OTT Wrestling ‘So It Is’ (Belfast, 28/7/19)

Added by Lorna Marie Watts

OTT returned to the Europa Hotel in Belfast on the 28th August. The card is stacked as it always is, and some match changes occurred due to unforeseen circumstances. OTT handled the difficulties well, and still made sure fans got to see and experience some brilliant performers face off against each other. Let’s jump straight into the action.

The Mongrels (Eddie Stone/Russel Dempster) vs Club Rock Shandy (Clayton Long/Martin Steers)

Kicking off the show is tag team action with The Mongrels taking on Club Rock Shandy. Starting off the match is Stone and Steers. The two lockup and Stone works the wrist of Steers. Steers fights out but Stone avoids the dropkick attempt and puts the boot into Steers before tagging in Dempster. Stone hits a snap suplex and Dempster follows it up with a leg drop. Dempster covers but it’s only a two count. Stone is tagged back in and Dempster knocks long off the apron. Stone and Dempster hoist Steers high and dump him down. Stone covers but Steers kicks out. Steers is sent into The Mongrels corner and Dempster is back in. Dempster sends him into the corner but Steers blocks and then takes down Dempster. Steers needs to tag in Long.

Stone is tagged in and so is long who unloads kicks onto Stone, and then connects with a cinnamon swirl onto Dempster. Steers holds onto Stone as Long goes to the top rope. Dempster holds onto Long and Stone sends Steers into him. Stone then takes down Steers. Dempster hits the Dempster truck in the corner, and The Mongrels further punish Steers before Dempster covers and picks up the win.

Thoughts: This was a short match for the opening and we didn’t get to see much of Club Rock Shandy’s abilities in this match, as The Mongrels dominated. The Mongrels are a hard hitting team and always seem to dominate during their matches; however, this match was all Mongrels. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see Club Rock Shandy’s skills, however, I’m sure we will see them again in OTT and we will be able to see their skills then. As for the Mongrels I hope we see them vs Moustache Mountain for the tag team titles, because they deserve a title shot.

Only True Pros (Liam Royal/Michael May/Sean Guinness) vs Club Tropicana (Aidan Epic/Captain Sexsea) & The Fabulous Sexsea

Next up more tag team action with Only True Pros (Liam Royal, Michael May & Sean Guinness) W/ J-Money taking on Club Tropicana (Aidan Epic & Captain Sexsea) and The Fabulous Nicky. Starting the match is Guinness and Aidan. Aidan and Guinness shake hands but it’s just a ploy and Guinness sends him into the ropes. The two go back and forth avoiding each other, and criss-cross each other in the ring but Aidan is fading fast and collapses, so Guinness does push-ups to send a message. Guinness picks Aidan up and chops him down. May is tagged in as is Sexsea. The two lockup and May ragdolls Sexsea and grounds him, as he works the arm. Oh it’s ugly. Arms shouldn’t bend that way. Sexsea counters and snatches a side headlock but May fights him off. Sexsea is sent into the ropes and then takes a knee as May looks to jump over Sexsea but lands on his knee. Now that’s what I call a cockblock. A huge hip toss is followed up by a groin to the face. Sexsea gloats but he doesn’t realise Royal has been tagged in but he does now.

Sexsea gets the leather glove and smacks Royal across the face and he’s pissed. Royal throws him across the ring before tagging in Guinness who knocks Nicky off the apron. Royal and Guinness work together to take down Sexsea, Guinness covers but it’s just a one count. May is back in and unloads with shoulder blocks in the corner before putting the boot in. Nicky is fired up on the apron as Guinness enters. Sexsea is taken down with a brutal chop, and another. Royal is back in and knocks Nicky off the apron before unloading on Sexsea and covering, but it’s still not enough. May is back in and snatches a headlock. The Only True Pros are dominating this match, and the crowd wants Nicky and Sexsea manages to tag him in.

Nicky unloads with clotheslines on May, and a big back body drop sends Guinness crashing down to the canvas. Nicky tries to knock Royal off his feet but can’t, but manages to avoid him in the corner. Sexsea is tagged in and a dropkick from the top rope takes down Royal. Nicky and Sexsea worth together to hit an assisted cutter on May. Sexsea covers but Guinness intercepts and then sends Nicky to the outside. Aidan enters the ring and chops Guinness repeatedly but it has little effect. A double chop from Club Tropicana sends Guinness crashing down. Club Tropicana look for the super-sexy-slip-and-slide and hit it. Royal is back in and a huge spear to Nicky takes him out. Guinness sends Sexsea into Aidan which sends him out of the ring. May holds onto Sexsea before hitting a vicious dragon suplex. Royal then follows it up with a powerbomb and picks up the win.

Thoughts: Having Sean Guinness in a trio with Liam Royal and Michael May is an interesting dynamic, and they work well together. I can’t wait to see what the trio does next, as they seem to becoming a dominant trio within OTT. As individuals they are phenomenal athletes, and all three are hard hitters. They portray a ‘heel’ persona extremely well, and can only get better as a team. Club Tropicana are always a joy to watch, and I adore them. Their comedic timing is brilliant, and they have skills to back it up. I enjoy seeing Club Tropicana and Nicky in a ring together, because the three work so well together and are always a joy to watch. They are just brilliant together, and I hope they get a title shot soon.

Kings Of The North (Bonesaw/Corvin) vs Team White Wolf (A-Kid/Carlos Romo)

Even more tag action now with The Kings of the North (Bonesaw & Damien Corvin) taking on Team WhiteWolf (A-Kid & Carlos Romo). Before the match starts both teams shake hands showering their respect, however, with the kings in the ring I doubt the pleasantries will last. The match starts with Bonesaw and A-Kid. The two size each other and A-Kid looks for a single leg early but can’t get it. Bonesaw grounds A-Kid but he quickly escapes. The two lockup and Bonesaw takes control with a headlock but A-Kid escapes with ease. A-Kid gets a single leg which takes down Bonesaw and he works the ankle. Bonesaw fights him off and gets an ankle of his own. The two are tied up and both look to take control, and both release and get back to their feet. Another lockup and Bonesaw powers A-Kid down into a bridge. Bonesaw covers but A-Kid fights him off before getting in a shoulder lock. Bonesaw rolls through and fights him off.

Another lockup and Bonesaw works the arms of A-Kid. Bonesaw eats a dropkick and tags in Corvin. The two lockup and Corvin snatches a headlock but A-Kid reverses. A huge hip toss sends Corvin down and A-Kid covers but it’s not enough. A-Kid tries to keep him grounds but Corvin hoists him up. A-Kid escapes and Corvin tags in Bonesaw who unloads with chops. Bonesaw is angry and is enjoying beating up A-Kid. Bonesaw hits a Northern Lights suplex into a bridge but A-Kid kicks out. Corvin is back in and punches A-Kid in the gut, before knocking him down with a back elbow. The force is so hard Corvin himself is hurt too. Irony is a terrible thing. Corvin covers but it’s not enough. Bonesaw is tagged back in and the king’s work together to brutalise A-Kid but they still can’t put him away.

Corvin is back in and strikes with another gut punch. A-Kid unloads with chops onto Corvin but a forearm knocks him down, and he’s in Dream Street right now. Corvin says “we’re from Belfast boy, that’s a Saturday night” and the crowd cheers. Corvin hoists A-Kid up but he escapes and Corvin eats a dropkick. A-Kid needs to get Romo in this match and he does. Romo and Bonesaw are in, and Romo drives the boots in knocking Bonesaw down before unloading with running European uppercuts. A running knee strike connects and Romo covers but Bonesaw kicks out. Romo unloads with boots and covers but again it’s not enough. Romo unloads with elbow strikes to Bonesaw’s shoulder before working his arm/shoulder. He rolls into a cover but Bonesaw kicks out. WhiteWolf are taking control of the match, and A-Kid is back in. Team WhiteWolf work together to take down Bonesaw but they still can’t put him away.

Romo is back and further punishes Bonesaw. Bonesaw fights back but is taken down by a leaping leg lariat. Romo covers but Bonesaw kicks out again. To add insult to injury Romo stops to have a sip of water. Hydration is important, but he’s going to pay for that. Bonesaw slaps the water out of Romo’s face and then eats a slap of his own. Romo grounds Bonesaw but he fights out and tags in Corvin. Corvin knocks A-Kid off the apron before hitting Romo with a Belfast boot. A dropkick takes Romo down and A-Kid enters but eats a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and it’s brutal. Corvin is sent to the apron and catches Romo with a uranage and follows it up with a slingshot senton. Corvin dives to the outside and takes out both members of Team WhiteWolf and he lands on his feet. He can’t believe it. Quick someone get him a 205 Live Contract now. Corvin sends Romo back into the ring and eats a knee but then connects with the white star line, which is vintage Corvin. Bonesaw is tagged in and the kings work together and take down Romo but he kicks out. Bonesaw hoists him up and in comes Corvin.

