New Japan G1 Climax – Night 11 (7/30) Review

Added by Zack Monday

From Takamatsu City General Gymnasium #1

1)  Six Man Tag match: Hirooki Goto, YOSHI-HASHI & Yota Tsuji vs NEVER Openweight Champion “The Stone Pitbull” Tomohiro Ishii, Yuya Uemura & Tomoaki Honma

Winners: HASHI, Tsuji & Goto after Yuya knocked down HASHI & Tsuji with a Dropkicks, Tsuji fired up on HASHI and hit the ropes, ducking a Lariat and using a School Boy for a 2 on HASHI. They popped up, HASHI blasted Yuya with a Chop to the chest, a Thrust Kick to the chin, followed by The Thunder Buster and the cover, but Yuya kicked out. HASHI applied The Butterfly Lock and sat in DEEP, forcing Uemura to Tap Out.

2)   IWGP United States Champion “Death Rider” Jon Moxley & “Shooter” Shota Umino vs Toru Yano & Ren Narita

Winners: Yano & Narita after Ambrose attacked Narita, pulling him into the corner to deliver punishment, only distracting the Referee and Umino, allowing Yano to catch Shota with a Low Blow and use a School Boy to get the victory.

3)  Six Man Tag match: Bullet Club (“Switchblade” Jay White, “Tokyo Pimp” Yujiro Takahashi & “The Crown Jewel” Chase Owens) w/Gedo) vs Suzuki-Gun (“The King” Minoru Suzuki, TAICHI & Yoshinobu Kanemaru)

Winners: Bullet Club after Suzuki nailed Owens with a Big Boot in the corner, he sent him out to a kick from Kanemaru, who then pushed Chase into a Big Boot and Rear Naked Choke by Minoru, who sat Chase down, so he and Kanemaru could score with a Kick combo and Kanemaru covered, Chase kicked out at 2! Kanemaru positioned and used a Running Satellite DDT to plant Owens and cover, but White slid in and broke it up. TAICHI threw White out of the ring, as Kanemaru positioned and flew off with Deep Impact, Chase countered by getting both knees up, crashing into Kanemaru’s chest, before Chase scored with a V-Trigger and followed with The Package Piledriver and the pin.

4)   Six Man Tag match: Los Ingobernables de Japon (IWGP Intercontinental Champion Tetsuya Naito, “The Dragon” Shingo Takagi & BUSHI vs Jeff Cobb, Juice Robinson & Toa Henare

Winners: LIJ after Henare fired up on Shingo, after Takagi brought some hard strikes, Henare unloaded with chops and kicks, before hitting the ropes, only for Shingo to counter with Noshigami and cover for a 2. Shingo fired up, pulling a near lifeless Tao to his feet, before hitting the ropes and using The Pumping Bomber. FOLDING TOA up and covering for the 3.

5)  G1 Climax 29 – A Block: “The Golden Star” Kota Ibushi (6) vs “The Rogue General” Bad Luck Fale (2) w/”Master Heater” Jado & “The Crown Jewel” Chase Owens

Winner: Ibushi (2) after Jado nailed Ibushi with a Kendo Stick to the back, Fale used Grenade to put Ibushi to the mat and pin, but Kota kicked out. Fale went for The Bad Luck Fall, only for Ibushi to escape and transition into a Crucifix, battling for control, as Fale went to the apron to Chase, but Referee Marty Isami kicked away his arm and Ibushi rolled Fale up for a 2. Ibsuhi positioned and postured in the corner, before nailing Fale with Boma Ye and covering, getting an even closer 2, Ibushi pulled down his kneepad, pulled Fale up and ANNIHILATED HIM with Kami Goye, finally putting the big man down. (Fun. Ibushi murdered Fale at the end of this. BC shenanigans, but they didn’t take away from the fun this was.)

