NGW Eternal Glory Night 1 DVD Review

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Before I start the actual review, I feel it is relevant to give some background to my love of NGW especially considering I am from Birmingham and Hull is a LONG way away! My first introduction to NGW came through the same opportunity as my introduction to British wrestling on the whole, via FWA putting on matches at the Memorabilia show in Birmingham. In one match I was introduced all at the same time to El Ligero, RJ Singh and one Nathan Cruz, “The Showstealer” Now pretty much anybody reading this will be well aware of those three names, possibly three of the best in the country (unless you are the admin for “Shit wrestlers exposed” in which case Singh is certainly NOT King!) I was really impressed by Cruz as a wrestler, performer, entertainer and arrogant heel/general gobshite – and this included feather boas and Northern accent. Cruz paraded around the NGW Championship and really made an impression on me, so I went and hit the World Wide Web and looked into NGW and found a load of great footage and bought some DVDs to find out more. I was instantly impressed with the promotion and with the matches I was seeing and quickly became a fan. I openly admit to being a mark for Cruz but it stems from quite a while ago, prior to all the Screw Indy stuff. Since then I have bought every DVD they have produced and never been disappointed (NGW makes up a huge chunk of my collection) I have only made the long journey to Hull once but really enjoyed the show – we were front row for Ultimate Showdown at the Bonus Arena and it was a great card from top to bottom. There are a lot of stars in NGW obviously Cruz and Ligero stand out, Haskins, Rampage Brown and Stixx all appear there regularly but then there are guys like “The Amazing” Matt Myers and Dara Diablo who don’t get seen that much away from Hull but are truly talented wrestlers. For those that don’t know much about them check out Myers feud with Nathan Cruz, full of 5 star matches and for Diablo check out his work tagging with El Ligero as Los Amigos (especially the training video they did) but aside from the tag team Diablo has put in some great solo performances too, one of which was in the fatal four way at Eternal Glory 2013 Night 1 – which conveniently brings me to my review …

Eternal Glory Night One – Victoria Hall, Keighley

The first good thing about this show is having Alex Shane appearing as a guest commentator, he may split opinions across the scene but he has an immense amount of knowledge and he’s always been a good talker so no stumbling over his words and does a good job calling the action

El Ligero bt Noam Dar – when this is your opening match you should be pretty sure you are in for a great show. It is difficult to find anything new to say about El Ligero that hasn’t already been said, he always puts on great performances wherever he goes – and he seems to be EVERYWHERE. It is also difficult to believe that Dar is still so young; he is such an accomplished performer you would think he had years and years more experience than he does. This was a great match, lots of back and forth action, near falls and innovative moves. Dar focussed on Ligeros leg throughout trying to soften him up for his champagne super leg bar finisher but Ligero managed to pick up the win with a C4L. Very strong match and a great way to get the crowd warmed up for the rest of the show.

Doug Williams bt Dave Mastiff – Another very strong match with the crowd well behind Williams from the off. Lots of hard hitting offense from both men who can also mix in technical style too. Mastiff always looks like he could easily kill his opponent or rip their head off but he is a really accomplished wrestler, so up against somebody with the ability and style of Williams this match would always be strong. Doug picked up the win after the momentum swung both ways several times.
After this match local wrestler Liam Slater comes to the ring, he talks about how The Proven ruined his debut when NGW last came to Keighley and calls them out for a tag match against him and his close friend Dan James. This brings The Control out – the new heel faction currently in control of NGW, led by Rich Dunn and including current champion Mark Haskins and previous champion, who still holds his belt after walking out on the company. They cut a promo stating how they are in charge and Slater is a fool for calling them out. The Proven hit the ring and the tag match starts, but quickly breaks down with Brown and Haskins starting to get involved until Colossus comes out to even things up, the tag match is re-booked as a 6 man tag for later in the night.

Kris Travis bt CJ Banks, Ryu Kilik & Dara Diablo – All four men gave this their all with Travis eventually coming out on top. Travis is a well known commodity in British wrestling, I am yet to see him disappoint. CJ Banks is massively on the rise and getting recognised by more promotions all the time, he has a great look and is very good in the ring. Diablo is someone who I feel is under rated but now he seems to be breaking out on his own his stock should rise rapidly, he has a load of great moves at his disposal and his style is very believable and he sells very well – something that a lot of guys over look it seems! Ryu Killik is a fairly new name, a masked wrestler who won an NGW contract earlier in the year; he has a very familiar wrestling style ….

This match was great with a tonne of great moves and the momentum shifting around all four men. Travis makes the most of it and picks up the big win. My only issue with this match is that I would have liked to have seen it go a bit longer, but those involved made the most of the time they had.

The Control (Rampage Brown, Caz Crash & Sam Wilder) bt Colossus Kennedy, Liam Slater & Dan James – Loads of action in this one, the crowd clearly and vocally behind local wrestlers Slater and James. The Control team do everything they can to cheat for victory and to take advantage of the inexperienced opponents. Eventually Colossus hits the ring to a huge pop and takes out all the opponents but cannot pick up the victory. In an amazing show of strength Rampage Brown is able to lift Colossus and slam him to the mat leading to the victory for The Control. Caz Crash and Sam Wilder continue to impress me every time I see them, its clichéd to describe people as “the future” of the business but these two certainly have bright careers ahead of them, consistently putting on great matches and Crash is great on a mic too.

Team GB bt Mad Man Manson & Matt Myers – This is one of those matches that was great but really didn’t have a great deal of wrestling in it. All four men in this match are great entertainers and it all came out. The crowd were all over Team GB as soon as they came out; they are really disliked by the NGW fans! Manson, I am starting to feel is either one of the best wrestlers ever or legitimately insane, either way he is very entertaining and just fun to watch, at one point he nearly had Bailey submit to a double nipple twist, which Bailey hit back with too, before both men getting the referee involved. Bailey is great as a cowardly heel – screaming when he is about to be hit etc. The finish to the match came after a series of superkicks by everyone on everyone, including Manson getting carried away and taking out Myers, before Team GB picked up the pinfall victory on Manson with nobody to make the save.

Mark Haskins bt Stixx to retain the NGW Championship – Another match on the card between two of the very best in the UK. Stixx has the power advantage but Haskins has the speed advantage and, of course, The Control leader Rich Dunn at ringside. This match had a bit of everything – highflying, submissions, raw power and a lot of outside interference including The Proven attacking Stixx behind the referees back. Ultimately Haskins picks up the cheap victory to retain his NGW Championship

Overall a very good show as is to be expected from NGW, a good mix of great wrestling, drama, story progression and plenty of fun. But this is only Night One of the Eternal Glory weekend, the next day the action moves back to the home of NGW in Hull with another stacked card featuring

Kris Travis Vs Noam Dar, Rampage Brown Vs Doug Williams, Colossus Kennedy & Stixx Vs Team GB (NGW Tag Team Championship), Matt Myers & Ryu Kilik Vs The Proven, Dara Diablo Vs CJ Banks and finally El Ligero Vs Mark Haskins (NGW Championship Match)

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