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Hello Indy Corner peeps! Welcome to another installment of my wonderful Ring of Honor TV review. Ring of Honor to me is the best hour of wrestling television every week. It’s better than WWE and it’s slightly better than Lucha Underground. If you just read my review’s and not watch the show, then you are truly missing out and need to check out the show on Comet or on Sinclair Broadcasting Group channel. Let’s quit the chit chat and get down to my review!

We open the show with the first round of the top prospect tournament, round 1. We are taped, again, from Charlotte, North Carolina and Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuiness are the ring announcer’s with them hyping up the card including what looks like will be a great main event in a tag team match between The Young Bucks vs ACH & Matt Sydal. Two of my favorite tag teams in ROH facing each other in the main event. I am excited for this match. Also, if you remember from last week, Steve Corino called in and said he will be showing up to confront BJ Whitmer. Steve Corino is injured and just had neck surgery so we will see where that goes since he obviously can’t wrestle. But let’s get to the tournament. Some guy named Jason Kincaid. Kevin Kelly that his wrestling has been called technical wizardry. Dude looks like a Wizard and looks funny. Next out is someone that Kelly says people call a phenomenon and it’s Lio Rush. This kid is huge on the independent scene and he is an amazing wrestler and has great matches everywhere. I’ve seen a few of his matches on Combat Zone Wrestling and they are great. We get the tale of the tape and once again, we have an old dude vs a young guy. I feel like that is an underlining theme of the tournament. Kincaid made his pro debut in 2003 and Rush made his pro debut in 2015. The dude has been wrestling for one year?!? Wow this kid looks like at least a 2 or 3 year veteran, not his first year of wrestling. This looks like it’ll be a good match.

Top Prospect Tournament Round 1: Jason Kincaid vs Lio Rush

We get the code of honor and for some reason, Kincaid has a woman’s face on his trunks, kind of like Rick Rude use to have but worse. And wikipedia has nothing on this woman. That is creepy. Kincaid takes the early advantage with backing Rush into a corner and hitting him with some blows and then whipping him into the other corner and Rush jumps over him and runs against the ropes but so does Kincaid and Rush turns around and does a weird like fall down to his knees to avoid a clothesline and when Kincaid turns around, he gets a kick to the midsection then a jumping leg lariat. Rush gets a 1 count. Kincaid goes for a few clothesline and Rush blocks them all then hits a combination of strikes that does not look effective until he kicks Kincaid. Rush goes for something on the ropes but Kincaid clothes lines him then hits a neckbreaker from the apron then puts Rush in a gory stretch. Nice moves so far from both guys. Rush reverses to a deep arm drag and goes for a move but Kincaid catches him and does a nice wheelbarrow to neckbreaker combo for a near fall. Kincaid the mountain men then takes off his shorts and pulls down the straps from his singlet. Oh shit it’s about to get real now. Kincaid slaps Rush and insults him. Rush then does a body scissor and goes for a few kicks and Kincaid always reverses then they trade reverse from the rear and finally Kincaid goes to the ground and Rush finally hits a kick to the head. I like that series of moves just because Rush just keeps wanting to get that kick in and finally does. Kincaid goes for a running strike but Rush throws him to the outside then does a running senton that he catches himself before falling. I think that senton over the top rope is overdone now a days but it isn’t if the person catches himself like Rush did. Rush then throws Kincaid in the ring and gets a near fall. Kincaid goes to the corner and hits Rush with a thumb to the eye. He then goes for a spinebuster in the corner and hits it really against the ropes instead of against the corner. Very sloppy move their but it’s fault of both those guys. Kincaid for not putting Rush in position and doing it harder and Rush for not jumping against it when he realized that he was going to miss the corner. Kincaid goes to the outside apron on the other side of the ring and looks like he is going to go for a coast to coast and Rush rolls to the outside and he hits it to Rush on the outside! I miss that move so much from when Shane O’ Mac did it. Rush is right outside the ring after it and Kincaid hits a dive from the middle rope into a neckbreaker on the outside. I was wrong about Kincaid. He is alright in my book. Kincaid throws Rush in the ring and goes for a pin and gets a two count. The fans do the this is awesome chant. I wouldn’t go that far fellow fans. Kincaid goes to the top turnbuckle and goes to hit a double foot stom but Rush gets up and Kincaid runs through and goes to run to Rush but he hits him with a running flipping spanish fly and Rush wins.

