OTT: The Road to Scrappermania Review

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The Lads from the Flats (Workie & Paddy M) vs The Gymnasties (Sammy D & B. Cool)

This was a fun match to open the show as the two face tag teams of OTT faced off in a number one contenders match for the OTT Tag Team Championships. Before the actual wrestling could begin, both members of both teams had to perform the, of course, obligatory “point at the Scrappermania sign” spot and though Workie struggled, he got there in the end. Everyone was extremely happy for him! The match itself was fun and well-balanced. Workie and B Cool’s comedic performances stood out while Sammy D and Paddy M’s wrestling ability was on display. Paddy M was particularly impressive and just seems to get better with every show. And I mean, any match with two men wrestling WHILE on two other mens’ shoulders is a good one in my book. In the end, The Gymnasties former teammate Justin Shape cost them the match when he came out on the stage and distracted them so that Workie could roll up B. Cool for the win. This was also the first, but not the last, match of the evening where there was a decent amount of blood involved… Overall, it was an entertaining match that managed to set the tone for the rest of the show.

OTT Women’s Championship Match: Katey Harvey vs Nina Samuels

This match featured the debuting Nina Samuels and the return of Katey Harvey to the Tivoli since she won the Women’s Championship from Session Moth in Belfast last December. This match was quite fast paced from the outset with both women constantly trying to gain dominance over one another. Samuels is known for her Lucha based style of wrestling and this was in sharp contrast to Harvey’s more hard-hitting, submission and strength based style. Harvey constantly tried to keep Samuels grounded. Samuels did manage, however, to hit Harvey with a missile dropkick from the top rope. In the end, however, Harvey got the win after she countered Samuels’ attempt at another top rope move into her finishing maneuver. Harvey continued to beat up Samuels’ after the match was finished. Session Moth then came out to make the save and solidify her shot at the OTT Women’s Championship at Scappermania.

SIDE NOTE: There were some people at this show, unfortunately, who were chanting really sexist and degrading things at the female performers. No woman and no performer deserves to be treated that way and those people should be pretty ashamed of how they acted. I just want to say how proud I am of the rest of the OTT crowd who shut them right down and to the female performers who handled it so professionally and still managed to put on a great match. It’s truly comforting and uplifting to see that that kind of stuff will not be tolerated in the Tivoli.

Mark Haskins vs Travis Banks vs Jigsaw

Well.. this was just about every bit as good as it sounds. The thing I appreciated so much about this match is that it was a constant, full-on competition between all three men. There was barely room to breathe as every second something exciting and important was happening. The match was full of incredible moments from Haskin’s double submissions to the three-person sunset flip suplex to Travis Banks’ signature and absolutely terrifying outside dive… into a barricade… yeah. The match really highlighted the abilities of all the men involved and Haskins once again appears better than ever after his time off. In the end, it was Haskins who got the win when Travis Banks tapped out to, surely, the world’s deepest Sharpshooter.

Scotty Davis vs Connor Andrews

I was really excited for this match. I couldn’t wait to see what these two guys could do and they really did not disappoint. The transitions into moves and counters throughout the match were very impressive. Andrews proved to be extremely acrobatic and quick while Davis, especially in the early stages of the match, managed to show off  his mat based skills. However, both men displayed skill on all levels. It also genuinely warmed my heart how instantly supportive the crowd were of both competitors. Overall, the match was a great first showing of both competitors and they no doubt proved that they belonged in the OTT ring. The only thing about the match I was slightly unsure of was the finish. Interference from The Social Elite caused the match to end in a no contest. Though this seemed somewhat odd at the time, I’m sure it will allow for opportunities and rivalries to emerge.

Though she did not have a match, the night also saw the introduction of Gerry Humperdinck’s daughter and William’s half-sister, Valerie. I’m really excited to see what the future holds for her at OTT.

The Social Elite  (Jordan Devlin, Charlie Sterling & Paul Tracey) vs The Wards (Luther Ward, Rocky Mac &Gorgeous Ward)

After The Social Elite interfered in the previous match, the Wards came out to make the save. At first, it was an all out fight with all six men just beating each other up inside and outside of the ring. Eventually, after a lot of all out brawling, the match settled down into a standard six person tag match. Gorgeous Ward, who was replacing Pa Ward, was a great addition to the team. Both teams worked great as a unit and it was nice to see a pure face team against a pure heel team. This was the first time in a while that Sterling got to show exactly what he could do. As great as The Social Elite are as a team, I’d love to see Sterling in more singles competition at OTT (and not just because I want to hear ‘Stranglehold’… I swear.) The highlight of the match was undoubtedly the finish when Gorgeous Ward was hit, consecutively, with a lariat from Tracey, a package piledriver from Devlin and a corkscrew senton from the top of the ringpost by Sterling.

British Strong Style (Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne & Trent Seven) vs The Kings of the North (Damien Corvin, Bonesaw & Dunkan Disorderly)

This, again, was a fantastic match up between a top face team (at the Tivoli anyway) and OTT’s heel Tag Team Champions. The atmosphere before the match even started was incredible, with every single person clearly in awe that BSS had finally made it to OTT. When the match started, that feeling far from dissipated. Both teams brawled outside the ring for a long time but my favourite parts of the match were when they were in the ring, one member of each team facing each other. This made way for the best moments of the match such as the triple finger bite from BSS, the six man bop bang punches and the Tyler Driver performed in between two Pedigrees. In the end, The Kings of the North won after Bonesaw pinned Seven. The match as a whole was both a phenomenal example of six-man tag team wrestling and how the atmosphere of the crowd can really bring a match to the next level.

NLW Championship Match: Ryan Smile vs Jeff Cobb

The main event of the show saw Ryan Smile defend his OTT NLW Championship against the debuting Jeff Cobb. Jeff Cobb is freakishly strong as well as being ridiculously agile for a man of his size and truly deserves the nickname “Mr. Athletic”. He literally threw Smile in the air and caught him in a deadlift German suplex. It was incredible. Smile took absolutely everything Cobb threw at him like the Champ he is and threw it right back at him, at one point getting Cobb up and into a blue thunder bomb. This match felt like an absolute war from start to finish.  Even after all of the brutal punishment he took, Smile retained his championship after he hit Cobb with his signature frog splash. It was a great way to end a great show and left the audience in anticipation for Scrappermania.







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