Preston City Wrestling – Tribute To The Troops (11/7/15) Review

Added by Nathan Hunt

Picture Credit: Craig Hermit

PCW hosted their second annual Tribute To The Troops in Preston Market Square as the centerpiece attraction of the festivities for the city’s Armed Forces Day. Their first installment had set a high bar and would be hard to live up to, but with even more international star attractions for the card, this promised to be a solid and exciting show. Drawing a very respectable crowd and luckily experiencing good weather for the most part, it seemed that the stars were aligned for PCW to deliver once again. One small issue was that the sound system just couldn’t quite project the microphone enough, which meant that people towards the back could barely hear promos or make out the match announcements. This is only to be expected given that the event was outdoors and that the sound escapes into the atmosphere, and to the credit of Chris Brooker and Richard Parker, they compensated for the sound issues as best they could.

A six man opening contest for the company’s MITB contract featuring Martin Kirby, Charlie Garrett, El Ligero, Dean Allmark, Joey Hayes and Lionheart was your standard PCW opener, with plenty of high spots and a peppering of comedic shenanigans.

The weather threatened to turn nasty as Velvet Sky and Viper faced Toni Storm and April Davids, which probably distracted the performers and could have played into the performance as it did not live up to the expectations one would have given the talent involved.

Noam Dar and Ryan Smile had a decent, eclectic bout which entertained and engaged the audience, while the key attraction of the show, Team 3D Vs Team Single in a tables match was exciting, hard-hitting and very well received.

Sha Samuels and Mr Anderson was over with the crowd from the outset and despite being a basic match was well put together.

The PCW Cruiserweight championship match between Bubblegum and Rockstar Spud was laden with comedy and stalling, assumedly due to Bubblegum’s ongoing recovery from injury. The timing of this is disappointing as the two would easily have had an instant classic if both were in peak condition.

Lastly, Chris Masters and Dave Mastiff’s battle over the PCW Heavyweight Championship was a little disappointing. While the match contained all the right psychology and moments, the largely casual crowd seemed to quash the usually boisterous and vocal atmosphere associated with PCW main events. With good action throughout, some memorable moments and surprising finishes, the show was a good advertisement for what PCW can do, although by no means the best. It’s safe to say that the atmosphere and amenities of Evoque nightclub add a dimension to PCW’s events which can’t be rivaled outside of their regular haunt. That being said, the show had enough on offer that it will certainly be worth checking out or reliving on DVD and will definitely have made a good impression on the uninitiated in the audience. No doubt many new PCW fans will have been made and several appetites whetted for further investigation. Those people will not be disappointed, as the PCW product is easily amongst the best in the country and their monthly shows at Evoque are a highly recommended experience.

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