PWG All Star Weekend 2016 Night 1 Review

Added by Ben Mendall

After waiting almost 3 months for this DVD to start shipping, it finally has and the card for this show looks amazing! The tag title match and the return of my personal favorite wrestler, Kyle O’Reilly had me very excited for Night 1 of this stacked double shot weekend!

Chuck Taylor vs. Trevor Lee

Chuckie T has been making fun of Lee on commentary every chance he can get, making for some awesome banter. A very solid opener, with a ton of funny comedy. They went up to the commentary booth shaped like a table mid match and Lee grabbed the mic from Excalibur just to shit talk Chuckie. Then eventually we had an awesome brawl in the crowd and in the booth shaped like a table! Lee went for a tribute to Hayabusa, but it was Trevor Lee so it was something lame as a joke but Chuckie got his knees up! Pretty funny. Chuckie T got the win by reversing Lee’s patented hold, the Small Package for a 3 count! Very fun opener!


Chris Hero vs. Evil Uno

This match started slow but when it picked up, boy, was it a hoot. The last minute of this match makes this must watch. It was very slow in the beginning with hero and Uno trading holds. Then, as per usual with a Chris Hero match, he turns it the hell up, and him and Uno send this match home with a bang. Uno kept kicking out of Hero’s finishers at one. At one point they brought in chairs to the ring to having a staring contest but Uno does something Evil and spits in Hero’s face. Hero won with a nasty death blow!


Trent? vs. Drew Galloway

Trent? has been really damn good recently, in EVOLVE, PWG and NJPW so I was excited for this. Chuck Taylor was commentating this match, and he kept ribbing on his Best Friend, Trent?, it was pretty funny! Trent bumped like a god damn mad man and it was VERY entertaining. He got caught from a dive on the outside so he got Belly to Belly’d onto the concrete. Trent got a surprise victory with a dudebuster in a sweet match! Hearing the crowd explode when he won was pretty sick!


Roderick Strong vs. Mark Andrews

I will admit I am not that big a fan of Mandrews. He just does nothing for me, but can be impressive. This match was kinda held down by him, and a very bad double knee gutbuster that could of ended up really badly as Andrews landed head first into the mat. There were some cool flips (not all the aerial attacks were good though) from Mandrews though, and a sick powerbomb from Roddy while they were out side. Not a horrible match, just not the best, and not what I expect from PWG. Roddy eventually wins with his patented End of Heartache, putting the underdog down.


Kyle O’Reilly vs. Marty Scurll

The official return of my favorite wrestler back in PWG, Kyle O’Reilly against a wrestler I really like! What is not to be hyped for? This was an awesome bout. There was a sick spot that included 2 Nigel attempts, one even from the bottom rope! Scurll nearly won a couple times but Kyle O’Reilly would power out of his pesky Chickenwing. I guess he had more time to prepare because Marty Scurll always yells “CHICKENWING” before going for the move, but just a minor gripe. O’Reilly eventually wins with an arm bar in a sweet match, good return for a former PWG champ!


Adam Cole vs Zack Sabre Jr.

A match in PWG for once had a build! ZSJ was trying to get the world title from Roddy and Mount Rushmore kept getting into his way. Oh guess what? Adam Cole is a member of Mount Rushmore. In what seems to be a trend of ZSJ’s PWG matches, they have dumb and boring openings, and this was another occurrence of this. When the match picked up it was very good, but it felt that it went on way too long. Roderick Strong tried to interfere but it failed and ZSJ used Strong’s Strong Hold to get the win.


PWG Tag Titles: Young Bucks vs. Matt Sydal & Ricochet

Do you like spot fests? Do you like flips? If so, then this match is perfectly up your alley, as it was mine. I was so excited to see this match, and it lived up to the hype! The amount of dives in this match was too much too count! It was sweet. I guess you can say too sweet! A ton of classic Young Buck moves. Let’s not forget all the super kicks too! At one-point Ricochet jumps over the ring post and lands on BOTH of the Young Bucks. Sydal and Ricochet also hit simultaneous standing moonsaults onto one of the Young Bucks. The Bucks eventually win by usual shenanigans and they beat down the two challengers with help from the rest of Mount Rushmore. What a hoot!


Overall this was a great show, only one match that I did not really like all that much. You should go out of your way to watch that main event, the spots were so good, it was not like the other ! Thanks for reading and if you want, you can follow me for pro graps and rap banter on twitter @a7xweeman and look for my night 2 review coming up soon right here.

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