NJPW ‘Super J-Cup – Stage 2’ (8/24/19)

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From The Campus of San Francisco State University in San Francisco, California


1. Super J-Cup Quarterfinal Round match: NWA World Historic Middleweight Champion Caristico vs Mexican National Welterweight Champion Soberano Jr.

Winner: Caristico after Soberano countered Caristico as he charged, kicking out his legs so Caristico got caught on the middle rope, allowing Soberano to connect with a Springboard Moonsault and cover for a 2. Soberano positioned Caristico and started his way to the top, only for Caristico to pop up and use a Run Up Spanish Fly to put Soberano down for the 3. (Good fun right here!)

2. Super J-Cup Quarterfinal Round match: IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion “The Rock and Roller” El Phantasmo vs TJP

Winner: Phantasmo after nailing TJP with a Swanton Bomb, Phantasmo quickly went for The Best Moonsault Ever, but TJP was able to move and quickly pull Phantasmo up for a Double Chickenwing Gut Buster and covered, but Phantasmo kicked out! TJP wrapped Phantasmo up in an Achilles Lock, battling for control, until Phantasmo threw the Referee on top of TJP. TJP check on the referee and approached Phantasmo, who nailed TJP with a shot to the nuts and used an Inside Cradle for the 3.

3. Super J-Cup Quarterfinal Round match: “The Funky Weapon” Ryusuke Taguchi vs Dragon Lee

Winner: Dragon after Taguchi hooked for Dodon, Lee used a Victory Roll for a 2, popping up and drilling Taguchi with a Bicycle Knee Strike, before hitting the ropes, only for Taguchi to level him with a Lariat. Ryusuke pulled Dragon back in for Dodon, but Lee struggled out, only for Taguchi to launch him over with a Dragon Suplex, but Lee popped up and drilled Taguchi with a Bicycle Knee, followed with a Rip Cord Knee Strike and a Sit Out Powerbomb for a close 2. Lee capitalized and nailed Taguchi with a Sliding Knee Strike, putting Taguchi down for the 3.

4. Super J-Cup Quarterfinal Round match: IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion “The Aerial Assassin” Will Ospreay vs SHO

Winner: Ospreay after Ospreay kicked away SHO’s arm and BLASTED him with a Hook Kick, Will went for The Os Cutter, only for SHO to catch him, mid-flight and FIGHT for a Bridged German Suplex (THIS WAS AWESOME), getting a 2 and bringing the fans to their feet in applause. After some recovery, SHO pulled Ospreay up for The Power Breaker, but Ospreay countered out, back-flipping to his feet, where he nailed SHO with a PK and followed with a Standing Corkscrew Moonsault to get a 2. Ospreay pulled SHO in for The Strom Breaker, but SHO struggled loose, Ospreay followed with Kawada Kicks, only for SHO to fight them off and fire back, nailing Ospreay is a series of HARD Kawada Kicks! SHO staggered Will and hit the ropes, only for Will to counter over and use an INCREDIBLE One Armed Sit Out Powerbomb to pick up a 2. Ospreay was feeling it, planting SHO with The Os Cutter and hooking the legs, ONLY FOR SHO TO KICK OUT! Ospreay lifted SHO to the corner, blasting him with Cheeky Nandos, before lifting him in Electric Chair position and climbing to the top, hitting a Top Rope Assault Driver and hooking the leg, but SHO kicked out! Ospreay readied in the corner, as SHO pulled himself up, Will scored with a Hook Kick, only for SHO to launch into a Lariat, and both men went to the mat. SHO pulled Will up and landed hard forearms, beating Ospreay down to the mat and into the ropes, where SHO tied him up and landed a series of elbows, even pushing away Red Shoes Umino, before hitting the ropes, they countered and kept running, FAST, until SHO turned Ospreay inside out  with Lariat. SHO pulled Ospreay up and scored with The Power Breaker, covering for a 2, SHO pulled Ospreay in for Shock Arrow, but Will escaped and dropped SHO with a Head Kick. Ospreay went for a Rip Cord Hook Kick, but SHO countered with a short Lariat and hit the ropes, where Ospreay used a Spanish Fly to pick up a 2. At the 30-minute call, Ospreay KILLED SHO with The Hidden Blade, before using The Storm Breaker to put an end to this war! (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Really incredible fight from both men, with some extremely hard hitting action. Wonderful stuff.)