Rush pins Kincaid with his finisher which is a variation of a running spanish fly.

*** ½. I don’t remember my other rankings for the matches but for now this was my favorite. Nice, fast paced action most of the time with them mixing in mat work, strikes, and a lot of high flying. They gelled pretty well together and set the pace for the 2nd round of this tournament. The other matches went a bit too long sometimes but this one went just the right amount of time so good job guys and I already knows who wins this but I’m still excited for the matches.

Post match, Kincaid congratulates Rush on the win and raises his arm. Kevin Kelly hypes up the next match which is Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser vs the new team of Caprice Coleman and Will Ferrara. I am excited since Silas and Bruiser usually do best with the young, small guys and Coleman and Ferrara are two great wrestlers. Should be great. We get a hype for the main event again and we go to commercial.

Back to the arena, Silas :Young and Beer City Bruiser comes out. Prince Nana joins the announce table. They show a recap of last week when Silas Young and Bruiser beat up the boys and Dalton Castle. This feud needs to end and soon. Like at Supercard of Honor finish it in Dallas. Their opponents are Caprice Coleman and Will Ferrara. Prince Nana is at ringside and playing it up like he did nothing but he handed all these guy envelopes and now they are teaming. I feel a stable coming. We get a recap of the great match between Coleman and Ferrara from a few weeks ago. And we get the tale of the tape with Coleman and Ferrara obviously have no advantages, experience or weight side especially. And no code of honor and we start the match.

Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser vs Caprice Coleman & Will Ferrara

Coleman and Young start off the match. At the ringside, they talk about Dijack being a free agent for a stable to pick up. I see Nana heading up a stable. It would be good, showing off some younger talent that doesn’t get used very much. In the ring, Silas and Coleman lock up and Coleman gets backed up into a corner. Silas pushes Coleman but gets a right hand for it and they trade punches with Coleman getting a upperhand until Silas kicks Coleman but then Coleman hits a dropkick and a running leg drop to a sitting up Silas Young and get s a one count. Right when Silas gets up he gets a boot to the ribs. Ferrara tags in and lays a punch to Silas ribs. Silas backs Ferrara into a corner and lays some right hands and yells “you’re in a man’s world.” This is why I love Silas’s character. He is a dick and shows it every match and looks the part. Ferrara and Silas do some mat work until Ferrara reverses into a pin attempt for a 1 count. Silas tries a clothesline but Ferrara reverses it into a german suplex and Silas tags in Bruiser. Uh oh this is not gonna end well. Bruiser lays a knee into the ribs. He goes for a body slam but Ferrara reverses and tries a german suplex but can’t get it and then he tries a body slam on Bruiser and he just falls on Ferrara. He then starts hitting Ferrara with right hands and mocking him for being small. Shit Bruiser is so fat. I’ve seen him live but still it amazes me he wrestles. He then body slams Ferrara in the corner and tags in Silas who does his from the apron to the inside double foot stomp to Ferrara. Bruiser then gets a cheap kick on the apron. Silas goes for a pin for a near fall. Silas backs Ferrara up and him and Bruiser do some blows to Ferrara. Ferrara starts to fight back and backs up into a corner and Bruiser runs to him but Ferrara moves out of the way and then runs and hits a right hand to Silas on the apron and stays in that corner and kicks Bruiser but Silas catches him and pulls him into the top rope and Bruiser suplexes Ferrara. Nice tease of the hot tag. Silas comes in and does a quebrada and Bruiser does a splash for a near count when Coleman breaks it up. Good nice pace and match so far. Ferrara is fighting back but Bruiser pulls him into their corner and tags in Silas who does a running clothesline in the corner, Ferrara drops down, Bruiser hits a running butt hit or whatever in the corner, then Silas hits a knee to the face in the corner, then Bruiser misses that awesome flipping splash, or cannonball, in the corner when Ferrar moves out of the way. I know Kevin Owens did that originally but Bruiser makes it look better because he is so fucking overweight. Ferrara tries to run to his corner but Silas cuts it off and goes for a powerbomb but Ferrara drops off and tags in Coleman. Coleman hits Silas with some punches . Then hits a kick to the ribs and then a scissors kick. He then pushes Silas into the corner and Bruiser goes to hit him but Coleman dunks and does a twisting kick off the middle ropes to knock him to the outside. With Silas in the corner, Coleman tries to run to him but gets a boot and Silas goes to the top rope but gets hit with a jumping hurricanrana from Coleman. I love that move. It looks amazing. Coleman goes for a pin and gets a near fall until Bruiser breaks it up. Coleman gets put on the top rope by Bruiser and Bruiser goes up to do something but Ferrara comes up and powerbombs Bruiser from the top rope! I was gonna say how unbelievable that would be but it was from the middle rope where Bruiser was at so it is nice and believable and that spot is just fucking awesome. Ferrara acts like he broke his back. Coleman goes for a gope rope move but Silas hits him down. Ferrara runs to Silas who hits the STO backbreaker and the clothesline from the knee. They signal a move to Ferrara but THE BOYS come out! Commentary did good here because they said earlier in the night the boys wouldn’t be able to show up so good job keeping us from the surprise. Bruiser runs after them on the outside but Ferrara goes for a suicide dive when the boys move out of the way but Bruiser catches him, and Ferrara hits a DDT. In the ring, Coleman is on the top rope while Silas is surprised at what he just saw. He turns around and gets hit with a sky splitter, Coleman’s cool leg drop finisher from the top rope for the win.

