REVIEW: Major League Wrestling Fusion #127 – Never Say Never

Added by Frank Burford

I have always wanted to watch MLW and have been aware of their Fusion show, which is on youtube, settling in just under an hour I thought I would watch and maybe it could become a regular review. I have gone into this show with no previous ideas of storylines and titles, so I am going in blind, and this was interesting.

Simon Gotch vs Jordan Oliver

So the opening match was a 1 on 1 match between the former WWE wrestler Simon Gotch and Jordan Oliver who I have not heard of. Jordan Oliver had a hippie gimmick and came out with a bandana. This match had a lot of holds and submission moves. Simon Gotch looked in form and it was a breath of fresh air from him as I have only seen him in WWE. He looked like someone on a mission and had an intensity to him which I really liked because It presented him to be a stone-cold submission specialist. He also hit a nasty head kick to Jordan Oliver but then Jordan Oliver reversed a powerslam hold into DDT and then they exchanged strikes and a fourthuntil Oliver hits cutter out of no where for the win. In total this match was a good starter and set the tone of the show.

A promo package was next with Josef Samael who was hyping the main event between Jacob Fatu and Calvin Tankman and it was this promo that got my attention about the main storyline being Contra Unit (Josef Samael, Simon Gotch, Daivari and Jacob Fatu) Vs Injustice (Jordan Oliver, Myron Reed and Calvin Tankman) which is the whole premise for the show which then grew my interest as it gave some major background to why these matches are happening.

A hype video was shown promoting the working agreement with Major League Wrestling and Dragon Gate which apparently was delayed via the pandemic, this is so awesome,and I can’t wait what show are going to be put on when able to.

Daivari vs Myron Reed

So I went into this match knowing that this was Contra Unit vs Injustice, it felt that more was on the line. Both wrestlers I have heard about, but this match was the weakest match of the night as it felt very slow and did not have any fluidity to it meaning that it felt like a sequence rather then a match between two rivals. This match had one spot which was Daivari’s suplex was reversed into a stunner. The match finished with a springboard cutter then a springboard 450 for the win for Myron Reed making it Contra Unit 0-2 Injustice which to me felt like I could guess the result of the main event which was disappointing. I felt Daivari could have benefited from this win much more and almost leaving the main event as a tie breaker.

MLW World Heavyweight Title Match
Jacob Fatu (w/Daivari) © vs Calvin Tankman

The main event was for the title and was contested between two heavyweights of the company who are both undefeated. Before the entrances, a very good title package showing the previous world champions which only increases the prestige of the title and build for the match. I do not know what it is,but Calvin Tankman has this feeling around him, I feel like he is going places. Additionally, the commentary team throughout the evening was incredible letting the watcher know everything going on even going through storylines meaning new viewers could feel involved. They even mentioned Fatu 72% of significant strikes landed and these little statistics creates a whole picture and develops a story before the match has even started. From the outset Tankman performed some beautiful looking Lucha arm drags showing his ability and talent. Fatu then provided some good shoulder blocks and springboard clothesline. As well as a quick snap Samoan drop to Tankman. Fatu also using foreign objects to gain an advantage. They then exchanged strikes which led to Tankman diving to the outside. The match ended with Daivari distracting the referee, but Tankman took out Daivari only for Fatu to strike Tankman with the Contra Unit pole and then hit a top rope Moonsault for the 3 count and retaining the title. This match was the main event and match of the night, it provided a solid structure but felt so fluid and felt like these two really wanted to destroy each other. This is the first time watching MLW so I presume this screw finish will lead to a rematch between the two.


The show was good but not exceptional, the matches all had a link of Contra Unit vs Injustice which helped developed a storyline throughout the whole show. I’m looking forward to seeing whats next for Tankman and Fatu


-Simon Gotch vs Jordan Oliver – 30/100
-Daivari vs Myron Reed – 25/100
-Jacob Fatu vs Calvin Tankman – 40/100