REVIEW: CHIKARA ‘King Of Trios’ Night Two (5/10/19)

Added by Liam Happe

CHIKARA’s second night of King of Trios took place in Reading, Pennsylvania on Saturday night. All the details of night one are available here.

Rey de Voladores semi-final one: The Whisper defeated Danjerhawk, Mat Diamond & Jude London

This is a four-way elimination match, theoretically involving talented flyers. VeloCities members Diamond and London teamed up to eliminate Dangerhawk first, only for London to double-cross Diamond and pin his own partner when they had Whisper in trouble. Whisper fights back and books a spot in the final with a handspring 450 splash.

Whisper won this tournament two years ago in Wolverhampton while under the stolen guise of Ophidian. Now, he is a member of Ophidian’s Crucible but has been berated and belittled by the ‘herald’ as of late. Crowd received Whisper’s uncharacteristic acts of heroism rather well.

KOT quarter-final one: F.I.S.T (Icarus, Travis Huckabee & Tony Deppen) defeated The Carnies (Nick Iggy, Kerry Awful & Tripp Cassidy)

The jury was out on The Carnies prior to their debut on such a well-known independent wrestling stage, but their maiden KOT voyage went down well with the live crowd and those watching via stream. Unfortunately for them, their chances of a shock tourney triumph were ended by the resident faction after Icarus blasted Tripp with a Shiranui and a Pedigree.

BLANK vs Still Life with Apricots and Pears

BLANK was formerly known as Race Jaxon, working a Rick Martel-esque pretty boy gimmick until receiving his comeuppance from his former tag partner Hype Rockwell in a ‘loser must be masked’ inverted trope blow-off match. Since then, he has morphed into an eccentric perfectionist with art exhibitions for proteges.

Still Life has been BLANK’s standout work, coming into their own as a performer and even winning the Young Lion’s Cup. But after being covered in paint by Penelope Ford, BLANK has grown increasingly distant and then demanded this match with his “ruined” masterpiece. Is it because of the paint, or because of Still Life’s success?

This was a weird match, as BLANK brutalised his subject but somehow wasn’t disqualified, despite giving the official half a dozen legitimate reasons to call for the bell. BLANK ripped at their mask on two occasions, to the point that it was essentially unwearable. Unmasking an opponent is an instant DQ in CHIKARA, but doing so by vandalism is an apparent loophole. Flurries of closed fists and other rulebreaking wasn’t enough to stop the match, either. BLANK then won this massacre with a stiff elbow.

KOT quarter-final two: The Four Nations (Mick Moretti, Adam Hoffman & Jack Bonza) defeated Team Pump (Scott Steiner, Petey Williams & Jordynne Grace)

It appears Steiner was a bit naughty on night one and broke CHIKARA’s no-swearing rule (shocking, I know). So, Team Pump do a bit where Petey and Jordynne confiscate the live mic from Scotty just before he can say anything, before producing a HUGE swear jar and making him put his entire wallet into it.

Very few expected this novelty team to make it past the first round, but the last eight was their absolute last stand as 2018 finalists Four Nations made it to the semis once again. The ‘Nations Bomb’ finished off Williams, perhaps freeing he and Grace up for tomorrow’s tag gauntlet.

Rey de Voladores semi-final two: Alex Zayne defeated Paris De Silva, Cajun Crawdad and Freddie Mercurio

Cajun Crawdad was scheduled in advance for RdV action, but put his spot at risk by replacing Hermit Crab in the KOT tournament last night. With the Creatures of the Deep eliminated in round one (and seemingly kaput as a result), Crawdad could compete here. However he and Mercurio were eliminated in quick succession by a Paris Shooting Star DDT and Zayne’s SSP knees respectively, before Zayne also pinned De Silva soon after to reach tomorrow’s final.

KOT quarter-final three: Crucible A (Ophidian, Lance Steel & Princess Kimber Lee) vs Crucible B (Devantes, Matt Makowski & E.M. DeMorest)

As soon as the bell sounds, Devantes kneels before Ophidian before laying down for the easy pin within seconds. Just like they did at CHIKARA’s Royal Rumble tribute The Infinite Gauntlet, the Crucible used their “resources” to make life as easy as possible for Ophidian. The faction allegedly conceived to protect the promotion is looking more and more like a syndicate designed to benefit the leader, as always. Kimber Lee seems to take exception to all of this, but eventually takes a knee before Ophidian. No match, but expect two of the sacrificial trio to be the Crucible’s designated hitters in tomorrow’s gauntlet.

John Francis of Coronado’s Open Challenge

The call is answered by Thomas Santell, who was knocked out of KOT last night. While a pretty underwhelming mystery opponent thanks to the expectations such intrigue can carry, the match was very, very good. A mat clinic enhanced by the expert commentary of Mike Quackenbush ended with Coronado extracting the submission that earns him his third point (third consecutive singles victory) and a future shot at the Grand Championship.

KOT quarter-final four: The Colony (Fire Ant, Green Ant & Thief Ant) defeated Dasher Hatfield, Molly McCoy & Boomer Hatfield

Plenty of intriguing dynamics in this one. Grand champion Dasher had been allies with Fire Ant over the course of the last decade in CHIKARA, before becoming consumed with greed thanks to the title. As mentioned in the Night One recap, he and son Boomer are dysfunctional at the best of times, with McCoy in the middle, leaning towards Dasher’s ruthless ways. The Colony are the defending champions, but Boomer and Green have forged a bit of a bond in tag matches and Boomer overall shares more in common with the ants than his own family at this stage.

Boomer ended up stopping his own team from breaking the rules on several occasions, but ended up being the one pinned by Fire to send the Colony into yet another semi-final (including all variations of the group, this is their fourth). And after the loss, the expected family breakdown happened as Dasher berated Boomer. He even went as far as to say he regrets having a son, and the champion and McCoy left together.

The third and final night of King of Trios 2019 is on Sunday. While it actually takes place on Sunday afternoon Eastern time, the stream will be delayed to fit into schedule and airs only a little earlier than nights one and two.

Our final four trios are The Colony, The Four Nations, The Crucible and F.I.S.T. We could see a repeat of last year’s final, whether it be an identical final match or just in the semis. Also a possibility is another addition to the Colony/F.I.S.T wars. Also set in stone is the Rey de Voladores final between Alex Zayne and The Whisper.

There will also be a tag team gauntlet, with teams already confirmed thus far including Los Ice Creams (El Hijo del Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr.); The Closers (Rick Roland & Sloan Caprice); The Proteus Wheel (Callux & Volgar); Jakob Hammermeier & Der Wildebeest; Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels and two members of The Crucible.