NJPW ‘G1 Climax 28’ Night 5 20/07/2018

Added by Luke Hickey

G1 action returns to the Korakuen for it’s second consecutive night, this time for the 3rd round of matches in the A Block. Headlined by former champion, Kazuchika Okada looking to stop the rot against Bullet Club Elite member, Hangman Page.

Suzuki-gun (ZSJ & TAKA) vs Toa Henare & Shota Umino

Sabre Jr partnered by his mouthpiece, TAKA Michinoku once again as they face Henare and Umino, ZSJ next B Block match is against SANADA. ZSJ submits Umino for the win.

Kota Ibushi & Yujiro Takahashi vs CHAOS (Toru Yano & Gedo)

Kota is on 4 points while Yano is yet to register a win. The Golden Pimps continue to work well together as Yujiro pins Gedo for the win following a Pimp Juice.

L.I.J (SANADA & Naito) vs Juice Robinson & David Finlay

Juice needs to get on the scoreboard and start winning, already succumbing to two successive defeats. Naito targeting the injured hand of Juice as a preemptive strike in anticipation of their encounter tomorrow. SANADA gets the win with a Skull End on Finlay.

BCOG/GOD (Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa) vs BCE (Kenny Omega & Chase Owens)

Kenny undefeated with 4 points while Tama is on 2. This is their first meeting since the events of San Francisco where the Tongans effectively got sick of The Elites bullshit. Loa got the win over Owens following the Apeshit. Post-match, Tonga sneaked in from behind and Gun Stunned Omega.

CHAOS (Ishii & SHO) vs CHAOS (Goto & YOH)

Friendly CHAOS rivalry for their meeting tomorrow but neither will hold back as both will want a win, both stuck on 2 points. Tandem of SHO and Ishii continues to impress me. Vertical Brainbuster on YOH for the win.

A Block: 3rd Round of Matches

Jay White vs Michael Elgin

Both men undefeated this far and sit on 4 points. Experience and power plays an advantage for Elgin but White isn’t afraid of using nefarious tactics to get a win and maintain his winning streak in this years G1. Elgin does a nice Double Stomp from the apron, springing in, follows up with a Northern Lights Suplex but White kicks out at 2. Saito Suplex from White, gives him some space and time to plan his next move, he follows it up with a Ura Nage. Unwisely goes toe to toe with Elgin but comes out with a big Deadlift German on the big Canadian. Elgin isn’t out for long as he comes at White with a Thrust Kick and a German Suplex into the buckle. Sets up White for the Superplex and hits it but White kicks out at 2. Elgin in the ascendancy but White takes him off the apron to the floor with a Kiwi Crusher. Back in the ring, Elgin gets in a Tiger Bomb after a series of moves from White, but only results in a nearfall. White grabs and drags down Asami as he gets Buckle Bombed. Low Blow to Elgin, Asami didn’t see, Bladerunner and victory number 3 for Jay White.

Minoru Suzuki vs YOSHI-HASHI

Neither men have any points on the board despite Suzuki dominating in his matches and YOSHI-HASHI showing more fight than usual. YOSHI-HASHI started quick, taking it to Suzuki, but as soon as Suzuki saw the opening he began to target the injured shoulder and arm of YOSHI-HASHI. Back in the ring, Suzuki takes off the physio tape of YOSHI-HASHI, despite the best efforts of the CHAOS man, he doesn’t appear to show as much desire as his previous matches and Suzuki has an answer for much of his offence. Suzuki eventually gets the win following a Gotch Style Piledriver.

EVIL vs Togi Makabe

Both men physically similar but the experience heavily favours the Unchained Gorilla, Makabe, who has 4 points so far in comparison to EVIL’s 2. Very strong and hard hitting from the get go with both men getting in their shots. An early attempt at the Darkness Fall’s is repelled. After a brief trip up into the crowd, Makabe takes EVIL back to the ring. Makabe uses the hair to get out of the Banshee Muzzle but EVIL finally gets it locked in following a Front Choke. Makabe gets to the rope break, Darkness Falls, kick out from Makabe at 2. Makabe blocks Everything is Evil, they crash into each other with Lariats, EVIL sets up and this time hits an Everything is Evil for the win.

Bad Luck Fale vs Hiroshi Tanahashi

Tanga Loa out with Fale, BCOG likely to interfere as they have done in both Blocks this year, reminiscent of the early days of the Bullet Club. Both men on 2 points in A Block, despite Tanahashi having his knee weakened early on, he takes it to Fale and targets the knee and leg of the big man. Following a Cannonball to Fale on the outside, Tanahashi gets whipped into the guardrail and goes over and lands on the Japanese commentary. Fale distracts Red Shoes while Loa stomps on Tanahashi. Back in the ring, Tanahashi continually targets the leg of Fale with Dragon Screw into the ropes and a Cloverleaf. Tanahashi misses the first High Fly Flow attempt but on the second he lands it but Loa pulls out Red Shoes. Fale inadvertently hits Loa instead of Tanahashi but Tama Tonga rushes in with a Gun Stun. Fale covers but Red Shoes doesn’t count, gives the OGs the middle finger and calls for the bell. Tanahashi wins by DQ.

Hangman Page vs Kazuchika Okada

First thing I noticed was Gedo is absent, was that the case the previously? I can’t recall but this isn’t the Okada that Page wants to face, he wants the Rainmaker, not the happy yet tragic one before him. He clearly has disdain for this version but he takes the fight to Okada nonetheless. In a fantastic coming of age for Page, he brought it all to Okada, multiple Buckshot Lariats, his fabulous Shooting Star Press from a standing position but he just couldn’t hit the Rite of Passage, he blocked the first Rainmaker but following a Rolling Lariat, he couldn’t escape the second Rainmaker that sealed his fate and gave Okada a much needed singles victory.

After round 3 of matches in A Block, YOSHI-HASHI is the only one yet to record a win in A Block.

Luke Hickey