New Japan “Best of the Super Juniors – Night 3”

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From Aomori Martial Arts Hall, May 15th 2019

The Main Event made this show. Incredible performance from Dragon Lee and SHO. Gresham vs TAKA was a personal highlight for me, seeing Gresh get a Tap Out victory in BOSJ is pretty special.

1)  Bullet Club (“The Sniper of the Skies” Robbie Eagles & Jado) vs Ren Narita & Yuya Uemura

 Winners: Bullet Club after Eagles kicked away Uemura’s Boston Crab attempt and attempted to fire back, only for Yuya to catch him with a Double Arm Overhead Suplex and cover for a 2. Uemura locks Eagles in a Boston Crab, battling and struggling, until Eagles gets to the ropes. Yuya nails Robbie with a couple of elbows and heads for the ropes, only for Jado to trip him up and then hold him, as Robbie charged, Yuya moved and Robbie collided with Jado, Uemura used an O’Connor Roll for a 2, when Eagles pushed him into a Kendo Stick shot from Jado and Eagles used a School Boy, Yuya kicked out at 2! Eagles quickly followed with The Turbo Backpack to put Yuya down for the 3. (I liked this a lot. Eagles is absolutely killing it so far and his matchups with these two incredibly skilled Young Lions were a lot of fun.)

2) NEVER Openweight Champion Taichi & DOUKI vs Ryusuke Taguchi & Shota Umino

Winners: Taichi & DOUKI after Umino took Taichi down with a Dropkick and followed with a Vertical Suplex, covering for a 2, before applying an Arm Bar. DOUKI was able to break up the hold, until Taguchi threw him out of the ring and followed with a Slingshot Tope, but DOUKI moved and Ryusuke hit the floor. Shota pulled Taichi up in a waist-lock, but Taichi elbowed his way out and retreated to the corner, where Umino charged, Taichi moved and DOUKI quickly followed with a Running Clothesline, followed by a High Kick from Taichi and the cover, which Taguchi broke up. DOUKI took Taguchi out of the ring, as Taichi ripped off his pants and threw a kick, which Umino dodged and used a School Boy for a quick 2, they popped up and Taichi charged, Umino countered with a Backslide for another 2. Umino fired up, nailed Taichi with a European Uppercut and hit the ropes, Taichi blasted him with an Axe Bomber and covered for a 2, before locking Umino in a Stretch Plum, torturing Umino and forcing him to Tap Out.

3)  Six Man Tag match: IWGP Junior Tag Team Champion YOH, Rocky Romero & Toa Henare vs “The Aerial Assassin” Will Ospreay, IWGP United States Champion Juice Robinson & Bandido

Winners: Juice, Ospreay & Bandido after Henare fired up and charged, Juice scored with a Big Boot and followed with a Jumping Side Kick and the pin, Toa kicked out. Juice went right into The Tenzan Crab, battling with Toa and pulling him to the middle of the ring, until YOH & Romero broke it up. Ospreay & Bandido threw them out of the ring and followed with stereo Slingshot Topes to the floor, Juice went for The Right Hand to God on Henare, who countered with a kick and looked to follow up, but Juice was able to counter and get the advantage, before planting Henare with Pulp Friction and covering for the 3. (Pretty good)

The mysterious video package for Juice’s next challenger is shown, 6/5/2019 is the final image on the screen. “Time’s Up”

4)  Bullet Club (British Cruiserweight Champion El Phantasmo & Gedo) vs Los Ingobernables de Japon (BUSHI & Tetsuya Naito)

Winners: LIJ after Gedo pulled a pair of Brass Knuckles and swung at BUSHI, BUSHI ducked and Naito used a Manhattan Drop on Gedo, sending him into the corner, as BUSHI took out Phantasmo. Naito used Combinacion Cabron on Gedo, who stumbled out of the corner, into a Swinging Fisherman’s Buster from BUSHI, who then went to the middle turnbuckle and when Gedo got to his feet, BUSHI flew off with MX and covered Gedo for the 3. (Naito vs Phantasmo was fun.)

