REVIEW: OTT ‘Unfinished Business’ (03/02/19)

Added by Lorna Marie Watts

OTT was back in Belfast on February 3rd, for Unfinished Business. As always the card is stacked. KOTN are looking for redemption on Ringkampf, Jordan Devlin is looking to continue his winning streak, and Thatcher and Davis have the rematch everyone has been waiting for. So let’s get into the action.

More Than Hype (LJ Cleary & Darren Kearney) vs Michael May & Sean Guinness

The match starts with Kearney taking on May. The two lock up and May snatches a wrist lock before grounding Kearney. May covers and Kearney kicks out with ease. The two lock up again and this time Kearney takes control. He forces May down and pins him, May gets his arm up, then again, then he bridges. May escapes and takes Kearney down his a hip toss and a headlock take down. Kearney fights out and Cleary tags himself in. May is sent into the ropes and Cleary hits him in the gut with a shoulder block, before MTH work together to beat down May. Cleary attacks the arm of May but May counters and drags him over to his corner and Guinness is now the legal man. Guinness takes Cleary down with a headlock take over, and then continuously grounds him with shoulder tackles. The action is fast as both men avoid each other and go back and forth trying to get the upper hand. Cleary extends his hand for a handshake, Guinness takes the hand and then kicks Cleary in the gut. Kearney is in and MTH work together to take down Guinness. Cleary runs the ropes but Guinness catches him and slams him down on the top rope, before knocking Kearney off the apron. Guinness then chops Cleary into next year, repeatedly before tagging May in and then chopping him again. May and Guinness hit a double suplex, and May covers but it’s not enough.

May sends Cleary into the ropes and hits Cleary in the gut winding him. Cleary rolls up May but it isn’t enough. May sends Cleary face first into Guinness’ boots, and now Guinness is in. Guinness punishes Cleary, and grinds his feet on his face. May is back in but Cleary knocks him down. Guinness is back in and is sent to the outside by Cleary who then tags in Kearney. Kearney takes flight and it appears he hits May but Guinness manages to avoid some of it. Kearney tosses May halfway across the ring before hitting a running shooting star press. Kearney covers but May kicks out. The match is fast with everyone getting involved and beating each other down. Kearney coves May but it’s just a two count, as Guinness is down on the outside. MTH look to work together to take down May but Guinness intercepts and pulls Cleary out of the ring. May rolls up Kearney and picks up the win.

Thoughts: This was a fantastic way to kick off the show. These four men are incredibly talented and everyone knows that, and these guys proved it in this opener. Guinness is hard hitting as always, May is a technical wizard and it was on display in this match. MTH are fast, slick and agile as hell. Anyone could have won this match, as both teams were evenly matched throughout. It’s good seeing May pick up the win, because I feel like he’s been overlooked for a while, so maybe now people will start talking about him again. Guinness is mean as always, and showed off his mean streak with the vicious strikes to Cleary. MTH are forever entertaining and really played up to the crowd which was enjoyable to watch, it’s also great to see their agility shown off in and outside of the ring.

Tucker vs Steven Carvel

Steven Carvel is accompanied to the ring by Curtis Murray. Murray could be a helping hand to Carvel during this match as he remains at ringside. The match starts with Carvel running at Tucker at taking him down. He then chops him and stomps him down in the corner. Carvel sends him into the other corner but Tucker avoids it and hits a diving back elbow from the ropes which takes Carvel down. Tucker then unleashes chops on Carvel. Carvel then hits a superman punch that takes Tucker down. Carvel covers but it’s only a one count. Carvel then rag dolls him and slams him down, before driving al elbow into his back. A big boot from Tucker rocks Carvel, and then Tucker hits a rana and follows it up with a splash in the corner. Tucker is then caught by Carvel who connects with double knees to the gut. Carvel covers but it’s not enough. Carvel then connects with a series of blows to the back and follows it up with a big back body drop. Carvel is dominating.

Carvel then slams his knee into the spine of Tucker, before grabbing his arms and stretching him. Tucker tries to fight out but Carvel grounds him again. Tucker escapes and then lands the back body drop and proceeds to take Carvel down with a springboard rana. He climbs to the top and hits a missile drop kick, and covers but it’s not enough. Tucker then connects with different strikes, trying to wear down Carvel. Carvel hits a huge release German suplex twice. Carvel attempts another but Tucker fights out with a stunner. Tucker then unloads with kicks to Carvel’s chest. Murray jumps onto the apron providing a distraction but it isn’t enough. Tucker hits an enziguri but Carvel kicks out at two. Tucker climbs the ropes looking for a senton bomb but Carvel gets the knees up. Carvel covers but it still isn’t enough to put Tucker away. Tucker hits a sling blade that knocks Carvel silly. Murray throws his sunglasses into the ring. Tucker knocks down Carvel and he rolls out of the ring. Murray climbs onto the apron and starts shouting at Tucker, who pulls the ropes which sends him into the ring. Tucker then hits a superkick and Murray is sent to the outside. Tucker jumps to the outside but nobody home. Carvel hits a chop and then sends himself and Tucker into the forth row. Holy shit!

