ROH TV Review (21/2/16)

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Hello Wrestling Fans! This is Dustin Motley again bringing you the review of arguably the best hour of wrestling on television. Ring of Honor is a great program with great talent and awesome matches and I love reviewing it for you every week. If you haven’t watched it yet, go and check it out. It airs on your local Sinclair Broadcasting Channel and on Comet. Check Local Listings. Now, let’s get to the review for the ROH TV Review of the go home episode of ROH before the 14th Anniversary Show PPV!

Opening up the show, we are shown Roderick Strong coming to the ring. We are live from Nashville, Tennessee with Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuiness is at ringside. They announce the main event as The Briscoes vs ACH and Alex Shelley. If you remember, a few weeks ago I talked about how the live event I went to for ROH had ACH and Alex Shelley team up and how Matt Sydal is a champion in New Japan without ACH though but with Ricochet. So I’m happy ACH is getting a new tag partner but for now let’s focus on Roddy vs The World (BTW I have a spoiler after the match for you).

And the man he is facing today is Jonathan Grisham! This should be an awesome match. I think this kid is gold and a great wrestler. But before the match, Veda Scott, Cedric Alexander’s manager comes to the ring. The stupid lawyer. She mentions again that her and Cedric got a settlement from ROH. She offers Jonathan Grisham a bunch of money, she says more money than he will ever see, to give Cedric his TV title shot and to leave ROH. Grisham points to the ramp and tells her to leave. I like this feud actually because she is sleazy and so is Cedric and they are putting over a great young talent. And we get the tale of the tape with Roddy getting the obvious height and weight and experience advantage but Grisham is young and hungry so we shall see. And we are on for our opening match!

Roddy vs The World! ROH TV Champion Roderick Strong vs Jonathan Gresham

Roddy adheres to the code of honor by just slapping his hand. Nice heel move from Roddy. We get a lock up from the two to test who has more strength and Roddy gets the power advantage but Gresham reverses it into his favor. He works over Roddy’s fingers and Roddy goes for the Strong Hold but Gresham reverses it and Roddy does a cartwheel and mocks a little bit. They do and elbow collar tie up with Roddy getting the advantage again and he does a chop in the turnbuckle then a head into the other turnbuckle and him and Gresham exchange chops and Roddy ends it with a knee to the midsection. He then backs him into a turnbuckle and irish whips him to another one and hits a knee and a chop. He whips him again but Gresham goes up and try to go over Roddy but Roddy catches him. Gresham reverses and goes to the apron though and does a shoulder block to Roddy’s ribs and tries for a jumping DDT from the apron but Roddy catches him on his knee for a backbreaker. Nice move their that looked painful. Roddy gets a near fall from that. Roddy is in control as we go to commercial break. Nice placement actually for a commercial so that’s ok. We will see later on though.

We are back and Roddy is still in control. He puts Gresham on the top rope and he is still chopping him and goes for a superplex but Gresham goes for the fingers again and tosses Roddy down and Gresham goes for a top rope move and gets met with a dropkick for his troubles. Roddy get’s a near fall. Nice sequence and I always love limb manipulation, especially fingers. Roddy lifts Gresham up for a suplex and tosses him down to the matt. Gresham is in the other corner and as Nigel points out, he is taking to long going for a knee and Gresham moves out of the way. Gresham lands an elbow and Roddy charges again and gets another elbow and Gresham tries another turnbuckle move but before he can Roddy holds him and goes for one of his patent backbreakers but Gresham manipulates the fingers again! and Roddy goes for a chop but it gets caught and Gresham reverses it all into a hammerlock and then he manipulates the fingers again while having Roddy’s other arm trapped! He manipulates it so much and tries to break the fingers! Wow great sequence so far I’m loving it! Ref has a talk with Gresham about that. Roddy does a chop and realizes it hurts and keeps doing chops while Gresham lays headbutts to the midsection. They then do some more back and forth and ends with Gresham laying a running knee to the midsection and while Roddy is sitting down on the ring, a kick to the back from Gresham. He then lays an arm drag and does an octopus stretch but Roddy catches him on his shoulders and goes for his gut buster but Gresham falls back and reverses it into an ankle lock then a stomp to his knee and kick to the arm! Gresham then does another arm drag and then goes for a pin for a very close near fall. Roddy reverses the momentum with a chop again. He should really stop trying that since it just hurts his fingers more. Jonathan Gresham keeps going to something with the arm but Roddy lays the chops and finally a flying knee to the face. And Roddy wins and retains (kind of0 his ROH TV Title

