ROH TV Review (19/7/14)

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This is the first new episode of ROH TV since before Best In The World.

The Tate Twins (Britt and Brennan Tate) vs. War Machine (Hanson and Rowe)

The match starts with Rowe throwing both Tate twins around with two big amateur wrestling moves. Hanson and Rowe use some hard hitting tag teams and the crowd in Nashville is very behind War Machine. Hanson uses the cartwheel to avoid a clothesline then hits his own devastating clothesline. War Machine wins as Rowe picked up one of the twins in a side suplex and Hanson came off of the top rope with a leg drop.

This was a good match to build up what War Machine is and that is absolute beasts. Look out for these guys to get a tag title shot soon.

DECADE’s Adam Page w/ BJ Whitmer vs. The Romantic Touch

The match starts out with Romantic Touch having the upper hand on Adam Page and doing his sexual movement antics on the side. Page hits a missile drop kick off of the middle rope. Romantic Touch hits a nice drop kick and then hits a flying elbow off of the middle rope. Page knocks off of the top rope and then hits a guillotine driver for the win.

This was an ok match as it was kind of short but did show each wrestlers talent to a degree. The crowd was entertained by The Romantic Touch and his antics.

Submission Match from Best In The World 2014 Cedric Alexander vs. Roderick Strong w/ Adam Page and Tadarius Thomas

The match starts out with some mat wrestling with neither man able to gain the upper hand. Cedric hits a very nice drop kick on Roddy. Roddy is clothes lined out of the ring and Cedric hits a heat seeking missile to the outside. Cedric runs at Roddy but Roddy back drops Cedric on the ring apron. Roddy is out on the floor after the commercial break and Cedric hits a tope con hilo on Page and Thomas but Roddy moved out of the way. Cedric hits a step up kick off the barricade on the outside. Roddy puts Cedric on the top rope and hits him with a enziguri and then a superplex. Roddy out Cedric in the other corner and hit him with a jumping and three nasty forearm strikes. Cedric hits a sidewalk slam on the top turnbuckle and then a lumbar check. Cedric picks up the win with a Boston Crab submission. Roddy does not shake Cedric’s hand after the match showing that he does not respect him.

This was an amazing match as Roddy and Cedric absolutely killed it and it was the best on ROH’s debut on pay-per-view.

ROH World TV Title Match from Best In The World Matt Taven vs. Jay Lethal (c) w/ Truth Martini and Seleziya Sparx

Taven immediately goes after Martini as he is handcuffed at ringside. Lethal cuts him off but Taven hits some hard chops. Lethal misses a middle rope cross body and Taven hits a standing moonsault. Lethal and Taven trade right hand shots after the commercial and then Taven gains the momentum. Taven hits an elevated neckbreaker on Lethal as he was on the top rope. Lethal then hits the Lethal Combination and the Hail to the King which is the Macho Man elbow drop for a two count. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection but Taven does the handstand rebound off the ropes right behind Lethal and hits him with an enziguri and then a brain buster for a two count. Taven wipes out both Lethal and Seleziyawith a dive over the top and then goes after Martini. Martini then pays a security guard to protect him and Taven hits the security guard with a wicked superkick. Seleziya breaks the handcuffs and then Taven goes for a frog splash on Lethal but Lethal gets the knees up and hits the Lethal Injection for the win.

This match started off kind of lackluster as Taven kept trying to get Martini. As the match progressed the match got better and the fans got more into it. This will not be the last match between Taven and Lethal as they will be facing off at Field of Honor on August 15th in Brooklyn.

This was a good episode as there were finally some matches I didn’t see as War Machine absolutely dominated. Although it was also nice to see Cedric vs Roddy again.

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