NGW 6th Anniversary Show (15/6/14) DVD Review

Added by Nathan Hunt

This show, being the biggest event to date for one of the premiere wrestling promotions in the country, promised some outstanding matches and an eclectic showcase of the UK’s elite talentpool. Solely using homegrown workers, it is an admirable show of faith in the abilities of our own wrestlers to deliver on the company’s most important night to that point, rather than rely on imports to draw a crowd or to force an easy big-match-atmosphere. Storytelling and the abilities of the talents utilised on the show are definitely sufficient to create an engaging and memorable DVD. It has a high-level and professional feel, which is part of the reason that NGW has continued to grow and flourish since it opened in 2008. Delivering good production quality and camerawork, as well as excellent sound quality and decent commentary, the overall impression is very good and the show is more comfortably watchable than some offerings from smaller promotions.

Opening with a strong, fast-paced match between Mark Haskins & Matt Myers, the bigger storyline of a mystery kidnapper stalking the heel faction The Control comes into play in the aftermath of the bout. The storyline is revisited at the end of the show, bookending the disc with a demonstration of the company’s ability to build and deliver with their plots and successfully build feuds; another reason for their continued success. The Tag Team Champions, Stixx & Colossus Kennedy defend their titles against Joseph Conners and Zack Gibson in a decent back-and-forth outing. The London Riots make an appearace at the end to attack the winners and further an ongoing campaign to infiltrate the company. Some trademark brutality from the two is recieved appropriately by the live audience and the post-match segment is one of the highlights of the early portion of the disc. A grudge match between Martin Kirby & Caz Crash spills out from the ring and around the venue, featuring some excellent brawling as the two construct the story of a blow-off to a convincingly personal issue. Mark Andrews vs Flash Morgan Webster Vs ‘Wild Boar’ Mike Hitchman for the Davey Boy Smith Cup is a brilliant blend of the outstanding cruiserweight action you would expect from Webster and Andrews mixed with the vicious power displays of the undersized monster, Wild Boar. Dan James Vs Liam Slater is an NGW Academy bout to showcase some of the future talents coming out of the training school, and is thoroughly entertaining while it lasts. It quickly becomes a triple threat match with Rampage Brown, who predictably destroys the two in his usual impressive & believable fashion. El Ligero defends his NGW Heavyweight Championship against Dara Diablo in the epic main event, interweaving some exciting and dramatic action into a fully-rounded narrative to make a truly emotional and suspenseful match.

Delivering all that it promised and with high level production throughout, this disc is a welcome addition to any wrestling DVD collection, and is a decent introduction to the NGW brand for the uninitiated. Highly recommended for fans and newcomers alike, this is a good example of the higher end of what is available on the UK independent scene today.

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