Carvel then eats a superkick and both men are down. Foxy is at the 16 count. Tucker rolls Carvel in and tries to get in himself but Murray is under the ring and has him by the ankle. Tucker doesn’t make the ten count, so Steven Carvel wins.

Thoughts: Another fantastic match, although I have mixed feelings about the ending. On one hand it’s great seeing the heel role play out, as Murray further cements himself as the bad guy by preventing Tucker from getting back into the ring. On the other hand, this match deserved a clean win by pinfall or submission. Both these men put on one hell of a match and laid it all out on the line, I personally would be more satisfied with a clean win, however, I do appreciate a heel win as it allows for further development. Throughout the match Tucker showed off his flying ability, and let’s face it he’s incredible. Tucker can do it all, and it’s always great seeing him in an OTT ring. As for Steven Carvel it’s only the second match of his that I’ve seen, and I’m continuously impressed by him. The fact that he threw himself into chairs without caution was insane, and the fans appreciated the lengths he went too if the chants are anything to go by. I can’t wait to see what else he does within OTT.

Scotty Davis vs Terry Thatcher

The third match of the night is a grudge match, with Scotty Davis and Terry Thatcher facing off in a rematch. The match starts with a handshake, both men showing their respect for each other. Davis shoots for a single leg and takes down Thatcher and keeps him grounded with waist lock take downs. Thatcher hits a vicious chop and then explodes with forearms to Davis’ face, before driving a knee into his gut. Davis kicks the legs out from under Thatcher and then hits two gator rolls before hitting a chancery suplex. Thatcher goes to the outside and Davis looks to dive but stops on the apron. He looks to hit a moonsault but Thatcher avoids it and punishes Davis for it. Thatcher looks for a chop but chops the ring post instead. Davis then goes flying into the chairs as Thatcher moves out of the way, when he runs at him. Thatcher rolls Davis back into the ring and covers but Davis kicks out at two. Thatcher drives his elbow into the back of Davis’ neck, and follows it up with a knee. He covers again but it’s not enough. Davis grabs his ankle but Thatcher locks him up and pulls on his head before stomping on him.

Thatcher hits a suplex and covers quickly but Davis kicks out. Thatcher then snatches a chin lock and cranks on it. Davis escapes and hits a series of body shots before booting Thatcher. Thatcher then connects with a headkick on the apron and follows it up with a sunset flip into the cover. Thatcher then powers him up and slams Davis down before covering. Davis kicks out, neither man is going to go down easily. Thatcher climbs the ropes but nobody’s home. He climbs the other ropes but Davis joins him and hit’s a huge superplex from the top rope. Both men are down and hurting. The two men get to their knees and exchange blows and it continues when both men get to their feet. Davis is sent to the corner and Thatcher hits a series of strikes, before trying to send Davis into the corner which is reversed. Davis looks to follow him in but Thatcher hits an enziguri and Davis is knocked silly. The two men are on the apron now, and Thatcher throws a series of forearms to the side of Davis’ head. Davis looks for a gator roll to the floor but Thatcher clutches on to the ropes, and escapes it. A boot to the chest sends Thatcher back first into the ring post before being taken down. Davis looks to follow it up but when he lands on the apron he clutches his leg, Thatcher looks to capitalise but he cannot. Davis hits a deadlift suplex and just rag dolls Thatcher. Davis is fired up now and continues the beat down with swift strikes. Davis covers but just kicks out. The continue an assault on each other, this match has quickly turned into an all-out war. Both men are giving it their all, and aren’t going down without a fight. Davis hits a series of dragon suplex’s but it isn’t enough. He then hits a fisherman buster but it’s not enough to put Thatcher away.

Thatcher avoids The Supremacy by kneeing Davis in the head and follows it up with a superkick. Thatcher looks for brace yourself but Davis rolls him up, Thatcher then rolls him up with a sunset flip, before Davis kicks him in the head. Davis then hits The Supremacy and picks up the win.

Thoughts: What a match! These two men laid it all out on the line, and threw down in an a war. At such a young age Scotty Davis has bucket loads of talent that can put some veterans to shame. His ground based grappling style combined with his high flying agility makes for a tough competitor. He is absolutely phenomenal. Terry Thatcher has been in this business for a long time and it shows, he too has great flying agility combined with tough strikes also creates for a great competitor. This match was truly fantastic, and either man could have had the match won. This was a true battle of warriors because, neither man will stay down unless they have too. Round three sometime soon? Yes please!