Romo escapes and sends Bonesaw into Corvin which rocks him and Bonesaw is down. WhiteWolf work together to beat down Corvin and superkicks in stereo rock Corvin. A-Kid covers but Corvin kicks out at two. A-Kid turns his attention to Bonesaw and hits a rana on Corvin. The kings are sent to the outside and Romo dives and connects with both men. A-Kid hits a springboard moonsault to the outside which again takes out both men. Corvin is rolled into the ring and WhiteWolf further beat down Corvin but can’t put him away. A-Kid transitions into the arm bar. In comes Bonesaw and Romo locks in a sleeper but Bonesaw stomps on A-Kid. Bonesaw takes a knee and unloads with chops onto A-Kid. Bonesaw is a beast. Corvin fights out and hoists A-Kid high and dumps him down onto Romo and Bonesaw. All four men are down. Both teams unload on each other as they exchange blows and go toe-to-toe. This match has broken down, as I expected. Stereo superkicks connect with the kings. A-Kid looks for another but Corvin catches the leg and sends it into Romo. Corvin grabs A-Kid by the throat and unloads with forearms. The sound of his forearm hitting A-Kid’s face is sickening.

A-Kid is down and Corvin looks to end it but a destroyer takes him down and Romo hits a moonsault and it’s still not enough. Good kings never die. Romo is the legal man now as A-Kid goes to the top. Corvin sends Romo into A-Kid which knocks him off the apron. The kings take down Romo and Corvin takes flight to the outside and takes out A-Kid, but he also injures himself in the process. Cancel that 205 Live contract, Corvin needs time to recover. It’s a sad time. A-Kid is visibly concerned, as are Romo and Bonesaw. Bonesaw spikes Romo with a piledriver and picks up the win. A great match, it’s just a shame it ended the way it did.

Thoughts: First off I just want to say, it’s a shame that Corvin is currently injured. I wish him a speedy recovery and hope it isn’t too serious. It’s never nice seeing wrestlers get hurt. Big thanks to the OTT team who helped him out, and major respect to Bonesaw, A-Kid and Carlos who were clearly concerned for Corvin and made sure he was okay. Now for the match itself. WhiteWolf are always a joy to watch and they work so well together. It’s clear these two have been working together for a while, and they just pull out moves when people least expect it. They are great athletes and its always fantastic seeing them in and OTT ring, so I hope they come back soon. The KOTN are two of the hardest working men in the business, and I have nothing but respect for them. They work so effortlessly together as a tag team, their experience is always evident and they are two amazing athletes. It seems like forever since we’ve seen them in and OTT ring (due to the stipulation of not being allowed in Dublin, after their tag title loss to British Strong Style), and it’s unfortunate that we won’t see them as a tag team again for a while. With that being said, I know when Corvin is 100% and the KOTN are back together, they will dominate again. I hope Bonesaw is still booked on shows as a solo competitor, because, he is a beast and quite frankly deserves a shot against Jordan Devlin.

Session Moth Martina earnt a spot at contenders, defeating Terry Thatcher and Paddy M in order to become the number one contender for the OTT Gender Neutral Championship. She was scheduled to compete against a defending Mark Haskins; however this match was cancelled due to Martina’s flight being delayed. This was unfortunate, but that isn’t going to stop the Gender Neutral Championship from being defended.

Terry Thatcher was due to face Calum Black in a one on one match but this was was also cancelled due to Martina being unable to make the event. Instead of Terry and Calum competing against just each other, they are now in a three-way match with Mark Haskins, for the OTT Gender Neutral Championship.

OTT Gender Neutral Championship: Mark Haskins (with Vicky) vs Terry Thatcher vs Calum Black

Next up a change to the card with Terry Thatcher, Calum Black and Mark Haskins competing against each other for the Gender Neutral Championship. As soon as the bell rings Thatcher runs at Mark who quickly exits the ring. Haskins is running scared. Black pulls Thatcher away from the ropes and states “I’m in this match too mate”, to which Thatcher pushes him away. Thatcher just wants Haskins. Thatcher tells him to bring it on, as Haskins and Vicky take a front row seat. Haskins starts a clap getting the crowd going as Thatcher snatches a side headlock. Black fights him off easily. Haskins claps again and now Black is pissed too. Thatcher works the arm of Black and keeps him grounded. Black counters and takes control, that is until Thatcher kicks out and then locks in a headlock. Black hoists Thatcher up but he can’t counter, and Thatcher stays on him before transitioning into the hammer lock. Thatcher dominates and rolls him up but in comes Haskins who intercepts. He then sticks two fingers up at Thatcher before leaving the ring again.

