ROH TV Review (20/3/16)

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Hello my fellow wrestling fans! I’m back for another review of Ring Of Honor television. It is, to me, the best hour of wrestling television every week. If you just read my review and don’t watch it, go and watch it. I’m going to start doing condensed versions because I realized my reviews are too long. So I’ll be doing a shorter review and just talking about the matches and feud and what I liked and what I didn’t. Usually I know the main event for the show or a match but I remember nothing being advertised for this week. Now, let’s start with our wrestling!

We are taped from Las Vegas! This is our first week from Las Vegas so we have a few weeks of this venue. Let’s see if the fans in Vegas are good. We have Mr. Wrestling 3 (NOT STEVE CORINO) and Kevin Kelly on commentary. We start with a TV title match. First out is BJ Whitmer. He looks douchey like he usually does. Main event announced as Elgin and Tanahashi vs Young Bucks. That will be an awesome match. Ishii, the New Japan talent who is ROH TV champion, is out He looks menacing and tough but I don’t know how I feel about a New Japan talent holding the ROH TV title especially because Roderick strong was awesome. Before the match, Veda Scott and Cedric Alexander are out. Veda talks about how she wants her client to have a title shot. She offers money to Whitmer to surrender the TV title match. Whitmer asks if he is a guy that can be bought. He looks at the check. And says absolutely he is and walks out after shaking hands and getting the check. Fans chant you sold out and we go to commercial before the match. This was a great spot for Cedric since it was funny for Whitmer and he finally gets that title shot. Good segment and crowd seems pretty hot.

ROH Television Championship Match: Tomohiro Ishii (Champion) vs Cedric Alexander w/ Veda Scott

This match seemed very short but this match was awesome. I was worried because I didn’t think that Cedric would look strong or it’d be a squash. But it was amazing. I was cautious of Ishii but he did awesome. It was stiff as hell. One of my favorite parts was Ishii making a comeback and Cedric was laying forearm strikes and Ishii leaned in and wanted more. He is a big guy and usually ROH doesn’t have much of those but this guy is awesome. I have new japan world and I will have to check him out on that. Cedric looked strong because at a few points you thought he might pull a upset and win it. I thought though that they should keep him from having a ROH TV title much until he could win. Cedric with Veda is amazing. He is a great wrestler and she is a awesome manager. He deserves to hold a title or be in the main event title picture. Great ROH TV title match but I still wish Roddy had the title. Match ended with a odd brainbuster from Ishii. Thought his finisher would be a strike of some kind like the massive headbutt’s he does.

Ishii retains his ROH TV title with a brainbuster – *** 1/2

After the match, we get a replay. Aad Veda and Cedric look disappointed. We get a preview for later in the show. We go to commercial.

The addiction are out next looking pissed off as always. We get a replay of Shelley and Sabin reuniting as motor city machine guns at the 14th anniversary show. Kazarian cuts a promo on the new team. Fans interrupt it with motor city chants. I’m happy the fans are behind the new team. Kazarian talks about them bringing Sabin back to the spotlight. Makes a dig at Detroit that gets boos. Kazarian does have a nice quote that lions don’t lose sleep on sheep. That was nice. Kazarian demands an apology. Daniels refuses an apology. He keeps on mouthing ROH for suspending him. Mouths Las Vegas. Good heel stuff but kind of old already. He then said he will end the reunion before it starts. MCMG comes out bringing back great memories. Fans chant motor city. Sabin says he realizes that they are delusion bitter douchebags. He’s not wrong actually. He calls Shelley his best friend and says that’s why he is with him. Sabin said they are ready for a fight right now against the Addiction. Addiction run out like cowards. As he is walking out, he asks twice if they want that fight right now. He says that doesn’t work like that. Says adults decide when it happens not children. They said they will decide when they can wrestle. Calls fan douchebags and that the fight won’t happen tonight. They walk away. Very nice promo from both teams but it did kind of drag on, especially on the addiction front. I want to see these guys wrestle already. It will be a great feud. We go to our THIRD commercial break. We better not get one in the middle of the main event. Don’t do it ROH.

During commercial, we get a promo from Truth Martini and ROH World Champion Jay Lethal mouthing New Japan star Goto who Lethal will be wrestling next week in the main event for his title. Decent promo. Nothing special.

We are up for a tag team match with local jobbers called Reno Scum. They look like losers. One has a stupid mohawk and stupid beard. They are about to get crushed by The Briscoes though. Kevin Kelly announces that in two weeks we get MCMG versus the Addiction. I would have waited for the PPV. We start this squash.