Session Moth Martina vs Valkyrie

Next up two powerful women are taking centre stage. Session Moth Martina takes on Valkyrie. Valkyrie is accompanied by Debbie Keitel, who may prove to be a deciding factor in the match. The match starts with Valkyrie and Debbie Keitel attacking Martina mid dance, and before the bell. It’s a beat down, and absolute mugging. Debbie is pulled away, the bell rings, and Valkyrie continues the beat down with elbow strikes, before forcing Martina into the corner. She follows it up with shoulder blocks to the gut, and right hand strikes. Valkyrie looks to whip Martina into the corner but Martina reverses. Martina follows it up with an uppercut, and a forearm. She looks for a clothesline but nobody’s home. Valkyrie looks to strike but eats a big boot from Martina. Martina climbs the rope and hits an exquisite lariat from the second rope. She covers but Valkyrie kicks out. Martina hits a vicious forearm and the two run the ropes and Valkyrie takes down Martina. Valkyrie claims that nobody fancies Martina, and eats a kick to the head for her troubles. Pure lies. Everyone fancies Martina.

Valkyrie looks for a kick but nobody’s home, and eats a chop and then a forearm. The two females then exchange blows as they meet each other on the ropes, the strikes are vicious. Martina pulls Valkyrie out of the ring and chops Valkyrie into next week. Valkyrie strikes back with a punch to the gut, and then Martina throws a wicked forearm. The sounds of the strikes is sickening. Martina continues the beat down on Valkyrie and suplexes her onto the chairs. OUCH! Valkyrie is contorted and bent awkwardly. It’s brutal. Martina sprays beer mist into the face of Valkyrie and Debbie runs at her yelling. Martina then headbutts her and knocks her silly. She looks to spray beer in Debbie’s face but Debbie ducks and then pushes her into a enziguri from Valkyrie. The sound is sickening, the crack echoed around the room. Valkyrie rolls her back into the ring and stomps on her back. Valkyrie in unloading on Martina with continuous kicks. She then slams her down onto the canvas before choking her on the rope, and then dropkicking her to the back. Valkyrie covers but Martina kicks out. Debbie is angry about it. Martina then unloads with strikes of her own. Martina misses a kick to Valkyrie, but ducks an enziguri from Valkyrie and connects with one of her own. To those that say Martina is just a gimmick, you are oh so wrong.

Martina covers but Valkyrie kicks out. Martina hoists Valkyrie up but escapes and connects with a leg lariat and covers, but Martina kicks out at two. The crowd are getting behind Martina who avoids contact in the corner. She then headbutts Valkyrie, and as she is standing on the apron, Debbie grabs her ankle and holds on tight. Valkyrie capitalises by hitting her in the face with a forearm. Valkyrie climbs the ropes looking to capitalise further but Martina fights off Debbie, and chops Valkyrie. Martina hits a sesh breaker as Valkyrie is perched on the second rope. Martina covers but Valkyrie kicks out before the three count. The two then exchange blows as both look to take the other out. Martina catches Valkyrie’s leg on a kick and hooks her square in the jaw. She then hits a DDT and rolls through and follows it up with a huge vertical suplex. Martina covers but Debbie pulls referee Niall Fox out of the ring along with Valkyrie. Referee Niall Fox want’s to disqualify the match, but Martina begs him not to. Martina then dives to the outside and takes out both Debbie and Valkyrie. Martina rolls Valkyrie back into the ring and hit’s a double springboard sesh breaker and picks up the win. Debbie is angry as hell.

Thoughts: First let’s talk about the actual competitors of the match Martina and Valkyrie. Let’s start with Martina. Now a lot of people still consider Martina to be a ‘gimmick’ and those people would be idiots. Martina just continuously gets better every time she wrestles, and it’s clear that Japan has been fruitful to her progression. Her strikes are as vicious as they come, and her agility in the ring just gets better and better. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her hit a double springboard sesh breaker before, and let me tell ya, it’s beautiful. Martina is one of those competitors that continuously progresses, and looks to improve and she has done just that. I can’t wait to see what else she can do in the future. Now onto Valkyrie, there is no denying she is one of the best female strikers in the company, if not the world. She will break you, piece by piece and there is nothing you can do about it. Valkyrie is still young, but age doesn’t factor in to her already incredible skill. Her agility is amazing, and some of the moves she hits are sickening. Although being young, I’m sure she has a lot more training to do in order to help her progress further, and let me tell you Valkyrie in about three years’ time, is going to be a killer. The match itself was fantastic. These two women really went to town on each other and I’m surprised either woman was still standing once the match was over. As for Debbie we know she is a fantastic wrestler, and although not wrestling, it’s great seeing the new heel persona/team of herself and Valkyrie progressing. Debbie as a heel is fantastic to watch, she has great facial expressions that really sells the storyline. Her presence also further cements the heel storyline and teaming with Valkyrie. I can’t wait to see what else these two angry women do. As for Martina it’s good seeing her pick up the win in what was technically a handicap match, as this further excites me for the Lads From The Flats with Martina vs KOTN match.