Caprice Coleman pins Silas Young for the win after the Sky Splitter

*** ¼. Match was pretty good. Some spots though where the crowd wasn’t fully into it and Ferrara, the one with the least experience of the 4, had a hard time hitting his spots. Overrall, it was ok. I look for Ferrara and Coleman to get better as a tag team as they roll along but they had good first opponents in veterans to help them gel and mix together and have a decent match. Also, this furthers the storylines of Prince Nana’s new stable, and Silas and Dalton Castle which I hope is about over.

Post match, Coleman and Ferrara shake hands and celebrate and we get a replay of the sky splitter. And Dalton Castle is on the apron feeding grapes to the boys! That is an amazing sight to see I loved it. We are shown the main event again and are told we will get an update of the 14th Anniversary Show. And we go to commercial. Good, get these out of the way.

And we are welcomed back by the biggest dick in wrestling, Bj Whitmer. And he is accompanied by Adam Page even though he hadn’t been there for weeks. I just wants to point out that I now know what is going to happen in this segment within the first 30 seconds. I wl l explain when the segment is over. Apparently, Whitmer interrupted the broadcast even though they know Corino was gonna show up to call out Whitmer? Dumb Kevin Kelly. Bad job. We are shown a replay of a few weeks ago when Whitmer beat up and suplexed Colby Corino. And now I am going to plug something. I have just now gotten into the indy scene but I just watched a great match between Colby Corino and Fredi Yehi for TWE. It was amazing. I wish ROH would have shown that Corino. Great limb work, great selling, and just an amazing match between two young talents. I don’t think ROH realizes who they have in Colby Corino. I hope eventually they do. But look up the match on youtube. Fredi Yehi vs Colby Corino, TWE Chattanooga. Look it up!

Back to the ring though, Whitmer says that someone has approached Corino to take Whitmer out and Whitmer calls bullshit. He says he has asked the locker room and nobody wants to fight him. That teases that it could be someone from japan for Whitmer to fight at 14th Anniversary but you have already told everyone who has shown up to a live event who it is! Whitmer states though that Corino has three friends and they are at the announcer’s table and they no longer work here. Oh cheap shot to the WWE guys that left like Jimmy Jacobs and Kevin Owens. Cheap shot Whitmer. He then tells Corino to come out and he does to a huge pop. Kevin Kelly points out that it isn’t Corino due to his neck surgery and that he hasn’t been announcing since he is suspended for hitting Whitmer a few weeks back. I like that they recapped it so we know. Whitmer is mouthing Corino, saying he is ready to break Corino’s neck so he can be done with him. Corino says everybody always has to hear his ignorance and no one wants to hear him speak. Corino be speaking the truth. Corino says it’s not him right now that steps between the ropes but he promises the fans that eventually he will face Whitmer. He says somebody came to him to take him and he says he has learned one thing the past 22 years and that is to always have eyes in the back of your head and Page turns Whitmer around. I would have done that spot very differently. Page says to look him in the eyes and he went to Corino and he is going to beat the holy hell out of Whitmer and they start trading punches with Page getting the upperhand then Whitmer and they just keep throwing bombs with the fans chanting Adam Page until referees and security comes out and break it up with Page trying to get past security to get to Whitmer and we go to commercial.