6)  G1 Climax 29 – A Block: Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion Zack Sabre Jr. (2) vs IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion “The Aerial Assassin” Will Ospreay (4)

Winner: Sabre Jr. (2) after Ospreay took a little time, before climbing to the top, flying off with a Shooting Star Press, only for Zack to catch him in a Triangle Choke! After some struggle for control, Zack pulled down tight on Will’s head, only for Ospreay to power him up and use a big Sit Out Powerbomb for a 2. Ospreay went to the top and used a Shooting Star Press to Zack’s back to set up another pin, but  Zack kicked out, Will followed with a Rip Cord Hook Kick and hooked for The Storm Breaker, only for Zack to counter, lightning fast into The Octopus Hold, pulling Will down and cranking back on his neck, forcing Will to Tap Out. (AWESOME! Fantastic sequences, amazing technical work and just balls to the fall pace. The finish was ESPECIALLY NASTY and this match is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

7)  G1 Climax 29 – A Block: IWGP Heavyweight Champion “The Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada (10) vs “The American Psycho” Lance Archer

Winner: Okada (2) after Archer planted Okada with a HUGE Chokeslam and covered for a 2, Archer fired up and lifted Okada to the top, hooking for Blackout, Okada tried to fight loose, but Archer overpowered and slammed him to the mat, covering, only Okada got a foot on the ropes. Archer called for the end and went for The EBD Claw, but Okada side-stepped and knocked Archer into the corner with a Dropkick to the back of the head. After a little recovery, Archer charged out of the corner, only to be met with a Dropkick from Okada and both men went back down. After a little more recovery, Archer charged with an Avalanche in the corner and then lifted Okada to the top, hooking for a Superplex, but Okada put on the brakes and fought loose, knocking Archer to the mat after a series of elbows, before flying off with a soaring Missile Dropkick, putting the big man down. Okada pulled Archer up and hooked for a Tombstone, but Archer reversed and powered Okada up for Blackout, but Okada escaped and connected with a Spinning Rainmaker, rocking Archer, who came back with The EBD Claw, but Okada blocked and eventually transitioned into The Rainmaker, following with the pin. (Good fight. Okada survived Archer and the big man continues his streak of great G1 Performances. Okada is the best in the world and showed his dominance over any size, shape or style, with The Rainmaker.)

8) G1 Climax 29 – A Block: KENTA (8) vs “Cold Skull” SANADA (2)

Winner: after KENTA locked SANADA up in a Rear Naked Choke, SANADA fought and fought, but KENTA put him down and went for The PK, which SANADA caught and stood up, firing off a Spinning Chop, only for KENTA to counter with a hard Palm Strike, rocking SANADA, KENTA followed with a flurry of Palm Strikes, dropping SANADA and setting up The Busaiku Knee and the cover, but SANADA kicked out. KENTA pulled down his kneepad and called for the end, before pulling SANADA into Fireman’s Carry, SANADA slipped out and applied Skull End, KENTA fought loose and attempted to lift SANADA into Fireman’s Carry, but SANADA slipped out and applied Skull End, spinning KENTA around, before sinking in the hooks and falling to the mat, SANADA choked KENTA out and released the hold, climbing to the top, flying off with The Muta Moonsault and holding on for the win. (Really good. KENTA is a punisher and SANADA’s technical calmness and proficiency in every style of wrestling makes him one of the most diverse and talented wrestlers in the world. KENTA is loving this stretch, he’s getting grumpier and more of a straight up striker as we get further into this. Big win for SANADA.)

9) G1 Climax 29 – A Block: “The Ace of the Universe” Hiroshi Tanahashi (6) vs “The King of Darkness” EVIL (6)

Winner: Tanahashi (2) after EVIL leveled Tanahashi and covered for a 2, EVIL looked to Referee Red Shoes in disbelief, thinking Tanahashi could take no more. EVIL fired up and called for the end, dragging Tanahashi in for Everything is Evil, only for Tanahashi to counter and hook for his own STO, but EVIL slipped out and dropped Tanahashi with a Thrusting Headbutt. EVIL pulled Tanahashi up for Everything is Evil, but Tanahashi countered into a Bridged Dragon Suplex, getting a close 2, Tanahashi made his way to the top and as EVIL staggered to his feet, Tanahashi stood up and scored with The High Fly Cross, before going back to the top and scoring with The High Fly Flow, holding on for the 3. (Dope. Great match. EVIL came so close to putting this away, but Tanahashi is the fucking greatest. The Idol of NJPW, the knight upon a white horse in the time of need and at this stage of his career, with the shape his body is in and the pain he deals with, it’s incredible what he accomplishes in that ring. EVIL was picture perfect in execution and timing tonight, the perfect vicious, evil entity.)