New Japan “Best of the Super Juniors – Night 10”

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From Makuhari Messe International Conference Hall 7, May 26th 2019

1)  Best of the Super Juniors – B Block: Ryusuke Taguchi (8) vs Ren Narita (0)

Winner: Taguchi (2) after wrapping Narita up in the Ankle Lock, while continuing to shake loose his weakened the leg, Taguchi attempted to keep control, until Narita used an Inside Cradle for a 2. Taguchi quickly Dropkicked out the leg of Narita and hooked for La Magistral, but flowed into an Ankle Lock, really wrenching it in and battling for control, before dropping an elbow to the back of Narita’s leg and then crossing the opposite leg across the back and driving in the Ankle Lock, forcing Narita to Tap Out. (Really good wrestling match! Taguchi showed that his style is strong, his style evolves and you must be ready to bring all you have. Narita’s heart and growth is the main takeaways from his run in this tournament. He’s turned down handshakes or knuckle-bumps from his opponents, I wonder if a trip to LIJ or Suzuki-Gun is in the future.)

Kevin Kelly announces that TAKA Michinoku has been forced to forfeit his Tournament match tonight, giving Dragon Lee a victory in their scheduled match for the night.

2) Best of the Super Juniors – A Block: “Heel Master” Yoshinobu Kanemaru (4) vs “The Octopus” Jonathan Gresham (6)

Winner: Gresham (2) after Kanemaru kicked out from a DEEP Bridged German Suplex, Gresham fired up and hit the ropes, only for Kanemaru to push the Referee in the way of Gresham, knocking both men down. Kanemaru went for the Satori Whiskey, but as he went to attack Gresham, Jonathan wrapped him up in The Octopus Hold, struggling for control, until the Referee took the Whiskey bottle from Kanemaru’s hand and Gresham fully locked it in, forcing the Tap Out! (Pretty good. Gresham continues to shine and really open the eyes of the fans with his incredible work.)

3) Best of the Super Juniors – B Block: Rocky Romero (4) vs DOUKI (2)

Winner: Romero (2) after DOUKI rocked Romero with a Karate Thrust to the throat, he hit the ropes, only for Rocky to answer with a Jumping Knee to the chin, DOUKI charged with a Lariat, but Rocky ducked and continued running to hit his own Clothesline! Romero recovered a little, waiting for DOUKI to start getting up, before using a Headscissor to roll DOUKI to the mat, applying a Hammerlock and then rolling DOUKI to the middle of the ring, while transitioning into a Cross Arm Breaker, leg dropping DOUKI’s face to get the full extension and force DOUKI to Tap Out. (Best DOUKI match of the tour. Pretty good stuff. From the opening jump, these guys really worked well together and showed what tricks DOUKI had hidden up his sleeve. This was fun.)

4) Best of the Super Juniors – A Block: “The Villain” Marty Scurll (6) w/Brody King vs Titan (4)

Winner: Marty (2) after Titan locked Marty in an Inverted Figure Four, he fought to keep control in the middle of the ring, kicking at Scurll’s leg, but Marty was able to get to the ropes to break the hold. Titan pulled Marty in for a Reverse DDT, but Scurll countered and rolled Titan forward, countering into a Backslide for a 2 and hooking for The Black Plague, but Titan escaped and threw an Ezniguri, which Marty ducked and connected with a Basement Superkick. Marty called for it and hit the ropes, throwing a Lariat, which Titan used The Matrix dodge to counter and connect with a Superkick, which rocked Marty into the ropes and he came firing back with a Big Lariat, taking Titan to the mat. Marty pulled Titan up and hit a Pacakage DDT, covering for a 2, before pulling Titan up, hitting The Black Plague and getting the pinfall. (Good. Marty was able to flex some of his Lucha muscles while countering Titan’s work. These guys worked well together, Marty was solid.)

5) Best of the Super Juniors – B Block: Bandido (6) vs BUSHI (6)

Winner: BUSHI (2) after BUSHI blocked The 21 Plex, he used a waist-lock reversal to get behind Bandido, who quickly blasted back with elbows and hit the ropes, but BUSHI followed with a Dropkick against the ropes, before using a Pendulum DDT onto the ring apron! BUSHI pulled Bandido up and hit a Swinging Fisherman’s Neckbreaker and covered for a 2, he looked for a Lung Blower, but Bandido caught him in Monkey Flip position and put him back to the mat, where BUSHI connected with The Rewind Kick and followed with a NASTY Japanese Canadian Destroyer and the cover, but Bandido kicked out. BUSHI called for the end, as he climbed to the middle turnbuckle and as Bandido staggered to his feet, BUSHI flew off with The MX and covered for the win. (Dope match. You can tell the tournament has taken the toll on Bandido and he looked to fall victim to a more seasoned BUSHI, who continues to stick out as a top performer on these shows.)