5) Best of the Super Juniors – A Block: “The Octopus” Jonathan Gresham (0) vs TAKA Michinoku (0)

Winner: Gresham (2) after Gresham crushed TAKA’s arm with a Knee Drop and used a Backslide for a 2 count, Gresham followed with a Jumping Stomp to TAKA’s elbow and looked to follow up, but TAKA took him down in Just Facelock position, but Gresham countered out and continued to counter TAKA, before rolling him up for a 2. Gresham quickly started twisting TAKA up, pounding on TAKA’s head and sunk in The Octopus Hold, forcing TAKA to TAP OUT! (Great win for Gresham! He definitely looked in another stratosphere with his groundwork. Gresham vs ZSJ would be epic in an NJPW ring.)

6) Best of the Super Juniors – A Block: Yoshinobu Kanemaru (0) vs Tiger Mask (2)

Kanemaru came to the ring with Tiger Mask’s mask, which he took last night.

Winner: Tiger Mask (2) after Kanemaru held TM in a Figure Four and torqued away, until TM was able to struggle to the ropes to break it. Kanemaru waited for TM to pull himself up in the corner, before charging in with a Clothesline and then climbing to the top, flying off with a Moonsault, which Tiger Mask avoided! After a little recovery, TM charged with a Leg Lariat and looked for a Tiger Suplex, which Kanemaru blocked and attempted to capitalize on, only TM used an Inside Cradle to pick up the victory!

Kanemaru attacked Tiger Mask and took his mask, AGAIN!

7)  Best of the Super Juniors – A Block: “The Dragon” Shingo Takagi (2) vs Titan (2)

Winner: Shingo (2) after Shingo countered a Hurricanrana into a Death Valley Driver, he recovered from a hard-fought match, before pulling Titan up, Titan countered and went face to face with Shingo, who chopped Titan and hooked for The Noshigami, which Titan countered with a Sunset Roll for a 2. They popped up, Titan hit the ropes and took Shingo down with La Mistica, rolled into a clutch for a close 2, Titan blasted Shingo with a Superkick and hit the ropes, catching Shingo with an elbow, Shingo blocked a strike and caught Titan with a Punch, Titan took Shingo over with a Dragon Screw and hooked in Titan-X, but Shingo rolled through and planted Titan with Noshigami, covering for a 2. Shingo hit the ropes and leveled Titan with The Pumping Bomber, before planting him with The Last of the Dragon to get the 3. (Shingo is bad ass in this tournament and brings another level to his matches. This was a fun, quick paced and explosive match. I like the way Shingo gives his foes a face to face message before he walks to the back.)

8)  Best of the Super Juniors – A Block: “The Villain” Marty Scurll (2) w/Brody King vs “Bone Solider” Taiji Ishimori (2)

Winner: Ishimori (2) at the 20-minute call, Marty pulled Taiji up and scored with a chop, before sending Taiji in, Ishimori charged back with La Mistica into a Yes Lock, which Scurll countered into his own Yes Lock, transitioned into The Crossface Chickenwing, but Taiji elbowed and elbowed, until Marty caught him with a Half and Half Suplex. Marty hit the ropes, Taiji followed and they built up momentum, until Marty scored with a Lariat and covered, Taiji kicked out! Marty followed with a Package Bomb and covered for a 2, before pulling Taiji up for The Black Plague, which Taiji countered out of and hit a nasty Jumping Knee to the chin, Marty tried to respond with a Lariat, but Taiji ducked and crushed Marty with a Lariat of his own and covered for a 2. Taiji quickly got up and hit The Bloody Cross, putting Scurll down for the 3. (Long and kind of boring. Happy Taiji got the win, good last 5 minutes.)


9)  Best of the Super Juniors – A Block: IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Dragon Lee vs IWGP Junior Tag Team Champion SHO

Winner: after SHO held on to the Cross Arm Breaker, even after Lee had got to the ropes, pulling Lee to the middle of the ring, where Dragon powered him up with a One Arm Powerbomb and then followed with a SICK Running Knee to the face, before pulling down his knee pad and connecting with another Running Knee, this time dropping into the cover, but SHO kicked out. Dragon Lee pulled him up and lifted SHO for The Desnucadora, putting him down and holding on to end this 25-minute plus war of attrition. (Beautiful stuff right here! Better than SHO vs Shingo, to me. SHO’s dominance in this was great and Dragon Lee is an incredible champion with a heart of a lion. HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED)