OTT Contenders 11: ‘The Hangover Show 2 (19/8/18) review

Added by Lorna Marie Watts

On August 19th OTT headed to Ringside Club in Dublin for Contenders 11 ‘the hangover show 2’. Yet again it’s a stacked card, and now doubt these matches are going to be incredible. *SPOILERS AHEAD*

Before the show begins Jordan Devlin makes his way to the ring, minus the OTT Championship belt. The crowd applaud and start chanting “we love you Jordan we do”. Jordan has been an incredible champion, and had a fantastic run. No doubt he will capture the championship again. Jordan is OTT, and the fans definitely appreciate what he has done. Jordan then thanks the fans for their support, and says he will give his body again to get the reaction he got last night (Wrestlerama 2) and tonight. He also says if it’s his last time as champion he’s okay with that, because, it was the best part of his career. He also says he isn’t sure if you can call him the import killer anymore, and the crowd begins chanting import killer. Devlin then says he doesn’t really know who he is now without being champion or being the import killer. He is going to take some personal time, and apologises for letting the fans down. He then leaves the arena. Jordan Devlin absolutely 100% did not let anyone down by losing the title. I hope he isn’t away too long.

OTT Open Canvas Series: Calum Black vs Conor Andrews

Kicking off the show is the first match a part of the OTT open canvas series. Calum Black takes on Connor Andrews. It’s the first time in a while that these two men have stepped foot into an OTT ring. The two shake hands showing their respect, before the action picks up quickly. The two go back and forth at a fast pace, and it’s hard to keep up with what’s going on in the ring. Both men counter one another, until Black knocks Andrews off his feet. Andrews hits a series of kicks grounding Black, before hitting a standing shooting star press. Andrews covers but Black kicks out. Andrews looks to climb the ropes, but Black knocks him off the apron. The two then punish each other on the outside as Black is sent face first into the ring post.

Andrews climbs the ropes but Black moves out of the way. Black ties up Andrews before hitting a lariat, and going for the cover. Andrews kicks out. Black is calling for the end, as he drives Andrews back first into the turnbuckle. Andrews fights back with an uppercut and looks to follow up, but meets Black in the middle and is sent flying. Power beats speed. Black punishes Andrews with vicious forearms, uppercuts and kicks. Black follows it up by rag dolling Andrews, but somehow Andrews get the shoulder up. Andrews fights back and hoists Black high before dumping him down. Andrews covers but cannot get the win. Andrews climbs the ropes again, and hits a 450 splash but Black kicks out.

Andrews unleashes kicks to the side of Black’s head and looks for another but Black catches him and hits a powerbomb before following it up with a knee lift. He covers but they are too close to the ropes. Black hoists him high and hits a go to sleep, but Andrews rolls under the ropes. Andrews then kicks the ropes for the low blow, before following it up with a curb stomp. He then picks up the win. What a crook. After the match he slaps Black across the face. What a shithead.

Thoughts: I am unfamiliar with both of these men, but wow. Andrews is a total crook, but at the end of the day you have to take your opportunities where you can get them. He is extremely talented with a mixture of styles in his arsenal, it’s a shame he took the low blow to pick up the win. Calum Black is incredible, a total powerhouse, and in my opinion definitely had the match won before Andrews’ cheated. I hope both of these men are back in an OTT ring very quickly, they have bright futures a head of them.

Gavin Fitz (GFitz) vs Dom Tuck

Next up Gavin Fitz vs Dom Tuck. Gavin makes his way to the ring with the Mongrels (Dempster & Stone) following closely behind. Remember dogs always travel in packs. Curtis Murray’s music hits, but he tells them to cut it off. He states that unfortunately the bench mark of Irish wrestling, Jordan Devlin isn’t competing so he is taking his place. So he will not be facing Gavin. He says he’s moving onto bigger things, and then out comes Dom Tuck.

Dom enters the ring and meets a swift right hand, the bell rings and Gavin picks up the win right away. After the match the mongrels beat down Dom, but then outcome MTH and the mongrels scatter.

Thoughts: Well this was a very, very, very, very, very short lived match. I wish this could have gone on longer. Gavin is extremely talented, and deserves a longer match that this. I haven’t really seen much of Dom on the other hand, but a longer match would have been better.

Session Moth Martina, Amy Allonsy & Katey Harvey vs Raven Creed, Valkyrie & Debbie Kietel

Next up tag team women’s action with Session Moth Martina, Amy Allonsy & Katey Harvey taking on Raven Creed, Valkyrie & Debbie Keitel.

Starting off the match is Martina and Raven. Martina is looking to have some fun, but Raven isn’t. Raven chops Martina down, and then says she’s giving her a free shot. Martina takes a drink and sprays beer in Raven’s face. She tags in Katey who sends Martina into Raven. Katey follows it up with a splash of her own. Raven then tags in Debbie. The two exchange covers but cannot put each other way. Katey is sent into the corner and Debbie drives the boots into Katey, before tagging in Valkyrie. But in comes Amy. Amy avoids a kick from Valkyrie and punches the taste of out of her mouth. But cannot avoid a second kick from Valkyrie. In comes Debbie who chops Amy before tagging in Raven who also chops her. It’s brutal. Raven covers but Amy kicks out. Valkyrie is back in and puts the boot in before tagging in Debbie.

Debbie hits a snap suplex and goes for the cover, but Amy kicks out. Debbie drags her back to her corner and in comes Raven with a knee to the gut. Raven follows it up but still cannot put her away. Raven taunts her before stomping on her hand, and Valkyrie is back in. A swift punch to the stomach knocks down Amy, and Valkyrie follows it up with an elbow to the shoulder. Valkyrie hoists her high but Amy fights out and knocks Valkyrie down. Valkyrie tries to get her back to her corner, but a swift kick sends her to the outside, in comes Raven and she is sent to the outside. Debbie interjects but Amy sends her out also.

Amy needs to make the tag and gets to the corner but Katey and Martina are pulled off the apron by Valkyrie and Raven. Amy is sent into the opposite corner and Valkyrie punishes her with kicks, but Amy escapes and in comes Martina who unleashes strikes on Debbie, and follows it up with a headbutt, Martina covers but Debbie kicks out. In comes Katey and the two work together to punish Debbie. Martina sends Debbie to the outside along with Raven, but Valkyrie intercepts any high flying. She then drives her boots into Amy before being knocked off the apron. Martina dives and takes everyone out. Katey climbs the top rope and also takes everyone out. These women are putting everything on the line.

Raven is tossed back into the ring and catches an incoming Martina and takes her down with a Samoan drop before chopping her. Martina follows it up with forearms of her own, before bridging into a pin that Raven kicks out of. Martina misses one kick but connects with the other, I’m surprised Raven still has a head. In comes Valkyrie who takes down Martina and wails on her. Martina fights back and goes for a brainbuster but Raven connects and takes her and Valkyrie down. Raven hoists Katey high but she fights back and plants her face first. She hooks the leg but Debbie breaks it up. Debbie holds Katey whilst Raven kicks her, as they hit an assisted German suplex. Amy unleashes on Debbie and Raven but is cut off. They look for a double suplex but Martina and Katey save her.

Now it’s an all-out strike war as all women beat crap out of each other, and knock each other down with headbutts. Katey and Debbie are up and exchange blows and Debbie locks in a Boston crab. Martina chops Debbie forcing the break, but Debbie knees her in the face. Raven is up and targets Martina but misses. She then catches Amy and hits a brutal backbreaker, whilst Valkyrie hits a huge leg drop on Martina who is caught on the ropes. Katey breaks up the pin and attacks all three opponents. The feminist icon is on fire. Katey heads to the top and kicks down Debbie and Valkyrie, whilst Martina hits a sesh breaker on Raven. Amy then dumps down Raven and picks up the win for her team.

Thoughts: It’s incredible seeing a match with all Irish female wrestlers. All six of these women are absolutely incredible at what they do, and are all underrated. They deserve so much respect; they all put their bodies on the line and fought as hard and viciously as they could. Absolutely incredible booking by OTT, it’s great seeing these women share a ring with each other. The future of female Irish wrestling is in safe hands with these six talented women. I have so much love for all six of these women.

Sean Guinness vs Michael May

Next up Michael May takes on Sean Guinness. The two shake hands showing their respect, before locking up. Guinness gets in a wrist lock and grounds May, but May counters. These men are evenly matched. The two go back and forth looking to get the upper hand. They shake hands again. They lock up yet again, with May snatching in a headlock. Guinness grabs May’s leg and cranks on her ankle but May fights out, and snaps in the headlock again. Guinness gets a wrist, and May goes back to the head. The transitions are so smoot and calculated. I think these two men will fight forever, because, they are so evenly matched. Now it appears to be a test of strength and Guinness ties up May like a pretzel. May counters and hits a monkey flip but Guinness lands on his feet. Again they shake hands, they have so much respect for each other.

The two avoid each other and go back and forth; the action is really fast now as both men look to take control of the match. They meet in the middle with a double drop kick and stare each other down. Poetry in motion everyone. Did I mention before that these guys are evenly matched? May then takes control as he grounds Guinness with a wristlock. Guinness tries to counter but May has a counter of his own. These two are not giving an inch on each other. Guinness dumps May on his head and he retreats to the outside to gather himself. He is favouring his taped up shoulder. He gets back in the ring and Guinness begins the assault. May gets a backslide but Guinness kicks out, and begins attacking the taped up shoulder of May. The action is now on the outside and Guinness is met with a series of chops, but has some of his own. He then slams down the injured arm onto the ring apron. He is picking May a part now.

The action is back in the ring and May tries to fire up but Guinness cuts him off with a kick to the bad arm. Guinness then stands on the arm before driving his knees in. May is visibly hurt, and Guinness begins ripping the tape off of May’s arm. May again tries to fight back using his bad arm which proves to be a mistake. Guinness hits the shoulder with open palm strikes. This is brutal. May grounds Guinness who rolls to the outside. May defiantly rips off the remaining tape from his shoulder. May drives to the outside and wipes out Guinness, a desperation move that has done damage to his opponent. May climbs the top rope and drives his boots into the face of Guinness before hitting a back elbow. May covers but Guinness kicks out. May hits a brutal chop on Guinness, there’s your receipt buddy. Guinness is on the second rope as is May, and Guinness sends him crashing down, but May has him scouted and avoids the dive. Guinness distracts May and plants him, but May kicks out at two. The crowd are split between both of these men. Guinness heads to the top but May rolls out of the way again. May hits a windmill kick and both men are down.

The two chop hell out of each other, looking to see who falls down first. Guinness is callous in his torture of May. May fights back and takes the chops, walking into them like they are nothing. He then returns with chops of his own. Guinness then walks into the chops. Did I mention evenly matches? May gets Guinness in a school boy, and ties him up after but can only get a two count. Guinness drives may down but he is resilient. Guinness locks in an arm bar and May is forced to tap.

Thoughts: Wow what a match. Anyone one of these men could have won, it was close on numerous occasions. These two guys are huge talents and have huge careers a head of them. Guinness is no longer a ‘best kept secret’, as is getting the credit he deserves. May is also extremely talented, and in my opinion underrated. I think more people need to take notice of how incredible he is.

Curtis Murray & Shane Strickland vs More Than Hype (Gender Neutral Champion LJ Cleary & Nathan Martin)

Now for some more tag action with Curtis Murray teaming with Shane Strickland to take on More Than Hype (LJ Cleary & Nathan Martin). The match starts with Curtis throwing his jacket at MTH who make a mockery out of him. Strickland then puts on the jacket and also makes a fool out of him. The crowd chants for a 3 on 1 and then anyone but Curtis. The match officially begins with Curtis facing off against LJ. The two lock up and Curtis gets LJ in a wristlock. LJ tries to escape but Curtis keeps him grounded. LJ finally escapes and hits a beautiful dropkick. Curtis tags in Shane. Shane sweeps the legs of LJ and ties him up. LJ escapes and gets in a wristlock, and really cranks on it and keeps Shane on the canvas. Shane counters. These two are having fun now. The two go back and forth with quick manoeuvres until Nathan is tagged in. MTH work together to wear down Shane. Shane fights back and takes down both members of MTH and the head kick to LJ is flawless. Shane throws Nathan across the ring, and goes for the cover but Nathan kicks out at two.

Nathan fires back but is cut off and receives a double foot stomp to the spine for his trouble. Curtis is tagged in and pokes Nathan’s eyes. Curtis didn’t come to play nice, not after losing to MTH last night. The crowd are chanting for psycho Nathan to show up. Curtis hits LJ before kicking Nathan and then driving him down. Curtis covers but doesn’t hook the leg, and Nathan kicks out. A knee to the face still can’t put Nathan away. Curtis chops Nathan down like a tree, before tagging in Shane again. Shane then chops Nathan, telling him he’s going to teach Curtis a lesson. Shane covers but Nathan stays alive. Shane keeps Nathan grounded but Nathan turns it around and wails on him and swings for Curtis but misses. Nathan finally tags in LJ who knocks Curtis off the apron and unloads on Shane. MTH work together to wear down Shane, before Shane rolls to the outside. Curtis is back in and is destroyed by MTH. Nathan flies and takes out Curtis. LJ looks to take flight and does, taking out both Nathan and Curtis whilst landing on his feet. Here comes Shane who takes out both members of MTH. Curtis enters the ring to a loud array of boos. Curtis slides out and chops both Nathan and LJ. He rolls Nathan in and slaps him across the face.