6) Best of the Super Juniors – A Block: “The Dragon” Shingo Takagi (12) vs Tiger Mask (4)

Winner: Shingo (2) after Tiger countered The Pumping Bomber with a Crucifix Rollup, getting Shingo down for a 2 and immediately transitioning into a modified Arm Breaker. Tiger pulled back, but Shingo was able to fight and get to the ropes, breaking the hold. Tiger unloaded kicks to the Shingo’s arm and hit the ropes, but Shingo charged after with The Pumping Bomber and covered, but Tiger kicked out at 1! Shingo fired up and hit the ropes, knocking Tiger down with a Pumping Bomber and covering, but, again, Tiger kicked out! Shingo pulled Tiger up, planted him with The Last of the Dragon and held on for the hard-fought victory. (Good stuff! Hell of an effort from Tiger Mask. Shingo brings the fighting spirit out of his opponents and tests their metal and it helps them shine. Shingo’s speed and size puts him in another bracket when it comes to the juniors, technically sound, but when it comes down to a test of wills, Shingo brings an attack like no other.)

7)  Best of the Super Juniors – B Block: British Undisputed Cruiserweight Champion “The Headbanger” El Phantasmo (10) vs IWGP Junior Tag Champion YOH (6)

Winner: YOH (2) after Phantasmo hooked for The CR2, YOH back-dropped him over the top and to the floor, giving him a little time to recover. YOH looked to follow up, only for Phantasmo to score with a kick and then hook for a Suplex, with the floor as his landing target. YOH struggled in the hold, leading to Phantasmo pushing YOH into Referee Red Shoes and both men went to the mat. Phantasmo grabbed his Title and readied to hit YOH, only Red Shoes saw the whole thing, grabbed the Title and fought it away from Phantasmo, allowing YOH to quickly use an O’Connor Roll and spread out Phantasmo’s arms, getting the big upset victory! (Phantasmo is starting to get desperate in the later stages of this tournament. He’s frequently going for the Title shots and losing confidence in getting the win without the tricks. Big win for YOH and his reaction afterwards is what makes each of these tournament matches seem special. The pressure of leading the block seems to be getting top Phantasmo.)

8) Best of the Super Juniors – B Block: “The Aerial Assassin” Will Ospreay (10) vs “The Sniper of the Skies” Robbie Eagles (8)

After Ospreay got into the ring, Eagles pulled out a small Japanese Flag patch, the very same one that Ospreay handed to Eagles after their epic clash in Australia. Eagles threw the patch at Ospreay, who took the patch and tucked it in his knee pad.

Winner: Eagles (2) after Ospreay slowly made his way to the top, El Phantasmo got up on the apron and charged, but Ospreay knocked him down with a kick and turned his attention back to Eagles, who was prone in the middle of the ring, Ospreay steadied, with his injured knee and flew off with a Shooting Star Press, but Eagles got his knees up and rolled a cradle for a CLOSE 2! Eagles hooked for The Ron Miller Special, but Ospreay kicked him away, into Red Shoes and both went down! Eagles charged at Ospreay, who caught him with a Spanish Fly and as the Time Keeper called “3 minutes left,” Ospreay hit the ropes for The Os Cutter, only for Phantasmo to smash a Chair shot into Ospreay’s left knee! Phantasmo got on the apron, instructing Eagles to finish Ospreay, Eagles looked conflicted and upset, but went to the top and connected with a 450 Splash to Eagles leg, before locking in The Ron Miller Special, forcing Ospreay to TAP OUT! (WHAT A MATCH! Incredible contest throughout, with explosive action and beautiful counter wrestling. Phantasmo’s involvement was a 2 birds with 1 stone situation, the smarts of Phantasmo costing Ospreay points, saving his ass in the tournament and also building the content of Eagles against the mega heel tactics. GREAT STUFF! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

The video for IWGP United States Champion Juice Robinson’s mystery opponent starts to play, leading to Juice directing a camera to him, at commentary. Juice cuts a promo, hinting that he knows who the challenger is, telling them to “bring your punk ass to Ryogoku.”

9) Best of the Super Juniors – A Block: “Bone Soldier” Taiji Ishimori (10) vs IWGP Junior Tag Team Champion SHO (6)

Winner: Taiji (2) after Taiji locked SHO in The LaBelle Lock, he controlled SHO in the middle of the ring, rolling back in and stretching him out, until SHO was able to get a foot on the ropes. Taiji waited for SHO to get up, before drilling him into the corner with a Shotgun Dropkick and then following the Shotgun Knees in the corner and The Cipher UTAKI (Tombstone hold into a Double Knee Facebreaker) and the cover, but SHO kicked out! Taiji pulled SHO in for The Bloody Cross, but he escaped and hooked Taiji for The Shock Cradle, which Taiji blocked, only to eat a vicious Knee Strike from SHO. As the Time Keeper called for 20-minute mark, SHO pulled Taiji in for The Shock Arrow, only for Taiji to SPECTACULARLY escape and immediately hit The Bloody Cross, putting SHO down for the 3. (Good main event. I like Taiji and this collision with SHO highlighted the strengths of both men. Ishimori is a solid total package and a great force in the Junior division, SHO just couldn’t overcome the neck injury and the veteran skill of Taiji.)

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