NJPW “Best of the Super Juniors – Night 7”

Added by Zack Monday

From Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan, May 22nd 2019


 1)  Best of the Super Juniors – A Block: TAKA Michinoku (0) vs “Bone Soldier” Taiji Ishimori (6)

Winner: Taiji (2) after TAKA scored with a Jumping Back Kick and dropped Taiji with a Thrust Kick, he folded Taiji up for a 2. TAKA hooked for The Michinoku Driver, but Taiji snapped TAKA over with a sick DDT and immediately followed with The Bloody Cross and the pin. (Nice and Tight!)

Great, quick and aggressive attack from TAKA, rolling over his pinfall attempts into submissions and just attempting to punish Taiji. Sprint of a match, Taiji poured it on and overwhelmed TAKA. Taiji knew he would of got that neck worked over if he spent any more time in TAKA’s grasp.

2)  Best of the Super Juniors – B Block: Bandido (2) vs Ren Narita (0)

Winner: Bandido (2) after Bandido caught Narita’s Slingshot Tope and transitioned to a vicious Powerbomb on the edge of the apron, Narita was down until the 18 count, but rolled in, JUST IN TIME. Bandido unloaded with strikes, a Rolling Solebutt and a sick Knee Strike to the chin, a swept his leg, before launching a Shooting Star Press, which Narita got his knees up to block and rolled Bandido up for a 2. They popped up and charged, Narita used a Backslide for another 2 and then hit the ropes, only for Bandido to rip him down with a sick Lariat and cover for a 2. Bandido pulled Narita up and used a Torture Rack Go 2 Sleep to set up The 21 Plex, which looked beautiful and the pin. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

Bandido was his best in this match and really brought that intensity that made him a favorite at the PWG shows I’ve seen him at. Narita continues to shine brighter than you could’ve expected and is really setting himself up as the best Young Lion right now. Really fast, exciting and brutal match, Narita took one hell of a beating and took it on the chin. Narita is so damn smart and the crowd is just ready to lose their minds for him.

3) Best of the Super Juniors – A Block: “The Octopus” Jonathan Gresham (2) vs Titan (2)

 Winner: Gresham (2) after a really slick Sunset Rollup exchange, Gresham charged at Titan, who got a boot up and then charged in with La Mistica, rolled into a One Legged Clutch for a 2. Titan charged with a Lariat, which Gresham caught and Uppercut the arm, before wrapping Titan up in The Octopus, manipulating Titan away from the rope and into a cradle for a 2, before synching in the hold deep and forcing Titan to submit! (Great grapple fest!)

The mat work was so damn good and the exchanges were incredibly skilled. Titan brought the fight to Gresham, taking the attack to the ground and trying to beat him at his own game, which is not the smart move. Great, great win for Gresham! Recommended!

 4) Best of the Super Juniors – B Block: Rocky Romero (2) vs IWGP Junior Tag Champion YOH (2)

 Winner: after Romero pulled YOH to his feet and hooked for Sliced Bread #2, YOH countered and hit a Reverse DDT held into an Elbow Drop, holding on for a 2 count. YOH called for the end and pulled Rocky to his feet and hooked for a Dragon Suplex, but Rocky broke free, only momentarily though, as YOH pulled him back in for a Bridged German Suplex, getting a 2. YOH pulled Rocky back up and hooked for The Dragon, but Rocky rolled a pin attempt for a 2, YOH went into a waist-lock and ran Romero into the ropes for an O’Connor Roll, bridging into The European Clutch, but  Romero countered with a Cross Arm Breaker and pounded away on YOH’s face to gain extension, only for YOH to roll him up for a close 2! Romero nailed YOH with an Uppercut Forearm and then a HARD Slap to the face, dropping YOH, face-first to the mat. Romero fired up and charged for a Lariat, but YOH countered and rolled into The Calf Crusher, torturing Rocky and forcing him to Tap Out! (Another awesome little match! Rocky is on absolute fire this tournament!)

