OTT ‘Belfast Banjanxed’ Review

Added by Lorna Marie Watts

On May 26th OTT headed to the Europa Hotel in Belfast for Belfast Banjanxed. The match that has been talked about a lot is Tucker vs Walter and I’m excited to see how the match plays out. The whole card is stacked and filled with big talents, so let’s get straight into the action.


Kicking off the show is tag team action with Scotty Davis & Calum Black taking on Michael May & Liam Royal and The Mongrels (Eddie Stone & Russell Dempster). Now this is going to be one hell of a match.

The match starts with May and Davis. May asks Davis to show him how good he is, and the two men then lock up and Davis is forced into the corner. May slaps Davis across the face before hot footing it out of the ring and tagging in Stone. Stone and Davis lock up and Scotty is forced to the ropes but escapes. He then takes Stone down with a leg sweep followed by a gator roll, and another. He finishes it off with a chancery suplex and Stone has had enough. Stone tags in Dempster, and Davis tags in Black. Black and Dempster lock up and both men look to get the best of each other. Black locks in a headlock but Dempster shoves him off. Black runs into Dempster but it’s like to walls hitting each other and neither man goes down. Dempster then says “no chance Calum”, almost daring him to give it another shot. The two go back and forth before Black hits a lariat and knocks Dempster off his feet. Black then holds Stone and Dempster and Davis looks to fly but it cut off by Royal who hoists him up and slams him down. Dempster is back in the ring and tosses Royal to the outside, and then stomps down on Davis and follows it up with a chop. Stone is then tagged back in. Stone then dumps Davis and covers but it’s only a two count.

May then tags himself in and rag dolls Davis and covers but it’s not enough. May looks to keep Davis grounded. Davis then lifts him up and dumps him down but May looks for an arm bar but can’t lock it in. May pulls him to his corner and in comes Royal who kicks Davis in the ribs which takes him down. A cover isn’t enough and Davis is sent into the corner where May tags himself in. May hits a snap suplex into a cover but it’s not enough. Stone then tags himself in and Dempster holds Davis’ head on the ropes, and then Stone takes two hands to his chest, lighting Davis up like a Christmas tree. Dempster is back in and hoists Davis up high before dumping him down, and follows it up with a big leg drop. Dempster covers but Davis kicks out. Scotty needs to get out. Royal is back in and puts the boots in before knocking Black off the apron, and he’s angry. Davis needs to get Black in this match. Royal and May double team and further punish Davis, but Stone, Dempster and Black break up the cover. Black leaves the ring and The Mongrels and Royal and May face off.

Davis climbs the ropes and a moonsault takes them all out. Black is desperate to get back in this match and Davis makes the tag. Black unloads and takes it to May, Dempster and Stone, but is then cut off by a missile drop kick from May. May looks to fly but Davis intercepts and suplexes him. Davis then looks to fly, but is almost cut off but Black makes the save. Black then assists Davis who takes everyone out. It was a back drop corkscrew plancha to the outside and it was incredible. Davis rolls in Stone and Black/Davis work together to take him down, but May intercepts the cover. May and Royal then work together to take down Davis and this time Dempster intercepts. Dempster then takes it to May and Royal. He then looks to turn his attention to Davis but Davis catches him and dumps him down, and Black follows up with a knee lift. Black and Davis his a lariat/supremacy combo and pick up the win.

Thoughts: Now that’s how you kick off an OTT show. Three amazing teams compiled of six talented wrestlers. What a match. It’s interesting seeing the dynamic between Scotty and Michael, after the end of Legit 100. These two men know each other really well, and it’s always great seeing the two men face off against each other. Calum Black is a powerhouse and never fails to impress. The Mongrels are always brutal and remorseless, and always put on one heck of a show. Royal is another powerhouse and he hit some pretty amazing moves during this. Having all these men/teams face off against each other was a brilliant way to kick off the show. High flying and hard hitting, what isn’t there to like? The only thing that could make the match more interesting would be a steal cage… now there’s an idea.


Even more tag action now with Club Tropicana (Captain Sexsea & Aidan Epic) & The Fabulous Nicky taking on Justy, Sammy D & Rene Dupree. The match starts with Nicky and Justy. Justy avoids the lock up and instead goes for a waist lock and looks for the fish hook but Nicky avoids and gets in a fish hook of his own. If you don’t know what the fish hook is you’ll have to witness it for yourself, all I’ll say is the finger is arched into a hook and then involves a part of the opponents anatomy. Yup, you read that right, now go watch it. Justy is then tossed out of the ring, when he enters the ring Nicky waves his finger under Justy’s nose and Justy recoils in horror. Justy then tags in Sammy, and Nicky tags in Sexsea.

Sammy hits Sexsea in the gut before forcing him into the corner and driving his shoulder into his gut. Sexsea looks for a sunset flip, but Sexsea can’t get him down. The two then exchange gyrating moves until Sexsea hits a snapmare and then forces his groin into Sammy’s face. Sammy then tags in Dupree. Sexsea then hits him in the face with a glove and the shots have been fired. Dupree then slaps him across the face and dumps him down. Now that’s a receipt, keep the change Sexsea. Nicky comes in and gets in a waist lock… well technically anyway. Nicky and Dupree end up dancing together, then Justy joins followed by Aidan then Sammy and lastly Sexsea. They then keep reversing, and Justy grabs the ref and a series of low blows follows. Nut shots all round. Everyone is down.

Dupree, Justy & Sammy all pick up baguettes… well that’s a new one. And Club Tropicana & Nicky have the boat paddles. It’s like bringing a knife to a gun fight. Don’t bring a breadstick to a paddle right. Club Tropicana & Nicky get whacked over the head with the baguettes that instantly snap and have zero effect on them. Dupree, Justy and Sammy take paddle shots to the gut before Sammy and Dupree are sent out of the ring. Justy is tied up in knots before a piece of bread is shoved into his mouth. He then takes three paddle shots to the arse. OUCH! Dupree is taken down but Sammy takes out Club Tropicana and Nicky to prevent an attack. Sammy beats up Aidan before tagging in Dupree. Dupree takes down Aidan and hits a crisp elbow drop and covers, but it’s not enough. Justy is back in after Aidan is sent face first into the turn buckle.

Justy unloads on Aidan as he punches him in the head continuously, but Aidan is fired up and unloads on Justy. Justy then takes Aidan down by hoisting him up and hitting a low blow. Sammy is back in and Aidan is in a world of trouble, as he takes the impact of a vicious running knee. Sexsea breaks up the cover, but it doesn’t stop the punishment of Aidan. Justy is in again and Aidan is tapped in the corner by Dupree and Sammy. They are really wearing him down now. Dupree and Sammy hold Aidan in the corner and Justy looks to run at him but Aidan escapes. A tag is made and now Nicky and Sexsea are in taking on Justy and Sammy. Sexsea and Nicky both hit a double step up enziguri taking down both Sammy and Justy. In comes Dupree and Nicky and exsea hit an assisted cutter. Sammy comes in and hits a superkick on Aidan, Nicky hits one on Sammy. Justy is on the top rope and Sexsea and Nicky hit the ropes causing Justy to fall. Sexsea hits the super-sexy-slip-and-slide on Justy, Nicky then hits a superkick and Club Tropicana hit the careless whisper and pick up the win.

Thoughts: A great second match. I love Club Tropicana and Nicky, it’s a great trio. Brilliant partnership put together by OTT, they just work so effortlessly together and never fail to entertain. Justy & Sammy are also a great tag team, and I love seeing them working together. Despite being heels they always do a fantastic job at presenting their characters which makes it entertaining to watch. Not to mention the fact they are great wrestlers. In all honesty, this is the first time I’ve seen Dupree and wow what a talent. It was a brilliant booking having him team up with Justy/Sammy for this match. This match was equal parts hard hitting and comedy gold. I don’t know who’s idea the baguettes were, but it was bloody fantastic, so kudos to whoever came up with that idea.