Psycho Nathan has been awoken. Nathan hoists him high and sends him down into LJ’s boot. Nathan catches Shane and LJ takes him out, but they cannot put Shane away. MTH active the megazord but Strickland cuts them off and takes it to both men. What’s 2 x 619? Because that happened. The megazord activated and they spike Shane on his head, but Curtis breaks up the pin with a double foot stomp. Curtis is back in but walks into a slap from LJ. LJ and Curtis exchange blows, then all men exchange blows. It has really broken down now. Nathan hoists up Curtis but Curtis fights out, and rolls him up but the cover is broken up by LJ. LJ is sent to the outside and Curtis hits a cutter on Nathan, and Shane follows it up with double boots to the face from the top rope. Shane covers and picks up the win.

Thoughts: At this point in time I’m not sure if I like a ‘heel’ Curtis Murray. Now that doesn’t mean he isn’t extremely talented and that he doesn’t have a bright future ahead of him because he is/does. I’m just not sure this ‘bad’ attitude works for him, at least not yet anyway. I will need to see more matches with him as a heel to really make a judgement. Shane Strickland is insane and the things he does in the ring shouldn’t be humanly possible. MTH are a fantastic tag team, but they are also fantastic as individuals. LJ and Nathan are definitely going to change the tag team division in the future, so keep your eyes peeled.

IWGP US Champion Juice Robinson vs Scotty Davis

Next up Juice Robinson takes on Scotty Davis. Now this is going to be one hell of a match. The two shake hands showing their respect for each other. Scotty shoots for a single leg and takes Juice down. Juice gets to the ropes and Scotty breaks the hold. Scotty takes Juice down with a waist lock before hitting a gator roll, and another and following it up with a chancery suplex. Juice has rolled to the outside for a breather. He heads over the bar and has a drink. Juice then gets back into the ring after having some ‘special’ juice. The two lock up and Juice tosses Scotty down like he is nothing. Again they lock up and Scotty is down. Scotty captures Juice’s head, but Juice sends him into the ropes and Scotty runs into an immovable force. Juice runs the ropes and knocks Scotty down. He looks to send Scotty to the floor but Scotty catches himself and sends Juice to the outside with a dropkick.

Scotty dives to the outside but Juice catches him and runs him into the ring post. Spine meet post, post meet spine, it’s terrible to meet you. Scotty is then sent face first onto the ring apron before being sent into the tenth row of chairs… Maybe twelfth. Scotty is slow to get back into the ring and as soon as he’s in, Juice covers but Scotty kicks out. Juice then hoists Scotty high and slams him down and places his foot on his chest. That type of cover isn’t going to help him get a win of the supreme suplex machine. Scotty is whipped into the corner and Juice follows him in. Juice slams into him again, and looks to kick him but Scotty catches him and suplex’s him down. Scotty gives swift punches to the ribs of Juice, but receives a big chop in return. Scotty connects with a drop kick, then runs into an elbow. Juice goes for a senton but meets Scotty’s knees. Scotty hits a springboard moonsault but cannot put him away. Scotty then locks in an arm bar but Juice counters. He looks to powerbomb Scotty to the floor, but Scotty hangs on and sends Juice to the outside.

Scotty takes flight and lands on his man. Juice is then sent into the chairs, a little payback there from Scotty. Scotty then hits a high crossbody and sends Juice crushing down onto the hard floor. Scotty hits a German suplex and bridges into the cover but Juice just kicks out. Juice hits a spinebuster and Scotty is hurt. Juice then hits a cannon ball in the corner, before unloading. A lariat turns Scotty inside out. Scotty is resilient kicking out of moves with such intensity. Scotty then turns Juice inside out and looks for a moonsault but Juice gets the knees up. Scotty hits a deadlift roll through and both men are down, both unable to capitalise. The two exchange vicious blows, then Scotty locks in an armbar and converts it to a bow and arrow. Juice gets his foot on the rope so Scotty is forced to break the hold. Juice hangs Scotty on the top rope, before climbing the ropes. He hits a high crossbody. Scotty looks for a schoolboy but Juice kicks out. Juice hits a powerbomb in the centre of the ring but Scotty still has fuel left in the tank. Juice then hits pulp fiction and sends Scotty face first into the canvas, and covers… and picks up the win.