The Rapture (Zack Gibson & Charlie Sterling) vs The Angel Cruzers (Angel Cruz & B Cool)

Back to tag team action now with (one half of the WWE UK NXT Tag Team Champions) Zack Gibson & Charlie Sterling battling against The Angel Cruzers (Angel Cruz & B Cool). The match starts with Sterling and B Cool. B Cool pushes the face of Sterling before the two lock up. Sterling forces B Cool into the corner before pushing his face in return. The two lock up again and this time Sterling is forced into the corner. They lock up for a third time and B Cool grabs the arm and begins working on it. B Cool is then sent into the corner but avoids it, the two then run the ropes and avoid each other before B Cool connects with a dropkick. The two then go back and forth until Sterling gets in a hammerlock. B Cool continues to spin around and Sterling is sent out of the ring. Gibson then has a chat with Sterling on the outside and tells him to get back in the ring. Angel is tagged in. Angel wants Gibson but Gibson doesn’t want in. Sterling then snatches a side headlock but Angel pushes him away. Angel then connects with a leaping leg lariat that drops Sterling, before tagging in B Cool. B Cool connects with a double axe handle from the bottom rope. Angel is tagged back in and hits a (super) axe handle from the second rope. B Cool wants to hit a super duper axe handle and asks for the tag. B Cool climbs to the top rope but Sterling reverses the hold. Sterling and Angel go back and forth with the hold. Sterling pushes Angel into the ropes but B Cool jumps over his head to avoid any contact.

Sterling and B Cool go back and forth and The Angel Cruzer’s work together to beat down Sterling, who then retreats to the outside. Gibson and Sterling have another chat. Gibson still hasn’t taken his jacket or belt off. Gibson is tagged illegally as Sterling is on the outside, and Foxy isn’t allowing the tag. B Cool grabs Sterling and pulls him back into the ring. As Foxy is distracted Sterling rakes the eyes of B Cool. Sterling then tosses him out of the ring and distracts Foxy, and Gibson throws B Cool into the chairs. Sterling goes to the outside and rolls B Cool back into the ring. He then stomps repeatedly on B Cool’s prone gut. Sterling put his hand on Foxy who pushes him away and lays down the law. Sterling then hoists B Cool up but he escapes and Sterling is sent to the outside. Gibson grabs onto B Cool’s ankle and drags him out of the ring. Angel jumps down from the apron and chases Sterling as he throws punches. Sterling and B Cool are back in the ring and Sterling hits a cutter and covers, but B Cool kicks out at 2 and a half. B Cool tries to build some offence but is cut off with a back elbow. Sterling then hits a snap suplex and covers but it isn’t enough. B Cool then drops Sterling and both men are down. B Cool needs to make it to his corner. Sterling looks to drop him B Cool escapes. Sterling eats a big boot and B Cool knocks Gibson from the apron. B Cool then hits Sterling with an elbow to prevent an assault, B Cool looks to make a tag to Angel but Sterling catches him, however, B Cool’s momentum carries them both over to the corner to he can make the tag.

Angel then unloads on Sterling with elbows, forearms, kicks and bounces him off the turnbuckle. Angel looks to walk the ropes but Gibson grabs his ankle and Angel finds himself stuck on the ropes. B Cool grabs Gibson’s ankle and tries to pull him down. Angel walks the ropes again and back comes Gibson again, and B Cool pulls him off again. And Gibson is back again and so is B Cool. Angel then jumps down and strikes Sterling’s arm. B Cool hits a brainbuster and Angel is on the top rope and hits a senton bomb. Angel covers but Gibson moves Sterling’s foot to the ropes to break the count. Sterling runs Angel into the corner but referee Niall Fox is caught up and is down. Angel strikes Sterling and knocks him down and in comes Justy. Justy low blows Angel and beats him down and hits an Alabama slam. He then enters the crowd and sits down to hide himself. Niall Fox is awake and Gibson is tagged in. He removes his jacket and keeps his belt on and covers Angel and picks up the win.

Thoughts: Gibson didn’t do a lot in this match, a part from interfere and prevent Sterling from being pinned. It’s a shame he didn’t actually wrestle because, he’s a great wrestler. It might as well have been a handicap match for Sterling who fought for two. Sterling is a great wrestler too, and it’s good seeing him back in OTT again after some time away. The Angel Cruzers are always entertaining and are always a joy to watch. It’s a shame the match ended the way that it did because the Cruzers had the match won, however, it continues the feuding storyline with the Gymnasties so it was good to have him play a part in the match, and cause them the loss.

