New Japan Pro Wrestling “Dominion”

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From Osaka-Jo Hall, June 9th 2019

1) IWGP United States Champion “Death Rider” Jon Moxley vs Shota Umino

Winner: Moxley after Umino kicked out following a Release Vertical Suplex Slam, Moxley followed with a Double Arm DDT and picked up the 3. (Nice and quick. Mox dominated and put an end to the fire that Umino attempted to show. Moxley is entering through the crowd and I like that. Umino started the match with a Somersault Tope to the floor, attacking Moxley during his entrance.)

Jon Moxley cuts a promo on wanting in the G1 Tournament. Moxley then helps Umino walk to the back.

 2)  “The Dragon” Shingo Takagi vs Satoshi Kojima

Winner: Shingo after drilling Kojima with The Pumping Bomber, Shingo followed with The Last of the Dragon and held on for the 3. (This rocked. Shingo’s style is suited so well for the Heavyweight scene. WAR Koima in this match, bringing out a slick Slingshot Tope and bringing some big Elbow related violence. Kojima took a Death Valley Driver on the apron! The wear and tear of the tournament matches seemed to take a toll on Shingo during this match.)

 3)  Jushin Thunder Liger & YOSHI-HASHI vs Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion Zack Sabre Jr. & Minoru Suzuki

Winners: HASHI & Liger after HASHI countered ZSJ and used a Hammerlock Inside Cradle for the huge upset pin by ZSJ. (This match was good, Suzuki & ZSJ fun, even though I hated the result. The Liger and Suzuki build is awesome, bringing out the grumpy Liger, which is a fantastic side to the legend. ZSJ is one of my all-time favorites and I enjoy everything this man is a part of. The team of ZSJ & Minoru being the masters of vicious technical style is my favorite. Big win for HASHI, putting him in line for a shot at ZSJ’s Title.)

4)  Six Man Tag match: Juice Robinson, Ryusuke Taguchi & Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Bullet Club (Chase Owens, “Switchblade” Jay White & “Bone Soldier” Taiji Ishimori

Winners: Tanahashi, Juice & Ryusuke after Owens lifted Tanahashi for a Package Piledriver, Tanahashi fought out and got to his feet, where Jay nailed him from the apron, but Juice pulled White to the floor and dropped him with The Left Hand to God. Owens looked for an Irish Whip on Hiroshi, who reversed and used a modified Final Cut (new finisher) to put Owens down for the 3.

5)  NEVER Openweight Championship match: TAICHI © w/Miho Abe vs “The Stone Pitbull” Tomohiro Ishii

Winner and NEW NEVER Openweight Champion: Ishii after laying TAICHI out with a Lariat, Ishii covered and picked up a 2, Ishii called for the end and lifted TAICHI for the Vertical Drop Brainbuster, but TAICHI escaped. TAICHI unloaded with HARD elbows to Ishii’s face and positioned for Black Mephisto, only for Ishii to escape, plant TAICHI with a Powerbomb and follow with The Sliding D and the cover, only TAICHI kicked out! Ishii ripped TAICHI up and dropped him with The Vertical Drop Brainbuster, covering for the win. (This was great. One of the best matches of the night and one of my favorite TAICHI singles matches. Ishii is a pitbull and brings a noise like few others. Good dynamic and the crowd was supremely into this. RECOMMENDED.)

6)  IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship match: IWGP & ROH World Tag Team Champions The Guerillas of Destiny (“The Bad Boy” Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa)© vs Los Ingobernables de Japon (“The King of Darkness” EVIL & “Cold Skull” SANADA)

 Winners and STILL IWGP Tag Champions: G.O.D after Jado interfered, with the Referee down and nailed EVIL with the Kendo Stick, until BUSHI ran down and used The Black Mist to blind Jado! BUSHI smacked Jado’s back with the Kendo Stick and followed with a Suicide Dive to take him out. LIJ looked for The Magic Killer on Tama, only for Tonga to kick away SANADA and use a School Boy on EVIL, while pulling the tights, to get the win. (Solid. SANADA left by himself. Always a good, hard-hitting contest from these two sides, I am a Tonga Loa fan and enjoy his extremely rough and rowdy style.)

Katsuyori Shibata came out and then pointed to the entrance, as KENTA made his NJPW entrance! They enter the ring, where KENTA cuts a promo, announcing himself for The G1 (FFFFFUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK YEAH!)

7) IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship match: Dragon Lee © vs “The Aerial Assassin” Will Ospreay

Winner and NEW IWGP Jr Heavyweight Champion: Ospreay after Dragon crumpled Ospreay with a V-Trigger, he admired his work a little too long, before hooking Ospreay for Desnucadora. As Dragon lifted, Ospreay flipped out, to his feet, stunning Lee, before crushing him with a Spin Kick to the face, followed by a Rip Cord Hook Kick and then a VICIOUS Hidden Blade. After a little recovery, Ospreay planted Dragon with The Os Cutter and held on to his head, rolling both to their feet and using the momentum to drive Dragon Lee into the mat with The Storm Breaker and pick up the incredibly victory! (Stellar! After the INCREDIBLE Suicide Dive from Dragon, this match really started cracking on ALL cylinders, at an incredibly high rate. Ospreay’s Corkscrew Body Press to Dragon, on the floor, was something to be seen! These two have the sense of timing that plays together perfectly, just huge, timely counters, big, jaw-dropping moves and VIOLENCE. This journey for Ospreay continues, there is nobody on his level right now and it’s a spectacle every time he steps in there. WATCH THIS MATCH NOW!)

Ospreay goes to the commentary table and challenges Robbie Eagles for a Title defense during the Australian tour!

8) IWGP Intercontinental Championship match: “The Golden Star” Kota  Ibushi © vs Tetsuya Naito

Winner and NEW IC Champion: Tetsuya Naito after Ibushi called for Naito to get him, while the crowd chanted “Nai-to,” Naito pulled himself up in the corner and Ibushi charged, but Naito got a boot up and snapped off an Enziguri. Naito positioned on the top and spun out with a SICK Spinning Reverse DDT and covered, but Ibushi kicked out. Naito positioned for the end and started with Destino, but Ibushi blocked it and transitioned Naito on his shoulders, but Naito popped out with a Poison Rana and immediately followed with Valentia and the cover, but IBUSHI KICKED OUT! Naito called for the end and used a SHEER HEAD DROP Destino to finally put Ibushi down for the 3. (The matches between these two are always highly scrutinized, for the sheer fact that they go out there, with trust and will to steal the show in their hearts and let it fucking fly. Yes, I agree, the head-drop on the side of the fucking ring apron was not needed, but the story these guys tell, every time they are in the ring, is Suzuki/Ishii if they were younger and more Head Drop oriented. They continually look to show each that they can go bigger, take more and deliver death than the other. I personally love Kota Ibushi as much as any other wrestler on the planet, so these are something I get a good sweat from. EPIC FUCKING MATCH. Big Kicks, head drops, death-defying acts, ridiculous pace and the heart of two lions who will not die. WATCH THIS MATCH NOW)

The lasting image of Naito, holding his newly won Title, standing with a foot on Ibushi’s head, signifying the most dominance.

9)  IWGP Heavyweight Championship match: “The Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada© vs “The Painmaker” Chris Jericho

Winner and STILL IWGP Champion: Okada after Jericho held on to the ropes, avoiding Okada’s Dropkick and quickly followed with The Lionsault, he hooked the leg, picking up a 2. Jericho kicked at Okada’s head and body, even against the ropes, where the Referee pulled him back, allowing Okada to explode out with a Dropkick to Jerich

o! Jericho collapsed into the corner, where Okada pummeled him down and then charged in, only for Jericho to catch him with The Code Breaker and crawl into the pin, but Okada kicked out. Jericho pulled a protective pad off of the a corner and pulled Okada up for a Lawn Dart, only Okada escaped and dumped Jericho with a German Suplex, maintaining wrist control and attempting The Rainmaker, but Jericho ducked and attempted his own Rainmaker, which Okada countered with his own Code Breaker and covered, but Jericho kicked out! Okada pulled Jericho up and used a nice Twisting Tombstone Piledriver to set up another Rainmaker attempt, but Jericho countered into The Walls of Jericho! After a long battle, Okada finally slipped out and slapped Jericho away, before twisting Jericho off of him and getting a little recovery time. Okada charged, Jericho side-stepped and Okada his the exposed corner, Jericho knocked Okada down with a Clothesline and signaled for the end. Jericho threw The Judas Effect, but Okada countered and attempted The Rainmaker, which Jericho ducked and went for The Code Breaker, Okada powered Jericho over, into a Sunset Flip and sat down, folding Jericho over to get the 3. (Not bad. Good heat from the crowd, Jericho is a wicked bad motherfucker in Japan. Okada is always hitting the right note at the right time and brought it just like the top notch performer he is. Hard hitting, brawling style match with some pretty awesome counters.)

Jericho beat down Okada, grabbing a Chair and smashing it over Okada’s face, before wrapping it around his head and running him into the ring post! Jericho continued the attack, until Hiroshi Tanahashi left his spot on commentary, jumped the guardrail and brawled with Jericho!