New Japan G1 Climax 29 – Night 5 (7/18) Review

Added by Zack Monday

From Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan

1)  IWGP United States Champion “Death Rider” Jon Moxley & “Shooter” Shota Umino vs NEVER Openweight Champion “The Stone Pitbull” Tomohiro Ishii & Yuya Uemura

Winners: Moxley & Umino after Yuya countered Umino’s Fisherman’s Buster into a Small Package for a 2, Uemura followed with a School Boy for another 2. Yuya slapped away at Umino and hooked for a Double Arm Suplex, only for Umino to escape and hit a Spinebuster for a 2. Umino pulled Yuya up and used a Bridged Fisherman’s Suplex to get the 3. (Great heat between Moxley and Ishii)

2) Six Man Tag match: Juice Robinson, Toa Henare & Yota Tsuji vs Jeff Cobb, YOSHI-HASHI & Hirooki Goto

Winners: HASHI, Cobb & Goto after Cobb caught Juice’s Slingshot Tope and planted him on the side of the ring apron, HASHI went for Headhunter on Yota, but the big Young Lion fought out and clubbed HASHI with big shots, before HASHI responded. Yota slapped the tasted out of his mouth and went for an Irish Whip, only for Hashi to reverse score with a chop and then use a Thrust Kick to finally set up Headhunter and the cover, but Tsuji kicked out! With the Korakuen crowd rocking, HASHI locked in The Butterfly Lock, forcing Yota to Tap Out.

3) Six Man Tag match: Bullet Club (“The Crown Jewel” Chase Owens, “Switchblade” Jay White & “Tokyo Pimp” Yujiro Takahashi w/Gedo) vs Toru Yano, Tomoaki Honma & Ren Narita

Winners: Bullet Club after Narita countered The Package Piledriver with a Frankensteiner, he quickly ducked Chase’s Lariat and used a Backslide for a 2! Chase popped up and drilled Ren with a Knee Strike to the face, before dumping him with The Package Piledriver and covering for the 3.

4) Six Man Tag match: Los Ingobernables de Japon (IWGP Intercontinental Champion Tetsuya Naito, “The Dragon” Shingo Takagi & BUSHI) vs Suzuki-Gun (“The King” Minoru Suzuki, TAICHI & Yoshinobu Kanemaru)

Winners: Suzuki-Gun after TAICHI laid out Shingo with The Axe Bomber, BUSHI took out Suzuki’s legs with a Sliding Dropkick and hit the ropes, but Minoru followed him in and attempted a Rear Naked Choke, which BUSHI escaped. BUSHI attempted to run, but Suzuki quickly wrapped a Rear Naked Choke and transitioned into a Gotch Style Piledriver to pick up the win.

5) G1 Climax – A Block: KENTA (4) vs Lance Archer (4)

Winner: KENTA (2) after KENTA pulled Archer up for Go To Sleep, Archer countered into The EDB Claw, but KENTA got to the ropes. Archer pulled KENTA to the top and hooked for The Muscle Buster, planting KENTA in the middle of the ring and covering for a 2. Archer called for the end and used a BIG Powerbomb to put KENTA back down and cover, but again, KENTA kicked out at 2! Archer pulled KENTA up in The EBD Claw, but KENTA countered into a Triangle Choke and transitioned into Game Over (Crippler Crossface), forcing Archer to Tap Out. (Bad Ass!)

6) G1 Climax – A Block: EVIL (2) vs “Cold Skull” SANADA (2)

Winner: after SANADA planted EVIL with a Tiger Suplex and bridged for a 2, he called for the end and pulled EVIL up, hooking Skull End. EVIL went to his knees, as the Referee checked on him, until SANADA spun him around, only for EVIL to roll an Inside Cradle for a desperation 2. SANADA blocked EVIL’s Lariat with a kick and scored with a Spinning Elbow, but EVIL fired back with a Discuss Lariat and pulled SANADA up, hitting Darkness Falls for a 2. After a little recovery, EVIL called for end and pulled up SANADA, hooking for Everything is Evil, but SANADA countered with an Inside Cradle for a 2, EVIL fired back with a Lariat and dropped into the cover, but SANADA kicked out at 1. EVIL hit the ropes and KILLED SANADA with a Lariat, for a 2, before hitting Everything is Evil and covering for the 3. (Awesome. Hard fought. Great exchanges.)

7) G1 Climax – A Block: IWGP Heavyweight Champion “Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada (4) vs “The Rogue General” Bad Luck Fale (0) w/C vhase Owens & Jado

The match starts with Fale beating down Okada in the entrance aisle.

Winner: Okada (2) after Okada moved, causing Fale to crash into Jado, knocking him off the apron, Okada pulled Fale into Alabama Slam position, before dropping him down and sitting in a Folding Pin for the 3. (Shenanigans from the BC side. Okada was able to fight them off and look stellar doing so.)

Bullet Club beatdown on Okada after the match, but Okada gets the best of them!

8) G1 Climax – A Block: Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion Zack Sabre Jr. (0) vs “The Ace of the Universe” Hiroshi Tanahashi (0)

Winner: Tanahashi (2) after Tanahashi caught ZSJ’s PK and stood up, Zack unloaded with slaps and chops, until Tanahashi ripped him down with a Dragon Screw. Hiroshi got up, as Zack started staggering to his feet, and scored with Sling Blade, covering for a 2. Tanahashi quickly went to the top and connected with The High Fly Cross and went back up, flying off with The High Fly Flow, only for Zack to get his knees up and transition into a Triangle Choke, which Tanahashi countered with a Bridged Folding Pin to pick up the 3.

9) G1 Climax – A Block: IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion “The Aerial Assassin” Will Ospreay (2) vs “The Golden Star” Kota Ibushi (0)

Winner: Ibushi (2) after Ospreay connected with The Robinson Special, he hit the ropes for The Os Cutter, but Ibushi blocked it and went for a Straight Jacket German Suplex, but Ospreay escaped and landed a Head Kick, before hitting the ropes and scoring with The Os Cutter, covering for a CLOSE 2! At the 25 minute call, Ospreay pulled Ibushi up for The Storm Breaker, but Ibushi landed on his feet and crushed Ospreay with a Knee Strike, looking to follow with Kami Goye, but Ospreay countered and landed a Hook Kick, hooking for a Vertical Suplex, but Ibushi countered with The Michinoku Driver and held on for a 2. Ibushi lifted Ospreay up, but Will escaped and pushed Kota into the ropes for a One Man Spanish Fly and the cover, getting a 2. Will called for The Hidden Blade, positioned and charged, only Kota blocked with an elbow of his own and then a HUGE Lariat! Kota pulled down his knee pad, retreated to the corner and charged out with BOMA YE and the cover, getting a 2 count! With 3 minutes left, Ibushi pulled Will up and scored with Kami Goye, finally putting Will down for the 3. (Awesome action! There was some absolutely incredible sequences from these two. MUST WATCH!)