The Mongrels (Russell Dempster, Eddie Stone & Gavin Fitz) vs Club Tropicana (Captain Sexsea & Aiden Epic) And Fabulous Nicky

More tag team action now with The Mongrels (Russell Dempster, Eddie Stone & Gavin Fitz) taking on Club Tropicana (Captain Sexsea & Aidan Epic) & The Fabulous Nicky. The match starts Nicky taking on Fitz. The two lock up and Fitz forces Nicky into the corner. Nicky goes to kiss Fitz but he ducks out real quick and tags in Dempster and Sexsea is tagged in too. Sexsea then slaps Dempster with a glove and Dempster responds with a slap of his own. Dempster hoists Sexsea high but he escapes down the back. The two then go back and forth looking to strike but Sexsea calls time out, then slaps him again with his glove. Stone is tagged in now and eats a boot from Sexsea and Aidan is in. Club Tropicana work together to beat down Stone. Aidan covers but it’s not enough. Stone forces him into his own corner and the Mongrels beat him down. Fitz is back in and unloads with some sweet right hooks. He then knocks Nicky and Sexsea off the apron. Aidan looks to fight back but Fitz catches him and then calls for the Mongrels who enter the ring and help with the beat down. Sexsea and Nicky try to enter but Foxy is holding them back, a part from a slippery Captain Sexsea who manages to strike Fitz in the ribs.

Stone is back in and hoists Aidan up and drives Aidan down, he then lifts Fitz and drops him down onto him, and does the same with Dempster. Dempster coves but Aidan kicks out, just as Sexsea is looking to make the save. Fitz back in who knocks Nicky and Sexsea from the apron again. All the Mongrels are in the ring again, and lift Aidan up and slam him down. Talk about a rag doll. Fitz covers but it’s not enough. Dempster is back in and in comes Stone too. They look to take down Aidan but he fires back. He gets an assisted DDT thanks to hooking them up. Nicky then takes a fans beer and stands on the apron and sprays beer over the fans to get everyone hyped. Nicky is tagged in as is Fitz. Nicky unloads and a head kick knocks Fitz silly. Nicky then kisses Fitz, followed by Stone and Dempster. The Mongrels aren’t happy, they feel violated. In the time of the #MeToo campaign, how could you Nicky? Sexsea and Aidan enter the ring and Nicky shouts get ‘em. Aidan kisses Stone, Nicky kisses Dempster and Sexsea kisses Fitz. It’s a kiss train! Club Tropicana & Nicky hit superkicks on all members of the Mongrels. Nicky hits a Bronco buster on Dempster and sits there and Captain Sexsea hits the super-sexy-slip-and-slide on Dempster. Club Tropicana and Nicky cover but Stone and Fitz are back in to break up the pin attempt. Stone sends Sexsea to the floor and Fitz does the same with Nicky, leaving Aidan facing a pack of dogs. Dempster splashes Aidan in the corner, Stone drops him with a kick. Fitz shouts undefeated and looks to take advantage but Aidan rolls him up. Nicky and Sexsea grab Dempster and Stone’s ankles from the outside, and Aidan steals the win.

Thoughts: The Mongrels are undefeated no more after this wonderfully entertaining match. Club Tropicana are always entertaining no matter what match they are in, and it was no different here. Aidan and Captain Sexsea have such great chemistry which makes for a great tag team. It appears they’ve been working on new stuff, and it’s fantastic seeing more development with them. I’d love to see them get a tag title shot. It’s great seeing Nicky back in an OTT ring, along with his kissing ways. He too is an entertaining performer, with a combination of skill and comedy. He needs to be back in the ring frequently. The Mongrels are badass as ever, and dominated throughout the match. They work together effortlessly like a well-oiled machine. It’s always fantastic seeing them perform together because they are a magnificent tag team, although it’s sad seeing their undefeated streak end. I think a rematch is in order.

Jordan Devlin vs Shane ‘Swerve’ Strickland

Back to singles competition with Jordan Devlin taking on Shane Strickland. Devlin is looking to continue his winning streak, as he prepares to face David Starr for a chance at Walter. A win here would send a message to Starr, that’s for sure.

The match starts with the two men shaking hands, showing their respect for each other. The two then size each other up to get the measure of each other before Strickland snatches the arm. Devlin fights his way out and gets Strickland’s arm. Strickland fights back and then so does Devlin. These two men are evenly matched and know each other so well. This is going to be interesting. The two men continuously counter each other’s holds, until Devlin works the ankle of Strickland. Strickland counters and keeps Devlin grounded on the canvas. The two are grappling and keeping everything close to the canvas. I can’t wait until the high flying starts, because, then things will get very interesting indeed. The two get back to their feet and Devlin grinds Strickland down into the canvas before getting him into a bow and arrow hold until Strickland counters and covers, but not for long. Strickland then gets a hold of Devlin and stretches him out. Devlin gets to his feet with Strickland on his back, but Strickland jumps down and takes Devlin down with a headlock take over. Strickland is then sent into the corner but avoids it and rolls away, before catching Devlin’s head between his feet and flipping him over. Devlin then eats a dropkick and rolls to the outside. Strickland looks to fly but Devlin ducks, somehow Strickland manages to land on his feet. Devlin hoists him up and dumps him unceremoniously on the ring apron.