OK let me explain a problem with ROH. ROH does a lot of things right from there storylines to their wrestling matches and they have great stables. But one of their most major flaws is that they pre-tape all their shows for weeks in advance. So, let’s say they tape it and then you go to a live event. Guess what they do? They follow the storylines established at the TV tapings at the live events! No bad ROH. You wait to show these storylines until after the TV tapings because I went to a live show here in St. Louis a few weeks back and Whitmer attacked Page before a match and talked about how he betrayed him at Charlotte a few weeks back. Well, that made me realize that Page was turning face and going to fight Whitmer. So, because of that, within 10 seconds of this segment, I already knew who it was going to be. ROH needs to plan their TV and there live events better so you don’t spoil it for the live fans. I love Adam Page turning face because he is a great wrestler with a babyface move set and I can root for him and facing Whitmer gives him a great start as a babyface. Except for spoiling it for us, great segment. It was announced that they will fight at the 14th anniversary show to. That’ll be a good match but Page needs to go over.

And we are back with a recap of the matches at the 14th Anniversary show.. The tag team challenge match between The Briscoes and Elgin & Tanahashi. Moose is facing the IWGP Champion Okada. They announce the tag team title match between ANX and War Machine and it is no DQ! We are shown a recap of last week and why it’s no DQ. I would review this but just read my review from last week. We are then sown the main event of the PPV which is a triple threat match between Lethal, O’ Reilly, and Cole. We are shown a recap of the tag match from a few weeks ago and read my review from then to see what happens. They then announce a new match was signed between Kushida, ACH, and Matt Sydal vs the Bullet Club members of Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks. Interesting since Kushida’s tag partner in Japan is Alex Shelley and Sydal’s tag partner in Japan is Ricochet and ACH has been teaming with Shelley at live events. I wish the two companies would be in sync so we could get the same tag teams for both NJPW & ROH. Sign Ricochet and give ACH a singles push. Case solved. I will give all my predictions next week as to who I think will win. I am excited for the PPV but I won’t be able to watch it live due to me working midnights and that it is to expensive. ROH has yet to catch up to the rest of the wrestling community with Video on Demand. They have old stuff on there VOD but no recent PPV’s or TV tapings. If they did that, more people could watch there PPV’s. I would love to but I am on a budget even for my wrestling products and I can’t shill out 30 bucks for a PPV every month. Sorry ROH.

Back in the ring and it is time to see some Kung Fu Karate. Mark Briscoe comes to the ring. Already in the ring is Tim Hughes who is Brutal Bob Evans side kick. They explain who Tanahashi is so the American viewers who don’t watch New Japan know who he is. I would recommend getting New Japan World for 10 bucks a month to see some great wrestling. It is in japanese but their wrestling doesn’t need announcing Briscoe goes to shake hands but Hughes explains that Brutal Bob told him to never shake hands, especially with him. Nigel has the best line of the night: He also get’s his tanning advice from Bob to. Nice job Nigel. Hughes is a ginger and especially pale for one.

Mark Briscoe vs Tim Hughes

We start then circling each other then a tie up and Briscoe places Hughes in a headlock then bounces off the ropes and slides underneath Hughes legs and lays kicks to the midsection. He goes for a whip but Hughes reverses and whips Hughes and Briscoe hits a running lariat for a near fall. he then backs Hughes into the corner and lays some punches and then hits a suplex for another near fall. Briscoe hits a choking russian leg sweep for another near fall. Very odd dynamic of a match so far. Briscoe hits some shops then goes for a death valley driver but gets elbows and an eye rake from Hughes and Briscoe backs up into the corner. Hughes tries to run to him but gets an elbow but Hughes catches Brisco running into a stalling sidewalk slam for a near fall. Hughes yells at Briscoe that this is for Bob. Not a good move Hughes. He just keeps yelling at him but Briscoe catches a right hand for a palm thrust and goes for that silly kick from Karate Kid but instead slaps Hughes. Nice tease their. He then starts chopping and hitting Hughes with strikes and chops. He then hits a standing enziguri. Hughes is in the corner and gets a clothesline then gets irish whipped into the other corner and gets welcomed with a running kick. Mark then hits a fisherman suplex and goes to the top corner to hit his frog splash elbow from the top rope and gets the pinfall for the win.

