MK McKinnan vs El Generico, Fight Club: PRO, 2011

Added by Frank Burford

Hey fellow Indy fans, it is me again reviewing another match. This time it is a blast from the past because I am reviewing a match from Fight Club Pro. In 2011 between someone I had heard of but not really watched MK McKinnan vs the Generic Luchador El Generico. First things first I was not a fan of the venue the small arena I understand but I did not like the fence around, but I guess the company was starting up and this was something different, so I adapted to it. The crowd atmosphere was immense they were ready for this match and I think they relished watching El Generico who was a star.

So, the match started about 2 minutes after the bell as the fans were so electric the wrestlers wanted to soak up the atmosphere and let it settle. They locked up and engaged in a very fluid and almost ballet like chain wrestling battle. Letting everyone know this match will be good. After various wristlocks, El Generico helped McKinnan help off the floor in a show of sportsmanship. Then McKinnan tries a couple of roll up attempts which El Generico reacts badly to and after McKinnan offers hand shake he slaps the hand. Generico then performed a springboard backflip followed by two Lucha arm drags in which McKinnan repays the favour. El Generico quite cleverly gained considerable heat by using a closed fist punch to McKinnan. El Generico then throws McKinnan over the ropes to the outside and beats down McKinnan only to roll back in and ask the ref to count out McKinnan, luckily McKinnan rolled before the count. After various minutes on the outside McKinnan climbed the fence and jumped off it then rolls Generico back in to then hit a top rope drop kick for the two count. Then McKinnan hit an incredible springboard DDT for the 2 count. He then attempted the boot to the face but Generico out of no where hit a Blue Thunder Bomb for another 2 count then a michinoku driver to McKinnan for another close count. Helluva kick was being teased but he missed giving McKinnan the perfect opportunity for a spinning heel kick (I thought this was it) but Generico kicked out. McKinnan went for a boot in the corner but Generico caught him out and hit a T-Bone suplex into the corner then a Helluva kick followed by a dragon suplex and finished with a brain buster for the win.

Well, this match was very interesting, I am left wanting to watch more McKinnan in action and feel he did overuse his move set only giving the match what it needed and not overworking it. The springboard DDT was amazing and really showed his athleticism. El Generico was… El Generico, he played a heel very well, but it was very hard not to like him. His finishing sequence is incredible and really feels like something that ends a match additionally I feel he really played up the fact that he felt he could only win by count out and did not want to have a long match. This match clocked in 20 minutes and I have to say it was worth it. It is a match worth watching, and I would recommend this match for anyone.

Burford-O-Meter: 55/100 – really fun and entertaining match which really emphasised the grittiness of British Wrestling as well as the talent of our favourite Luchador.

Watch the match for yourself right HERE