Devlin then drives him back first into the edge of the ring, before hitting him with an uppercut. Devlin drives him back first into the ring again before rolling him back in. He then drives his knee into his spine, before stomping on the back. Devlin is really targeting the back. Devlin then hoists him up high and dumps him down again, then kicks him in the spine for good measure. Devlin then kicks him in the chest repeatedly, and it’s hard to watch. Strickland is sent into the ropes and kicked down on his way back to the centre of the ring. Devlin is vicious with his kicks, a kick to the chest sends Strickland flying to the outside, and even on the outside Devlin continues with the vicious strikes. Devlin goes for yet another kick and Strickland catches his leg and slams Devlin’s knee or hamstring into the ring post. This could prevent future high flying and more kicks from Devlin. Strickland targets the knee and lifts Devlin up by the leg before stomping on his head repeatedly. Strickland then kicks him in the back of the knee. This isn’t looking good for Devlin right now who appears hurt. Strickland rolls Devlin in and follows him, stalking him like a shark in the water. Strickland continues to target the leg, kicking Devlin’s hamstring. If you remember from the last show (if not go and watch it) Devlin’s hamstring was severely taped up. This could be bad news for Devlin.

Strickland then stretches Devlin’s leg, causing more torture until Devlin gets his hands on the rope forcing the break. Strickland holds it until four. Devlin hits Strickland with a chop, and the two men go and forth exchanging blows, but Devlin is limping. Strickland then chops the hamstring and Devlin crumbles in pain. Strickland eyes him up and runs into the corner and catches Devlin’s leg and hangs it on the ropes before hitting him. Strickland runs the ropes and drives both boots into Devlin’s prone leg. It’s vicious and hard to watch. Foxy keeps asking Devlin if he wants to continue. There is no doubt in my mind that Devlin will not give up, and the worst case scenario will be Foxy making the decision to end the match. Until then Devlin will continue to fight.

Strickland covers but Devlin kicks out at one. Strickland then stomps on Devlin’s face before going back to the leg. Strickland ties his legs up before kneeling down on his hamstring. Devlin slaps Strickland around the face, and eats a stomp to the knee and then a slap to the face for his troubles. Devlin looks pissed. The men are now just exchanging slaps to the face, until forearms come into play. Devlin ducks a blow, and unloads with blows of his own and hits Strickland square in the jaw that rocks him. Devlin goes to the corner to try and recover, and hits Strickland with a pair of boots when he comes in. Devlin gets out of the corner and takes him down with a uranage and follows it up with a moonsault. Devlin covers but Strickland kicks out. The fight continues. Devlin is in a lot of pain and can’t stand properly I’m not sure how much more he can take. Devlin hoists Strickland up but he can’t hold it and drops him down, Strickland capitalises and boots him in the leg. He then runs the ropes but Devlin catches him with a standing Spanish fly. Strickland rolls to the outside. Devlin looks to dive but he can barely run, his leg is hurting. He pulls down his knee pad, but Strickland is back in. Devlin tosses him out of the ring and springs to the outside and then hits a moonsault on Strickland to the outside, but the back of his head hit the chair. Strickland is sent back into the ring and Devlin hits a slingshot cutter and covers, but Strickland kicks out at two and a half.

Strickland kicks the hamstring again before sending Devlin throat first to the top rope. Strickland attempts a cutter but Devlin throws him off, but Devlin then eats a knee. Strickland follows it up with another knee to the face and covers but Devlin stays alive. The crowd chants this is awesome, and I agree. Strickland goes to the top rope but nobody is home, and Devlin boots him. As Devlin goes for another kick Strickland kicks the leg out from under him and it’s brutal. Devlin is in agony. The crowd are willing Devlin on. Devlin and Strickland then exchange vicious strikes yet again, only one man can win this war, and both men want to win. Devlin catches the discus lariat attempt and looks for the package piledriver but Strickland escapes. Strickland knee’s Devlin in the head, who then headbutts him and as the two men fall to the canvas, Devlin is covering Strickland, but it’s still not enough. Devlin needs to end this match or his injury is just going to get worse. Devlin stomps on Strickland’s head, and then lifts him up but Strickland rolls through into the cover, and Devlin kicks out. Strickland targets the leg again before kicking him in the back of the head and then hitting the cutter. He then climbs the top rope and connects with a double foot stomp. Everyone thinks it’s all over, but somehow Devlin kicks out. This is insane.