Mark Briscoe pins Tim Hughes after the Froggy Elbow

**. Very blah match. Nothing exceptional or even interesting. Just a match to put over the Briscoe’s and there tag match. If I was ROH, I would have given this time to the main event. But it’s a filler match.

Post match, we are shown a replay of the froggy elbow and a reminder of the match at the PPV. And next is our main event which I am so excited for. Another commercial and hopefully the last one.

It’s time for a superkick party! ACH comes out first. I love his new ring gear. I am a fan of DGZ and I love he is using it as his ring gear. Next up is Matt Sydal. I love his role in ROH way better than WWE. But, I expect him to turn heel soon. With him and Ricochet becoming a big deal in NJPW, they can’t keep him and ACH as a tag team much longer plus he could be a heel here and a face their no problem, just look at their opponents. And we get the Young Bucks who get a huge pop. They are not the IWGP Jr. heavyweight champion anymore. That is now Sydal and Ricochet but once again, look at above comments about problems with TV tapings. We get the tale of the tape and a Too Sweet Chant. And we adhere to the code of honor for the main event and we go to the last commercial break. At least they did it before the match started instead of during. Good job for once ROH.

MAIN EVENT: Young Bucks vs ACH & Matt Sydal

Back from break, we start with Matt Sydal and I think Nick Jackson. I can never tell them apart. The Buck holds up the title from IWGP and Sydal throws it outside. Nigel points out that this is disrespect for the title. Problem with that? Sydal now holds that title! Not looking to good for you Sydal. Buck spits on Sydal and attacks him and ACH comes in to break it up and gets met with a superkick from the other buck and thrown to the outside. Sydal jumps to the apron and one of the bucks catches his head in between his feet and the other buck does a running kick to him. I always love that move. Never gets old for me. And the Young Bucks take control so far. They hit a double suicide dive to ACH and Matt Sydal on the outside. They throw Sydal in the ring and do the too sweet sign but that gives Sydal time to do a flying move to hit both the bucks on the outside. Sydal kicks on of the bucks and throws him in the ring. In the ring, he kicks the buck again who tries distracting him by pointing to the sky and gives him an eye poke. He goes to run off the ropes but Sydal runs and catches him with a clothesline but keeps him in the ropes and tags in ACH. Sydal grabs the bucks legs and ACH hits a double foot stomp of the top rope to the bucks mid section and runs and knocks down the other buck off the apron. He then hits the buck in the ring with a leg lariat. Very nice sequence their. ACH goes to the apron and Kevin Kelly finally reveals which Young Buck is which! Nick is on the outside and Matt is in the ring. Ok I can remember that. Hopefully. ACH kicks NICK jackson on the outside with a running kick and ACh goes for his patten DDT from the middle rope but MATT jackson catches him and throws him. ACH runs to the rope and MATT goes for a backdrop but ACH does a summersault and a backflip and hits a dropkick. While I love high spots, that backflip was unnecessary. Made it seem less plausible that Matt Jackson would wait for a dropkick and for him to get done with a backflip. ACH then does the ballin move and gets met with a superkick from Nick Jackson. I like that since not every time you taunt should it go well for you. A little bit of stalling their as Sydal on the outside misses his obvious cue while pumping up the crowd but when he does get inside, the bucks go for a clothesline but Sydal ducks and hits a double hurricanrana. That is a sick move. Bucks get right up though and hits a double superkick. Now they play some imaginary basketball, playing on ACHs taunt. Matt goes to pass to Nick and Nick superkicks it into the crowd and Nick does the ballin taunt while Matt looks for the ball! This is why they are one of the best tag teams in the world. They are so dynamic and just fucking amazing. Oh MOTHERFUCKER ANOTHER COMMERCIAL! STOP IT ROH YOUR GOING TO FUCKING KILL ME WITH THIS SHIT! yes was it a down point in the match, yes, but it kills the groove of the main event. Pissing me off again ROH.