Singles action now with David Starr and Sean Guinness facing off. The match starts with both men locking up, both looking to get the best of the other. Sean forces David into the corner but David takes down Sean. Not for long though. David looks for a single leg take down but Sean avoids. The two then go back and forth and David gets a single leg and then locks him up. Sean is screaming. David then begins manipulating the wrist of Sean and cranks on it. He shoots for the single leg again but Sean kicks him off. Again another lockup and David gets the better of Sean. Sean then avoids lariats and then connects with a beautiful dropkick. David is in the corner and Sean stomps on him, David then chops Sean and then eats some of his own. Sean’s chops are brutal.

Sean looks for a chop but misses, David then misses, then Sean connects. Sean covers but it’s not even a one count. David then takes down Sean and hoists his leg before driving his knee down into the canvas. David is really targeting the knee, clearly trying to prevent any high flying moves. David then chops Sean before wrapping his leg around the rope and kicking it. It’s brutal. David is fired up and is getting in the face of the ref Niall Fox. This distraction allows Sean to take David down, and then dives to the outside and takes David down again. David is rolled back in and Sean climbs the ropes but misses a double foot stomp but connects with a head kick. Sean looks for a piledriver but it seems like his knee gave out on him. Sean is down on the outside.

Sean is being checked on and Sean is shaking his head at Foxy. Sean has a 20 count to answer and looks to get back in the ring, and David catches his leg and snaps it. David targets the leg again and covers but Sean kicks out. David is relentless in his assault on Sean’s leg. It’s getting hard to watch now. The assault continues and it’s clear Sean is in a lot of pain. There is no shame in tapping out, he needs to think of his career. Sean hits David and rocks him, and looks to fire back. Sean is on one knee and throws punches but David is back on him. Sean then hits a leaping leg lariat but it’s hurt him too. The ref is checking on Sean asking if he wants to give up but he doesn’t.

Sean then unloads with chops and punches, lighting up David. David looks for a single leg again but Sean fights him off. Sean can barely stand on his leg, he’s taken a lot of damage. Sean kicks David in the head which sends him down to the canvas. Sean looks to climb the ropes and it’s risky. David meets him on the ropes and Sean connects with a headbutt before sending him down to the canvas. Sean the connects with David, driving his boots into the back of his skull. Sean is struggling to put weight on his leg, he can’t even put his foot down flat. David catches the leg again and takes him down before locking in the figure four, and cranks on Sean’s leg. David is ruthless. Sean looks to reverse it but David prevents it. It’s locked in tight. This is brutal. Sean looks to counter again and David is fighting, but Sean reverses. It looks like David will tap, but he reverses and Sean can’t reach the ropes. Sean finally makes the ropes and David breaks the hold, before kicking and stomping on Sean.

Sean is down on the outside and is being checked on again. He has to answer the 20 count. David is telling Foxy to end the match because Sean can’t stand up, but Foxy won’t. David goes to the outside and picks up Sean and dumps him on the apron and then tells Sean to get up and fight. The crowd are getting behind Sean. David then gets in Sean’s head and asks him what he’s fighting for, is he fighting for his best friend Jordan Devlin. Then says Jordan is the reason Sean isn’t being booked, and that Jordan doesn’t give a shit about him. Shots fired. Sean is back to his feet barely. Sean takes a step but crumbles to the canvas and Foxy calls for the bell to end the match, due to Sean not being able to continue. The referee’s discretion means David Starr has picked up the win.

Thoughts: This match was hard to watch. The punishment that Sean Guinness took was insane. He has the heart of a lion and doesn’t give up, but you have to question his motives for not tapping. Especially with his career involved, many wrestles go out of action due to torn ligaments. With that being said, he put on one hell of a performance. Even when in incredible amounts of pain he didn’t tap, he fought back and hit some excellent spots. David Starr is ruthless, calculated and manipulative and although hard to watch sometimes, it’s bloody fantastic. He knows how to rile up the audience and use it to his advantage, and his I don’t give a fuck attitude is great. Him then manipulating Guinness is an interesting plot continuation of his feud with Devlin.


Women’s championship action now with Champion Raven Creed taking on Valkyrie who is accompanied to the ring by Debbie Keitel and CT Flexor.

