ROH TV Review (18/01/15)

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Cedric Alexander vs Frankie Kazarian w/ Christopher Daniels

This was an entertaining match. The match started out with some chain wrestling. Kaz whipped Cedric into the corner and hit a forearm then a dropkick and then nipped up. Cedric gained the advantage when vertical suplexed Kazarian out of the ring and Kazarian hit his back on the apron. Kaz went for the his slingshot DDT but Cedric dodged and immediately hit a michinoku driver. Later in the match, Kaz hit his slingshot DDT and Cedric was planted right on his head and was catapulted straight to his feet. Daniels was on commentary and put over that Cedric showed toughness by kicking out of that move. The commentary was good as well with Daniels on. Kazarian won the match with the Imprettier.

Top Prospect Tournament: Donovan Dijak vs Jake Dirden

This was an ok match. The match began with Dijak pounding on Dirden. Dijak was hitting some big boots and forearms throughout. Dirden was relatively impressive in the match although he did not a lot of offense in. Dirden hit a very nice Saito suplex on Dijak. The Decade of Jimmy Jacobs, BJ Whitmer, and Adam Page came out to scout for a new youngboy about mid match. Later in the match Dirden was hit out of the ring and Dijak hit a tope con hilo. Dijak got pretty could elevation for a guy who is 6 feet 8 inches. Dijak won the match with a torture rack into a knee lift.

An odd promo aired after the match as there were just footage of people who are in ROH and guys who were in ROH behind a guy in black mask. The man in the mask said they are coming.

Debut of Alberto El Patron – Kevin Kelly introduce El Patron and he comes out of to an outstanding ovation. El Patron says that he came to ROH to face the best and that they are wrestlers. Alberto says the real reason he came to ROH is to get a shot at the ROH title and calls Jay Briscoe down to the ring. This is answer by The House of Truth of ROH TV Champ Jay Lethal and Truth Martini. Lethal says that Briscoe is not the man in ROH, he says the man in ROH is the him the TV title. Alberto says that the main man in every company is the world champ. Alberto says if he has cohenes he will fight him. Martini stops Lethal and says that he knows that Alberto is trying to go right to the top of ROH.

Nigel says that after the match between Elgin, Ciampa, and Hanson had no winner. There is no #1 contender for the ROH World Title. Jay Briscoe comes out and says that all 3 should be the #1 contender and make it a 4 way at the 13th anniversary.

ROH World Title Match: Jay Briscoe (c) vs Matt Taven w/ Michael Bennett and Maria Kanellis

This was a good match. The match started with Taven gaining the advantage with the help of the Kingdom. Bennett interfered twice by superkicking Jay and throwing him into the barricade. Jay also got some pounding in on the outside. Jay won the match with a Jay Driller. Bennett attacked Briscoe by hitting the Title of Love over Jay’s head. Maria then says that she knows he wants his title back but it was given to her. She then says he has no balls between his legs. Mark Briscoe runs out and the Kingdom leave. Mark then challenges the Kingdom for next week.

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