OTT ‘Homecoming 2’ (17/2/19) Review

Added by Lorna Marie Watts

On February 17th OTT headed to the National Basketball Arena, Tallaght for Homecoming 2. We’ve got Devlin vs Starr to decide who gets Walter, the Lads From The Flats & Martina are facing KOTN in a steel cage, Will Ospreay is back, and Andrew Everett is making his long awaited debut. Plus many more incredible matches. Let’s jump straight into the action.

Jordan Devlin vs David Starr (Winner gets WALTER)

Devlin vs Starr is kicking off the night. After a video montage of their friendship and their thoughts on each other is shown, Devlin is first to enter the ring. Then out comes Starr to the theme they used when they teamed together, the physiological antics are starting early. He is also wearing a shirt with their faces on, but they are best friends no more. Then adding to it Starr has Irish coloured trunks, and dílseacht the Irish word for loyalty… Oh dear! Jordan Devlin came ready to fight and this just hypes him up more.

Devlin isn’t waiting for the bell and instead runs up to the ramp and the brawl starts now. Devlin looks for a package piledriver on the ramp but Starr escapes his clutches and kicks the leg out from under him. Starr looks to drop Devlin but Devlin escapes and then grabs him by the throat and throws him off the ramp into the chairs. Devlin then hits him with a chair, as they fight around the audience. This isn’t a wrestling match this is a war. Starr strikes back but eats a forearm from Devlin. Starr then suplexes Devlin onto the floor. Starr then sits him down on the steps and continues his assault. He then rakes the back as the brawling continues in the crowd. Starr looks to suplex Devlin over the barricade (they are now in the first row of the stands), but Devlin knees him on the top of his head to escape. Devlin then sends Starr over the barricade to the floor, before hitting a moonsault from the top of the barricade. It’s picture perfect and he lands on his feet. Devlin then drags him to the ring and tosses him in and the bell rings. The match is officially on, and it’s one we’ve been waiting for. Devlin then rips the shirt from Starr’s chest, there are no friends here only enemies. Devlin hits a right hook and Starr is down. Devlin looks for a package piledriver again but Starr dumps him to the outside, and it’s an ugly landing. Starr then dives to the outside and catches Devlin flush.

Starr then sends Devlin face first into the ring post and “fuck you Starr” chants ring out in the arena. Starr pulls Devin up by his ear and rolls him back into the ring. Starr then traps him on the ropes, choking him. Devlin kicks him in the gut and then Starr forces him his head down to the canvas with his boot before stomping on him. Starr slides him off the apron to the floor and then gloats to the fans, before getting back into the ring. Devlin is back in but he is clutching his lower back. Devlin then waves for Starr to bring it on, and Starr starts swinging forearms, but Devlin hits a uranage. Devlin looks for a moonsault but Starr kicks him away mid-flight. It seems Devlin didn’t have it in him to hit the moonsault. Starr then cartwheels and kicks Devlin in the side of the head and covers but it’s not enough. Starr then cranks on the neck keeping Devlin grounded. Devlin tries to fight out but Starr keeps him down. Devlin then hits a right hook to the kidney forcing Starr to break the hold, but Starr hits back with strikes of his own. Devlin then unloads with blows and drops Starr. Starr then eats a boot when he runs into the corner, and Devlin looks for a slingshot cutter but Starr catches him. Devlin reverses and pushes him off, and then avoids Starr before hitting a slingshot cutter. Starr rolls to the outside.

These two men know each other so well. Devlin dives to the outside and hits Starr flush before rolling him back into the ring. Devlin goes to the top rope and attempts a moonsault but nobody is home, Devlin lands it though. Devlin hoists Starr up on his shoulders and dumps him, but Starr hands on and rolls him up for the cover but Devlin kicks out. Devlin rolls through and hits a double foot stomp to Starr’s chest. Devlin looks for the package piledriver again but Starr escapes to the ropes and catches Devlin in the eye with the ropes, before rolling him up. Starr gets his feet on the ropes and a handful of tights, yet Devlin kicks out. Starr then drives him into the turnbuckle and unloads with chops, forearms and elbows. Starr runs into the corner, Devlin gets his feet up but Starr catches him and drives him face first into his knee, before following it up with a superkick. Starr then powerbombs him onto his knee and rolls him up but Devlin kicks out. Starr then hits a vicious superkick, but it’s still not enough to put the Irish Ace out of action. Starr is then talking smack about being best friends and Devlin slaps him, so Starr headbutts him on the top of his head. Starr then works the injured thumb of Devlin. Devlin then headbutts him and both men are rocked. Jordan then hits the Devil Inside (a backdrop driver) and Starr eats all of it.

Both men are down. Devlin stomps on the face of Starr before climbing the ropes. He’s slow to get to the top and Starr hits the ropes causing Devlin to tumble into a sitting position, perched precariously on the top rope. The two exchange blows before Starr joins him on the top rope. Starr looks for the package piledriver from the top rope but Devlin fights back, and both men are on the very top rope and Devlin hits a superplex and gets back to his feet before driving Starr down onto his knee and hitting a lariat. Devlin covers but Starr kicks out. Starr rolls to the outside and Devlin looks to fly but Starr catches him and hits a hangman DDT on the ring apron. Starr looks to get Devlin in the corner but Devlin kicks him away. Devlin then hits a destroyer but Starr turns him inside out with a huge lariat. Starr covers but Devlin kicks out and then covers Starr who always kicks out. The two men get to their feet and stare each other down from across the ring. The two men exchange blows yet again. Starr cartwheels but Devlin avoids, and Starr eats a big boot. Devlin hits the package piledriver but he doesn’t cover. Devlin eventually covers but stops at one. Devlin hits another package piledriver and gets the three count. Devlin will now face Walter.