The match starts with the two females locking up, both looking to get the upper hand. Valkyrie forces Raven into the corner and then stomps on her. Raven then picks up Valkyrie and drives her into the corner before repeatedly driving her shoulder into her gut. Raven fights off blows from Valkyrie before repeatedly chopping her. Valkyrie has some brutal strikes. Valkyrie goes to the outside and Raven follows her and chops her repeatedly again. Then slams her head off a chair. I can’t help but wonder how long it will take for Debbie and CT to get involved in the match. Raven sends Valkyrie back into the ring, but it takes her a while to get in and eats a hook from Valkyrie. Valkyrie looks to fly but Raven catches her and then snaps her neck off the top rope. Raven goes to the top but Valkyrie grabs her leg and pulls her off. Valkyrie covers but it’s not enough. Both women are vicious and brutal.

Valkyrie stomps on Raven’s spine before targeting her leg. Valkyrie covers again but it’s only a two count. A leg drop across Raven’s sternum still isn’t enough to put her away. Valkyrie continues to brutalises Raven, and Raven is getting fired up and more and more angry. Valkyrie covers and yet again it’s not enough. It isn’t going to be that easy to defeat the champ. An elbow to the base of Raven’s skull keeps her grounded. Raven hooks Valkyrie’s leg and then snatches the ankle but she makes it to the ropes so the hold is broken.

A vicious kick from Valkyrie knocks Raven down but it’s not enough to put her away. It seems like Raven has an injury to her wrist, and it seems like Valkyrie has noticed. A headbutt from Raven rocks Valkyrie and Raven snatches her leg and cranks on it. Valkyrie rolls through and Raven falls head first to the canvas, and Valkyrie follows it up with a vicious kick. Valkyrie covers but Raven kicks out at two. Valkyrie stomps on Raven’s neck whilst wrenching on her arm. Valkyrie has a vicious streak and she’s unleashing it. She wants the title. Raven is begging to be hit and Valkyrie smacks her and knocks her down, and a sickening smile falls across her face. Valkyrie drives her boots into Raven’s spine again before sending her into the corner. Raven then catches Valkyrie on the second rope before dumping her down on her head. Raven is getting fired up. The fight isn’t over yet. Raven then hits a series of huge lariats before hitting a Samoan drop. Raven then catches Valkyrie’s leg after she attempts a leg lariat, and hoists her high before dumping her down. Raven covers but it’s only a two count.

Raven hoists her up again but Valkyrie reverses. The two then trade waist locks before Raven hits a running knee strike, yet it’s still not enough. Raven grabs Valkyrie’s ankle and cranks on it, right in the middle of the ring. Valkyrie pulls herself to the ropes but Raven pulls her back to the centre of the ring. Debbie grabs Valkyrie’s hand and pulls her to the rope. Raven goes to the outside and unloads chops onto Debbie, before driving her back first into the steel ring post. Raven enters the ring again and Valkyrie hits a Jon Woo and follows it up with an enziguri and then a spinning leg lariat. Valkyrie covers but it’s still only a two count. Raven then hits a massive clothesline that turns Valkyrie inside out. CT checks on Valkyrie which allows Debbie to spray something into Raven’s eyes. Valkyrie then hits an enziguri and follows it up with an axe kick from the top rope and picks up the win.

Thoughts: The match may be over but I don’t think the war is. No doubt Raven will be looking for redemption and look to get her title back. This was a brutal match with two hard hitting powerful females. Both are phenomenal strikes then send sickening thud sounds throughout the room. Raven’s chops are sickening, and look like they hurt like hell. Valkyrie is one of the best strikers in the business and her skills were on full display in this incredible fight. I can’t wait to see a rematch between these two fierce females, because this war definitely isn’t over. I also wonder if Debbie Keitel will look to challenge Valkyrie for the title too, because that woke queen could be extra woke!