Roderick Strong retains (kind of) his championship with a flying knee to the face.

*** ¾. Very good match. Great match actually. I love the finger manipulation from Gresham and I love the selling of it by Roddy and even if the pace was slow at times, it was still nice limb work and technician. The ending seemed like out of nowhere though but most finishes should be like that. I think this Gresham kid is awesome and has a bright future and it was probably the best Roddy vs. The World match so far.

And now it’s time for me to spoil this for everybody so if you don’t want to know, stop reading.


This past weekend, New Japan Pro Wrestling had an event called Honor Rising where all the ROH Talent went to Japan and competed against all the NJPW talent for two days. Kind of like the 14th Anniversary Show this friday. Only problem? Roddy did a Roddy vs The World challenge against a great wrestler from over their named Ishbi and LOST HIS TITLE! This is not a joke. Roderick Strong, ROH TV Champion, a week before a huge title defense, lost his title to a japanese star who isn’t even on the ROH Roster. I can see where this could be nice and a great surprise but to me, now was not the time. They would have had to have approved the title change and I wouldn’t have done it a week before the big title match between him and Bobby Fish which is the main storyline in ROH right now. It just baffles me and plus, to air this, a few days after he lost his title is stupid. LIke, sure if you don’t watch New Japan World and don’t know that Roddy lost it then it’s fine but most people who watch ROH, also watch New Japan so most fans know at home. It’s like ROH doesn’t even care about giving the actual viewer storylines that makes sense sometime or doesn’t even care about ratings. I love ROH but sometimes they do stupid things. With that said, I could see the show on friday becoming a triple threat match, which would be stupid, or a number one contenders match, which would also be stupid since Roddy get’s a rematch anyway. Either way they go at it, it might have been newsworthy for a day, but it doesn’t work into ROH’s storyline. We will see what happens.

Post match: We are shown replays of some of the highlights of the match. We are shown a graphic of the title match for friday. Look at my above opinion. And Bobby Fish comes out of the crowd and steals the title and him and Roddy start fighting in and out of the ring and Roddy runs away. Security is having to hold back Fish and Roddy runs away with his title. Fans are booing Roddy. So that’s good heel work. We are told War Machine is in action next and shown the main event again. We go to commercial.

We are welcomed back by Brutal Bob and his prodigy Tim Hughes. They call themselves Tough Guy Inc. That’s a stupid name. They should be called the soul eaters for being ginger. We then get the tag team champions War Machine. They face All Night Xpress on Friday with the title’s on the line and no DQ. That should be an awesome match. We get the tale of the tape with tag team experience going to War Machine and overall experience but fuck is Brutal Bob old. Like he made his pro debut in 1993. Fucking old as shit. And we get a wimpy code of honor from Tough Guy Inc. by them slapping War Machine’s hands out of fear before the match and here we go!

