Lucha Underground ‘Aztec Warfare II’ Review

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Pentagon Jr, Fenix & Catrina Backstage Segment:

Pentagon tells Fenix that the Lucha Underground Championship will be coming to him. Catrina says that Vampiro may be teaching Pentagon about dark clouds, but he knows nothing about the darkness. She doesn’t even know why Pentagon is here when he was never invited to be part of AztecWarfare2. Pentagon lost his privilege once he put his hands on her.

Pentagon says that Catrina doesn’t scare him and neither does Mil Muertes. Catrina doesn’t tell Pentagon what to do. Pentagon says that he only listens to one person and that’s his master. Pentagon reminds Catrina who he is and he has zero fear. Catrina says that the only reason why Pentagon has zero fear is because he doesn’t know anything about true fear. As far as Fenix is concerned, tonight he will take his last breath and Mil will take his title back. Catrina disappears. Fenix and Pentagon have a stare off.

Aztec Warfare Rules:

– The only way to be eliminated is by pinfall or submission. Once the 19 luchadors are eliminated we’ll find out who the Lucha Underground Champion is.
– Fenix will start off the match and Mil Muertes is the last entry in Aztec Warfare

AztecWarfare II Match for the Lucha Underground Championship

Fenix starts off the match with Rey Mysterio. Fenix and Mysterio shakes hands. Fenix shows great respect to Mysterio. Mysterio with a waist lock to Fenix. Mysterio with a tilt-a-whirl hurricanrana to Fenix. Mysterio with a drop toe hold. Mysterio goes for the 619 and Fenix counters with a superkick. Mysterio Fenix with a springboard handstand inside out armdrag to Mysterio for a one count. Mysterio kicks Fenix in the gut. Fenix kicks Mysterio in the his midsection. Out comes King Cuerno. Cuerno with right hands to Mysterio and Fenix. Mysterio with a boot the face of Cuerno. Cuerno drops Mysterio with a flapjack. Cuerno drops Fenix with a suicide dive. Mysterio with a dropkick that sends Cuerno to the outside. Argenis is next to enter. Argenis with a springboard hurricanrana to Fenix. Fenix with a side kick to Argenis. Fenix goes for a springboard crossbody, but Argenis counters with a superkick. Argenis with a side kick to Mysterio for a two count. Mysterio with the 619 to Argenis. Mysterio connects with a frog splash and Argenis is eliminated.

Fenix with a dropkick that knocks Cuerno off the ring apron. Fenix with a springboard corkscrew splash to Cuerno on the outside. Johnny Mundo insert to come in. Mundo and Mysterio have a stare down. Mundo with a series of right hands to Mysterio. Mundo with a uppercut. Mundo sends Mysterio to the top rope. Mundo sends Mysterio to the outside. Fenix with a flying boot to the face of Mundo. Mundo and Fenix exchange pin attempts for a two count. Joey Ryan is next to enter. Fenix with a side kick to Mundo for a two count. Ryan handcuffs himself on the steel guard rail in the crowd. Mundo drops Mysterio to the chest of Fenix for a two count. Cuerno with a kick to Ryan. Prince Puma is next to enter.Puma nails Mundo. Puma with a flying clothesline to Fenix. Cuerno kicks Puma in the stomach. Puma drops Cuerno. Puma with a springboard moonsault onto Cuerno, Mundo and Fenix on the outside. Puma goes for a Blue Thunder Bomb, but Cuerno counters with a hurricanrana.

Mundo with right rapid fire right hands to Puma on the outside. Jack Evans is next to enter. Mysterio with a leg drop off the top rope to Cuerno. Mysterio gets Cuerno in the Cross Armbreaker and Cuerno taps out. Cuerno is now eliminated. Mysterio, Fenix and Puma triple team Mundo in the middle of the ring. Evans misses on a springboard crossbody. Mundo stomps on Evans chest. Puma sends Mundo to the outside. Mysterio with a superfly splash to Evans. Mundo and Evans “The Gringos” talk strategy. Taya Valkyrie is next to enter. Evans, Mundo and Valkyrie have a stare down with Fenix, Mysterio and Puma. Evans lowers the top rope and Puma is sent to the outside. Evans and Valkyrie double team Mysterio. Brian Cage is next to enter. Cage with a shoulder tackle to Mundo. Cage clothesline Valkyrie. Evans goes for a dropkick, but Cage stands still.