More tag team action now with Besties in the World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) taking on OTT Tag Team Champions Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven). The match starts with Tyler taking on Mat. Tyler snatches the wrist early and Mat counters but Tyler quickly escapes. Mat then takes Tyler down and works the ankle before stomping on him. Tyler snatches the wrist again and grounds Mat, but Mat then counters. These two men seem to be evenly matched. Now Trent is in as is Davey. The two lock up and Trent takes down Davey with a takeover. The two lock up again and Trent snatches a side headlock before taking Davey down. Davey then locks in head scissors which forces Trent to break his hold. Trent eventually breaks free. The two lock up again and both look to get the upper hand. Trent forces Davey down but Davey gets a shoulder up, followed by the other, then both. Davey counters and so does Trent. These two men are also evenly matched. Trent forces Davey into the corner and it’s a clean break.

Yet again they lock up and Davey gets the upper hand and ties Trent up. In comes Mat who also helps to tie up Trent. In comes Tyler who hits a diving back elbow onto Mat, and Trent then takes down Davey and covers but it’s not enough. Trent hoists Davey up and dumps him before Tyler hits an assisted senton but it’s not enough. Tyler covers again but the match continues. Tyler then cranks on Davey’s neck and Davey forces the break by getting his foot on the rope but it doesn’t stop Tyler doing more punishment. In comes Trent who snatches a headlock before hitting a suplex and transitions into a cover but it’s not enough, so Trent goes back to a headlock. Davey fights his way out and then eats a brutal chop that floors him. Trent covers but it isn’t enough. Trent chops him again and it’s sickening. The crowd are chanting “one more time”, those sick fucks. Trent looks for a third but Davey ducks and rolls him up. Trent then hits another chop and covers but Davey kicks out at two. Tyler is then tagged in and he stomps on Davey and punishes him before covering. Mat comes in and breaks the cover and Tyler isn’t happy about it, and looks to fight him in the corner but referee Niall Fox is between the two men trying to get Mat out of the ring.

Tyler then stomps on Davey’s head, clearly he’s mad and Davey is paying the price. Trent is tagged back in and chops Davey again. Pretty sure Davey’s chest is broke, especially after another chop. Trent then hits a DDT and covers but Mat intercepts and breaks the pin attempt. Tyler is back in and continues the beat down on Davey. Davey gets to his feet and drives Tyler into the turnbuckle but Tyler snatches a headlock again, until Davey dumps him down. In comes Trent who stomps on Davey, but escapes and tags in Mat. Mat hits Tyler before hitting a step up enziguri on Trent. Mat eats an elbow from Tyler before knocking him off the apron, and then hits Trent and then hits a running knee to Trent and covers but it isn’t enough. Mat is on fire. Trent then chops Mat and unloads on him but Mat unloads with kicks. Trent then reverses and hits a sit out tilt-a-whirl side walk slam. Trent and Davey are then tagged in and Tyler unloads, before he is sent into the corner. A knee lift followed by a diving back elbow and running uppercut rocks Davey. Davey follows Tyler into the corner but Tyler catches him before dumping him down.

Tyler hits a running shooter star and covers but it’s still not enough. Trent is back in and Davey fights them both off before kicking Tyler in the head. Davey then swings Tyler around and Mat hits him too. Davey covers put Tyler kicks out. This is insane, I don’t want this match to end. Mat climbs the ropes but Tyler fights off Davey before hitting Mat in the head. Tyler knocks down Davey and meets Mat on the ropes. Tyler looks to take down Mat but he can’t. Mat pushes him off into Davey who hits a German suplex and Mat lands a huge splash into the cover, but Trent intercepts. The crowd is going wild. The two teams exchange blows and the Bestie then take it to Tyler after getting the upper hand. They cover but somehow Tyler manages to kick out. Holy crap! Can these guys fight forever? The crowd are chanting it and I want it.

