Lucha Underground Season 2 Episode 4 Review

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Ivelisse storms into Catrinas office and demands a trios match against the disciples of Mil Muertes. Unfortunately for the baddest bitch in the building her and her boys have to get through a new team of trios before they can have a shot at gaining their titles back and with this we head straight to the ring for the first match.

Angelico, Ivelisse & Son of Havoc vs Chavo Guerrero & The Crew

This might be a new team of trios but these are not new famous. The Crew being the main heel factions of series one and it could be argued that Chavo was one of the better antagonists in season especially his program with Sexy Star. Good God Ivelisse is wearing some incredible spikey trousers. I would not want to eat any of those knees to the face that she is throwing out. Ivelisse took the bulk of the action and the punishment from all 3 members of the opposing team taking an especially nasty elbow shot from Cortez Castro. Son of Havoc just hit a flipping off the tope rope into a roll into a dive for the most acrobatic hot tag to Angelico that I have ever seen. followed up by all 3 of the faces either diving, springboarding or jumping onto their opponents on the outside of the ring. Angelico quickly rolls Cortez back in the ring nail the top rope double stomp and hit the pin for the victory and hopefully take them one step closer to the trios championships.

After the match a visible upset Chavo begins berating The Crew but they are interrupted by the returning Texano Jr. who wants to get his hands on Mr. Guerrero, Unfortunately that wily Chavo slips out of the ring and this fight will have to wait.

Officer Joey Ryan is on the scene to tell Mr. Undercover Cortez that we are trying to convince the locker room that they are Luchadores and that he should watch his match next to see some. “Real Police Work”.

Joey Ryan vs Cage

Of all the people I thought I would see in Lucha Underground Mr. Sleazy Joey Ryan is not the first that would have jumped off my list but I glad that he is here. Unfortunately this contest might not fare well against Mr. Cage. In fact this is a down right beatdown from the Swolverine. Unfortunately this ain’t Joey’s first rodeo and he manages to take Cage down. Not for long though because as Cage likes to remind you he is a machine and he won’t stay down for long. This is a great back and forth contest I was expecting it to be extremely one-sided in the machines’ favour but Ryan is keeping this competitive. At trio of superkicks only manges to keep Cage down for a two-count and then Machine nails Joey with a Suplex into tombstone piledriver and pins Joey for the 3 count.

Before Cage even has time to celebrate, Johnny Mundo is straight in the ring assaulting Cage He goes for the End of the world but Cage avoids and hits one of his finishers ‘Weapon X’ on Mundo to prove a point.

We see the new Dragon Azteca training against Rey Mysterio in a scene very reminiscent of those old kung fu moves from the 70s. It’s time for some exposition on the backstory between the old master Dragon Azteca and Mr. Dario Cueto who apparently sacrificed his son’s body to be inhabited by a god. It’s all getting a bit mythological in here and I love it.

Prince Puma vs Pentagon Jr.

This is going to be one hell of a match. These two Luchadores have been on a collision path for quite sometime and this is it the clash of two outstanding talents. Glad to see this match with schoolyard tactics. Squaring off into I push you, you push me and now the pace instantly picks up with Puma sending Pentagon to the outside who swiftly follows him out to his mistake as outside the ring is his playground. The crowd quiets as Pentagon nails Puma with one of this trademark chops. Pentagon hits a vicious powerbomb onto one knee but it does not grant him the victory that he desires. These two Luchadores have such a great flow together. Both hitting innovative move one after another on each other. It looks like Pentagon had the victory again after a corner backstabber but the resilience of Puma knows no limits. Both equal in talent and fan base meet in the centre of the ring for a chest slapping contest but once again Pentagon gains control and goes for the package piledriver but Puma counters into his northern lights suplex into a suplex and gets a 2 and ¾ pinfall. He heads up top for his 450 splash but lands on Pentagon’s raised knees. Pentagon nails the package piledriver instead of going for the pin he goes for the surfboard stretch with Puma above him. Puma slips back and it looks like both men have their shoulders down but Puma raises his at the last second and gets the victory. Puma teases breaking Pentagon’s Jr. arm but decides to be the better man and his eyes are now turned onto the champion Mil Muertes.

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