Reno Scum vs The Briscoe Brothers

I hated this match. I bet you’re wondering why I gave it three stars then. That’s because it wasn’t a bad match. It was actually pretty good except some poor chemistry and seeing how young the Reno Scum is and inexperienced like missing one or two cues. But I hated it because it should have been a squash. And it went like ten minutes! The Reno Scum should have gotten maybe a bit of offense in like a few moves or a minute of the ten of offense but they took over for half the much, cutting off Mark Briscoe from the rest of the ring. I hate that booking because it makes The Briscoes look weak that they could lose to a non ROH or New Japan tag team. I hated the booking of the match. Good wrestling. Bad Booking. And a big too long, like I said. I said that Alexander vs Ishii was to short. Some of this time could have gone there. Kevin Kelly did tease The Briscoes facing War Machine and how War Machine have never beat the Briscoes. That would be an awesome tag match. I wasn’t watching ROH when the Briscoes were a huge tag team so I love the two rough and tough tag teams hitting the shit out of each other. I didn’t like Jay going on a singles run as they seem better as a team so let’s hope we get that tag title match soon. This match ended with Reno Scum hitting a good tag team in a german suplex into a double foot stomp that Jay broke up. Then Mark came back and hit a froggy elbow for the win.

The Briscoes win the match with Mark finishing it off with a Froggy Elbow – **3/4

We are shown a replay of the end and Briscoes shake Reno Scums hand. We go to commercial but during commercial we get Dalton Castle promo. And now we find out that the Fight Without Honor is in 3 weeks. 3 weeks! Are you serious?!? You announced it two weeks ago! Five weeks! And it’s not on PPV. I can understand one or two weeks later but three? That’s ridiculous! I’m hyped for this match but to long between when it was announced and the match. Dalton Castle talks about Sadie Hawkins dance and he talks about not wanting the Boys there since he doesn’t want them exposed to the fight that will be taking place. I love this dude as a character. After this feud is over, he needs to be in the main event. Great, great promo. We also find out that ROH now sells New Japan merch with Kenny Omega, leader of the bullet club and Elite, pushing his shirt. I love the the two promotions working together but this is too much. ROH can stand alone and so can NJPW. Don’t push it guys.

Main event time with the funniest tag team in wrestling, the Young Bucks. This should be awesome. I love the Young Bucks. They are cocky and spotty and fun. Something’s that this team made me realize I love in my wrestling. Elgin & Tanahashi from New Japan come out, not together. Tanahashi is a great wrestler. Also, if you didn’t hear, Elgin is no longer contracted to ROH. He is now contracted to New Japan. I am ok with this since Elgin is a sloppy wrestler and kind of careless, which can hurt people. He is hard hitting and have some cool moves but he takes to many risks for a big guy. Fans chant for Tanahashi. We get the tale of the tape with Tanahashi and Elgin getting the size experience while Young Bucks get the tag team experience advantage. I have my money on the Young Bucks. We start the match with fans chanting the Young Bucks.

The Young Bucks vs Hiroshi Tanahashi & Michael Elgin

So, I would review the match and give it starts first, but we went to commercial a whole minute into the match! How stupid. We just started it! Why a commercial now? Stupid ROH. So far the action is good. I like when Elgin went for a test of strength and Nick went for a too sweet and he poked his eyes with it. That was cool. Went to commercial with a huge senton to Elgin and Tanahashi on the outside and they about went to commercial before that! Stupid ROH stupid! No more commercials! I lied. We get another commercial after a big spot by Nick Jackson. Fuck your commercials ROH!

OK now to the actual review

Fantastic match. It was exciting and fun. Everything you expect from Ring of Honor and how wrestling should be. The Young Bucks could be seen as the best wrestling tag team in the world. Now the problem with why they could be viewed as not? They lose too much. I can count three times in the time I have done these reviews that they have lost on TV. They look strong but they lose. Winning and losing matters in Ring of Honor. They should at least let them win a few. Especially here, where they face two New Japan talents. I don’t know if you see a trend but New Japan is winning a lot against ROH. Even on ROH. ROH deserves to win a few. For a lot of the match, The Young Bucks were cut off from each other. Elgin and Tanahashi did great in the role, being hard hitting and even mocking the Young Bucks. And when the Young Bucks made the comeback, the fans were lava hot for them and they were on a role and were amazing and we saw more than one superkick party. It was great and told a great story that the announcer’s helped since they mentioned that Tanahashi lost his IWGP IC belt to the Elite leader Kenny Omega due to The Young Bucks. That’s a great story of revenge and with that, he hit a frog splash on a Young Buck after Elgin hit a powerbomb for the win. Wish the match wasn’t cut off by commercials so I could give it a higher rating.

Tanahashi & Elgin win after Tanahashi pinned Nick after a Powerbomb-Frog Splash combo – ****

Another great show from Ring of Honor with great wrestling. There were a few hiccups like time management and commercial placement, but ROH haven’t had a bad show in weeks. Let’s hope it continues next week with Goto vs Lethal for the title! Tune in next week for my next TV review. Read my column piece this week about Will Ospreay and Marty Scurll being the best feud in wrestling. Look out for my next column piece next week about Mania weekend festivities and read all other posts on The Indy Corner. I’m Motley and have a wrestling-tastic week!

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