Trent hits a brutal chop but Davey lands an overhead kick. Mat hoists up Tyler, and Davey hoists up Trent. Trent then kicks Mat in the head before taking down Davey, and Tyler hits a twisting tombstone piledriver on Mat. Tyler covers but Mat kicks out… HOLY SHIT! I can’t believe it, the crowd can’t believe it, and Tyler can’t believe it. Did I really just see this? Really? What the hell! Trent is tagged in and Tyler dives to the outside and takes out Davey. Mat connects with a jumping knee strike, but Trent connects with a backhand to the face. Tyler is back in and they hit a clothesline dragon suplex on Mat and yet he still kicks out at 2. Tyler takes flight again and takes out Davey, and Trent lifts Mat onto his shoulders and Tyler hits a knee strike from the top rope. Trent covers and gets the three count.

Thoughts: Both of these tag teams are phenomenal and work so effortlessly together. Moustache Mountain have been working together for so long, they’ve become a well-oiled machine. The moves they do together just come naturally, it’s like one knows what the other is thinking. Seeing Tyler and Trent work together is amazing, and they always give it their all and never disappoint. The Besties in the World are incredible too, and also work together like a well-oiled machine. The chemistry they have is both brilliant and humorous. This match was a perfect display are agility, and the crowd was loving it as was I. This was one of the best matches I have ever seen, and I can’t believe the moves these men pulled out. I hope we get a rematch with these two, with the potential of adding Pete Dunne and another competitor to the match to make it a 3-v-3 tag team match.


Next up Tucker takes on Walter. If you follow OTT on social media you’d have seen the videos regarding the build up to this match. Tucker knows this isn’t going to be easy, but he’s ready for a fight. Walter walks out with the WWE UK Championship, which is like a big FU to OTT fans who laughed when he lost the OTT Championship to Devlin.

The match starts both men sizing each other up. Tucker then goes for an outside leg kick, and the crowd is cheering both men. The crowd is divided. The two men then lock up and Walter throws him off like he’s nothing. They lock up again and Walter jus rag dolls Tucker before booting him in the head. Again they lock up and Walter snatches a headlock before throwing Tucker across the ring. Walter is showing his power advantage early on. Tucker looks for a single leg but is hoisted up and placed on the apron by Walter. Walter then pats him on the head, which is incredibly patronising. Tucker doesn’t like it and strikes with a right hand that rocks the big man. Tucker follows up with a chop and just unloads on Walter. He ducks a chop and connects with a dropkick and a chop of his own. Tucker looks for a sunset flip but cannot take Walter down, and Walter lifts him up and places him in the corner. Tucker avoids a chop and unloads on Walter. Tucker isn’t going to go down without a fight. A hurricanrana sends Walter to the outside.

Walter climbs on the apron and eats a boot to the face that sends him down, and again. Tucker came for a fight. Tucker looks for another boot but is caught and Walter unloads on him, before trying to dump him on the apron. Tucker lands it and then drives Walter back first into the ring. He looks for a rana from the apron but is caught by Walter who then powerbombs him onto the ring apron. Walter then slams Tucker head first into the apron before rolling him back into the ring. Walter then wails down on Tucker’s back. Walter controls the match and stops Tucker’s attack. He scoops him up and places him across the top turn buckle before chopping him and then kicking him in the head. Tucker goes to the outside and is slow to his feet. He climbs onto the apron and is met by Walter who traps him on the ropes and chops him. He then stomps down on Tucker in the ring. Walter is a huge powerhouse and just wails on Tucker’s chest. Walter is vicious. Tucker is then pulled back into the ring, where Tucker drives an elbow into his skull.

Walter traps Tucker on the ropes again but Tucker catches his arm and slams it repeatedly into the ropes. Payback is a bitch! Tucker strikes with an elbow but is caught off of the ropes and eats a boot to the spine. Again Tucker is caught and Walter dumps him before mounting him and wailing down on him and then stomping down on his throat. Another kick to the head has Tucker down. Walter is dominating. Walter keeps Tucker grounded before locking in a Boston crab and he’s sitting in deep. He transitions into the STF and cranks on Tucker’s head/neck. Tucker gets to the ropes and Walter is forced to break the lock. A huge uppercut knocks Tucker down, Tucker tries to fight back but is knocked down again. Tucker returns to the outside leg kicks and ducks a chop before hitting an enziguri. Tucker climbs the ropes but Walter avoids, but Tucker hits a sling blade and covers, but it’s only a two count. Tucker looks for the super duper kick but Walter catches him. Walter looks for a suplex but Tucker lands on his feet. Tucker gets the boots up but gets stuck on the ropes. He then hits a double springboard DDT. Walter is down and Tucker climbs the ropes and connects with a senton from the top rope. He covers but again it’s only a two count.