Thoughts: Both of these men took each other to their limits, and both have an insane move set. I’m not too familiar with Juice but he is amazing, and hopefully he’s back in an OTT ring very soon, because he is a pleasure to watch. Scotty Davis is young, talented and will achieve incredible things in his career. No doubt he will hold the OTT no limits championship in the future, or better yet the OTT championship. This kid is going to big places.

OTT No Limits Champion terry Thatcher vs Darren Kearney

Last match of the evening and its main event time with OTT No Limits Champion Terry Thatcher, defending against Darren Kearney.

Kearney attacks Thatcher before the bell and looks for a single leg, but Thatcher gets to the ropes. Kearney grabs both legs but Thatcher lands on his feet and unloads on Kearney, before connecting with a dropkick. Thatcher splashes him in the corner, but Kearney moves out of the way of a second, but Thatcher still takes him down. Thatcher ties him up on the ropes before driving his boots into Kearney’s back. Kearney goes to the outside and Thatcher looks to fly, but he misses and Kearney takes his legs out from under him. Kearney then slams him down knee first onto the ring apron. Kearney then slams he knee first onto the bar, before rolling him back into the ring. Kearney covers but Thatcher kicks out at one. Kearney then stomps on the left leg, trying to take out any high flying offense Thatcher could bring to the ring. He then drives him knee first into his own knee, but still cannot put him away. He is definitely wearing down the leg in preparation for the single leg.

Thatcher counters and rolls Kearney through but he kicks out. Thatcher misses a kick and instead gets his knee driven down into the canvas yet again. The crowd is split evenly between these two men. Kearney continuously targets the left leg of Thatcher, Thatcher really needs to make it to the ropes. Thatcher kicks Kearney and manages to fight his way out of the hold. The two exchange blows whilst on their knees, this has quickly turned into a war. Thatcher hits two running elbows, knocking Kearney down. Thatcher looks to fly but Kearney catches him and dumps him down face first into the canvas, and eats a boot to the face. Kearney covers but Thatcher kicks out at, but only just. Kearney ties up the legs and looks for the submission win, but Thatcher makes it to the ropes but Kearney drags him back. Thatcher is in pain but counters into a roll up forcing Kearney to kick out.

Thatcher sends Kearney into the corner and hits an insane DDT, that stuns Kearney. Thatcher looks to capitalise but Kearney cuts him off, but not for long. Thatcher sends Kearney crashing into the ropes with a dropkick. Thatcher hits a spinebuster but doesn’t go for the cover, instead her favours his knee. Kearney rolls him up but Thatcher kicks out. Kearney kicks Thatcher in the back of the head, and both men take a moment to regain their composure. Kearney is caught in the ropes and Thatcher wails on him and looks to kick him in the back, but Kearney turns around and knocks him down instead. Thatcher hits a springboard moonsault from the second rope to the outside, and as he lays on the floor he favours his knee again. Kearney is tangled in the chairs and is slow to his feet too. Thatcher rolls Kearney into the ring and looks for to capitalise but Kearny sends him face first into the canvas, and goes for the cover but Thatcher kicks out. As he does Kearney transitions into a single leg. Thatcher gets close to the ropes but Kearney drags him back. Thatcher makes it to the ropes and Kearney must break the hold. Kearney eats an elbow and Thatcher hits a reverse rana, but is slow to cover and Kearney kicks out.

Thatcher wants to end this now. He is slow to climb the ropes and he nearly hits Kearney, but Kearney just gets out of the way. Kearney looks for a single leg again but Thatcher counters and rolls him up but Kearney kicks out. Thatcher hits de thatched and picks up the win.

Thoughts: WOW! I’m surprised Darren attached Thatcher before the bell, since from previous matches I’ve seen he usually plays by the book, with the odd tomfoolery thrown in. With that being said, it was interesting seeing a rougher more aggressive and ruthless side of Darren. There is no denying he is a great athlete and puts on one hell of a show. He is another young guy who has a huge career ahead of him. I’m not sure how bad Terry’s knee is, fingers crossed he is still able to compete because, he needs to hold onto the title a little longer. It means so much to him. He is a great performer and athlete, and I’ve seen him go through some serious wars. He has a heart of a lion, and it was clear to see in this match. I can’t wait for a re-match between these two big talents.

Yet another incredible show by OTT. Definitely one of the best companies in the UK/Ireland right now, in my opinion. They never fail to put on an exceptional show that showcases amazing talents from around the world. Stop wasting your time and go and watch all of the shows they have on demand. But let’s start with this one first yeah?