REVIEW: CHIKARA ‘King Of Trios’ Night Three (6/10/19)

Added by Liam Happe

Sunday brought us the third and final card of this year’s CHIKARA King of Trios weekend. Sixteen squads had been whittled down to four, plus a Rey de Voladores to be crowned. Here are the results:

Night one recap

Night two recap

KOT semi-final one: The Four Nations (Mick Moretti, Adam Hoffman & Jack Bonza) defeated F.I.S.T (Icarus, Travis Huckabee & Tony Deppen)

The Australian team booked a second consecutive final with victory in the opener against F.I.S.T. with a large portion of the fanbase now clamouring for Moretti, Hoffman and Bonza to go all the way this time. A Colony win in the next match would give us a repeat of last year’s final, too.

KOT semi-final two: The Crucible (Ophidian, Lance Steel & Princess Kimber Lee) defeated The Colony (Fire Ant, Green Ant & Thief Ant)

Alas, it was not to be for The Colony. Ophidian, Steel and reluctant member Kimber Lee booked their place in the final to meet the Four Nations. In what could be a significant moment in the match, Ophidian used one of the “17 forbidden holds” from a previous CHIKARA storyline, putting Thief Ant in a bad way and furthering the animosity between he and rival trainer Mike Quackenbush.

Oleg the Usurper defeated Mat Diamond

Oleg made a surprise return, having not been seen in a CHIKARA ring since the Infinite Gauntlet at springtime. He saw off VeloCities member Diamond with his ‘Off With His Head’ forearm strike.

Tag team gauntlet match – winners: Solo Darling & Willow Nightingale

This annual tradition is a 10-team 2vs2 gauntlet, with each match within the gauntlet carrying the same weight as a standard tag team bout. That is to say, the winning team receives one point. Three are required to earn a tag title shot, and if you lose a tag match, you’re back to zero.

Starting things off were VeloCities duo Jude London and Paris De Silva, who defeated regular CHIKARA team and former tag champs Cornelius Crummels and Sonny DeFarge. The newcomers actually went and earned three points just like that by also seeing off Jakob Hammermeier and Der Wildebeest followed by another former tag champion duo, The Closers. However there are still another six teams to come, and the tired pair are picked off by The Crucible’s Tunku Amir and Frey Nassar.

The Crucible are quickly haunted by ghosts from their past as spurned members Josue Ibanez and Joshua Wells send them packing soon after. Ibanez and Wells are also eliminated after one win, by Volgar and Callux, the monsters known as Proteus Wheel. They are also able to get past Merlok and Cajun Crawdad, who fans rooted for by proxy after their split from Oceanea on night one. The final team in were Solo Darling and Willow Nightingale, also known as The Bird and The Bee.

With the Wheel beating two teams here and Solo and Willow having two points as a duo before Nightingale’s unfortunate injury earlier this year, that means the winner of this last stage of the gauntlet will have three points to challenge F.I.S.T’s Huckabee and Deppen. And The Bird and The Bee overcame the monsters to pick up where they left off as a tandem. With only the season finale show left to come this year, one would expect that to happen at Tug of War on November 9.

Jordynne Grace defeated Lady Frost

A surprise addition to the card went down really well with the audience. Grace won an enjoyable battle that showcased Frost very well even in defeat.

Rey de Voladores finals: The Whisper defeated Alex Zayne

The running joke leading up to this was that the two look alike. To play it up, they even did the ‘two Spidermen’ point at each other to begin the match. From there, it turned into a wild exchange of dangerous and death-defying moves. How much you enjoy this match will depend on your tastes.

The Whisper, a CHIKARA rudo since his debut a few years ago, again wrestled very much like an underdog trying to prove something this weekend. He won his second RdV title after putting Zayne in the CHIKARA Special, a symbolic submission synonymous with the tecnicos and Quackenbush in particular. The passive-aggressive protest against Ophidian continues.

King of Trios 2019 finals: The Crucible defeated The Four Nations to become the 2019 King of Trios winners

Despite coming close to exorcising the ghost of last year’s near-miss, The Four Nations were again the bridesmaids courtesy of Lance Steel’s Boston Crab. The Crucible faction at large hit the ring for the medal presentation, with The Whisper tellingly showing far less servitude than the rest of the crew. He now has three points and announced he would challenge Dasher Hatfield at the finale on November 9, but Ophidian also has three points. Will he pull rank?