Haskins then starts a chant “let’s go Terry”. The mind games have started. Thatcher and Black lockup and Black rolls him up and again Haskins intercepts and exits quickly. Haskins is schooling the crowd in the rules of a triple-threat match. Back in the ring Black takes Thatcher down with a shoulder tackle. Thatcher then takes down Black and unloads on him. Thatcher points at Haskins and when his back in turned Haskins enters and hits him from behind before unloading. Thatcher then unloads on Haskins, it’s time for revenge. Haskins cuts him off and Black sends Haskins out of the ring. Thatcher dives to the outside and takes out Haskins. Haskins is rolled back in and finds himself stuck between Black and Thatcher. Haskins tells Black they should team up and take out Thatcher. Black sticks his middle finger up. So I guess that’s a no then. Haskins then sort of in his own way apologises to Thatcher and tells him they should team up on Black. He brings up them both being dads so they should work together. What an opportunist. Thatcher also gives him the middle finger before unloading on him. So I’ll take that as another big fat no.

Black pulls Thatcher off of Haskins and says “I’m not a dad but I want to fight” before unloading on Haskins himself. Thatcher pulls Black off and chops Haskins repeatedly. Black and Thatcher come face to face and then work together to take down Haskins who then retreats to the outside. Black follows, as does Thatcher. Haskins is given a seat and Black takes a run up and runs through Haskins and the chair with a huge lariat. Thatcher places him in the seat again and tells Black to watch this. He takes a huge run up and Haskins eats a dropkick. Black hoists Haskins up and Vicky gets in the way but Black just dismisses her. The distraction allows Haskins to escape out the back and he sends Black face first into the ring post, before turning his attention to Thatcher. He sends him back in the ring and stomps on him before sending him to the outside and kicking him. Haskins is vicious. Haskins dives but stops, and then takes out both men individually. This match has broken down quickly. Haskins dumps Thatcher on the apron and it’s brutal. Vicky is on the outside taunting Thatcher telling him to “remember his baby girl. Remember who you’re doing this for. She thinks her daddy’s a hero but he’s nothing but a little bitch”, callous antics from Vicky. Haskins continues to dominate Thatcher. Thatcher looks to fight back but Haskins takes him down. Haskins kicks Black on the outside, ensuring he stays out of the match.

Haskins hoists Thatcher high and dumps him. Haskins covers but Thatcher kicks out and Vicky can’t believe it. Haskins works Thatcher’s arm now. Haskins locks in a bridging arm bar but Black is in to intercept. Haskins rakes Black’s eyes before kicking him to the outside. Haskins punishes Thatcher further, by twisting his arm around the ropes and cranking on it. Given Haskins lack of competing early on in this match, he’s now dominating. Haskins tells Thatcher he’s nothing and Thatcher starts fighting back and unloads on Haskins, but is quickly cut off. Black is taken out again and Haskins goes to the top, but nobody is home. Thatcher takes advantage and takes it to Haskins. Thatcher connects with an enziguri and Black is on the outside firing up and unloads on Haskins and Thatcher. The tables have turned… but only briefly. Black catches Thatcher and slams him face first into the canvas before dumping Haskins onto Thatcher. Black covers Haskins but he kicks out. Black unloads on Haskins now, but a big boot from Haskins connects. Black then powerbombs Haskins into a cover and this time Thatcher intercepts, keeping the match going.

The crowd now starts chanting “anyone but Haskins”; damn I love an OTT crowd. Thatcher connects with a springboard DDT onto Black, but he falls under the rope and Thatcher doesn’t go for the cover. Haskins is eyeing up both men as he crawls over to Thatcher. Thatcher and Haskins exchange blows, Black and Haskins exchange blows before Haskins knocks him down, now Thatcher and Haskins are back on each other. Now Black unloads on both men as he is fired up, but stereo superkicks from Haskins and Thatcher rock him, until Black takes them both down. Black hoists Thatcher up but he lands on his feet and a superkick rocks Black, but Black pounces and sends Thatcher flying. Haskins then locks in the sharpshooter on Black in the centre of the ring. Thatcher kicks off Haskins and he rolls out of the ring. Thatcher signals for De thatched but cannot connect, and Black counters but Thatcher escapes and Black eats a boot. Thatcher hits De Thatched but Black rolls out of the ring. Haskins is back in the ring and has the title belt. This is no DQ. Thatcher caught catches him and takes him down and locks in a sharpshooter of his own. Vicky is on the apron and Haskins is tapping, but referee Nial Fox is distracted and doesn’t see it. Thatcher has this match one, but as the ref can’t call it, it continues. Haskins then rolls up Thatcher and steals the win… yet again!

