PCW SuperShow Of Honor Show 3 (29/11/14) Review

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Cedric Alexander vs ACH vs Martin Kirby vs Bobby Fish vs Noam Dar vs Roderick Strong.

The opening bout saw the fans treated to a breathtaking six way one fall to match with each wrestler showing exactly why they all respected in the business.

Kirby showed why he’s one of the UK’s best highflying wrestlers as throughout the match he had the crowd cheering with a barrage of stunts and one highlight was bouncing of the second turnbuckle to perform a headscissors that left the crowd in awe.

One half of the current ROH Tag Team Champions Bobby Fish decimated  Alexander and ACH early on with series of chops. He would then show the fans his sadistic side as he tortured the leg of Alexander.

Dar fresh off the British Boot Camp series demonstrated the excellence to the wrestling craft he brings to the ring as he hit a stunning running droppkick
On Alexander and began to excel in his mat based wrestling technique on all of the other combatants.

Strong showed exactly why he remains a world renowned wrestler as he hit brutal chops on Dar that had the crowd wincing at points and then hitting a series of deverstating standing suplexes on Alexander.

All the men seized side-headlocks on one other at the same time with Dar being the last man to complete the sequence in one of the highlights of the match that drew emense cheers from the crowd.

ACH wasn’t the there to make up the numbers, as his hard-hitting ability combined with his agility had fans believing he was a strong favourite to win the match.

Alexander launched himself into the other contenders as he leaped over the top tope to gain the advantage. As the match headed into it’s finale, the crowd shouted “this is awesome!”, as it was ACH and Alexander in the ring but it would be fan favourite, Cedric Alexander with the win.

Michael Elgin vs BJ Whitmer

It was time for a ROH showcase match starring the former ROH Heavyweight Champion Elgin against the multi-time former ROH Tag Team Champion Whitmer.

This was a stiff hard-hitting match in a stark contrast to the earlier bout, but no way less entertaining as both men demonstrated the technical aspects of the ROH company.

Both started off trading hammerlocks and headscissors with no man gaining the advantage. It wasn’t until Elgin found weakness on Whitmer’s left arm that he began to work on it with a cotton-elbow tie up and then deep armdrags.

Elgin was on a roll as he hit a fantastic splash from the top turnbuckle and then a thirty second standing suplex as the fans helped count the seconds Whitmer was held in the air.

Whitmer fought back with chops as the two fell to the outside and he continued his assault as he hit a back suplex onto the canvas of the ring.

Elgin then regained control as he used his single-leg boston crab to have the crowd chanting “tap!” to Whitmer, who managed to seize the ropes.

In a great stiff wrestling moment between the the two, the bombarded each other with hard clotheslines until Whitmer would hit a Powerslam and then attempt a piledriver, but Elgin would counter it with a powerbomb him into the turnbuckle and then get the win with a powerbomb.

Tommaso Ciampa vs El Ligero.

This match kicked off quickly as one of the UK’s best talent, Ligero battled the former ROH TV Champion, Ciampa on the outside of the ring, the two demonstrated the drive and the passion that has saw them succeed in there respective companies.

Ciampa hit a running kick to the head of Ligero for a near-fall and then a running knee in the corner but Ligero wouldn’t be easily defeated as he mounted his own challenge by flying a high kick of the second turnbuckle.

The crowd once again cheered as both men traded offenses, with Ligero hitting his thrust kicks and Ciampa using his discus forams.

In one of the best spots of the night, Ciampa hit a back a kryptonite krunch off the second turnbuckle to get a near fall, and then in the finale, Ligero connected with two cutters but in the end, Ciampa stood after getting the win after a brutal powerbomb.

On a great sign of respect, Ligero lifted the arm of Ciampa to the cheers of the fans.

PCW GM Lionheart arrived to the ring and after teasing the fans about how PCW spoils them with main event stars such as Alberto Del Rio will be comng in 2015, he then announced that Matt Hardy would joining him as well. Afterwards, Booker T came to the ring and had the fans in raptures as he performed a spina-roonie then confirmed that Harlem Heat will reunite in PCW in 2015.

Dave Rayne & Mad Man Manson vs  Paul London & Delirious

The tone of the match was determined right at the beginning, a fun and entertaining bout that the fans loved especially when ROH combatant Delirous tried to bring a fan into the ring.

The comedy moments between Mason and Delirous had the fans loving every moment and combine this with the technical wrestling from Rayne & London, this was one of the most fun matches of the night.

In a toungue in cheek finale, London hit a pedigree on Davey then blew water out his mouth as the fans cheered, then Delirious hit a stunner but Davey recovered to strike a rock bottom for the pinfall victory as the fans loved the fun match.

However, afterwards, Mad Man Manson took the microphone and announced that he was retiring, it was official he had just had his last match.

Personally, I want to say that I hope he stays involved in wrestling in some form, because wrestling needs people like him, he a unique and geniune person that gives his all when he interacts with the fans. Truly great guy.

Joey Hayes vs Lance Storm.

The match kicked off as the fans gave cheers and applause for Storm yet, the complete opposite reaction was given for Hayes as boos rained down followed by chants of “Joey is a wanker!”, it was clear who would be the fans favourite.