Strickland then mounts the back of Devlin and rains down blows on the back of Devlin’s head. Strickland lifts Devlin to his feet and drives his heel into the injured leg of Devlin. He looks to further punish him, but Devlin rolls through and connects with a double foot stomp. He then hops to the corner and gets to the top rope and looks for a moonsault, Strickland moves and as Devlin lands his weight can’t support him and he crumbles to the canvas. His leg is in a bad way. Foxy may have to end this match. Strickland lands the jumping knee to Devlin’s face, and follows it up with a powerbomb. Devlin kicks out and Strickland transitions into a single leg, putting more pressure on the leg and causing Devlin more pain. Devlin is screaming in agony. Devlin connects with elbows to Strickland’s head until Strickland eventually breaks the hold. Devlin goes to the corner trying to recover again. Strickland eats a back elbow and as Devlin looks to hit a moonsault Strickland catches him, and connects with a tombstone piledriver. Strickland stands again and looks for another but Devlin counters and hits a tombstone driver. Even Niall Fox can’t believe it. Devlin hits the package piledriver, and picks up the win.

Thoughts: You know a match is good when the fans start chanting “this is awesome”, and this match was definitely an awesome match. This match was incredible. Both men put on one hell of a performance. Both men are evenly matched and know each other so well, which made for great chemistry and a great back and forth between the two. Shane Strickland has a wicked side, that sometimes because hard to watch, because he is merciless. He is a great wrestler and has a mixed skill set that is deadly. Jordan Devlin doesn’t know the meaning of the world quit and continued through pain in order to win. As we all know he is an incredible wrestler, with huge amounts of talent. But with this injury, I wonder if he will be 100% for his match with David Starr and if he isn’t, could that mean a loss for him? I hope he takes care of himself, and gives his body time to heal. The match against Starr is going to be a war, and he needs to be fighting fit.

OTT Tag Team Champions The Kings Of The North (Bonesaw & Damien Corvin) vs Ringkampf (WALTER & Timothy Thatcher)


For the main event of the evening its Ringkampf (Walter & Timothy Thatcher) fighting against the Kings Of The North for the OTT Tag Team Championships. The match starts with Ringkampf trying to take a cheap shot by kicking the Kings, but the Kings are prepared and capture their legs and take the beat down straight to them. Corvin stomps down Walter in the corner and Bonesaw sends Thatcher to the outside and both men just beat down on Walter before sending him to the outside too. Bonesaw goes over the top rope with an assist from Corvin, and takes out both men. The fight has gone to the outside with all men taking blows and Walter chopped the ring post. Back in the ring is Bonesaw and Thatcher. Bonesaw chops Thatcher and goes for another but Thatcher grabs him. Bonesaw pushes him away and goes to hit him again but Thatcher keeps blocking. Thatcher goes to strike him in the head but Bonesaw moves to the side and chops him repeatedly. He then knocks him down after the two run the ropes. Corvin is tagged in and strikes Thatcher in the gut. KOTN then work together to beat down Thatcher. Bonesaw runs the ropes but Walter pulls him down, Walter then eats a big boot from Corvin. Corvin looks to take flight but eats a European uppercut from Thatcher. Walter then stands on the apron and rains down blows to his back. Thatcher then beats down Corvin further with vicious strikes to the back, and knees to the ribs. Walter is tagged in and stomps down on Corvin.

Corvin tries to fight back but is rocked by a brutal chop and then a strike to the spine. Walter then sends him into his corner and in comes Thatcher who strikes him in the gut, and Walter strikes his back too. Thatcher then knocks Corvin down with an uppercut, before hoisting him up and dumping him down. Thatcher covers but Corvin kicks out. Walter is back in and boots Bonesaw off the apron before stomping on Corvin. Corvin avoids a chop from Walter and hoists him high on his shoulders but collapses and Walter covers but Corvin kicks out. Walter then stomps on Corvin’s hand, before grinding his head into the canvas with his boot. Thatcher is back in and dumps Corvin down before hitting him with an elbow. He covers but Corvin kicks out, Thatcher then counters into an arm bar and Corvin is screaming in pain. Bonesaw breaks up the pin. Walter is tagged back in and continues the beat down. Corvin throws forearms but is rocked by Walter’s. Corvin is whipped into the corner and kicks Walter off then looks to take him down but Walter catches him mid-air and locks in a Boston crab. Thatcher kicks Bonesaw off the apron, and Walter transitions to an STF, and then a Cravat. Corvin makes it to the rope for the break. Walter then hangs Corvin in the ropes and continuously chops him. Corvin catches his reflection and then catches Walter’s arm and does the same to him. Bonesaw grabs Thatcher and hangs him in the ropes and the KOTN rain down chops in stereo. Ringkampf fall to the outside. Corvin dives and takes out Thatcher but misses Walter who hits him from behind with the belt. Walter and Bonesaw then exchange blows until Bonesaw hits a cannonball from the apron and drives through Walter.

