Ortiz with the pop-up powerbomb to advance to the TPT Finals

** ½. That match was utterly awful. I was looking forward to it with Ortiz but the spots were sloppy and Ortiz looked way too out of breathe for a 5 or 6 minute match. They botched three spots and for a 5 or 6 minute match, that is awful. Fury is suppose to be a veteran and a good wrestler yet he didn’t seem to dictate the match or sell for many spots. This match is the worst so far for the top prospect tournament. It truly showed how the tournament can fail if you don’t put the right people in it.

Post match, Fury gives a promo with Kevin Kelly about winning the tournament and how he doesn’t matter who he faces but he always beats guys like them. He says he has just scratched the surface but that’s obviously a lie with how old he is. Promo was ok. Last semi-final is up next.

We are back with the Top Prospect tournament last semi-final match between Punisher Martinez and Lio Rush. Punisher Martinez comes out first. If you guys remember TNA from like 2005 or 2006, there was this character named Judas Mesias that feuded with Abyss. This dude looks just like him. He isn’t as bad as a wrestler as Judas was so were ok. We are shown a replay of his last match with Colby Corino. Next up is Lio Rush. Since his last match, I have watched one of his other matches on the indy circuit. He is awesome. We are shown a replay of his last match. I still hate his finisher but he is so awesome that I can look past that. We get the tale of the tape with all advantages going to Martinez. We get a code of honor with Martinez holding on too tight and that match is on.

Top Prospect Tournament Semi-Final Match: Punisher Martinez vs Lio Rush

We start the match with Martinez holding onto Rush’s hand a little too tight then Rush coming back with a kick too Martinez’s Knee and a flurry of kicks and chops and punches that do nothing. Martinez finally catches a backhand and goes for a clothesline but Rush ducks and hits a dropkick to the back that has no effect. Rush then goes for a running clothesline that gets him nowhere. Martinez tries another clothesline and Rush ducks again and goes for a roll up but he can’t even roll him up. I like the match-up of david vs goliath here. It’s a good strategy that works between these two so far. Martinez steps on Rush and holds him down and grabs him by the throat and lifts him up and tries his chokeslam finisher but Rush reverses. Rush reverses a few moves and tries to do a sunset flip into a roll up He tries this but Martinez stops it and Martinez goes for more offense but Rush reverses. Martinez then goes for a whole bunch of kicks and strikes but Rush reverses everything. So this crowd is dead but I am loving this. I think this match would be way better if the crowd woke up and saw all the reversals and great moves the two wrestlers are doing. Martinez does a fake clap for the reversals and Martinez goes too run to him but Rush dropkicks his knee and Martinez hits the corner. Rush tries a running attempt to Martinez in the corner but he reverses and Rush lands on the apron. Rush then hits Martinez and does a kick but they do nothing too Martinez. Martinez then runs to Rush and Rush dumps him over the top rope. Rush then runs and tries a suicide dive and martinez catches him and puts Rush on the apron who kicks Martinez and hits Martinez with a top rope corkscrew off the turnbuckle. That was awesome move. Rush goes back in the ring and kicks Martinez when he tries running back inside and he drops a top rope elbow. He goes for a pin and gets a one count. Rush then kicks him again and Martinez looks annoyed. Rush goes out to the apron and attempts something but Martinez catches him and hits him with a jaw breaker. Nice move. Martinez is getting pumped in the corner and hits a few splashes to Rush in the corner then a right hand. Martinez then lays a nasty alabama slam into a neck breaker for a two count. Martinez whips Rush into the corner and tries a splash again but Rush reverses into a kick to the face. Martinez goes to the middle turnbuckle while Rush’s back is turned and when Rush tries running into Martinez, he gets caught with a middle rope knee. Martinez gets a near fall from that. Martinez goes back to the top rope but Rush rolls to the outside. The announcer’s play off how experienced he is and ring savvy even though only a year of experience. On the outside, Martinez hits a suicide dive, kind of, over the turnbuckle that barely hits Rush. Like it hit one knee and knocked down Rush. Maybe you should just stick to the regular suicide dive Martinez. Martinez then tries his last ride powerbomb onto the apron but Rush reverses and hits a tornado DDT or tornado bulldog to Martinez. Rush then attempts his finisher as soon as they are in the ring and Martinez reverses and sets him back down and lays Rush out with a running kick for a near fall that amazes Martinez. This crowd is still dead and they need to wake up for a great match. Martine puts Rush on the outside apron and yells here comes the pain and attempts his finisher off the top rope but Rush reverses into his finisher off the top turnbuckle and gets the pinfall and the win. That finish was sloppy though.