Tucker is giving it all he’s got and he’s throwing everything at Walter. Again he looks for the super duper kick but again Walter avoids, and Tucker nearly hits the ref. Walter then sends Tucker into the corner and misses the boot, but Tucker gets in a kick to Walter’s thigh. Tucker looks for a back elbow but eats a huge chop to his spine that cuts him off. Walter unloads on Tucker and covers, but Tucker stays alive. Walter then gets in the face of referee Niall Fox, but Foxy isn’t scared and stands his ground. Tucker hits the super duper kick but Walter rolls to the outside. Tucker calls for help to lift Walter up and the fans help lift Walter back into the ring. Walter then kicks Tucker in the head before hitting a huge powerbomb. Walter covers but Tucker kicks out, and Walter then hits a vicious lariat that turns Tucker inside out and Walter picks up the win.

Thoughts: This was a real war. Tucker came for a fight and boy did he get one. Walter is always domineering given his stature and strength, anyone going against him should be worried. Tucker showed no fear and attacked with all he had. Tucker is an incredible wrestler and definitely a fan favourite within OTT. His skill set is incredible and the moves he does, he does so, so flawlessly and beautifully. His talent is out of this world. I hope Tucker gets a big push within OTT soon, because, he strongly deserves it. Walter is always a fantastic performer. Calculated and merciless in his offense, he always delivers and it’s always good seeing him in the ring, because he is extremely talented. I hope these two get a rematch, because, this war can’t be over yet.


The main event of the show is Jake Atlas taking on OTT World Champion Jordan Devlin. The match starts with both men locking up. Atlas is forced into the corner and it’s a clean break from Devlin. Atlas gets in a waist lock but Devlin counters but Atlas quickly takes Devlin down with a leg sweep. The two men go to lock up but Devlin controls the wrist and grounds Atlas down. Devlin cranks on the wrist before transitioning into a head scissors. Atlas gets out easily, and the two stare each other down. Another lock up and Atlas snatches the head, but Devlin counters and goes back to manipulating the wrist/arm. Devlin gets in a head lock but Atlas shoots him off but Devlin takes down Atlas with a shoulder tackle. A sunset flip leads Devlin to cover but Atlas counters. The two exchange pin fall attempts but it’s not enough this early on in the match.

Atlas misses a kick and a flip, but takes down Devlin with a leg sweep. Atlas looks for a German but Devlin counters. Atlas then connects with a kick to the head and then takes Devlin down with arm drags from the ropes. Atlas hits a dropkick and covers but Devlin kicks out. Atlas then chops Devlin and it’s sickening. Another chop has Devlin to his knees. Atlas then unloads on Devlin in the corner and Devlin is seeing stars. Devlin counters an Irish whip before hitting an uranage followed by Air Jordan (standing moonsault) and covers, but Atlas kicks out at two. Atlas goes to the outside and Jordan goes to the apron and kicks Atlas in the chest before climbing the second rope and moonsaulting to the outside which takes Atlas down.

David Starr then comes out to ringside to watch the match. The mind games continue, this feud is not over. Not by a long shot. The action gets back in the ring and Devlin wails on Atlas. Devlin is mad that David Starr is out here, and Atlas is paying the price. Devlin chops Atlas in the corner and it’s sickening, before sending him into the ropes and takes him down with a back elbow. Starr goes towards the ring and Devlin is distracted, and Atlas takes advantage with a chop, but Devlin has a receipt. Atlas takes down Devlin and pulls him to the outside and the two fight. Atlas then goes back into the ring and dives to the outside and makes full contact with Devlin. A springboard spear into a cover sees Atlas nearly pick up the win.