Walter then chops Bonesaw and kicks him in the head, before setting up chairs to create more torture. It doesn’t work as Bonesaw avoids the suplex into the chairs and instead Suplexes him. Thatcher then stands on the chairs and chokes out Bonesaw with a rear naked choke. Bonesaw is prone on the floor, now Corvin is alone. Corvin and Thatcher meet in the ring and Thatcher dumps him and covers, but Corvin kicks out. Thatcher then works the leg of Corvin as he faces punishment alone. Walter is in and punishes Corvin further. Ringkampf are dominating as Bonesaw is still down on the outside. Corvin is knocked down with a chop and Walter picks him up, dumps him and covers. Corvin keeps the kings alive. Ringkampf are in together and Corvin hits lefts and rights but the numbers game is too much as he is grounded with a kick. Walter tosses him over his head but Corvin lands on his feet and tags in Bonesaw. Bonesaw immediately knocks down Thatcher and sets his sights on Walter. He wants revenge. He wants redemption. Bonesaw then unloads with chops onto Walter that rocks him, before unloading with blows. Foxy breaks it up and as he has his eyes on Walter, Thatcher hits Bonesaw. Walter then capitalises with a John Woo into the corner, and then slams him down. He covers but Bonesaw isn’t done yet. Thatcher is back in and unloads with strikes to the gut and then to the face. Bonesaw is facing punishment. Thatcher is merciless in his attack. Bonesaw kicks out of the cover though and Thatcher works the arm. Bonesaw gets to the rope forcing the break.

Thatcher mounts him and continuously slaps him before tagging in Walter. Walter then stomps down on him. Bonesaw chops Walter but is rocked by a big boot and lands across the ropes. Thatcher is back in and Ringkampf look to punish Bonesaw further but he avoids them and then tosses Walter out, but Thatcher catches him and kicks him in the gut. Bonesaw fights out and is about to tag Corvin when Walter pulls him from the apron. Thatcher then tosses Bonesaw down, but he still manages to kick out. The Kings aren’t letting go of those belts unless their dead. Bonesaw then fights back against Thatcher but Thatcher rocks him. Thatcher then kicks Corvin and as Corvin tries to get into the ring Foxy stops him. This distraction allows Walter to chop Bonesaw down. Thatcher picks Bonesaw up cranking on his neck. Bonesaw tries to power out but is stopped and Thatcher hits Corvin again. Bonesaw avoids the chop from Walter who ends up chopping Thatcher. Bonesaw then pushes Walter away and tags in Corvin. Both men eat a boot and Walter eats a John Woo. Thatcher tosses him to the apron and Corvin hits a uranage and a slingshot senton on Thatcher. He ducks a clothesline from Walter and hits a death valley driver. HOLY SHIT! The KOTN then take the fight to Thatcher, but Thatcher ends up transitioning and getting Corvin in a Fujiwara armbar. Walter then locks in a rear naked choke on Bonesaw and both KOTN members are grounded, and Thatcher locks in one on Corvin also. It looks like it’s over for the kings but NO! Both KOTN stand up with both men still clutching to them and push Ringkampf into each other. Thatcher is down and Walter is scared, but it’s just a ploy. Walter chops Corvin and suplexes Bonesaw. Corvin looks for a suplex on Walter but eats a back elbow. He looks for another and German Suplexes both Walter and Thatcher. Corvin then dumps Thatcher, but Walter pulls Foxy from the ring breaking the count.

Walter then suplexes Corvin and he smells blood in the water. This match should be over. Walter goes and gets the tag team title belts and wants to hit the kings with them. Corvin ducks and gets the belt. He looks to hit Walter, but Walter pulls Thatcher into the firing line. The KOTN then beat down Thatcher and Corvin covers and picks up the win. Walter ran scared. The Kings defeated Ringkampf fair and square.

Thoughts: The Kings did what they said they’d do. They defeated Ringkampf. This was a true war. Walter ended up running scared and throwing his partner in harm’s way so he could avoid being pinned himself. Coward! Thatcher and Walter are obviously big hard hitting lads and it was present throughout the whole match, as the two of them gave the KOTN a good beat down. But they were no match for the KOTN, the Belfast brutes weren’t going down without a fight, and let’s face it kings never die. The Kings fought back just when people counted them out. This match could have gone either way, but the KOTN came for a fight, and said they would defeat Ringkampf and it’s exactly what they did. There was no way the KOTN were going to leave without their belts, especially not in Belfast. KOTN are phenomenal guys who are dedicated to their work. The amount of time they spend in the gym is insane, and the fact that Corvin lifted Walter and suplexed him along with Thatcher shows that he’s a fucking badass. Bonesaw has some vicious chops and that had Walter quaking in his boots. And you know what they say… Long live the King(s).

OTT never fail to put on an incredible show. Matches are always outstanding, and they have the best performers working for them. OTT is without a doubt one of the best companies in the world, and always dominate with their bookings. I can’t wait to see what they do with their next shows, because, without a doubt they will just keep getting better and better.

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