Thoughts: A fantastic change to the card from OTT management. Calum Black is a phenomenal performer and its great seeing him compete in this three-way match. He’s a hard hitter and light on his feet, and it’s always great seeing him in an OTT ring. Terry Thatcher is another great performer and it sucks that he isn’t Gender Neutral Champion, he should be. I hope he gets a one on one rematch against Haskins and reclaims what is rightfully his. Thatcher deserves to be champion, but the developing feud between him and Haskins is enjoyable to watch and no doubt there is a lot more to come between these two men. Mark Haskins has achieved so much in his career and still has a lot left to do, in regards to him being OTT Gender Neutral Champion I’m conflicted. I want to start by saying I love Mark Haskins, admire all that he’s done and love watching him wrestle. He’s a fantastic competitor and always brings his A game. On the other hand, I’m getting kind of bored of seeing him win the title through cheating and underhand tactics. He is capable of winning the title fair and square and that’s what I want to see. However, winning in such a way and using his wife Vicky to assist is great heel tactics, which is portrayed perfectly. Plus he was overlooked in OTT for a while, so keeping a hold of the championship by any means necessary is a big F U to OTT. Hence why I’m conflicted. Either way, this was a great match and I look forward to seeing what’s next for all three of these men.

PAC vs Adam Maxted

Singles action now with PAC taking on Adam Maxted. Adam walks straight up to PAC  showing no fear and PAC ducks under the ring to prevent an early attack. The match starts with both men locking up and Adam forces PAC into the ropes but PAC reverses and forces Adam into the corner. It’s a clean break. PAC pushes Adam off and Adam eats a boot before PAC takes him down with a headlock take over. Adam shoots him off and a shoulder tackle has little effect on either man. PAC runs at him again, and again no effect. PAC challenges Adam and Adam runs the ropes and then takes him down with a shoulder tackle. You wanted it PAC well you got it, be careful what you ask for. PAC then stomps on Adam’s foot like a child throwing a tantrum. PAC gloats and runs the ropes and both men avoid each other until Adam connects with a dropkick, and PAC eats all of it. In the corner Adam unloads with shoulder blocks before sending PAC face first into the turnbuckle. PAC quickly exits the ring. Adam stalks him around the ring and PAC enters. Adam is right back on him and hoists him high with a stalling vertical before dumping him down. Adam covers but it’s only a two count.

Adam stays on him and keeps him grounded. PAC shoots him off and the two go back and forth avoiding each other until PAC takes Adam down. Adam goes to the outside and PAC dives to the outside and takes him out. PAC chops Adam and it’s vicious, and then sends him back into the ring. Adam is sent face first into the turnbuckle and PAC forces him down with his boot until Nial Fox breaks it up. PAC sends him back first into the corner and the sound of Adam connecting with it is horrendous. That was brutal. The crowd are now chanting Neville which seems to anger him as he does it again, and then yells “what” at the crowd, who then chant “PAC”. Yeah get it right fans, get it right. PAC then stomps on Adam’s head as he takes control of the match. He hesitates climbing the ropes as the crowd get in his head, he finally gets to the top and a dropkick knocks Adam off his feet.

PAC goes to the top again and stalks Adam, waiting for him to get to his feet and again he connects and takes Adam down. He covers but Adam kicks out. PAC traps Adam on the ropes and hangs him up and the crowd break out in boos. Pac then connects with a boot and drives him into the corner. PAC is ruthless. PAC then unloads with kicks to the chest and then the head. He hits a standing shooting star into the cover but Adam kicks out. PAC climbs the ropes again but nobody’s home. Adam catches him and takes him down. Now both men are down.

PAC is first to his feet but body shots knock him down. Adam goes to the second rope and takes PAC down, before diving to the outside and connecting with PAC. Adam lifts him to his feet and stalks him around the ring, taking shot after shot. Adam grabs a chair and places PAC down. Adam tells the crowd to move and places another chair in line with PAC. Adam takes a run up and leaps off the chair and PAC eats all of it. Adam rolls him back into the ring but PAC stomps on him as Adam enters. A huge spinebuster grounds PAC, and Adam covers but it isn’t enough. Are these guys going to fight forever? This is insane. Adam runs to get PAC but he is caught and placed on the turnbuckle and PAC connects with a head kick. Pac joins him on the ropes, PAC looks to do damage but Adam fights him off and PAC takes a harsh landing. Adam connects with a dropkick from the top rope, and then connects with a springboard dropkick but cannot pick up the win. PAC rolls to the ropes and Adam looks to capitalise but PAC hangs him on the ropes. Unorthodox but effective. Adam sends PAC to the outside but PAC lands on the apron and looks to capitalise but eats a huge boot from Adam. PAC then drops Adam on his head, before hoisting him high and dumping him down into a bridging cover. Adam kicks out and the match goes on. Holy shit. Both these guys are amazing.