War Machine vs Tough Guy Inc. (Brutal Bob & Tim Hughes)

We start off with Rowe vs Hughes. He is trying to mouth Rowe and gets pushed away immediately and Hughes tags in Brutal Bob. And Brutal Bob walks into a double leg takedown and he tags in Hughes again. And Hughes gets pushed into the ropes and Rowe goes for a german suplex and Brutal Bob breaks it up before he can. Hanson tries coming into even the odds but the ref holds them back while Brutal Bob and Hughes double team Rowe with clubs to the back and then Rowe hits a forearm strike to Brutal Bob while Hughes lifts up Rowe for his sidewalk slam but he took too long and Rowe reverses it. And it looks like somebody missed a cue their as it looked like Rowe was suppose to tag in Hanson and didn’t Rowe instead lays out Brutal Bob with a T-Bone Suplex. Now he tags in Hanson. They double team Hughes with the splash from Hanson, dropkick into the corner from Rowe, and the running Bronco Buster from Hanson. I love that sequence since it looks good and is from two big guys. War Machine then pumps up the crowd. Hanson throws Hughes into the corner and Hughes reverses it and their is some reversals their that ends with a drop by Hanson and goes for a pin but Brutal Bob reverses it. He then goes for a back body drop but Hanson does that cartwheel and reverses it and clotheslines Bob. Hughes then hits Hanson from behind. Hanson just shakes his hand and gets scared by Hanson and then War Machine does their tag team moves without their finisher with Hanson pinning Hughes with a splash from the top rope.

War Machine wins with a splash from Hanson on Hughes.

** ¾. Very sloppy match. It did make War Machine look tough and it was a squash match but very sloppy and they missed a lot of cue’s and their moves didn’t look as crisp and as tough as usual. Hopefully the match friday with ANX is much better.

Talking about the All Night Xpress, they come out right after the match! Kenny King comes out with a chair while Titus has some kind of lead pipe. They tick tock and says that that is how long War Machine has left with their ROH titles. Kenny King says that ANX is the legitimate champions and everyone knows it. They give props to War Machine saying that hardcore people are scared since they look like tattooed monsters. Kenny King says that instead they look like tattooed bitches to him. Wow them their are fighting words. And Rowe shows no emotion. Be pissed Rowe! He just called you a bitch. War Machine welcomes them in the ring but Kenny talks about how they got disqualified before since they couldn’t win. Kenny King says he came out to play show and tale and not gonna fight. Titus then says that they are coming for that ass friday. Kenny King says that what they have planned will make Rowe’s legit motorcycle accident look like a picnic. Oh Shit. Rowe was in a serious motorcycle accident quite a while back now. Great promo from Kenny King. I wish War Machine would have looked and gotten more pissed but the promo was the best part. ANX has some heat on them but they will still draw cheers on friday and I hope ANX wins the titles. We got to another commercial.

During commercial, Silas Young cuts a promo saying that him and Beer City Bruiser will be taking on the boys next week to teach them a lesson. I love that because hopefully it ends the feud but I imagine the end will be Castle and the Boys vs Silas and Bruiser. I loved this feud in the beginning but it’s beginning to be a little much now. Dalton Castle should be moving on to bigger and better things.

We come back to the Young Bucks being interviewed by Kevin Kelly. They talk about their Bullet Club leader Kenny Omega, the IWGP Intercontinental Champion and now the NEVER Open Champion with The Young Bucks. They announced that it will be them and Kenny Omega teaming up at the 14th Anniversary and they will have a huge superkick party. Nice promo. They are amazing talent and I love the Bullet Club and Omega. They are awesome heels in Japan but always get cheered as babyfaces. I don’t understand it since I am one usually against cheering heels but they are just to awesome and funny not to cheer for.

We are shown a replay of last week when Corino had Page turn against Whitmer and the fight between the two. Read my last week’s review to see what happened. And out comes Whitmer who is going to have a warm up match according to Kevin Kelly. He is giong to face Adam Page at the 14th Anniversary. He is going to face some guy named Chase Brown. Squash alert.

Chase Brown vs BJ Whitmer

We get no code of honor to begin with. Apparently this guy’s nickname is Cauliflower. He does look like it and brings one to the ring. Whitmer backs Brown into the corner and just pushes his forearm against his face and Brown pushes him but gets met with a right hand. Whitmer then hits him with some boots and clubbing blows. Brown starts to fight back with punches to the midsection but Whitmer comes back with a running forearm strike and Whitmer hits an exploder suplex for the win.