Atlas takes control of the match and wears down Devlin further. A kick to the spine followed by a cover sees Atlas get a two count. Atlas is dominating now, and targets Devlin’s legs but Devlin makes it to the bottom rope forcing the break. Atlas is right back on him and wails on Devlin, who then fires back. Atlas ducks a chop and lands one of his own, and follows it up with a boot to the face. Atlas covers but it’s still not enough yet. Atlas gets Jordan is a full Nelson, but Devlin gets to his feet so Atlas counters and hoists him above his shoulders into the Fireman’s carry but Devlin escapes. Devlin rolls Atlas through and connects with a double foot stomp, but Devlin keeps clutching his ribs. I think he’s hurt.

Both men exchange blows and Devlin then hits a backstabber, and Atlas then dumps Jordan on his neck. Devlin then hits a standing Spanish fly and both men are down. Both men are winded, and I don’t know how much more they have to give. Atlas then rolls up Devlin and nearly gets the pin before hitting a modified gory bomb, and again he almost gets the win. Could Atlas become the next OTT champion? Devlin never gives up, so this will become an all-out war.

Atlas locks in a waist lock but Devlin connects with a back elbow and then takes him down with an arm drag. Devlin connects with a slingshot cutter and covers but it’s not enough as Atlas kicks out. Jordan goes to the top and looks for a moonsault but nobody’s home. Atlas then spikes Devlin on his head before kicking him in the head, followed by a standing moonsaut. Atlas covers but somehow Devlin kicks out. Atlas heads to the top now and misses the LGBDT, he didn’t quite connect but he spikes Devlin again but Devlin kicks out. Atlas goes to the top again but Jordan connects with a head kick and then chops him before joining him on the ropes. Devlin then hits a Spanish fly from the top rope and covers but it’s only a two count. Devlin hits Devil Inside and picks up the win.

After the match Starr enters the ring and is met by loud boos. Starr claims that there is something that Jordan owes him, and that is a shot at the world championship. Jordan states that he chased the title and picked up three consecutive wins and reclaimed the title proving he is the important killer. More importantly Devlin states that Starr never beat HIM! He then asks Starr what he’s done and who he’s beaten. Starr then says they aren’t in a bubble and last time they were in a wrestling ring Starr made him tap out. Jordan then says that Starr isn’t the only person in line for the title, so if Starr wants him, he has to go through Walter… SHOTS FIRED! Starr looks scared, and Devlin leaves him in the ring. Devlin heads to the back, but he is attacked by Sean Guinness before he can get through the curtain. Starr’s mind games have clearly worked. Guinness slams Devlin’s head into the ring post and then looks at Starr in the ring. Guinness rolls Devlin into the ring and goes and picks up the championship belt. Starr then stomps on Devlin as Guinness gets into the ring. Starr exits the ring and Guinness hits Devlin over the head with the championship belt. Guinness says “you stepped over me to get this, now I’m stepping over you”, looks like Devlin has lost another friend.

REVIEW: This is the first time I’ve seen Jake Atlas perform and wow what a guy. His gymnastics background is clear to see through his agility and high flying ability. He’s flawless and executes moves so effortlessly and perfectly. The things he does shouldn’t be possible, but somehow he makes it so. He’s the type of wrestler you can’t completely prepare for, because, he has things in his arsenal that nobody has ever seen before. Jordan Devlin is phenomenal and there is a reason why he’s the current champion. He’s a hard hitter and has incredible high flying ability. He doesn’t give up and will fight until his last breath, and he always puts on one hell of a performance. The fact that David Starr came to ringside shows clear mind games. Although Jordan beat David, the war isn’t over. Sean Guinness turning on Devlin is an interesting new dynamic added to the feud, and I look forward to see what happens next.

This was another incredible show by OTT. Seriously I don’t think this company can put on a bad show. The talent booked is always amazing, characters are portrayed perfectly, feuds are exciting and the comedy spots are always hilarious. I haven’t been fortunate enough to attend an OTT show in person, but I’d definitely recommend going to a show. The atmosphere is always electric and the fans passion is always expressed. OTT is one of the best companies in the damn world. So check them out.

Give it a watch on demand HERE