Match Review: Warhorse (c) vs DL Hurst vs Wheeler YUTA, Beyond Wrestling, Independent Wrestling TV Championship (22/09/2019)

Added by Frank Burford

Hello again, so this is another Indy match review, I thought after the last review I would watch another Warhorse match and this match was free and available on youtube. First, again I really like the venue that Beyond Wrestling chose again, outside by the beach the outside was sand and a really liked the atmosphere. I have been aware of DL Hurst and Wheeler YUTA both performing at Chikara at one point.

This match started off fast as the crowd were firmly behind Warhorse. Warhorse double drop-kicked Hurst and then YUTA hip an atomic drop, enzuighri and German to Warhorse… only to hit a dive to the outside to Hurst. Scoop slam hit by Warhorse to YUTA then Hurst hit a Death Valley driver to YUTA aswell. Warhorse hit a good looking powerbomb to YUTA and goes for the pin, but Hurst breaks it up. In this match Warhorse hit a interesting looking triangle lariat similar to Jericho’s triangle drop kick. Wheeler YUTA hit a high angle slam and locked in a facelock to Warhorse,but he got to the ropes. Then Wheeler YUTA hit a top rope Spanish fly to Hurst and looks to have won it, but Warhorse breaks up the pin. The go home finish was Warhorse hitting a half dragon suplex to Hurst then dived to the outside to YUTA and then jumped to the top rope to hit a double stomp to Hurst for the 3 count a win.

This match was a total of 9mins, it was fast paced and really utilised all 3 of the wrestlers in the match. I feel that it could have gone another 5 minutes and really let each wrestler flesh out their interactions. It was obvious that they were playing up a future Warhorse vs Wheeler YUTA match as YUTA did not get pinned and he looked obviously upset by losing. DL Hurst felt like a 3rd wheel there to take the pin and keep the other wrestler’s momentum up. In total it was fun but not memorable.

Burford-O-Meter: 25/100 àIts 9 minutes so if you like Warhorse watch it but if not don’t worry about it.

Link to the free match on YouTube HERE