Cage drops Evans with a massive clothesline. Cage launches Evans to the other side of the ring. Cage goes to powerbomb Mundo on the ring apron. Cage bodyslams Valkyrie on the outside. Mundo knocks Cage off the ring apron. Mundo sends Cage face first to the window of Catrina’s office and glass breaks. Mascarita Sagrada is next to enter. Fenix with right hands to Evans. Sagrada with a hurricanrana to Fenix. Sagrada goes for a suicide dive, but Mundo catches him in mid-air. Cage reappears from the office. Cage drops Mundo. Cage with a Weapon X to Mundo on the outside. Cage rolls Mundo back into the ring. Puma with a standing moonsault to Mundo. Puma goes for the pin and Mundo is eliminated. Evans with a springboard dropkick to Puma. Cage drops Valkyrie back first to the ring apron. Marty The Moth Martinez is next to enter. Martinez with a clothesline. Martinez drops Puma with the Bicycle Kick. Martinez with a shoulder tackle that knocks Cage off the ring apron. Valkyrie with a Tornado DDT off the ring apron to Cage. Sagrada slaps Martinez in the chest. Martinez drops Sagrada with a big boot. Evans with a spinning side kick to Martinez. Evans is sent to the outside. Drago is next to enter.
Evans goes for a cartwheel moonsault to the outside, but Drago ducks out of the way. Cage rolls Sagrada back into the ring. Drago spits the green mist in the face of Ryan. Drago sends Ryan into the crowd. Sagrada with a Tornado DDT to Martinez. Mysterio with the West Coast Pop and Martinez is eliminated. Drago with a back body drop that sends Evans over the barricade in to the crowd. Cage with a uppercut to Puma. The Mack is next to enter. Mack drops Martinez with a Stunner. Drago sends Evans down a flight of stairs. Mack and Cage have a huge stare down. Mack with a running knee to Cage. Mack drops Cage with a Stunner. Cage rolls to the outside. Fenix sends Sagrada onto Ryan. Chavo Guerrero is next to enter. Valkyrie puts the boots to Sagrada while Puma and Fenix are double teaming Ryan on the outside. Drago powerbombs Evans on the platform where the fans are at. Cage throws Valkyrie into the ring. Guerrero begins mount on Sagrada. Cage with a back suplex to Mysterio.

Guerrero gets Sagrada in the Camel Clutch and Sagrada taps out. Sagrada is now eliminated. Cage goes for the Weapon X, but Mysterio sends Cage to the middle rope. Mysterio goes for the 619, but Valkyrie lowers the middle rope which sends Mysterio crashing down to the mat. Mundo reappears with a cinder block. Mundo whacks Cage in the face with the Cinder Block. Valkyrie picks up the pieces and eliminates Cage. Fenix with a German suplex to Valkyrie. Valkyrie is now eliminated. PJ Black is next to enter. Puma with a side kick to Fenix. Black drops Drago with a suplex onto the seats. Evans and Black double team Drago. Drago with another back body drop to Evans. Drago sends Black face first to the steel ring post. Evans is busted open. Aerostar is next to enter. Aerostar with a springboard dropkick to Evans and Black. Aerostar kicks Black in the stomach. Evans with a back elbow to Aerostar. Aerostar off the top to Evans. Drago goes for a tilt-a-whirl DDT, but Black counters with a suplex. Drago and Evans are now eliminated. Dragon Azteca Jr is next to enter.

Aerostar and Black exchange back and forth right hands. Azteca with flying crossbody to Aerostar and Black. Azteca sends Black to the outside. Azteca drops Mack with a springboard hurricanrana. Azteca over the top rope onto Mack on the outside. El Texano is next to enter. Texano clears the ring with his bullrope. Texano connects with a plancha onto everybody on the outside. Black with a double knee stomp off the top rope to the back of Texano for a two count. Texano kicks Black in the stomach. Texano drops Black with a powerbomb. Black is eliminated. Texano goes after Mysterio. Texano with a forearm to Mysterio. Mil Muertes is last to enter. Pentagon Jr. comes out from the crowd with a steel chair. Pentagon attacks Muertes in the back with the steel chair which causes Muertes to fall down the steps. Pentagon proceeds to pummel Muertes with the steel chair. Pentagon rolls Muertes into the ring. Mysterio with a frog splash to Muertes. Mysterio and Puma get on top of each other to help eliminate Muertes.

Catarina yells at Vampiro. Catrina slaps Vampiro in the face. Dairo Cueto comes out saying that he is back and is the El Hefe. Cueto announces that we will have our last entrant and it’s his brother Monster Matanza Cueto. All the luchadors begin to attack Matanza. Matanza drops Fenix with a stunner. Fenix is now eliminated. The Mack with a stunner to Matanza, but he stands still. Matanza with a German suplex to eliminate The Mack. Aerostar goes for a springboard back elbow, but Matanza counters with a forearm to the back of Aerostar’s head. Mantaza with a German suplex and Aerostar is eliminated. Texano wraps the rope around Matanza neck, but Matanza counters with a hip toss. Matanza drops Texano with a powerbomb. Texano is eliminated. Matanza goes after Ryan breaking the steel railing he had handcuffed himself to. Matanza rolls Ryan back into the ring. Matanza with a triple gutwrench suplex to Ryan. Ryan is now eliminated. Guerrero rolls Azteca into the ring. Guerrero sends Mysterio back first to the barricade. Azteca with rapid fire kicks and forearms to Matanza. Azteca with a dropkick to Matanza. Azteca, Matanza counters with a swinging chokeslam. Azteca Jr is eliminated.

Guerrero tries to join forces with Cueto, but he’s summoned to Matanza. Matanza drops Guerrero with a clothesline. Matanza with a standing moonsault. Matanza eliminates Guerrero. Mysterio and Puma begin to double team Matanza. Mysterio and Puma with double dropkick to Matanza. Matanza sends Mysterio to the outside. Matanza with two pump handle suplex’s. Matanza with a German suplex and Puma is eliminated.

We’re down to Matanza and Mysterio. Matanza launches Mysterio to the corner. Matanza drops Mysterio with a clothesline. Mysterio with right hands to Matanza. Mysterio with a boot the face of Matanza. Mysterio with a enziguri that sends Matanza to the middle rope. Mysterio goes for the 619, but Matanza catches him by his legs. Mysterio gets Matanza back into position for the 619. Mysterio connects with the 619. Mysterio off the top rope, but Matanza catches Mysterio in mid air. Matanza connects with a slam to pickup the victory.

Winner: New Lucha Underground Champion Monster Matanza Cueto

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