This was a great teach vs student match, with each guy knowing what was coming and having incredible counters. YOH proved to be a very, very strong competitor, in all aspects of his game, forgoing the feelings of friendship to focus on the opponent, targeting the weak point and using his strength to decimate that leg. Romero is so, so good in there and is a master at just bringing the best out of his dance partner. RECOMMENDED!!

 The mystery challenger video is shown, with IWGP United States Champion Juice Robinson on commentary.

5)  Best of the Super Juniors – A Block: Tiger Mask (4) vs IWGP Junior Champion Dragon Lee (4)

Winner: Dragon Lee (2) after Tiger went for a Backslide, Dragon rolled through and obliterated Tiger with a Knee to the face, covering for a 2. Dragon pulled down his knee pad, pulled Tiger to a seated position and blasted him with another Running Knee to the face, before pulling Tiger up for Falcon Arrow modified Desnucadora and putting him away for the 3. (Damn Good!)

All of these matches have been so damn enjoyable and just great pairings. Tiger Mask brought it all to the table, when he couldn’t outgun Dragon, he went to the mat and nearly put the champion away. Dragon Lee just explodes and erases any hope of comebacks with those Running Knees, the way he’s channeling Shibata more and more is adding another layer to his ridiculous game. Best Tiger Mask match in the tournament, so far.

6)  Best of the Super Juniors – B Block: DOUKI (2) vs BUSHI (2)

Winner: after BUSHI (2) drilled DOUKI with The Rewind Kick, DOUKI fired back and hit the ropes, where BUSHI crushed him with a Dropkick against the ropes, before PLANTING him on the apron with a DDT. BUSHI followed with a Swinging Fisherman’s Neckbreaker for a 2, before hitting a Running Code Breaker and following with MX, which DOUKI sold like a million bucks, and the pin! (THIS WAS GOOD!)

This Korakuen Hall crowd is getting the best matches out of guys, so far, in this tournament. BUSHI and DOUKI worked so well together and their styles meshed into a great beginning, middle and action-packed end. BUSHI ended this match with so much momentum, it has to carry into the next night. This show has not let down yet.

7) Best of the Super Juniors – A Block: Yoshinobu Kanemaru (0) vs IWGP Junior Tag Champion SHO (2)

Winner: Kanemaru (2) after they battled through the crowd, up the stairs and on the landing, Kanemaru ran SHO into the side-wall and followed with a Snap Suplex on the concrete floor! Kanemaru slowly made his way to the ring, as SHO pulled himself up and at 18, made his dash to the ring, only Kanemaru pushed Yota Tsuji in SHO’s way, before sliding in the ring, as Referee Marty Isami counted the 20 and SHO was counted out! (Creative finish that got a GREAT crowd reaction.)

Good story of the grizzled and violent Kanemaru taking advantage of SHO. The finish to this match got such a crazy positive reaction from this crowd, Korakuen is just eating everything up. This was a straight up brawl.

8)  Best of the Super Juniors – B Block: “The Sniper of the Skies” Robbie Eagles (4) vs Ryusuke Taguchi (6)

Winner: Eagles (2) after Taguchi scored with Dodonce’s Throne (Dodon into Double Knees) and covered for a 2, Taguchi fired up and pulled Eagles in for Dodon, but Eagles got to the ropes and then elbowed his way into using a Double Arm Rolling Cradle to pick up the big win! (Big match Taguchi gets a BIG MATCH out of Eagles! Really damn good! Recommended!)

Dynamite contest! Eagles is so damn sudden and precise, the sniper moniker fits to a T. Taguchi’s “Big Match Taguchi” nickname is right on the money, he’s been making the matches here, in Best of the Super Juniors, big matches and proving why he was the Main Event for the first 3 nights of his block work. Eagles win is an awesome step forward for the Aussie, because Taguchi is roll!

