Major League Wrestling “Kings of the Colosseum”

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From Cicero Stadium in Chicago, Illinois

Live on BeIN Sports

 Jim Cornette & Rich Boccini on commentary. Timothy Barr on Ring Announcing.

 1)   Star Spangled Hammerstone Challenge for the MLW National Openweight Championship: Alexander Hammerstone © w/The Dynasty (Aria Blake, Richard Holliday & MJF) vs Kotto Brazil

Hammerstone gets some promo time, hyping the challenge and being a loud, in your face shit talker.

 MJF joins commentary for the match and takes part in some hilarity with Cornette.

Winner and STILL Champion: Hammerstone after Brazil nailed Hammerstone with a Missile Dropkick, Kotto kipped up and after a little recovery, he climbed to the top and flew off with a big Frog Splash, bouncing off the much larger man, Brazil crawled back and covered for a 2. Koto started making way to the top, only for Holliday to distract him, allowing Hammerstone to recover and meet Brazil on the top, using a LONG Delayed Superplex to set up a rough looking Nightmare Pendulum to pick up the win. (Fun match. Hammerstone is a monster, good looking and full of heel swag, flanked by a evil crew, makes a good package. Brazil was getting all of the love and his comebacks were exciting and loud.)

MJF gets in the ring, with the rest of Dynasty, celebrating with Hammerstone, before cutting a scathing promo on the Chicago crowd and challenging The Hart Dynasty for the MLW World Tag Titles.

Jim Cornette & Rich Boccini talk about the dear of The Contra Unit taking over MLW with Jacob Fatu’s MLW World Title opportunity against Tom Lawlor tonight. Hyping the importance of tonight’s Main Event.

Simon Grimm is cutting a promo on Lawlor, saying Fatu is going to take him out, when Lawlor appears in a doorway behind Simon and beats him down. Lawlor then cuts a promo on closing the door on Contra.

MLW announces their first PPV, Superfight on November 2!

2)   Myron Reed w/Jordan Oliver vs Rey Horus

Winner: Reed after Oliver hopped on the apron, distracting the Referee and breaking Horus’ focus, Rey slapped Jordan and then ducked Jordan’s slap, before knocking him off the apron with an Enziguri to the back of the head. Rey turned back to the ring, where Myron caught him with The Louisville Slugger (Springboard Uppercut) and covered for the 3. (This was a lot of fun. Hybrid Lucha from both, Reed and Oliver’s schtick is relevant and they are both really fucking good wrestlers. Good, high-energy pace and everything that was supposed to deliver, did.)

MLW World Tag Team Champions The Hart Foundation (Teddy Hart & Davey Boy Smith Jr.) are interviewed about their Title defense Ladder match against The Dynasty. Davey says he wants to use their Freebird rule and substitute Brian Pillman Jr. to team with Hart. Teddy brings in Brian, who looks a little shocked by the news.

Jim Cornette host “The Experience” and brings out Selena de la Renta to be his guest. Selena puts herself over and talks about her feud with Konnan. Konnan comes out and they go back and forth, with Konnan cutting some hilarious lines and then talking about having the next crop of Lucha stars. Selena says she has a secret on Konnan that will force him to retire and if he keeps messing with her, she will reveal it.

Hype for Dr. Wanger Jr. coming to MLW.

Promo from The Dynasty, talking about The Hart Dynasty laying out a Ladder match challenge. Hammerstone & Richard Holliday looked fired up, but MJF is apprehensive.

Highlight package of the Contra Unit vs Tom Lawlor feud.

3)  MLW World Championship match: “Filthy” Tom  © vs “The Samoan Werewolf” Jacob Fatu w/Josef Samuel

Selena de la Renta is shown watching the match in the crowd.  She has a concerned look on her face.

Winner and NEW MLW World Champion: Fatu after eating a series of strikes from Lawlor, Fatu timed Lawlor Spinning Lariat and BLASTED him with a Superkick. Fatu quickly sent Lawlor into the ropes and used a big Pop Up Samoan Drop, setting Lawlor up and allowing Fatu to hit a Double Jump Moonsault and cover for the 3. (Awesome. Fatu is great and is going to be a savage World Champion for MLW. Crazy talented, big boy, smart, fearless and nimble as a cat. Lawlor put up one hell of a fight and was a great champion.)