Both men are back to their feet and go face to face, toe to toe and PAC unloads. Adam then catches a kick but eats an elbow and then a superkick. Adam rolls to the outside for a breather. PAC grabs his head and lifts him to the apron before lifting him up. He has bad intentions and Adam fights his way out before knocking PAC down onto the apron. Adam hits a springboard sling blade and then dumps him down but it’s only a two count. It was close but not enough. Adam looks for a moonsault but nobody is home. PAC places him on the turnbuckle again, and connects with a kick to the head. PAC joins him up high and dumps him, and somehow Adam manages to kick out. PAC goes to the top rope and connects with the 450 to Adam’s back before cranking on his neck. Nial Fox then stops the match claiming Adam is out, meaning Pac picks up the win. PAC takes a while to release the hold. Who is he sending a message to?

Thoughts: Wow what a match, a fantastic booking from OTT. It’s great seeing these two men face off against each other, and its great seeing PAC back in an OTT ring. As individuals both of these men are incredible. There is a reason why PAC is known as a bastard and he just gives no fucks, and will happily beat someone up for fun. He is a fantastic wrestler and it’s always great seeing him wrestler no matter where he competes. Hopefully he becomes more regular in OTT. Adam Maxted is also a great competitor, a hard hitter who is also light on his feet. He hits a beautiful dropkick, and it’s great watching him compete. He needs to appear in OTT more regularly though.

OTT Tag Team Champions Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven/Tyler Bate) vs More Than Hype (Darren Kearney/Nathan Martin)

Tag team title action now with More Than Hype (Darren Kearney & Nathan Martin) taking on OTT Tag Team Champions Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven). The match starts with Tyler and Darren. The two size each other up before locking up. Tyler forces Darren into the corner and it’s a clean break before the two lockup again and this time Tyler is forced into the corner. The two lock up again and Tyler takes Darren down with a single leg before working the ankle. Darren escapes and they lock up again and this time Darren takes control as he grounds Tyler. Tyler counters and works the arm/wrist. Darren counters and takes Tyler down and covers but it’s not enough. Another lockup and Tyler works the arm again. Darren tries to counter but Tyler has it scouted. Darren finally escapes and the two eye each other up before locking up and Tyler is right back on the arm. Darren tries to counter but Tyler stays on him and maintains the wristlock. Darren just can’t break free from Tyler’s grip. Darren finally does and takes Tyler down but Tyler counters and then takes Darren down. The two go back and forth and are evenly matched. It’s impressive.

Trent is tagged in as is Nathan. The two lockup and the two are evenly matched as they grapple for power. Trent throws off Nathan before the two lockup again and this time Trent is thrown off. This is going to be one hell of a match as these men are evenly matched, and seem to have each other well scouted. Nathan is forced into the corner and Trent looks for a chop but Nathan ducks it. The two lock up and grapple for power again and Trent forces Nathan down into a bridge, but he’s up and now Trent is forced down. Nathan covers but Trent gets his arm up, another cover and the other arm is up, another cover and he bridges out. Another cover and Trent kicks out again. Nathan can’t put him away. Trent counters and Nathan lands a monkey flip. Darren is tagged in and MTH work together to beat down Trent. In comes Tyler and he’s taken down too. MTH are a great tag team. A further beat down to Trent leads to Darren covering but it’s not enough.

Nathan is tagged back in and eats a vicious chop, and another. These chops are brutal. Trent hits a DDT on Nathan before tagging in Tyler who beats down Nathan and hits a snap suplex and covers but it’s not enough. Tyler is becoming more aggressive, I don’t think he was expecting this from MTH. Trent is tagged back in and he slams Nathan down and follows it up with a leg drop. A cover leads to the two count. Nathan tries to fight out but eats a huge chop to the back of the neck which leads to a near fall. A quick tag to Tyler sees Moustache Mountain work together to beat down Nathan. Tyler covers but Nathan kicks out. Tyler works the arms of Nathan, arms shouldn’t bend that way. Tyler then locks in an abdominal stretch but Nathan fights out with a hip toss. Nathan needs to tag in Darren. Trent is tagged in and elbows the lower back of Nathan to prevent a tag. Another chop rocks Nathan, and another. Yet another which leads to the cover, but it’s a two count.

