Rev-Pro ‘Live In Sittingbourne’ Review (17/4/16)

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LIVE From The UK Paper Leisure Centre

Having visited the famous York Hall for previous Rev-Pro shows such as Summer Sizzler 2015, Uprising 2015 and High Stakes 2016, this was my first time in the UK Paper Leisure Centre in Sittingbourne. The venue itself is intimate and every seat is a good one with a perfect view of the action.

At the top of the show, the man himself Will Ospreay cut a promo to deliver the unfortunate news that due to a slight knee injury he was unable to compete in his scheduled match with King Ricochet and he was also unable to compete the night before against Michael Elgin.

Will credited Rev-Pro for having some of the best wrestlers in the UK scene and also attracting the best international talent. Will stated that when he was healthy, he was going to drop back down to the cruiserweight division and could’nt wait to get back in the mix of some of the best athletes around. On that note, Will said he was going to scout the opener between the current British cruiserweight champion Pete Dunne and Reborn Matt sydal and he took a seat in the front row.

Cruiserweight champion Pete Dunne vs Matt Sydal (Non title)

This match was back and forth with the bruiserweight Pete Dunne trying to out power the smaller Sydal. Sydal managed to fight back with some trademark offense such as his spinning heel kick and standing moonsalt but it was not enough to take a win. Dunne was back on the offense and tried to cheat to win with his feet on the ropes but not on Ospreay’s watch as he pushed Dunne off the ropes much to Dunne’s dismay. This led to a comeback from the former WWE superstar which led to the match winning shooting star press. A win here for Matt sydal, surely puts him in line for a future title shot at Dunne’s championship ***

Dalton Castle w/ The Boys vs Big Damo

This one was a clash of styles and personalities as the ultra-charismatic Castle went head to head with the all business big man Damo. There were lots of shenanigans early on with Castle joking that he was going to put his hands all up in Damo’s beard and Damo was calling him a weirdo and begging him to get serious. Once they got down to it, Castle was able to hold his own against the big man staggering him with knees, a nice missile dropkick and a super impressive German bridge suplex for a 2 count on the big man. Damo managed to dominate however in the end with clubbing blows, elbows, a powerbomb and his trademark electric chair sitout driver for the 3 count ***

ACH vs Ricochet

Due to the unfortunate injury to Will Ospreay the card was re-shuffled and we got this little gem of a match. Having been a big fan of his for over 2 years, this was my first chance to see Ricochet live and of course it lived up to the hype. Lots of chemistry and athletics between these two, going back and forth with flips and counters that left me speechless. At one point ACH went for a top rope move but Ricochet nipped up off the canvas and caught him in mid flight with an acecrusher that would leave Randy Orton envious for a near fall. ACH was fighting back with stiff chops, kicks and a stiff clotheseline that turned Ricochet inside out.

Ricochet got in some trademark offense with a slingshot helo from the apron back inside and a great standing corkscrew moonsalt. In the end Ricochet managed to catch ACH with his trademark Benadriller finisher for the 3 count. Such a fun match ***

Lord Gideon Grey & Rishi Gosh vs Matt Nathan & Curtis Chapman

This was really showcase match for two young talents who are around 18 years old who are homegrown from the Portsmouth school of wrestling in Nathan and Chapman. Grey was on the mic at the start getting heat on the crowd and stating that they would win clean with no cheating. Of course I didn’t believe him. Both Curtis and Chapman, whilst very young showed great potential here taking it to the veterans with nice chain and mat wrestling. Chapman employed a more technical game, whilst Nathan seemed to be more of a flier. The action picked up and the young lads hit simultaneous dives to the outside on the heels with Chapman nailing a suicide dive and Nathan with an amazing flip dive over the top rope landing on his feet. Back in the ring, Grey went against what he said and used the ropes for the pin on Nathan but a good showing from the youngsters **

Donavan Dijack vs James Castle

My first time seeing Dijack live and this guy is impressive. He stands about 6ft 6 and was executing a standing moonsalt, just insane. Caste was trying to use cheating tactics but Dijack overpowered him with two scoop up backbreakers and just tossed him off with power that was shades of Brock Lesnar. The action spilled to the floor and Dijack hit a great moonsalt off the apron to the floor on Castle which was impressive from such a huge man. Upon hitting the moonsalt, Dijack appeared to hit his face on the floor and suffered a nasty cut near his eye and was losing a lot of blood. The match was back in the ring and quickly ended when Dijack executed a top rope moonsalt in ring for the 3 count. Was shaping up to be a good one, but ended abruptly due to Dijacks cut **3/4

RPW British Heavyweight champion Zack Sabre Jr vs Michael Elgin

A first time ever dream match and my first time seeing Elgin live. This match was incredible. Elgin was using his power early on with huge shoulder tackles and power tactics but Zack was combating that with his silky smooth technical wizadry. Zack was going after the arm as always with wristlocks, arm bars and more putting Elgin in a world of pain. Twice, Elgin attempted his trademark corner superplex but Zach countered with an armbar variation. Elgin hit two rolling German suplexes and a tiger suplex for a near fall. Zack was back on the arm with his Pele kick on the arm, missile dropkick to the arm and running European uppercuts in the corner stunning Elgin. Elgin was back on offense and hit his trademark Buckle Bomb into the sitout Elgin Bomb for only a 2 Count. Zack managed to regain himself and caught Elgin in a trademark arm bar stretch and Elgin had to tap out. Incredible match to see live and a must watch in my opinion. Both men are so talented ****

Post match Elgin said that Zack was always a dream opponent for him and credited his work and said it was a great hard fought match. Zack said anytime, Elgin wanted a rematch it was his. That brought out Big Damo who said that Zack shouldn’t be promising rematches when he has a tite defense upcoming against him. Both men went nose to nose and Damo floored Zack with a cheap headbutt, but Elgin then chased him off and Damo left the ring. Zack got back up and said he was still standing and told Damo to bring it on. Elgin also suggested a match between him and Damo and stated that Damo couldn’t manhandle him like he has done with others which closed the show.

Overall this was a really fun show from Rev-Pro with Elgin vs Sabre Jr being MUST see and Ricochet vs ACH being a great match that you would want to check out. Every other match on the card was good as well and I went home happy. I think I will now be heading to more Sittingbourne shows in the future as well as York Hall as Rev-Pro always deliver a fun show.

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