MLW Fusion Episode 77 – Warner vs Havoc Bunkhouse match

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BeIn Sports Air Date: September 28th, 2019

From The NYTEX Sports Centre in Dallas, Texas

Injustice (Kotto Brazil & Myron Reed) w/Jordan Oliver vs Air Wolf & Gringo Loco

Myron is wearing a Catcher’s Chest Protector, after suffering “rib injuries” from a Loco Brass Knuckles attack in New York. Referee Frank Gasitneau has a hard time with Injustice, patting them down and pulling out a Chain and pair of Brass Knuckles from Brazil’s jump suit.

Winners: Wolf & Loco after Gringo lifted both Reed & Brazil in a stacked Electric Chair, with Brazil on top, Gringo fell backwards, dropping both men to the mat and KNOCKING BRAZIL OUT COLD! Wolf tagged in and while the chaos ensued, Wolf covered Brazil for the 3.

Mance Warner, with his Uncle “Moon Man,” cuts a promo on facing Jimmy Havoc in a Bunkhouse match later. Mance is the god damn man and would have been a perfect fit in any era of professional wrestling.

Footage of Austin Aries taking out Teddy Hart is shown, followed by a promo from Brian Pillman Jr. Brian talks about Hart being permanently injured and defending the honor of his family, calling out Aries.

The Von Erichs walk out of a Children’s Hospital and run into Richard Holliday & MJF. The Von Erichs and The Dynasty go back and forth with heart vs rich assholes as the motif.

Douglas James vs Timothy Thatcher

Winner: Thatcher after grinding his way out of Front Guillotine, Thatcher charged at Douglas in the corner, only James dropped Thatcher with a SICK Jumping Knee to the face. James made his way to the top and flew off with Eat Your Heart Out (Turning Frog Splash), but Thatcher blocked the move and quickly applied The Fujiwara Armbar, forcing James to Tap Out!

Thatcher is interviewed after, putting over James and extending the opportunity to train with him. Thatcher then says he came to MLW with one man in mind, Tom Lawlor, laying out a challenge for Superfight.

Jimmy Havoc brings the camera with him, showing hanging scarecrows, covered in blood and a “I am coming” sign, also covered in blood. Havoc cuts a promo on Mance, talking about Warner screwing up by coming into his world.

Hype for Brian Pillman Jr. vs Austin Aries, set for next week!

Bunkhouse match: ‘The Southern Psycho’ Mance Warner vs “England’s Most Dangerous Man” Jimmy Havoc

Wild brawl! Weapons include Pumpkins, Bails of Hay, Shovels, Pitch Forks and more. Havoc stapled Mance’s tongue to a pumpkin! Mance used a DDT to send Havoc into a Pumpkin, which ended up on his head and Mance knocked it off with Knee Pad up, Knee Pad Down!

Winner: Mance after Jimmy Stapled Mance’s tongue to a Door, set up across 2 chairs and placed a Pumpkin over his head, Jimmy started climbing to the top. Mance ripped his tongue off the door, threw the Pumpkin at Havoc and climbed to the top, using a Superplex to send Havoc crashing through the Door and covered, but Jimmy kicked out! After a little recovery, Havoc charged at Mance, who countered and then leveled Jimmy with a Lariat and covered for the 3.

Jimmy attacked Mance with Barbed Wire, tearing open his forehead and then ripping the wire around Mance’s mouth, pulling back, torturing Mance, even fighting off the staff to continue torturing Mance.