Thoughts: Damn now that’s the way you kick off a show. This match was a long time coming between Devlin and Starr, and neither man disappointed. This was a war before the match officially started. Both men were so desperate to get a title shot against Walter, and both men put it all out on the line, with no regard for their own personal well-being. It was the win that everyone wanted, as nobody wanted to see Starr defeat Devlin. Starr coming out to their tag team theme, wearing the Irish loyalty trunks and wearing their besties shirts was well thought out and really set the tone for the match. There is no denying that both of these men are incredible performers, and they put on one hell of a match. I can’t wait for the rematch.

Shigehiro Irie vs Ilja Dragunov

Next up is Shigehiro Irie taking on Ilija Dragunov who get into each other’s faces. Once the bell rings the two lock up trying to get the better of each other. They lock up again and Dragunov forces him into the corner and slaps his chest for the break. Dragunov forces him in the corner again, and yet again it isn’t a clean break as Dragunov gets in his face. The two go face to face and Irie pushes him off like he’s nothing. They square up again and then exchange blows. Dragunov snatches a headlock but Irie fights out. A shoulder tackle and nobody budges, twice! Dragunov goes for a third and he’s knocked off his feet. Dragunov chops him repeatedly but they have little effect. Irie then drops him. Irie hits him in the corner and Dragunov goes to the other corner and asks for another. Dragunov avoids but eats a back elbow. Irie snatches a headlock and then hits a bulldog slamming him face first into the canvas. An innovative springboard splash into the cover from Irie, but Dragunov kicks out. Dragunov snatches the wrist before chopping Irie down and follows it up with a senton. Dragunov covers but it’s not enough.

Irie is sent into the corner and Dragunov hits a lariat twice, before dropping Irie. Irie cuts him off with a knee to the gut. Both men are evenly matched, and are looking to get the win. Both men exchange blows as they give it everything they’ve got. Dragunov goes to the top rope but nobody’s home, and Irie dumps him down like a rag doll. Irie then jumps down onto Dragunov and sits out, but he kicks out. Irie then knocks him into the corner and the two again unload on each other with strikes. Dragunov asks for more and Irie is only happy to unload on him. Dragunov has had enough and unloads with shots of his own, but Irie catches him and slams him down with a bodyslam, before dropping down with an elbow for a two count. Dragunov chops Irie but it has no effect, no does the elbow. The two men trade strikes as they look to get the upper hand. Dragunov is dropped but Irie still can’t get the win. The two go back and forth again, showing off their power.

Dragunov then slaps Irie in the face twice, and eats a boot for his trouble. Irie lifts him up on the ropes and joins him but Dragunov flips over and hits a sit out powerbomb. Both men are down, and Dragunov doesn’t cover. Dragunov unloads on Irie, but a back elbow rocks him. Dragunov then kicks him in the head but is dumped down. Dragunov is instantly back to his feet and dumps Irie. There is your receipt. Lariat’s from Dragunov doesn’t have an effect on Irie, but a discuss lariat drops him. Dragunov covers for a two count. Irie then hoists him up and dumps him down and it’s an ugly landing, but somehow Dragunov manages to kick out. Dragunov unloads on Irie, but Irie drops him. Dragunov then launches himself at Irie and covers and snatches the win.

Thoughts: Start as you mean to go on I guess, because this second match was just an intense as the first. Both Irie and Dragunov are big men with huge strikes, but can also fly when they need to. This match could have been anyone’s as both men were close to picking up the win throughout. Both men went toe to toe, and face to face in this bout of the hard hitters. These two where well matched and it was a great booking for OTT to have them face off against each other, and it didn’t disappoint. Both men never gave an inch, and brawled their way to the very end. Placing them second for the event, was a good shout as it further adds to an electric atmosphere.

OTT Champion WALTER vs PAC

Another match we have been anticipating is PAC vs WALTER, and it’s third on the card. The match starts with both men sizing each other up. PAC then kicks WALTER’s outside leg, he then ducks under WALTER and kicks the leg again. WALTER looks to chop him but PAC avoids and kicks him again. WALTER then throws him into the corner, but PAC avoids a chop and repeatedly kicks his leg before rolling to the outside. He gets back into the ring and stomps on WALTER before he has time to roll out or get up. PAC climbs the ropes and connects with a missile drop kick. He climbs the ropes again and hits another to the back. PAC climbs again and drives his feet down onto WALTER before covering, but WALTER kicks out. It looks like PAC had either broken or dislocated his finger and he snaps it back into place. Ugh, I feel sick. PAC then stomps on WALTER’s head repeatedly before climbing the ropes again. WALTER then rolls out of the ring. WALTER grabs his legs and pulls him out before knocking him down. WALTER unloads on PAC before rolling him back into the ring. PAC then catches WALTER’s leg as he makes his way back into the ring and twists it, before kicking it again. PAC is determined to chop down the big man. PAC looks to lift up WALTER but can’t so returns to the kicks and unloads before chopping him down.

PAC looks to lift him up again but can’t complete it and WALTER chops him down. WALTER then targets the hand on PAC and stomps down on it. WALTER then grabs the arm and punches it. PAC strikes to the gut but it’s with his injured hand. PAC kicks the leg again but a huge boot to the jaw from WALTER sends PAC crashing down to the canvas. WALTER begins dominating the match as he wears down PAC. WALTER punches PACs arm/hand down onto the apron, before pulling him out of the ring and dumping him back first onto the ring apron. WALTER is precise in his attack and will pick anyone a part. There is a reason why WALTER is champion, and PAC is going to have a battle on his hands. Or hand!

PAC gets back into the ring before the twenty count, and WALTER continues the punishment. WALTER snatches a headlock keeping PAC grounded. PAC eventually escapes and runs the ropes, but WALTER catches him and dumps him down unceremoniously. WALTER is back to his feet willing PAC to get back up. WALTER again hoists him up and dumps him, and for a third time. WALTER tells the ref to ask him if he wants to continue and he does. WALTER whips him to the corner, but WALTER eats a back elbow. PAC climbs the second rope and looks for a moonsault but WALTER catches him and hits a jumping tombstone pile driver. PAC kicks out, but his finger is out again and he snaps it back in to place. WALTER then hangs in the ropes and rains down blows to the chest. PAC catches the arm and hangs him in the ropes and rains down with his own blows. WALTER then low blows him and PAC crumbles. WALTER then climbs the ropes but PAC is back to his feet. WALTER slams him forearm and elbow down onto PACs spine to fight him off. PAC is back up and hits a leaping enziguri that stops WALTER in his tracks. PAC joins him on the ropes and takes WALTER down. WALTER rolls to the outside and PAC is down in the ring.

PAC is back to his feet and flies to the outside and takes WALTER down. PAC climbs the ropes again and takes WALTER down with a moonsault. WALTER is rolled back into the ring and PAC climbs the ropes and hits a 450 splash into the cover, but WALTER kicks out. WALTER shoves PAC off and PAC hits him with a forearm and a discuss forearm before snatching the waist lock and dumping him down. PAC yells “get up mother fucker”, PAC is hyped. PAC hits him with a step up enziguri before climbing the ropes again. He takes too long and WALTER intercepts him on the ropes before chopping him. WALTER joins him on the ropes and unloads on him. WALTER goads him and PAC slaps him and headbutts him. PAC flips over and then hits a sit out power bomb in the centre of the ring, but it’s still not enough. PAC is back to the top rope but WALTER is back up again and chops him, before hoisting him high and dumping him down with a death valley driver. Somehow PAC kicks out. WALTER picks up the championship belt and referee Niall Foxx manages to get the belt off of him, and PAC low blows WALTER as Foxy has his back turned. PAC is back to the top rope but WALTER rolls out of the ring. WALTER grabs the title belt again.

WALTER pushes Niall Foxx who ends the match meaning PAC wins by DQ. PAC is furious. He didn’t want a DQ win. As WALTER heads up the ramp but out comes Jordan Devlin. WALTER backs up down the ramp and goes back into the ring and pushes PAC. Devlin hits a slingshot cutter on WALTER and gives PAC the nod. PAC climbs up to the top rope and hit the red arrow (corkscrew shooting star press) and the crowd goes wild.

Thoughts: This match was third on the card? Damn. To me this seems like an odd placement, I’d have placed it before the steel cage main event, but that’s just me. As both of these men are well known, and this match had everyone excited. It just seems like a strange placement for such a match, but it was still a phenomenal match. There was no surprise with WALTER taking the easy way out and having PAC win by DQ. I’ll be honest though, I am slightly disappointed that PAC won by DQ rather than one man getting a clean win, however, it isn’t the first time WALTER has done so and it ensures that he will retain the title so is a good thing. Having Devlin come out and lay out WALTER was also a good thing, as it hypes up WALTER v Devlin 2. As for PAC, wow! A brilliant athlete, with so much talent. What can this guy not do? I just hope PAC comes back to OTT. Devlin v PAC maybe? Oh yes please.

More than Hype (LJ Cleary, Nathan Martin & Darren Kearney) vs Sterling Police (Charlie Sterling, Chief Deputy Dunne ( Los Federales Super Santos Jr)

Tag team action now with MTH (LJ Cleary, Nathan Martin & Darren Kearney) taking on the Sterling Police (Charlie Sterling, Chief Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Super Santos Jr). The match starts with Sterling faces off against LJ. The two lock up and Charlie snatches a headlock before taking him down with a shoulder tackle, twice! The two then go back and forth before LJ hits a leaping leg lariat. He then snatches a face lock before getting in a headlock, but Charlie dumps him down. Dunne is then tagged in and so it Darren. Darren and Nathan then work together to beat down Dunne. Sterling is in but MTH hit a triple drop kick. Santos is tagged in and wipes out all three members. MTH then activate into their morph form, but Charlie pulls out a ‘finger’ gun and fires but it has no effect. But hold up Santos has a gun (fake) too and now everyone is scared. Dunne and Charlie then chop the legs out from under Darren and Nathan allowing Santos to capitalise. Sterling is back in and unloads on LJ before Dunne is back in and unloads with blows of his own. Santos is tagged back in and Santos lifts him up and hits a backbreaker before Dunne gets him with a knee drop. Charlie is back in and Santos dumps him down onto him. Charlie covers but it isn’t enough.

Charlie then stands on LJ’s hair and lifts him up. Ouch! Charlie then dumps him down before climbing the ropes. Charlie looks for an elbow drop from the second but he eats canvas. Dunne is back in but eats a kick to the head. LJ then tags in Nathan and Charlie is tagged in too. Nathan knocks Santos off the apron and unloads on Charlie. Dunne is back in but Nathan has him scouted and eats a head kick. Darren then connects with a running shooting star press, before leaping to the outside onto Charlie. MTH then work together to beat down Dunne, Darren and Nathan cover but Charlie intercepts. Charlie is sent to the outside. Santos then sends MTH to the outside before diving to the outside and taking everyone out. Darren is rolled back in and Dunne takes him down and hits a Tiger Feint kick before Santos hoists him up and slams him down. Charlie hits a corkscrew senton from the top rope but MTH break up the win. Dunne and Santos clear the ring and Charlie hoists Darren up but he hits a rana to escape, and then unloads kicks onto Santos and Dunne. Santos and Dunne hit double headbutts, and LJ and Nathan kick Dunne in the head as he hits the ropes. MTH then take it to Santos but they don’t cover. Charlie is back in and comes face to face with three superkicks. Santos and Dunne take out LJ and Nathan, and Charlie steals the win by covering Darren.

ANALYSIS: It’s great seeing the anti-fun police back in an OTT ring, oh how I’ve missed them. This was a great match, but too short for my liking. I wish it could have gone on longer, so we could see some more power/high flying moves as this missed a lot of those bigger spots in my opinion. On the other hand, the spots that were hit were fantastic, and although it’s sad to see MTH get another loss, it’s good seeing Charlie pick up the win here, furthering his heel persona. It’s good seeing Santos and Dunne again, hopefully they are back more often. As for MTH, this continuous losing streak sucks, what is it going to take for them to get a win?

Gender Neutral Champion Mark Haskins vs Terry Thatcher vs Andrew Everett

Next up Mark Haskins defends the Gender Neutral Championship against Terry Thatcher & Andrew Everett. Haskins gets in Thatcher’s face before getting in Everett’s. As Haskins turns around he eats a boot from Thatcher. Thatcher and Everett then go back and forth as Haskins is on the outside. Thatcher hits a rana but Everett cartwheels out of it. Everett then swats away a dropkick attempt but Thatcher connects with the second. Haskins is back in and takes it to both opponents momentarily, before Thatcher and Everett work together to wear down Haskins. Haskins is sent back to the outside, and Thatcher eats a boot to the gut from Everett. Thatcher connects with a leg lariat to Everett before knocking Haskins off the apron. Thatcher looks to connect with Everett in the corner but Everett gets his boots up and kicks him off. Thatcher then eats a dropkick curtesy of Everett. Thatcher then unloads but it taken down with a drop toehold, then kicks him in the head before following it up a standing moonsault. Everett covers but it’s only a two count. Everett looks to fly but Haskins grabs his ankles and pulls him out of the ring before slamming him head first onto the ring apron. He then sits him down in the seats and chops him, before stalking Thatcher and taking the fight to him with a kick to the gut, he then sits him down and strikes him too. Haskins then runs into Everett and then Thatcher.

Haskins stands alone on the ring apron and finally takes off his jacket. Haskins turns his attention back to Thatcher and rolls him into the ring, and picks up Everett and slams him down on the floor. Back in the ring Haskins looks to punish Thatcher further. The crowd are getting behind Thatcher now. Haskins has Thatcher in the corner and grinds his elbow into his head. Haskins then chops him, before kicking Everett from the apron and then taking the assault back to Thatcher. Haskins then unloads with boots and covers but it’s only a two count. Haskins again knocks Everett off the apron, but when he turns around Thatcher unloads with strikes to the gut. Thatcher unloads further and Everett springboards and although he is looking for Haskins he connects with Thatcher. Haskins was wise to get out of the way. Haskins avoids a dropkick from Everett before kicking his legs out from under him. Thatcher looks to take down Everett but instead Haskins locks up Thatcher & Everett at the same time. Everett gets to the rope and Haskins breaks the hold on both men. The crowd erupt in “this is Haskins” chants. Haskins then kicks Everett who is on the outside, and Thatcher hits a dropkick knocking Haskins to the outside. Thatcher then hits a senton bomb from the top rope to the outside and takes out both men. Now all three men are down. Thatcher then strikes Haskins before rolling him back into the ring.