Another chop sends Nathan crashing down to the canvas. A kick to the spine is insult to injury. Trent is going to awake the psycho and regret this. I guarantee it. Another chop and it’s sickening. Nathan asks for more so Trent gives it to him. Nathan and Trent then exchange brutal chops, the beast has been awoken. Tyler enters the ring and Nathan chops him into next week. An enziguri from Nathan leads to the tag to Darren, but Tyler’s in too. Darren unloads on Tyler, he’s ready to go. A huge back body drop nearly sends Tyler out of the ring. Darren is fired up. Darren misses the moonsault but lands on his feet, he then hoists Tyler high and dumps him down. Darren covers but it’s not enough. Darren knocks Trent off the apron and then springboards to the outside and takes out Trent. Back in the ring Darren looks to splash Tyler in the corner but Tyler’s caught him. Tyler then dumps him down and misses a shooting star, Darren misses too, and Tyler hoists him up but Darren lands on his feet, and then looks to dump Tyler but he escapes. Tyler then connects with bop & bang which rocks Darren. These two men are so evenly matched; it’s pretty damn magical to watch.

Tyler looks for the Tyler driver, but Darren counters and locks in the single leg Boston crab. Tyler edges to the ropes but Darren pulls him back, and contorts him in a way that no man’s body should be bent. Trent tries to enter the ring but Nathan is right on him with a front face lock. Trent powers through, but Nathan is on him again. Trent then dumps Nathan onto Darren to break up the submission. MTH could have won this match, it was lucky that Trent made the save. Nathan and Trent are tagged in and the two exchange chops again. Nathan takes control and unloads with chops, but Trent then hoists him up and dumps him down and covers but it’s not enough. Trent sends Nathan to the outside before diving out and connects with him. Trent climbs the ropes but nobody’s home. Darren is back in and stereo superkicks rock Trent. Trent avoids the destroyer and double clothesline and in comes Tyler who connects with head kicks. Tyler dives to the outside and takes out Nathan. Trent hits a piledriver and absolutely spikes Darren on his head. He covers, I think it’s all over but somehow, someway Darren kicks out. Holy shit! Trent can’t believe it. The crowd can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. This is unbelievable. Tyler is back in and Moustache Mountain double team Darren, but Nathan then intercepts the cover. What does either man have to do? Darren rolls Trent up but he kicks out.

Fight forever? This match may just not end. Tyler intercepts a kick from Nathan, and Trent spikes Nathan down into Darren. Tyler is tagged in. Trent hoists Darren high and Tyler leaps from the top rope taking Darren down and Tyler picks up the win.

Thoughts: More Than Hype work so effortlessly well together whether it is as a trio or a duo. They always put on one heck of a show for the crowd, and never disappoint. There wrestling skill combined with their high flying is stunning, and I’m glad MTH are getting the credit they deserve. They have worked so hard, and it’s great seeing them get bigger matches and title shots, because they deserve it. Moustache Mountain also work so effortlessly together, which is unsurprising given their long history of working together. They can both hit you hard, and fly to take you out. Seeing these two men together (or as British Strong Style with Pete) is always brilliant. Fans love them, I love them. I can’t say a bad word about either team. All four men are wonderful. Both teams also have great comedy spots that are entertaining and amusing. Can we get them to fight again please?


OTT Champion LJ Cleary vs Jordan Devlin

Main event time now with LJ Cleary challenging champion Jordan Devlin for the OTT World Championship. The two shake hands before locking up. Devlin powers through and grounds LJ before working the wrist. LJ counters and works the arm of Devlin. Devlin counters and grounds LJ, going back to the wristlock. LJ counters and works Devlin’s wrist. It’s very back and forth early on as both men test each other and size each other up. The two lockup and Devlin cranks on LJ’s neck. LJ tries to counter but Devlin stays on him, before driving his knee into his spine. Again LJ tries to counter but to no avail. Devlin is fully in control. LJ just can’t escape the clutches of Devlin, so forces him into the corner to get the break. A single leg monkey flip from Devlin sends LJ all the way across the ring, LJ then quickly exits to get a breather. Back in the ring LJ tries to take control but is overpowered by Devlin.

Devlin seems to be sending a message to anyone who wants to try and take the title away from him. Devlin grounds LJ and covers but he gets his shoulder up, another cover and another shoulder up. LJ flips Devlin off and Devlin returns with a monkey flip of his own but LJ lands on his feet. The two go back and forth avoiding each other, until LJ lands a kick that rocks Devlin. A dropkick then sends Devlin flying to the outside. LJ goes to the apron and nearly kicks Devlin’s head off. LJ rolls him back into the ring and climbs the ropes and connects with a frog splash. LJ covers but Devlin kicks out. LJ sends Devlin into the corner with an Irish whip and Devlin goes up and over and crashes down to the outside. The tables have turned and LJ seems to be in control of the match now. An elbow strike to the back of the neck rocks Devlin, before he’s sent back into the ring.