Hmmph. We are back, from another freaking commercial, with the bucks in control of ACH. Nick is in the ring with ACH and the bucks hit a hip toss and do a backflip and a double drop kick and go for a pin and get a near fall and Nick does a dropkick from the middle rope to knock down Sydal off the apron. Nick starts making fun of ACH by having him fake tag the corner and resting on the top rope. He gets ACH in his corner and tag in Matt. They go for the basketball thing again, but with a little bit of a delay cue it seems, with Matt on one side of the ring, ACH in the corner, and Nick on the top turnbuckle. Matt goes for a running punch, I guess, and ACH moves out of the way and Matt hits Nick off the top rope. ACH gets clubbed by Matt and goes against the ropes but kicks Matt and flips to the outside where he lays a right hand to Nick on the apron and a shoulder in the gut to Matt and does his DDT from the apron through the middle rope. And ACH gets the hot tag to Sydal who flips into the ring and on Matt Jackson into a hurricanrana and Nick goes for a superkick but Sydal catches it on his shoulder and kicks Nick in the head. Matt hits Sydal and whips him off the rope but Sydal turns all around Matt and catches him in a reverse DDT position but drops a leg on him and then does a standing moonsault onto Matt for the near fall. Nice hot tag sequence their. Sydal calls for ACh and they for a double team but Nick Jackson on the outside pulls out Sydal and Matt hits a slide through the middle rope, hitting Sydal, Nick then hits ACH and does a faceplant from the apron to ACH in the ring and yells suck it. I also love that move. Nick goes for a backflip to Sydal on the outside without looking but Sydal moves out of the way and then the other Matt goes for a superkick but Sydal catches it and whips the kick into Nick and also hits him with a standing knee to the face. Matt then finally hits the superkick and ACH goes for a suicide dive but gets caught with double superkick and the action is red hot and so is the crowd. They throw Sydal in the ring and Nick goes to the tope rope and Sydal is on Matt’s shoulders, Sydal gets out and hits a hurricanrana to Nick on the top rope who hits Matt in the ring. With Nick prone, Sydal goes for a shooting star press, but in an obvious spot from the camera view, Nick moves out of the way and Matt hits Sydal with a superkick. They then do the turnbuckle powerbomb and kick spot and then a running cannonball and kick spot. Next spot they hit is the hanging off the middle rope and swanton off the top rope spot and they go for a pin but a near fall. Very nice sequence hitting all the big moves except the meltzer, or indy, driver. I thought that would come next but I was wrong. The Young Bucks then call for some move. Matt hits Sydal with a running senton, Nick goes for a shooting star press from the top rope but get knees, and Matt goes for a moonsault without looking and gets a boot in the face for his mistake. ACH then does a double foot stomp from the top out out of nowhere! And Sydal hits the shooting star press for the win.

Matt Sydal hits Matt Jackson with the Shooting Star Press for the win.

****. Great tag match. These two teams have great chemistry. Only downfall was to short of time and their seemed to be a few spots where you could tell there was a miscue from Sydal and a few obvious spots. But overall, great match and if given longer time WITHOUT COMMERCIALS, they could have a truly phenomenal tag match.

And we are shown a replay of the finish and go off air with ACH and Matt Sydal celebrating in the ring.

A ok show from ROH. The top prospect match was awesome, the tag match was ok but it was more to further a storyline and establish a tag team, the segment was good except I already knew what was gonna happen. The Brisco match was just to further a storyline and give the Briscoes some TV time to put over their tag match at the PPV. The main event, to me, really saved the show. While the rest of the show wasn’t awful, it wasn’t great either and it really showed the downfalls of ROH with their live events and TV tapings schedule, and some of their booking to just further storylines. But it was an ok show with a fantastic main event. And that will do it for me this week. Check out my column and every other piece on The Indy Corner and tune in next week to see what ROH has to offer us before their big PPV!

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