Thatcher connects with Haskins with a springboard before hitting a Joh n Woo into the corner and follows it up with two drop kicks. Thatcher looks to take him down but Haskins fights it off, and Everett gets in a waist lock on Thatcher. Thatcher fights both men, and the Thatcher gets an assisted DDT on Everett, thanks to Haskins. Thatcher then hits a huge spine buster on Haskins but can’t pick up the win. Thatcher is slow climbing the ropes but Haskins is quick to his feet and hits him with a running forearm, before joining him on the ropes. Thatcher fights him off but eats a kick from Everett which knocks him down. Haskins rolls through and locks in a sharpshooter on Everett. Thatcher misses an enziguri and Haskins hits a death valley driver, dropping Thatcher onto Everett. Haskins covers Everett but he kicks out. Haskins then unloads chops and kicks onto both men. Haskins then eats double superkicks. All three men then exchange blows with each other. Everett hits double overhead pele kicks and now all three men are down. Everett is first to his feet. Everett looks to chokeclam Haskins but eats a first, and then Haskins eats a kick to the head. Everett looks to fly, Thatcher looks for a springboard but nobody is home. Everett looks for a chokeslam but Thatcher avoids it, but he can’t the second one. Haskins is back in and kicks the leg out from under Everett. Haskins looks to kick Everett but Everett hits a chokeslam onto the apron, and follows it up with a moonsault to the outside.

Everett climbs to the top and hits a moonsault on Thatcher but Haskins breaks up the cover. Haskins mounts Everett and unloads on him. Haskins then turns his attention to Thatcher and works the arm. Haskins is malicious and merciless. Haskins props Thatcher on the top rope before joining him. Thatcher fights his way out and Haskins kicks Everett off before kicking him in the head. Haskins then hoists up Everett but he escapes and hits a dropkick that sends Haskins to the outside. Thatcher appears to land the elbow drop but Everett has him by the throat. Thatcher avoids the choke slam and hits a spinning back elbow before finding himself perched on Everett’s shoulders. Thatcher hits a reverse frankensteiner and hits de thatched. Haskins enters the ring and tosses Thatcher out of the ring before stealing the win. Thatcher had this match won, but Haskins is an opportunist.

Thoughts: OTT made the perfect decision pitting Haskins against Everett and Thatcher, this match was spectacular. All three of these men are worthy winners, and let’s face it Thatcher should be champion right now, and Haskins only remains as champion because he stole the win. I hope Haskins vs Thatcher is in the works, because, these two need to face off alone for the title. Andrew Everett made an incredible debut, and really showed off his skills which was a joy to watch. Everett is extremely talented and I can’t believe it’s taken this long to get him in an OTT ring. Thatcher is incredible and I believe has been overlooked lately in my opinion. He deserves a title shot. Haskins is on the prowl for the OTT Championship, and he has the golden ticket to pick the time and place. I speculate that after Devlin vs WALTER 2, Haskins will cash in and get the title. But that’s just my theory.

Besties In The World (Davey Vega & Matt Fitchett) vs Scotty Davis & Will Ospreay

More tag team action next with Besties In The World (Davey Vega & Matt Fitchett) taking on Scotty Davis and Will Ospreay. The match starts with Scotty and Vega facing off. Vega kicks the outside leg before “Scotty Davis” chants erupt. Scotty hits an outside kick of his own and then “Davey Vega” chants break out. Vega then gets a rub from Fitchett and in the other corner Scotty gets one from Ospreay. A good corner man is everything, and now it’s the battle of the corner man. Vega and Scotty lock up and Scotty looks for a hammer lock but can’t lock it in. Vega counters. Scotty gets in a waist lock and takes him down. Scotty connects with a series of gator rolls before hitting the chancery suplex. Vega gets Scotty in a headlock before taking him down with a shoulder tackle. The two men go back and forth and Scotty looks for a rana but Vega catches him and transitions into an STF. Scotty gets to the ropes but it isn’t a clean break. Fitchett and Ospreay are tagged in.

The two men lock up and Ospreay forces him into the ropes eventually. Ospreay pretends he’s going to chop Fitchett but he doesn’t, it’s a clean break. Opsreay then kicks him and snatches a headlock. Fitchett sends him off into the ropes but Ospreay takes him down with a shoulder block, but ends up eating a double boot which grounds him. Fitchett tries to hoist him up but Ospreay isn’t having it. Ospreay looks for a kick but eats a chop. The two go back and forth and Ospreay kicks Fitchett so hard he flips, and then leaves the ring. Ospreay looks to fly but he’s really just showing off his skill. Scotty then leaps over Ospreay and kicks Vega out of the ring, before showing off his own skill. Ospreay is impressed. BITW climb onto the ring apron and Opsreay and Scotty knock connect. Fitchett is tossed back into the ring as Vega is on the outside. Ospreay and Scotty work together to take down Fitchett. Ospreay covers but it’s only a two count. Ospreay then unloads chops on Fitchett and the sound is sickening. Ospreay then bounces Fitchett’s head off the turnbuckle. Scotty is tagged in and continues the assault with a boot and gator roll. Scotty looks for another but it’s a power struggle and Vega is tagged in.

Besties In The World then work together and beat down Scotty, before Fitchett knocks Ospreay off the apron. Vega then unloads with kicks, before Fitchett is tagged back in. Fitchett hits a suplex and covers but it isn’t enough. Fitchett then unloads with strikes before stomping on him. Vega is tagged back in and BITW double team Scotty again, before Vega bites his face. Scotty shoots for a single leg but can’t complete it and is then chopped down. Vega then hits a suplex and looks to knock Ospreay off the apron but Ospreay hits him instead. Vega distracts Foxy and Fitchett goes to attack Ospreay but things better of it. Scotty then makes the tag and Ospreay unloads on Fitchett. But Foxy didn’t see the tag so sends Ospreay out of the ring. BITW drag Scotty to their corner and Vega beats down on him. Vega then chops him down and covers but Scotty kicks out. Vega then manipulates the hand and wrist of Scotty. Scotty is in trouble. Scotty unloads on BITW and knocks Fitchett off the apron but eats a boot from Vega. Scotty is tossed to the apron and Scotty fights off both men before hitting a deadlift suplex on Vega. Scotty crawls to his corner and tags in Ospreay for immediately unloads on both men.

