Prestige Wrestling ‘Roseland’ (9/29/9) Review

Added by Zack Monday

From The Roseland Theater in Portland, Oregon

‘The Sauce’ Alex Zayne vs Puma King

Winner: Zayne after MURDERING Puma with The Crunchwrap, Zayne covered for the 3. (Hot opener. These two had really great flow, Zayne’s strength showed on some of the moves to Puma, especially The Taco Driver.)

Ethan HD vs Kikutaro

Ethan is having stomach issues, playing it up and avoiding any strikes to the mid-section. Kikutaro was finally able to break through and attack the stomach, with the fans chanting “Please don’t shit!”

*Kikutaro dropped Ethan with The Flip, Flop and Fly Elbow, with accompanying voodoo magic baby, and covered, Ethan kicked out at 1 and got furious, only to stop in his tracks in fear of shitting himself! Kikutaro goes back to the gut and then uses Atomic Drop and Ethan SHITS HIMSELF! He takes off his glove and reaches into the back of his trunks, pulling his hand back to reveal SHIT ON HIS HANDS! Ethan goes crazy and tries to put his hand into Kikutaro’s mouth, but Kikutaro stops him and almost puts Ethan’s hand in his own mouth. Ethan breaks free and runs to the back, disappearing until the count of 9, when he runs back, with toilet paper hanging out the back of his trunks!

Winner: Ethan after Ethan nailed Kikutaro with a Superkick, staggering him into the Referee, who was reeling from the shenanigans of the match and grabbed Kikutaro in a Front Chancery, allowing Ethan to push the Ref, dropping Kikutaro with a DDT! Ethan followed with a Curb Stomp to Kikutaro and covered for the 3.

Bull James vs ‘The Man Beast’ Rhino

Match ruled a No Contest after 4 Minutes of Heat (Ricky Gibson & Eddie Pearl) ran out and attacked both men. 4MOH was originally supposed to face The Rock n Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson), but they were not able to make it. Gibson cuts a promo, talking about the same subject, until James & Rhino take them out with GORES!

James cuts a promo, welcoming back Portland Wrestling and challenging 4MOH, who start towards the ring, but take their talents to the back.

Abound: Light Tube covered Doors, Barbed Wire covered Door, Kiddie Pool filled with Barbed Wire it’s time for The Rose City Deathmatch!

Rose City Deathmatch: ‘The Devil Himself’ Drexl vs ‘Simply The Best’ Steve West

Winner: Drexl after West used a Canadian Destroyer, into the Kiddie Pool filled with Barbed Wire, he yelled “It’s time for the Devil to DIE!” West smashed a Chair Shot across Drexl’s back, before setting up the Light Tube Boards, stacked two high, on 2 sets of two unfolded chairs! West threw Drexl into the corner and gnawed at his bloody head, before climbing to the top, only for Drexl to pull West off the top, crashing onto the Light Tube covered Doors and get the pin. (West is a snot-rocket shooting, tough fighting punk. He stepped up for this match on short notice, as Mance Warner could not compete tonight. Drexl is a Devil’s Rejects character placed in a wrestling environment. Evil motherfucker, face-paint, dreadlocks and evil eyes. This was pretty good, some brutal shit throughout, nice and long, good brawl around the venue. Staples, Thumbtacks, Trash Cans and more, this was a good change of pace and a brutal showcase for these two.)

Seven Way Scramble: Mike Santiago vs Jaiden vs ‘The God Damn Man’ Tyler Bateman vs ‘Young Fuego’ Adrian Quest vs Andrew Everett vs ‘The Sauce’ Alex Zayne vs Tony FUCKING Deppen

Deppen was originally scheduled to wrestle Puma King, Zayne took his place, Zayne wanted to still compete in his originally scheduled match, this Scramble and was joined by Deppen!

Winner: Zayne after Jaiden moved out of the way of Everett’s Shooting Star Press, he quickly followed with a Shining Wizard, only for Zayne to quickly enter and use a Pump Handle spun into a Knee Strike to the face, before PLANTING Jaiden with The Taco Driver and holding on for the 3. (Everett’s 7-foot-4 mind frame is something alright, but it lead to a big spot paying off and that was cool. Quest lit the crowd on fire early, acrobatic attack with some great expressions. Everyone was able to get their shit in, Jaiden definitely benefited from working with Zayne, if only for the short moments they go. I want to see a Bateman vs Deppen match. Good way to bring the crowd back from intermission, got them on their feet and kept them there, with great energy and bodies flying through the air. Deppen’s Springboard Trust Fall is so fucking cool. Zayne hit a fucking Corkscrew Senton, OUT OF THE BALCONY, taking out all other 6, on the floor!)

‘The Undead Bride’ Su Yung vs ‘Freshly Squeezed’ Orange Cassidy

Winner: Su after Su had OC under a spell, using her magic to put his hands in his pockets, as Su put on her Bloody Glove and readied The Mandible Claw! She charged, but OC kept avoiding, until using a Back Body Drop to get the advantage. OC grabbed his Orange Juice, fought off The Mandible Claw by Su, putting the Claw Hand in HIS POCKET! OC picked the Orange Juice back up, took a big sip, as Su pulled out of his pocket and then they both sprayed their mists, Orange Juice and Blood, causing a cataclysmic reaction, knocking both out of the ring. After some recovery, they rolled back in, Su scored with a Palm Strike, OC came back with Slow-Mo Chop, Su answered with Palm Strikes, as OC used the Slow-Motion attack, until she caught his foot and bit it! OC avoided Su and scored with The Superman Punch, but favored his foot and didn’t follow up, allowing Su to jam The Mandible Claw down his throat, taking him to the mat and holding on for the win. (This was fun, Horror-movie style clash. Orange’s nonchalant reactions to The Undead Bride was funny, but when the scares started coming on strong, Orange being frightened was played up big time. They disappeared to the back, Su came out, leading “Blood Orange” Cassidy out, Undead garb and all.)

Prestige Championship Knockout or Tap Out match: Champion ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor vs “The Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson

Winner and STILL Champion: Lawlor after Dickinson pulled Lawlor’s throat down, across the tope rope, Chris rolled back into the ring, as Tom staggered around and charged into the corner, where Tom got a boot up, but Dickinson powered through it with a Lariat and unloaded Chops to Tom’s chest. Chris followed with a combination of Kicks, before lifting Tom to the top and following up, crashing them both to the mat with a Superplex. After the impact of the collision, both men suffered and slowly pulled themselves up, before charging in, Chris leveled Tom with a big Lariat and both went back down. Chris got up, as Tom stayed down until the 8 count, getting up to a hard kick to the head from Chris, who then hooked for The Pazuzu Bomb, which Tom escaped into a Rear Naked Choke! Dickinson fought him way out, dumping Tom with a Saito Suplex, but Tom fired up and charged, only to get leveled by a Side Kick! Tom, relentless as ever, got back up and caught Chris’ kick, transitioned into a waist-lock, before popping Chris into a Rear Naked Choke, sinking in the hooks and falling back to the mat, forcing Dickinson to Tap Out. (What a wonderful fight this was. Two men that respect the hell out of each other, going out there and beating the shit out of one another. Great test of wills, a hybrid submission and striking style that kept the crowd engaged the entire time. Tom was able to take advantage of Chris’ overly aggressive style and use his technical knowhow to get the job done. This is a match that I would watch over and over again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)