Lio Rush wins with his finisher off the top turnbuckle.

*** ¾. I wanted to give this **** stars but there wasn’t enough offense and the finish was to sloppy. The reversals and the story they told with Rush being the underdog and to small and Martinez being a monster was great. But, neither one of these guys got enough offense in to make it matter. Plus, Martinez botched his suicide dive that didn’t hit Rush and that last reversal at the end off the top rope could have been way better but wasn’t. Also, the crowd sucked the life out of this match because they were completely dead.

Post match, we are shown a replay of some of the last moments of the match and I see that the suicide dive was not a botch except that Martinez about landed on his neck and head. Still doesn’t change my ratings. Kevin Kelly goes and interviews Rush who gives the same promo that a lot of wrestlers give where they talk about being broken and hurt and never letting it get to them and always fighting through to win. He calls out Brian Fury, his final’s opponent and that he better be ready to feel the Rush. I do love that line. He should use that more. And we go to commercial before the main event between Sydal and Cole.

We are back for the main event with Adam Cole coming out first. He does his Adam Cole Baby yell that doesn’t get as much reactions as usual. See, the crowd is dead. Plus, on the side titantron, they messed up the spelling of Baby and put Bay. Not even like Bae. Just Bay. It’s an extra letter but it bugs the hell out of me ROH. Spell it right next time. The announcer’s say that next week will be the TPT finals and that Dalton Castle vs Christopher Daniels. I’m excited for that. Adam Cole does the Baby thing again and gets more reaction. I won’t go into the don’t cheer for the bad guys because look for my next column about it. Matt Sydal is out next. Man I wish ROH could do more with him or with him and ACH. I wish that if they tag teamed more he would become tag champion with ACH or turn heel on him. They both need to move onto singles competition or win the titles. We then get the tale of the tape with experience going to Sydal and size going to Cole. We then head to commercial before the match starts. That’s ok but I imagine there will be another commercial that pisses me off towards the end of the match.

Matt Sydal vs Adam Cole

We are back with the main event, officially. We see Adam Cole and Sydal adhering to the code of honor. They do an elbow collar tie up with Cole getting the advantage switching to the arm then Sydal reversing it with some flips into his own arm control. Cole reverses into a headlock and takes him to the mat with Sydal and Sydal reverses it into a headlock and they both stand up in admiration of the other. Cole then does a rear switch lock. and has him holding in the back then Sydal reverses with Cole reversing into the arm hold again and Sydal backs up into the corner. All this is happening and Mr. Wrestling 3 is putting over Sydal as someone he’d have date his daughter if he had one and also someone he would start a promotion around. I would too but he would not be that far on the top of my list. Adam Cole then does the Adam Cole Baby phrase in the ring to cheers. Ugh I hate that phrase because it means to be demeaning but the crowd loves it. Sydal then slaps Adam Cole’s hands for a high five and yells peace man. Cole then attacks hi with kicks in the corner. He then whips Sydal into the corner and Sydal reverses a clothesline for a hurricanrana. he then starts kicking Cole’s legs. He whips Cole inot the ropes and reverses a few moves for a kick. He then does some mat work to Cole and traps his knee and does a weird pose then catches him in a submission hold and Cole bites his fingers that forces a break. Adam Cole grabs Sydal and hits him with a forearm strike into the corner and there is a weird reversal and Sydal kicks Cole and Cole kicks Sydal and lays a jaw breaker. Sydal is in the corner and goes to the top rope but Cole pushes him off the top rope. This is a weird match since I was excited for it but they aren’t having very good chemistry and moves don’t look right and the fans are not into this at all. On the outside, Cole tells the fans to move. and it looks like Cole is going to throw him into the crowd but throws him in the ring. Cole taunts the crowd but THEY CHEER FOR HIM! HE JUST MADE YOU ALL LOOK STUPID AND YOU CHEERED FOR HIM YOU IDIOTS! I hate some wrestling fans. Not hate, that’s too strong. I think they don’t get the dynamic. I will explain it in my column know. In the ring, Cole does a body slam for a one count. Mr. Wrestling 3 puts over cole as a technician and explains how he knows the injury to Sydal’s neck over the years. Cole goes for something off the rope but instead just does a chinlock. That’s Kevin Owens move and it’s a heel move yet they cheer for him. We are going to hopefully our last commercial. Ok this is a spot where it’s ok for a commercial break. I would hope they didn’t do a break during the main event at all but if they do this is a perfect spot.

We are back with Sydal fighting back and reversing a clothesline into a kick to the head. Sydal is then laying kicks and hits to Cole’s knees. Cole reverses a whip where Sydal reverses into his side leg signature move and a back flip into a near fall. Cole goes for the advantage again with a knee into the midsection. He then whips Sydal but he reverse it into a kick to the back of the head. Cole roles to the outside and Sydal goes for his baseball slide but Cole catches him and does a suplex to Sydal on the apron. I love that move. I know too many people use a apron finisher or move but that always looks nasty to me. Cole throws Sydal into the ring and does a shining wizard to the back of the head and neck that looks a bit sloppy and gets a near fall. Cole goes for a suplex but Sydal hits him with a knee to the head and Sydal goes to the top rope and attempts a crossbody but Cole gets knees in the ribs and then lays a running shining wizard for a near fall. Cole is frustrated. Cole goes to the middle turnbuckle and says the Adam Cole baby but before he can finish, Sydal hits a surprise frankensteiner off the turnbuckle. Cole slips to the other side of the ring and Sydal goes for a running move but Cole moves out of the way. Cole then lays on that figure four. Only problem with him using this finisher is that he hasn’t worked on the legs but the announce team puts over how he can do that since he works the whole body all the time. Sydal reverses it but Cole immediately grabs the bottom rope. Sydal and Cole trade blows with strikes and kicks to the knees and face and chest. Cole does the trick where he acts like he will superkick them but lays it to the knee. They both then start reversing moves with Sydal kicking Cole then going for another kick and Cole reversing into a superkick then Sydal hitting a side of the head knee strike then he tries catching the superkick by Cole and Cole hits a superkick anyway then another superkick with Sydal on his knees. Great sequence right now. Adam cole goes for something off his shoulders but Sydal reverses into a reverse hurricanrana. Sydal then hits the shooting star press for the surprise win.

Matt Sydal hits the shooting star press for the win.

****. Match didn’t seem like it would be good from the beginning with what seemed to be poor chemistry but they worked through it and had a pretty good match. Cole worked the neck and head while Sydal worked the knees and there was enough spots. I would never imagine these two as working together but Cole seems to work better with smaller guys where he can have more power moves and that showed here. The ending sequence was awesome and I was hugely surprised by the win from Sydal. Just last week Cole was in the title match and now he got beat by Sydal. I think it’s time for him and ACH to break up with Sydal going heel since he already looks the part. He could even do the billy kidman angle where he refuses to use the shooting star press due to the fans wanting it. Make it happen ROH.

We go off air with Sydal celebrating and the fans chanting ROH. Overall, a good show for a filler show. All the matches were decent or good even though there was no real storyline except the boys and Castle and Silas and the Bruiser. But, what do you expect from a show right after the PPV? Oh right, the angle from the PPV to play out but ROH doesn’t tape in advance after PPV’s to not royal the surprise. I just wish they could do one live show or one show right after the PPV and edit it real quick so they can play it the next night. Or even do flashback episodes where we see old matches from ROH since fans like me didn’t watch back then. But, they won’t do that. ROH needs to fix that problem and soon to compete with other promotions.

And this is it for this weeks TV review. Look out for all other articles on The Indy Corner including my column coming out the next few days. For Dustin Motley and The Indy Corner, thank you for reading in and I can’t wait to see you next week for another great episode of Ring of Honor. Goodbye.

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