Fitchett enters the ring and Ospreay dives and flips him onto Vega’s knee. The dull thud was absolutely sickening. Ospreay fights both men on the outside before entering the ring. It appears he has bad intentions and dives to the outside and connects with Fitchett and it’s beautiful. Scotty is on the ramp and runs and leaps onto Fitchett and takes him out. Vega is rolled back into the ring and Ospreay and Scotty work together to beat him down but Vega fights them off. Ospreay then catches him on the ropes and hits ‘cheeky Nandos’ before Scotty takes him down. Vega then manages to kick out of Ospreay’s cover. How much more is it going to take? The two men exchange blows and Ospreay asks for more. Ospreay hits a huge chop to the chest and Vega crumbles. Vega avoids the corner and kicks Ospreay in the head. Fitchett knocks Scotty off the apron and BITW meet Ospreay in the corner and knock him silly. Vega covers but it isn’t enough.

Fitchett wants the tag and he gets it. Vega seems to have hurt his knee as he keeps hobbling around the ring. It could be the spill to the outside earlier on, or when Fitchett hit it with his head. Either way, there is something going on with his knee. Vega hoists Ospreay up but he escapes and sends him into Fitchett. Vega rolls to the outside and Ospreay eats a kick to the face from Fitchett, and returns one himself. Vega then kicks Ospreay twice in the face, and in comes Scotty who hits a dragon suplex on Vega. The action is thick and fast now as each man beats the other down. Ospreay looks for a springboard cutter but Fitchett catches him. Fitchett goes off the ropes but Scotty and Ospreay catch him, and hoist him up. Scotty hits a head kick before Ospreay lifts him on his shoulders and climbs the ropes. From the second rope and flips him before dumping him down. Ospreay covers but Vega forces Scotty into him to break it up. The match goes on.

Scotty tosses Vega to the outside before he is tagged in. Scotty then connects with strikes to the face repeatedly, before unloading. Fitchett connects with a jumping knee and looks for a superkick. It connects but Scotty catches it anyway, and knees him in the arm. He grabs the ropes and Ospreay jumps down onto him. Scotty then ties up Fitchett and Ospreay tries up Vega. Vega fights out and dumps Ospreay down onto Scotty. Scotty is face to face with Vega and Fitchett and unloads on them before Vega catches him and spins him around and Fitchett hits a moonsault. Fitchett covers but Scotty kicks out. Fitchett then stacks Scott on his head and Vega then dumps him down and covers but it still isn’t enough. Fitchett says this is the end as he calls for the finisher. Vega hoists him high but Ospreay cuts of Fitchett with a Spanish fly, and Scotty rolls through and covers but Vega kicks out. Scotty and Ospreay connect with head kicks to Vega before Scotty hits the supremacy and picks up the win.

Thoughts: Wow what a phenomenal match! Anyone could have taken this at any point. This was a pure showcase of high flying and hard hitting talent. This was a brilliant booking by OTT, and I didn’t want this match to end, if only wrestlers really could fight forever. This is one match that will definitely be replayed a lot. This is the first time I have ever seen Besties In The World compete, and they are a fantastic tag team that work so effortlessly together. Scotty and Ospreay are too high flyers and work so well together, and it was great seeing them team up. Both are insanely talented beyond their years. It’s good seeing Ospreay back in an OTT ring, it seems the fans really missed him. Scotty Davis is going places, and I can’t wait to see what he does. At only 18 years old, he can hold his own amongst the best. He has a bright future ahead of him, there is no doubt about it.

Justy & MJF vs The Angel Cruzers (Angel Cruz & B Cool)

More tag team action now with Justy & MJF taking on the Angel Cruzers (Angel Cruz and B Cool) who are accompanied to the ring by Team Prick. The bell rings and it looks like MJF and B Cool will start this match. B Cool avoids MJF and unloads on Justy in the corner. B Cool sends MJF into Justy before taking him down. B Cool then swings the ropes forcing Justy into the ring, and he further unloads on him. Angel is tagged in who knees Justy in the head, before sending him to the outside. Angel takes flight and takes out both men. B Cool sends Justy back into the ring and Angel joins him and stomps on him. Angel rains down blows on his back. Justy sends him into the ropes and MJF knees Angel in the back but eats a right hand. MJF is then tagged in and both MJF and Justy work together to beat Angel down. MJF then spits at B Cool. As Foxy is distracted MJF and Justy further wear down Angel and fake a tag by clapping their hands. Justy then locks in the fish gook, before cranking on the neck of Angel. Angel fights out but Justy has him by the hair. Angel then hits an enziguri that rocks Justy. MJF then pulls B Cool off the apron and kicks Team Prick as Justy further beats down Angel.