9) Best of the Super Juniors – A Block: “The Dragon” Shingo Takagi (6) vs “The Villain” Marty Scurll (4) w/Brody King

Winner: Shingo (2) after Shingo fought out of Marty’s attempt at The Black Plague, running him into the corner, but Marty called for Brody and grabbed Shingo, with Referee Red Shoes still down. Brody charged, Shingo got a boot up, Brody charged again, Shingo moved and Marty was knocked down by a Brody Lariat! Shingo quickly took Brody out of the ring with The Pumping Bomb and then fired up, drilling Marty with a Clothesline in the corner and hitting the ropes, only for Marty to roll a Prawn Hold for a CLOSE 2! Marty unloaded with 2 European Uppercuts and hit the ropes, Shingo countered with The Noshigami, which MARTY FUCKED UP and followed with The Pumping Bomber and the cover, but Marty kicked out! Shingo pulled Marty up and scored with The Last of the Dragon to get the pinfall! (Shingo is the motherfucking man!)

Shingo overcomes the odds, plays through the Marty gimmick and continues to kick ass!

10)   Best of the Super Juniors – B Block: “The Aerial Assassin” Will Ospreay (6) vs British Cruiserweight Champion El Phantasmo (6)

Winner: Phantasmo (2) after Ospreay used a crazy Assault Driver, off the middle turnbuckle, driving Phantasmo into the mat and covering, Phantasmo kicked out! Ospreay waited for Phantasmo to get up, before crushing him with a Hook Kick and then signaled for The Hidden Blade, only Phantasmo dodged and went for a Low Blow, which Ospreay caught! Ospreay held the arm and unloaded with a Knee Strike to Phantasmo’s jaw, continuing to hold the arm, Ospreay crashed another Knee Strike into his face, but Phantasmo only spit at Ospreay! Will grabbed Phantasmo by the back of the head and unloaded Kawada Kicks to his face, followed by a SICK kick combo, which dropped Phantasmo, face-first, only for Ospreay to hold his face up with his foot! The crowd was eating it up, as Ospreay called for the end and went for The Os Cutter, Phantasmo charged and pushed Ospreay to the apron! Phantasmo crawled to apron and traded elbows and chops with Ospreay, until Will got the advantage and hooked for The Storm Breaker, but Phantasmo blocked! Will nailed Phantasmo with an elbow and positioned for a Spanish Fly off the apron, but Phantasmo blocked and unloaded hard elbows, causing Ospreay to charge in and Phantasmo DROPPED HIM with a hard elbow! Phantasmo hooked for The CR2, but Ospreay blocked, so Phantasmo SPIKED HIM ON THE APRON WITH A STUFF PILEDRIVER! Phantasmo got back in the ring, climbing to the top, as Ospreay dragged himself up and crawled into the ring, Phantasmo flew off with a Back Splash and pinned, but Ospreay kicked out! Phantasmo called for the end and brought Will in for The Rainmaker, which Ospreay countered into a HUGE Liger Bomb, getting an incredible 2! Ospreay called for the end and went for The Os Cutter, but Phantasmo caught him with a Spinning Torture Rack Neckbreaker for another 2! At the 25-minute mark, Phantasmo got into it with the Referee, throwing a punch, which the Ref ducked and pushed Phantasmo into a Spanish Fly from Ospreay, who covered for a 2 and immediately went to the top, hitting a Shooting Star Press and covering for another 2! Ospreay pulled Phantasmo up for The Storm Breaker, but Phantasmo wrapped his feet around Referee Red Shoes’ neck, causing Ospreay to drop Phantasmo, who then caught Will with a Low Blow and used a School Boy for a 2! Phantasmo pulled Will up and used a Cut Throat Spinning Torture Rack Neckbreaker and covered, but Will KICKED OUT! Phantasmo followed with The CR2 and hooked the leg to get the incredible VICTORY! (WOW! Best match of the Tournament so far! WATCH THIS NOW!)

Hell of a fight, Ospreay was pissed and brought the attack early. They brawled through the crowd and to the second level, where Ospreay positioned to Powerbomb Phantasmo down the stairs! Phantasmo climbed along the stair-well and Moonsaulted onto Ospreay, this was awesome! What a great War! It’s interesting to see Phantasmo win over the crowd after being a COMPLETE DICK for the first few shows. Incredible moves, HUGE REACTIONS and just a match that you want to see again.