BJ Whitmer squashes Chase Brown with an exploder suplex.

DUD. This was a squash match. Whitmer looked impressive and something to make him look strong going into his match friday night.

We are shown a replay of the exploder suplex. Whitmer hits Brown with another suplex and he is handed a mic. Before he can say anything, Steve Corino comes out! Whitmer interrupts him before he can speak and says that he doesn’t get to speak tonight and that since the neck surgery can’t let him wrestle, he shouldn’t be relevant. He then calls out Adam Page. We cut to Corino who looks towards the back but instead, Page comes in through the crowd! Him and Whitmer exchange blows. Whitmer goes to throw Page out but he flips back in and hits a clothesline then jumps on top of Whitmer and lays strikes to his head before the ref’s break it up and we go to commercial with Adam Cole up next. Nice little segment. It sets up the hatred and makes the match better for friday.

During Commercial, we get Castle and The Boys where he is mad that he isn’t getting fanned. He tells them that it’s just a wrestling match next week and that they shouldn’t worry since they are his boys. Great little nice promo. I’m excited for that match actually.

Ok we are officially back from commercial and Adam Cole comes out to cheers. I have stated numerous times I hate that because he is a fucking heel and we should boo him but I am writing an article next week about that so stay tuned. The announcers talk about the title match at the PPV between him and Lethal and O’Reily. He says it’s story time and that he’s been patient waiting for his title rematch. He says that we will see some great pro wrestling with O’Reily and Lethal trying to catch up. He mentions him beating him last PPV and that he will do anything to stop him from being world champion. He then goes to Lethal. He talks about how he is the greatest 1st generation wrestler and that he is shaking in his boots since he’s never defended it against him and that he may have faced the best, but never faced Cole. He then says that the PPV will have a new world champion and it will be Adam Cole Baby! That brings out Lethal with Martini and the Red Queen. Lethal looks like a douchebag this week with a ferrara. What is with ROH letting these guys dress up as douchebags all the time? I guess they think it’s cool. It’s not. They take an awfully long time getting to the ring. Cole hands Lethal the microphone. Lethal says O’Reilly is a good kid but he’s never had the world title and that they should leave the kids at home and they handle it. He says he’s gonna prove that he’s the best champion in the world at the next PPV and prove that the House of Truth always wins. Lethal says they should finish it right now. Nigel is sick of all these wrestlers wanting to not wait until the PPV. I feel you Nigel. We then get OReilly coming out. O’Reilly goes to talk and says fuck that and kicks Lethal then punches Cole a lot then Lethal goes to break it up and he gets a superkick from Cole and a neckbreaker and then O’Reilly hits a brainbuster. He is standing tall with the ROH World Title. I am excited for that match. I will be giving my predictions in another article this week so look out for that. And it’s commercial time again.

We are back and ready for the tag team main event! ACH comes out first then his tag partner Alex Shelley. Once again, I wish these guys would team up more or just let ACH be a main event singles guy since he deserves it. And apparently Daniels is at commentary for this match. That I did not know. Nice job announcing that Kevin Kelly. Him and Shelley wrestle on the 14th Anniversary show. Should be a good match since they use to wrestle a lot in TNA. And now the Briscoes come out with ODB! Where the fuck has ODB been? She comes out of nowhere! It will be Briscoes vs Elgin and the awesome Tanahashi on PPV. And we get the tale of the tape while Daniels is mouthing Nigel and Shelley. And the bell rings and were off.

MAIN EVENT: The Briscoes vs Alex Shelley & ACH

And we adhere to the code of honor. We start with Mark and ACH. We get a elbow collar tie up with Mark pushing ACH into the corner then hitting him with a boot. He then whips ACH to the next turnbuckle but he jumps over Mark and goes for the ropes but right as he is running off them, Mark comes and lays a knee to the midsection. We then get a side headlock and Mark runs ACH to the next ropes but he jumps over Mark and then does a flip and a dropkick then another dropkick to Jay who tries running in and he does the ballin move. He then does a splash to Mark in the corner. ACH is then whipped to the next turnbuckle and Jay runs in and clotheslines him and then throws him into Mark for another clothesline. Mark then chops ACH into his corner and tags in Jay. Jay then lays ACH with a headbutt and then an uppercut. We get another uppercut and Jay whips ACH into the ropes and ACH falls down and then does a heel kick and tags in Shelley who goes to the top rope and hits Jay with a crossbody and he hits Mark down off the apron and whips Jay into the ropes and Jay reverses it but Shelley hits Mark on the outside with a dropkick and Jay runs to Shelley but he blocks with a elbow. He then flies to do a crossbody to Mark on the outside. He points at ODB to say don’t mess with me. He hits Jay with a double axe handle off the top rope as an homage to Macho Man and the announcer’s point that out. Shellye lays some strikes to Jay’s ribs and Kevin Kelly announces that we are going to commercial. The least they could have done is waited until Shelley is Face in Peril. But no we go right now.

And we are back from hopefully our last commercial with the Briscoes taking over and Shelley in FIP. Jay tags in Mark and they go for a double clothesline but Shelley fights back and tags in ACH who hits Jay to the outside after flipping over Marks back from the apron. He then does a spin kick to Mark and landing on the Apron and kicking Jay on the outside. He then does his middle rope DDT that I love. He goes for a corner move Mark blocks it. Mark then goes to the top turnbuckle but ACH hits him with a spinning kick to the face. ACH then does the stepping on the ropes plancha over the top rope. Him and Shelley do some double team moves together including a face plant and apron to ring neckbreaker but as they go for the count, Jay breaks it up. Shelley and Jay exchange forearm strikes and punches. Jay gets the upperhand and whips him into the corner but Shelley reverses it and Shelley runs to him but get’s caught with an elbow. Jay then lays a spinning forearm strike and tries a neckbreaker on ACH but he hits a brainbuster on Jay. Mark is back in and they yell at each other and ACH goes for a punch but Mark rolls out of the way and hits a palm strike to ACH and keeps hitting Chops and palm strikes and finishes it with a forearm strike and Shelley tries interfering but hit’s him with a boot. ACH goes for a back body drop but Mark flips and lands on his feet and hits him with a suplex. Mark tries hitting Shelley in the corner but Shelley keeps blocking it then hits him with a STO into the turnbuckle then hits Jay with a superkick. Him and ACH then do a double team to Mark and ACH is on the top rope, positioned for his finisher, when Daniels distracts Shelley. Shelley knocks Daniels down off the apron and goes out and tries to fight him and is distracted while ACH goes for the midnight star but Mark moves out of the way and Jay hits ACH with a clothesline. Shelley tries coming into the ring but Daniels is holding him down while the Briscoes hit the doomsday device for the win.

The Briscoes win with the doomsday device to ACH.

*** ¾. I really wanted to rate this four stars but their wasn’t enough action. By my clock, the match lasted about 7 minutes and that’s not enough time. It was an amazing match and I’d love to see ACH and Shelley team more in the future. Great match and it sets up more of the storyline with Shelley and Daniels and helps make The Briscoes look strong for their match at the PPV.

We are shown a replay of Daniels holding down Shelley and the doomsday device to ACH. Kazarian and Sabin attack Shelley and ACH post match and they throw ACh to the outside and just beat down on Shelley. Sabin is in the corner though and looks torn. He really doesn’t want to hit Shelley you can tell and he doesn’t get the chance as ACH pulls Shelley down out of the ring and we are sent home with The Addiction arguing in the ring. I liked that segment as it makes it look like Sabin is gonna go with Shelley but I think they could have made this the main event and still had the last segment with the world champion and contenders on last. Just my opinion to make that much look more important.

That is my ROH TV review for the week. If you have the money and get the chance, watch the PPV Friday and tell me what you think. I expect a few surprises but it should be a fun show to watch. Watch out for my preview of the show on The Indy Corner and I will see you next week!


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