MJF is tagged in and stretches Angel with an abdominal stretch before he locks hands with Justy to get extra leverage. They repeatedly do it and Foxy sees and after he counts to five he kicks their hands. Angel then tosses MJF with a hip toss, he just needs to tag in B Cool. MJF gets a single leg and tags in Justy. Now both men have an ankle and Angel drags them to his corner and eventually makes a tag. B Cool then unloads on both men, as he becomes a one man wrecking crew. MJF goes face first into Justy’s crotch as his crotch lands in Justy’s face. B Cool puts one foot on MJF’s back and Foxy counts but they kick out. Angel goes under the ring and pulls out a hatchet. Justy wraps MJF’s scarf around his head, it’s time for Justy Jitsu. Foxy takes the hatchet from Angel. Justy then low blows both men and elbows his own tag team partner… ooops! MJF then low blows him, and as Justy falls down he headbutts Foxy with a low blow. Everyone is down.

Angel is back to his feet first and looks to hit MJF but he rakes the eyes. MJF says he’s going to joke him but Angel jokes him instead before going old school and walks the ropes with help of Team Prick. B Cool kicks Justy before looking for a brain buster but Justy counters and looks to hit an Alabama slam. Angel jumps from the top rope allowing B Cool to hit a destroyer on Justy. B Cool then hits a brainbuster on MJF who then rolls to the outside. B Cool takes off his weight lifting belt and in comes Team Prick. Team Prick then low blow Angel and B Cool. Team Prick are now with Justy. Team Prick lift up Angel and they hit a triple powerbomb before pulling in the ref and Justy picks up the win.

Thoughts: Team Prick turning on Angel is the best decision, as this allows for further development of the feud. It was a surprise seeing them turn, but I am glad they did, as this adds a different dynamic to the feud, and also changes the way people view them. MJF was a great booking and a great addition for Justy as his arrogance and cockiness just add to the storyline, and help promote Justy further. Justy is a fantastic villain and performer, and whether he is heel or not you can’t deny that he is entertaining to watch. Angel Cruz and B Cool are the perfect mixture of talent and comedy, and always bring a fun and entertaining atmosphere to any match they are in. They work so well together, and deserve a title shot. I can’t wait to see what happens next in this feud.

Raven Creed vs Yuu

Women’s action now with Raven Creed defending her title against Yuu. The match starts both women locking up, Raven chops Yuu and asks for one back. Yuu chops her and it rocks Raven. The two women go back and forth exchanging chops, each one more brutal than the last. Raven ducks and hits a forearm that rocks Yuu. Raven hits the ropes and Yuu catches her and hits an airplane sidewalk slam. Yuu covers but it isn’t enough so early on. Yuu is a powerhouse. Yuu gets Raven back to her feet and continuously chops her down before covering, but Raven kicks out. Yuu hoists her up but Raven escapes before dumping Yuu down. Raven unloads with forearms and a headbutt, and catches her arm before hitting a big Samoan drop for the two count.

Raven sizes her up and runs into the corner but is caught and dropped. Yuu lifts her up again and slams her down like she is nothing. A John Woo into the corner sends Raven crashing down. Yuu covers but it’s only a two count. Yuu then snatches the head and cranks on it, but Raven fights out with elbows, but Yuu plants her quickly. Yuu lifts her up yet again but Raven fights out and kicks Yuu’s arms. She looks for a back cracker but Yuu keeps her up and lands another airplane sidewalk slam. Yuu looks for a senton but nobody is home. Raven then hits the back cracker and picks up the win.

Thoughts: Honestly this was disappointing. This match was far too short for my liking, it seemed to end just as it got going. It’s unfortunate that this was the case as both women are phenomenal athletes, and deserved a longer match. It’s great seeing Raven retain as she is a great champion, and will take the women’s division into a new direction. It’s been a long time coming for her to become champion and I personally want her to be a champion for a long time. Yuu is incredible and I hope she is back in OTT very soon. She is a powerhouse and can give any man or woman a run for their money. Yuu vs Haskins would be an awesome match. Having the women this late in the show, could be the reason as to why it was so short, maybe placing them earlier would have given them the opportunity to have a longer showing.

Steel Cage Match: OTT Tag team Champions The Kings Of The North (Bonesaw & Damien Corvin) vs The Lads From The Flats (Workie & Paddy M) With Session Moth Martina

Main event time with Lads From The Flats (Workie and Paddy M) and Martina as they try to obtain the OTT Tag Team Championships, by taking on the Kings Of The North (Bonesaw & Damien Corvin) in a steel cage match. In order to win all the teams competitors must escape the cage after all competitors have entered, this arguably gives the KOTN an advantage as they have one less competitor to escape.

The match starts with Paddy and Bonesaw (the other competitors will enter later). The bell rings and both men are in each other’s faces shaking hands. Paddy and Bonesaw then unload on each other. The war has begun. There is no space to run, and Paddy hits a diving corkscrew onto Bonesaw and both men are down. The countdown is on and Corvin is ready to go, the Kings clearly won the coin toss backstage. Corvin eats a boot, and returns with one of his own. Corvin then hits a dropkick from the second rope. Corvin looks to catch him in the corner but Paddy kicks him off and climbs the ropes. He dives but Corvin catches him and dumps him down with F6 Counties. The elevation is huge, and Paddy looks to be out. KOTN work together to wear down Paddy further. The Kings came to kill. Corvin spits at Workie through the cage… he may live to regret that. The countdown clock begins again and in comes Workie. Corvin holds the cage to prevent him coming in. Workie grabs a chair and hits his fingers forcing him to lose his grip.

