NJPW ‘Super J-Cup 2019 – Stage 1’ (8/22/19)

Added by Zack Monday

From The Temple Theatre in Tacoma, Washington

Only Tournament matches

1. Super J-Cup First Round match: Rocky Romero vs Mexican National Welterweight Champion Soberano Jr.

Winner: Soberano after Romero caught Soberano’s kick and BLASTED him with a Jumping Knee Strike, Soberano fired back with a Superkick out of the corner, dropping Rocky. Soberano made his way to the top and when Romero got to his feet, Soberano scored with a Tornillo and held on for the 3.

2. Super J-Cup First Round match: TJP vs Clark Connors

Winner: after Connors ripped TJP down with a Spear, he locked TJP in a Boston Crab and fought to keep control, TJP was able to power Connors over and quickly transition to a reverse Figure Four Kneebar, torturing Clark and adding an STF, forcing Clark to Tap Out.

3. Super J-Cup First Round match: BUSHI vs NWA World Historic Middleweight Champion Caristico

Winner: Caristico after BUSHI positioned for the MX and dove out, Caristico caught him with a Superkick, rocking BUSHI into the corner, where Caristico lifted him to the top and followed with a Gamengiri! Caristico fired up and started his way to the top, BUSHI slapped his chest and knocked him to the mat, before starting to stand up, only for Caristico to charge in and use a walk up Spanish Fly to drive BUSHI into the mat and cover for the 3.

4. Super J-Cup First Round match: “The Octopus” Jonathan Gresham vs “The Funky Weapon” Ryusuke Taguchi

Winner: Taguchi after Gresham caught him with an Enziguri, he quickly went for The Octopus, only Taguchi countered into an Ankle Lock, which Gresham countered with a Victory Roll, back and forth they went, until Taguchi rolled Gresham over and held on for the 3.

5. Super J-Cup First Round match: IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Champion “The Rock and Roller” El Phantasmo vs “The Sniper of the Skies” Robbie Eagles

Winner: Phantasmo after using an Super Frankensteiner to send Eagles crashing to the mat, Phantasmo quickly went to the top, hitting a Swonton Bomb and immediately popping up and scoring with The Best Moonsault Ever, before holding on for the pin, but Eagles kicked out! Phantasmo pulled Eagles in for The CR2, but Robbie countered out and locked Phantasmo in The Ron Miller Special, until Phantasmo got to the ropes. As the crowd chanted “This is awesome,” Phantasmo slid to the apron, giving Eagles the opportunity to hit a Slingshot DDT onto the apron, quickly following up with a Reverse Slice Bread into a Tornado DDT and covered, but Phantasmo kicked out! Eagles wasted no time, going to the top and flying off with a 450, but Phantasmo got his boots up, only Eagles caught them and started for The Ron Miller Special, but Phantasmo kicked Eagles into the Referee, before nailing Eagles with a Low Blow and using a Small Package to get the 3. (Really REALLY Good!)

6. Super J-Cup First Round match: Dragon Lee vs YOH

Winner: Dragon Lee after YOH hooked for a Dragon Suplex, Lee struggled free, only for YOH to launch him with a German Suplex, but Lee back-flipped to his feet and charged in with a Bicycle Knee to the face, followed with a Poison Rana! Lee fired up, pulled YOH into a seated position and blasted him with a Running Knee Strike, following with the cover, but YOH kicked out! Lee pulled YOH up and planted him with Desnucadora, keeping YOH’s shoulders down for the 3. (Really fun!)

7. Super J-Cup First Round match: IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion “The Bone Solider” Taiji Ishimori vs SHO

Winner: SHO after Taiji wrapped SHO up in The YES Lock, battling for control, SHO was able to fight and get a foot on the bottom rope, breaking the hold. Taiji readied in the corner, before nailing SHO with a Shotgun Dropkick into the corner, quickly followed with a Running Double Knee and then a Tombstone hold into a Double Knee Facebreaker and the cover, but SHO kicked out! Taiji called for the end and hooked for Bloody Cross, but SHO powered out and hooked for Shock Arrow, only Taiji blocked, until SHO landed a BIG Knee Strike to the face, dropping Ishimori. SHO took a little time, before pulling Taiji in for The Power Breaker (NASTY) and covering, but Ishimori kicked out! SHO called for the end, pulling Taiji up and using Shock Arrow to big up the big win! (Awesome! RECOMMENDED!)

8. Super J-Cup First Round match: IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion “The Aerial Assassin” Will Ospreay vs The Amazing Red

Amazing moment for Red, coming back from injury, for a Dream match in this setting. The crowd was unglued in support of Red and this match was fucking fantastic. This match means the world to Ospreay and you can tell, from the moment he steps in the ring with Red, bucket list moment crossed off.

Winner: Ospreay after connecting with a Shooting Star Press and covering for a 2, Ospreay followed with The Os Cutter and covered, but RED KICKED OUT! With the crowd going cray, Red feeling the pain and Ospreay in disbelief, Red Shoes Uno assessed the situation. Ospreay got to his feet, waiting for Red to get to a knee, before unleashing a Hook Kick to the side of Red’s face and then hooking for Storm Breaker, but Red countered and backdropped Ospreay into the cover, getting a 2.  Will powered Red back up, in Powerbomb position, but Red used a RIDICULOUS Frankensteiner, which Will rotated into a cover! They popped to their feet, Red scored with a Enziguri and then used The Rey/Eddi Moonsault DDT to PLANT Ospreay into the mat, before going to the top and using a Dragonrana to pick up a 2! Red composed himself, went to the top and connected with InfraRed and covered, but Ospreay kicked out! Red, after a little recovery, called for the end and attempted to position Will, who was defiant, leading to Red unleashing a series of nasty kicks to the head and chest, before charging in and being taken over with a Spanish Fly, Ospreay covered for a 2, but immediately popped up and followed with The Hidden Blade! Ospreay waited for Red to stagger up, before hitting The Top Rope Os Cutter, which he held on to, rolling Red up and using The Storm Breaker to finally put Red down for the 3. (Spectacular! These guys brought it all to the table and delivered on the normally overhyped “Dream match.” HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)