Storm demonstrated his experience as he gave Hayes a technical wrestling class by working over the left arm using an armbar, wristlock, deep armdrags and kneedrops.

Hayes retaliated with armdrags of his own and with a side-headlock. The two continued to trade offenses and Hayes was holding his own against the more experienced Storm, but Storm locked in the Texas Cloverleaf as Hayes fought his way to the ropes.

The finale saw the fans shocked as Hayes seized in the crossface and on this night it would be Storm that taps out to give Hayes the win.

PCW Tag Team Championship – Team Single vs The Briscoe Brothers.

After the heated encounter from the previous night, tempers were frayed between the two intense teams, this was even made clearer as both teams entered the ring and a full on brawl began.

The battle raged to the outside as Brown hit a back suplex on Jay but the tide changed as Jay managed to hit rabbit punches on T-Bone.

As T-Bone battled Jay, the crowd mercilessly teases him with the chant, “T-Bag!”, if this angered him, he took it out on Jay as he connected with deep elbows. Fighting back, Jay hit with shoulder tackles to pull the advantage back to the Briscoes.

As Brown as tagged in, his ferociousness showed as he hit Mark with brutal hard punches and then a deverstating back breaker.

As the match began to brake down, the two teams had the crowd in awe as the action was non-stop, Mark hiting discus forearms on Brown to T-Bone launching a heavy clothesline on Jay.

But the finale came when Jay hit a powerbomb on T-Bone then Brown surprised him with a crucifix but after Mark hit a clothesline on T-Bone from the top turnbuckle, he was easy prey for Brown who hit his piledriver for the win.

Afterwards both teams shook each others hands, mutual respect was earned.

PCW Cruiserweight Championship: Triple Threat – PCW Champion Bubblegum vs Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly.

Another highflying fast paced exciting match, as, the fans would be treated to a non-stop battle.

As the match settled down all three men hit corkscrews on each other, the Champion was wanting to show that he wasn’t easy picking as he hit a flawless running dropkick in the corner on O’Reilly.

But the two ROH men claimed control of the match as they worked together, until the desire to be the Champion saw,the red mist desend on the two and the battled each other. This allowed Bubblegum to gain an advantage as hit a suicide dive threw the ropes on O’Reilly and a powerbomb on Cole in the ring.

With all three men showing why they are the premier of the Cruiserweights in the world, the produced some great action having the crowd chant, “This is awesome!”

But the finale came when Cole hit a super flip front piledriver on Bubblegum, then it was,three thrust kicks directly to the face on O’Reilly from Cole that showed that Cole could take the win, until, Bubblegum lepped in and pushed him out the ring and seized the pin for the win.

PCW GM Lionheart returned to the ring, teasing that he might stepaway from wrestling to recover after his injury and announced that he is stepping down as GM. Joey Hayes came to the ring and demanded a PCW Heavyweight Championship match. Lionheart said that Joey Hayes could earn it and entered him as the first entrant in the Road To Glory 2015 tournament. He then announced that he would be the second entrant in the tournament after hitting him with a Rock Bottom to the standing applause from the crowd.

PCW Heavyweight Championship match, Lionheart shocked the crowd that Dave Mastiff would be a part of the match in a three-way elimination bout.

As the arrogant Masters shouted at Nation and Mastiff, his challengers attacked, both beating him trying to out do each other as they beat him down.

PCW Heavyweight Championship: Three-Way Elimiantion – Uhaa Nation vs Dave Mastiff vs Chris Masters.

Masters tried to withstand the onslaught, but after a neck throw from Mastiff and an elbow drop from Nation, he seemed in trouble. But after a leap over the ropes, he faked an injury that had the referee and owner of PCW convinced.

Leaving Mastiff and Nation in the ring, the two battled as they traded dropkicks but as a crossbody from Nation hit Masiff, the match reached a standstill as they tried to recover, Masters returned.

Masters hit both the Challengers with hard clotheslines and was still quick enough to dodge the big boot from Nation that hit Mastiff accidentally.

The Champion was in control as he hit a suplex and spinebuster on Nation. He then tried to use the masterlock on Mastiff only for the hold to be broken by Nation but then Nation found himself in the same move.

As Nation got to the ropes, Masters was then victim to a Mastiff low blow then a barrage of deverstating moves from the Challenger, a running droppkick, a rolling thunder in turnbuckle and then Nation three somersaults to get the pin.

The fans chanted, “Good Bye!” as he stormed off and it dawned on the fans that guaranteed on this night, there will be a new Champion.

The two traded forearms and both men  the fans continued hitting great spots that had the fans chanting “This is Awesome!”. Mastiff got the advantage and seized the chance as he hit the running splash,  back suplex and one into the corner for a near fall, but Nation fought back and hit two standing sommersaults for the pinfall victory as the fans cheered.

Following the match, Masters immediately invoked his rematch clause and challenged Nation at Road to Glory 2015 with the added stipulation that the loser must leave PCW forever cutting the promo, “My road to glory will be the end of yours Uhaa”.

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