Workie tosses weapons into the ring and it’s a bad idea because the kings grab the chairs. Paddy gets a kendo stick and destroys the kings. The war is on as the LFTF take the battle to the kings. Workie hits a tko on the steel chair and Corvin eats all of it. LFTF dominate as they control the match, and Martina is yet to get involved. Paddy looks to get Bonesaw in the corner but he catches him and hoists him up, but Workie hits Bonesaw from behind with the chair. LFTF continue to dominate as they punish the kings. Both kings are forced to take a seat, and Workie and Paddy run the ropes, but they’ve taken to long. The kings kick the feet out from under them so they go face first into the prone chairs. Corvin then DDT’s Workie on top of the chair and in comes Martina. Martina misses with the beer mist, and comes face to face with the Kings. The Kings beat down Martina and then Paddy when he tries to get up. The Kings slam Martina head first into the steel. They then turn their attention to Paddy and send him into the cage. They then attack Workie. They place Workie between the chair before sending him into the steel cage. It’s sickening.

The Kings could have escaped by now, but they aren’t done yet. The Kings look to punish Martina and hoist her up but she escapes and unloads on them. Corvin accidently hits a white star line on Bonesaw and Martina hits a huge rana that sends Corvin into the cage. She follows it up with a springboard sesh breaker on Bonesaw. Corvin and Bonesaw climb the cage but are quickly dragged back down as TLFTF and Martina have the numbers game and unload on the Kings. Paddy hits a moonsault onto both prone Kings and now everyone is down.

Martina and the Lads climb the ropes but Bonesaw and Corvin drag down Workie and Martina. Paddy is on the top of the cage and jumps down and takes everyone out with a senton. They climb the cage again and Workie is out. Martina and Pady are caught and Corvin dumps Paddy down. Martina ranas Bonesaw from the top rope and all four remaining competitors are down. Paddy climbs the cage as does Bonesaw, whilst Martina and Corvin fight. They then realise the others are climbing and look to stop their opponents. Bonesaw kicks Martina off, and Corvin can’t get Paddy. Bonesaw and Paddy have escaped. It’s now one on one with Martina and Corvin.

Martina unloads with forearms and chops, and a double clothesline takes both of them down. Bonesaw and Paddy brawl on the outside. Workie is back and brings the Lads with him and beat down Bonesaw. The lads grab tables. The tables are placed against the cage, before they run away. Bonesaw hoists Paddy high but Paddy fights out. Paddy hits a huge head kick, and looks to follow it up but Bonesaw sends him up and over forcing him to crash through both tables. In the ring Corvin and Martina are back to their knees and exchange blows. They get to their feet and the blows become more vicious as Martina unleashes a flurry of forearms before Corvin grabs her by the throat. Corvin then unloads with forearms of his own that knocks her down. Corvin then makes her look as he knee pad that says ‘fancies Martina’ before he rips it off. Martina ducks him and hits a satellite DDT and rolls through, but Corvin then reverses and dumps her down face first and hits the white star line than plants her. Corvin climbs the cage but he is delaying. He turns around and sits on the turnbuckle before going to the bag and pulls out thumb tacks, and pours them across the ring.

Corvin perches her on the turnbuckle and joins her on the ropes. Martina fights back and knocks Corvin down into the tacks with a headbutt. Corvin is bleeding and tacks are in his back. Martina then hits a destroyer into the tacks before dumping him down again. Both are covered in tacks, and Corvin’s skull is tacked up too. Martina slowly climbs the cage but Corvin slowly makes his way over to her and joins her on the top rope. They trade blows and both of them go face first into the cage. Corvin slips and lands with his legs split over the turnbuckle…. OUCH! Men will understand. Martina falls down into the tacks and she appears to be out. Corvin climbs the cage as Martina goes over to the open door. Bonesaw sends the ref into the door which connects with Martina sending her back inside, and Corvin escapes the cage. The Kings retain.

Thoughts: This match was everything and more. I was so hyped for this match ever since the Kings announced the match, and it didn’t disappoint. This went far beyond expectations. The Lads From The Flats are amazing athletes who have zero care for their own well-being, and put their bodies out on the line. Martina is everything and forever improves. She showed she was a true warrior queen in this explosive match, as she held her own against the worlds very best tag team. The Kings Of The North are without a doubt the best in the world and proved it in this brutal handicap match. They are merciless and callous, and will do whatever it takes to stay on top. This was a fantastic booking, and the perfect end to the show.

OTT are incapable of putting on a bad show. The signings they get are always unbelievable and the matches never fail to go above and beyond expectations. If you are subscribed to OTT all I can ask is why? If you aren’t you need to be. Or if you’re scared of commitment just purchase this show and give it a watch. Also huge kudos to the videographers for capturing the show, and not missing any of the action. Also a shout out to @SHIDAGEAR as her amazing work, helped enhance the Devlin v Starr storyline, as that gear was epic and helped Starr play mind games. The “little” people make the biggest difference.

Watch It HERE