REVIEW: Fight Club: PRO ‘Project Mayhem 8’ (27-28/9/19)

Added by Dylan Shah

The big weekender at Fight Club Pro happened this past Friday and Saturday night. This was one of Fight Club Pro staple events called Project Mayhem and in recent years has been associated with hosting Death House the insane Death Match famous for its madness and insanity!

Night 1 on Friday kicked off hot with an fast paced 6 man tag team featuring The Rascalz vs Travis Banks, Jordan Devin and Omari. This match was filled with a number of highflying spots and some great spots in the ring. The crowd were really into this due to the pace and energy with the spots. Omari got the win for his team and Rascalz came close to winning this. Strong effort to start off things.

The 2nd match was an WWE Style of Fatal Four way this featured Jim Hunter, Dani Luna, Chris Ridgeway which was his debut at Fight Club Pro. The 4th entrant was Joe Nelson who got an big pop up and he is someone who has made waves on the northern scene and this was his debut at Fight Club Pro. The match had an mix of everything with Dani Luna and Ridgeway exchanging blows and submissions. Nelson tried to bring his highflying exchange and he played an great baby face selling the beating from Ridgeway. Jim Hunter was involved all over the match. This was an ok match I felt it lacked something as at times it was slow but this could be the clash of different styles. This was an match to cool off the audience from the opener. Dani Luna picked up the win by a big 450 splash on Joe Nelson to pick up the win.

We followed this match with an Tag Team Contest which featured Medusa Complex (Millie McKenzie & Charli Evans) vs The Besties of the World. The besties got the crowd singing to their entrance song. The audience loved this and were into this entrance and bought the energy back. The match was an decent tag team contest with Millie and Charli exchanging blows and moves. Both teams worked hard and tried to get energy for the offence they were putting out. Medusa Complex got the win and and surely edging towards the tag title picture.

The last match of the first half was Speedball Mike Bailey vs Cara Noir. The crowd loved the entrance of Cara Noir and it got an huge reaction. Really set the tone and atmosphere for an great match. This was big and forth with loads of different offence. Cara Noir nearly got the win but Speedball showed an never say die attitude. Bailey got the win with an double knees shooting star. Both guys got an standing ovation at the end and Bailey is edging towards the Fight Club Pro title picture while Cara Noir already looks like an star in the making despite being in an losing effort.

The Main Event was The Project Death House March and for the first time this match was contested under War Games Rules. This was the conclusion of the storyline of Fight Club Pro vs Schadenfraude This match was in a cage structure with weapons such as light tubes, chairs, barb wire boards, tables and tools such as an Power Drill. This was madness match and the match was typical war games. The entrants representing Fight Club Pro were Martin Zaki, Clint Margara, Dan Molony Ricky Shane Page and Trent Seven (who got attacked outside and got taken out through an table from the stage). Jimmy Havoc after a few mins came out to an huge pop saving Zaki. Schhadenfraude consisted of Chris Brooke’s, Kyle Fletcher, Timothy Thatcher,Lucky Kid and ELP who replaced the injured Mark Davis. This match lasted just under an hour and was a fun insane match with some gruesome spots. Crazy how many light tubes were used inside and outside the ring in the cage. This needs to be seen on demand to believe what happened. Moloney got the win for Fight Club Pro pinning Kyle. This further builds Dan Moloney as a credible champion when he receives his title match. Big ovation for Fight Club Pro team and Schadenfruade left quite quickly to the back. The mess after the match was insane just insane and felt something special for the live crowd.

Night 2 of Project Mayhem was this past Saturday. The crowd was an huge crowd slightly smaller than the sold out crowd of Friday but plenty of energy.

The first match of the night was Timothy Thatcher who was looking not happy with him going around in circles outside then inside the ring. He faced Speedball Mike Bailey in an stiff and technical wrestling match with some highflying spots from Bailey. I really enjoyed this and again this was different to the previous nights match. Good match to get the audience into the show and was under 10 mins so was a good warm up.

The 2nd match of the night was a more energy Fatal Four Way featuring Lucky Kid, Millie McKenzie, Omari and Chuck Mambo. I really liked this match as it was full of energy with high spots. This was much better than the previous nights Fatel Four Way and gave you the energy of an scramble. Chuck Mambo wins via an pinfall over Lucky Kid.

The next match featured our first title match of the evening when Ricky Shane Page put out an Open Challenge as The Champion Nick Gadge can’t get into the country so his gonna make this title an World Title. This is answered by Jimmy Havoc. This match started off as an wrestling match before escalating to an death match. This featured light tube shots on the stage and table and weapon spots in the ring. Ricky Shane Page wins with an Superplex through an table with chairs stacked on top. Drawing pins were on the top mad stunt considering death house was night before.

During the interval Martina was out with GMan trying to sell junk from the Death House and an chair with autographs of everyone in Death House. This was fun but was quite mad to see how much money people would pay for this type of stuff.

After the interval we were treated to an International Six Man Tag Featuring The Rascalz vs The Besties of the World and Joe Nelson. This was a fast moving match with some high energy spots. Joe Nelson got an huge ovation as he scored the pinfall. I think this was a good match to get the audience back after the interval.

Announcement aired to show next months show will have Meiko Orange Cassidy and Eddie Kingston making their return for Infinty 2019. The one night tournament.

No mention of the scheduled Fight Club Pro title match and instead we got Dan Moloney vs Chris Ridgeway. Good match and was good fight with both putting out stiff shots felt like an shoot style match. Dan wins by pinfall and continues the momentum to the title picture.

Main event time to close out the weekend. Schadenfruade Team of Brookes and Fletcher vs the Mystery Team. This was revealed to be the Returning Moustache Mountain to an huge pop. Lykos didn’t like this. This match is for the Fight Club Pro Tag Titles.

This was an really solid match with some nearfalls by both teams and a lot of spots of cheating by Schadenfruade using board. Tyler Bate was in the match for the majority as Schadenfruade worked well to isolate Trent. This match then spilled outside with Trent being taken out and then Tyler getting beating up. Finally Moustache Mountain win with the Double Team Burning Hammer. New Champions as Moustache Mountain capture the titles.

After the match Members of Schadenfruade come out and get in the ring and Brookes take the tag titles and the scene looks like an attack but Schadenfruade look like surrendering as they put the titles in the ring lying including the Fight Club Pro Title with the Schadenfruade flag over the top. They leave the ring and wave goodbye on the stage. Bit of mixed emotions as it looks like Schadenfruade are leaving and fans have gained back Moustache Mountain. Interesting change of guard leaving fans asking more questions than answers to the next show in October.

Overall an excellent conclusion with more questions and it’s a good bite to get people to visit in October. It be interesting how they use Moustache Mountain considering their NXTUK links. An excellent weekend and night 2 felt more like an traditional show.