LJ connects with a suplex and covers but Devlin kicks out. A body strike rocks LJ and now Devlin unloads. Devlin looks for a uranage but LJ had it scouted. LJ goes to the ropes but gets caught and Devlin sends him to the outside. LJ looks hurt. Devlin stalks him on the outside and dumps him on the apron. A right hand to the jaw makes LJ crumble. Devlin is back in control as he sends LJ back into the ring. Devlin hoists LJ high before dumping him unceremoniously, and then adds a boot for good measure. A vicious chop is followed by boots and Devlin is merciless. A vicious backbreaker forces LJ to retreat to the outside. LJ’s back is being targeted and he’s clearly in pain. As LJ tries to make his way into the ring Devlin drives his boot into the lower spine, before connecting with a forearm, and another.

Devlin is a ruthless competitor and its showing. LJ may regret going up against Devlin. Another right hand to the jaw sends LJ crashing to the canvas. Devlin covers but LJ kicks out… that may end up being a mistake. Maybe he should have just stayed down. LJ is sent into the ropes but catches the rope and then rolls Devlin up but can’t put him away. LJ lands a right, and blocks Devlin’s and connects with one of his own. LJ connects with a springboard cross body, then lands an arm drag to take Devlin down. LJ connects with the enziguri and covers but Devlin kicks out at two. LJ is getting fired up. Devlin hoists LJ up but he escapes, and Devlin looks to connect but nobody’s home. LJ connects with a knee, but misses the dork kick then Devlin lands a standing Spanish fly. The pace has picked up significantly as these two quickly go back and forth, trying to end the match and pick up the win. This is a real battle.

Both men are down, Devlin goes for the cover but it’s only a two count. This is twice LJ has gone for the kick and missed, maybe desperation has set in and he just wants the match to end. Both men are giving it all they’ve got, and the fans are definitely appreciative of it. Devlin has bad intentions in mind and hoists LJ up, but LJ drives his knee down into Devlin’s skull. Devlin then hangs LJ on the top rope before chopping him, and follows it up with a headbutt. Devlin joins him on the ropes and LJ tries to fight him off, and wails down on Devlin’s back. A headbutt from LJ knocks Devlin off, and Devlin eats a dropkick. LJ looks to capitalise but Devlin connects with a brainbuster and covers but he still can’t end this match. Devlin positions LJ before looking to the corner. LJ grabs his ankle and gets a stomp for his trouble. Devlin climbs the ropes but LJ is back to his feet and joins him. LJ hits the Frankensteiner off the ropes and Devlin is in Dream Street. That was insane. LJ connects with the dork kick and covers, but somehow Devlin gets his shoulder up.

LJ goes to the top but Devlin fights off the destroyer, and hits a slingshot cutter. LJ goes to the outside and Devlin climbs the ropes and hits a moonsault on LJ on the outside. Both of these men are pulling out all the stops and laying it all out on the line. LJ is rolled back into the ring. LJ fights him off, and connects with a boot before hitting the destroyer. LJ covers but Devlin just kicks out. That was close. LJ could have been the new champ. LJ goes to the top rope again, and looks for the splash but Devlin gets his knees up. Devlin rolls him through but LJ kicks out. This match is incredible; dare I say Match of The Year worthy? Well I said it. Can’t take it back now. This is crazy. The crowd is split between chanting for both men. Devlin hoists LJ up and dumps him and covers but it’s still not enough. Devlin is pissed. LJ yells “bleh”, almost taunting Devlin and he doesn’t like it and unloads with kicks to the head. Devlin hits the Devil inside and picks up the win.

Thoughts: LJ Cleary is another wrestler within OTT who has worked extremely hard, and gets better and better every time he steps into the ring. LJ is excellent and it’s nice to see him get an OTT World Championship title shot, because he deserves it. As for Jordan Devlin, well there is a reason why he is the current champion. He’s an impressive performer that always lays it all out on the line and never disappoints. Some of the things he does are just unreal, and he hits things so exquisitely and it’s definitely pleasing on the eye to watch. He is incredible and I hope he stays champion for a while, because, he definitely has a lot more to give. Plus I’d love to see Mark Haskins challenge for the title.

Yet another brilliant show from OTT. As mentioned earlier on in this review, they had to quickly change the card due to unforeseen circumstances and handled the disruption spectacularly. Putting Calum Black, Terry Thatcher and Mark Haskins in a three-way was a blinder of a decision, and turned out to be a brilliant match. OTT management always work extremely hard to put on great shows for their fans, and they never fail. I love OTT and cannot thank the management team, backstage crew, medics, wrestlers and everyone else involved enough, for all the effort and hard work they put in. OTT is one of the best promotions in the world, and if you aren’t up to date on them, go and subscribe to their on demand service and catch up on old and new shows. You will not regret it.
Go and give it a watch now on demand HERE